Home Island Cash Seattle homebuyers, I Will Buy House, are buying homes for cash to help homeowners find solutions to their problems.

Seattle homebuyers, I Will Buy House, are buying homes for cash to help homeowners find solutions to their problems.


Selling a home can be a stressful, time consuming and expensive process. This is where the experts at I Will Buy House come in to offer a better solution.

Based in Lynwood, Wash., I Will Buy House buys homes statewide and is known as a reputable home buying company. We understand that selling a home with a real estate agent is not always the best solution. Before paying thousands of dollars in commissions and fees, request an offer from Fast House Buyers.

When selling at I Will Buy House, homeowners can avoid paying realtor commissions and closing costs, and don’t have to worry about open houses, cleaning, or costly repairs.

Fast House Buyers came together in 2015 when founders Alex and Viktor joined forces. Fast House Buyers is a small but powerful family business dedicated to providing a personal and informed experience for the owners they work with. When working with an owner, the duo put themselves in their shoes.

They strive to help any homeowner they work with to find the best solutions for their situation. Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Colorado and MIT.

Prior to entering the real estate industry, Alex was a member of an elite team of engineers who built communications satellites. He is detail-oriented and a highly trained problem solver, which comes in handy when trying to help homeowners deal with complicated situations. Viktor graduated in nursing from Washington State University.

Before entering the real estate market, Viktor worked at Seattle Children’s Hospital, saving the lives of infants and keeping countless families alive. Viktor is kind, patient and compassionate.

He always focuses on the owners and how best to solve their problems. Fast House Buyers are different from other Seattle home buying companies. Viktor and Alex have both seen the difficulties of owning a home within their own family and can empathize with the owners because they know how pain and anguish these issues can cause.

At Fast House Buyers, we buy homes for cash in Seattle and help owners overcome obstacles on the road. Whether it’s foreclosure, back taxes, divorce, or whatever, the team at Fast House Buyers can help.

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About I will buy a house

I Will Buy House is a Washington state-based home buying company that helps people facing difficult situations such as foreclosure, taxes, divorce, and more. I Will Buy House is proud to buy a home in Seattle and is proud to help members of its community.