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Jet2 adds 300 EXTRA flights from Newcastle Airport to Europe


A HOLIDAY group has revealed it will add more than 300 additional flights from the region to destinations across Europe next year.

Jet2 and Jet2Holidays have said they are increasing flights due to the “huge” demand for 22 summer vacations and flights from Newcastle Airport.

It comes as the airline is expected to see a fleet of nine Newcastle-based planes in the height of the summer of 2022 to keep up with demand.

Jet2 said that despite huge demand for summer vacations this year, its online data showed more people are now booking for the coming year.

The group said that as a result of its boost, nearly 60,000 additional seats were created between May and October of next year.

Richard Knight, Chief Operating Officer at Newcastle International Airport, said: “Today’s announcement is great news and a significant investment by Jet2.com and Jet2holidays in the region.

“It’s great news to see Jet2.com and Jet2holidays responding so positively to demand in the North East and to see even more capacity to popular destinations across mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands , Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Italy. ”

These are the routes that should see additional flights from next year

The additional capacity focuses on the peak summer season, with additional flights at the start and end of summer as well – additional flights include:

– Mainland Spain

Additional services to Malaga (up to nine weekly services now on sale), Alicante (up to ten weekly services now on sale) and Reus (up to four weekly services now on sale).

– The Canary Islands

Additional services to Lanzarote (up to six weekly services currently on sale), Fuerteventura (up to three weekly services currently on sale), Tenerife (up to eight weekly services on sale) and Gran Canaria (up to three weekly services on sale).

– The Balearic Islands

Additional services to Ibiza (up to seven weekly services currently on sale) and Mallorca (up to 13 weekly services on sale).

– turkey

Additional services on sale in Antalya mean up to eight weekly services now on sale.

– Greece

More flights to Greece with additional services to Corfu (up to three weekly services now on sale), Crete (Heraklion) (up to three weekly services now on sale), Rhodes (up to three weekly services now on sale) and Kos (up to two weekly services on sale).

– Cyprus

Additional services have been added to Paphos and Larnaca, meaning that up to three weekly services are now on sale to both destinations.

– Bourgas (Sunny Beach, Bulgaria)

Now up to two weekly services are operating during the peak holiday season.

– Rome

More services in May and June as well as September and October means up to two weekly services.

“Reservations for next summer look very encouraging”

Steve Heapy, CEO of Jet2.com and Jet2holidays said: “While there is still a huge pent-up demand for summer 21, bookings for next summer look very encouraging as customers in the North East seek to plan ahead and get a well-deserved vacation locked in their agendas.

“This demand applies throughout the summer season, so we are expanding our program and adding additional aircraft to allow us to offer more flights to the sun for customers traveling from Newcastle Airport.

“With 35 destinations on sale from Newcastle Airport in Summer 22 and up to 125 weekly departing flights during peak periods, this expansion gives holidaymakers more choice, more flexibility and more reasons to book their flights. well-deserved and their real package holidays. ”