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Holiday 2021: Portugal and more could be added to UK green list | Travel News | Travel


Due to the successful rollout of the vaccine in the UK, the Prime Minister is expected to approve a traffic light system, which will replace the country’s current ban on overseas travel. From May 17, Britons will be allowed to travel to certain countries in Europe and beyond, the Mail on Sunday reported.

Although a green status means Britons will be allowed to travel to this country, tourists will still need to pass at least three coronavirus tests.

One of them will be transported before the return to Britain, while two will be transported once the traveler lands in Britain.

However, vacationers won’t need to self-quarantine or self-isolate once they return home.

In addition to a green list, amber and red lists will also be introduced as part of Boris Johnson’s traffic light system.

News of the traffic light system comes after the UK’s daily COVID-19 death toll fell to 10 yesterday, April 3, which was the lowest number since September 13.

Hospital admissions also fell 23% from March 22 to 28 compared to the previous week.

Yesterday, Express.co.uk spoke exclusively with Brian Young, managing director of tour operator G Adventures, about the countries it believes Britons can visit this summer.

Besides Portugal, Mr Young predicted that Greece and Spain will also be among the European countries to be added to the UK’s green list.

He said: “The Greek minister said they will start test flights from the UK in April to a number of airports, but these will only be reserved for Brits who have a legal reason. travel.

“The ambition is to open up to holidaymakers from May 17, but in a phased approach to the busiest airports like Corfu, Crete, Thessaloniki and Athens.

Speaking about Spain, Mr Young added: “As the country most visited by the British each year, Spain will be keen to support the safe reintroduction of travel during the summer months, but it It remains to be seen whether the restrictions will be applied to all Spanish islands, such as the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, or whether they will have their own restrictions and measures in place. “