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Wharton Construction to Bring Duty Free Shops to Teesside Airport

Matthew Wharton (left) with Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen (right) at Tees Valley International Airport

DArlington-based Wharton Construction won the construction contract to bring a new duty free shop to Teesside International Airport as part of the transformation of the multi-million pound terminal.

The development, which comes after World Duty-Free signed a new 12-year agreement with the airport, has the potential to attract more vacationers and business customers from Teesside, alongside attractions like the Goosepool bar and shop, which was also built by Wharton Construction.

Work on the 1,860 square foot duty free store is underway and is expected to take six weeks, with the store scheduled to open in September.

Matthew Wharton, director of Wharton Construction, said the company was very happy to participate in the development of a second site at the airport, connecting the Valley of the Tees with the rest of the world.

“After completing work on the new Goosepool bar, it’s great to get back to work at the airport, which further adds to the attractions British holidaymakers enjoy on a trip abroad,” a- he declared.

“Having a pre-flight drink or duty-free shopping is kind of a tradition when flying overseas, so we are delighted to put our brand on the airport in places that we believe , will be well used by air passengers in the years to come.

“It is exciting to be part of a team of local suppliers and entrepreneurs who are bringing new life to the airport and we look forward to the official opening of the new duty free store.”

Other food outlets and locations, such as the Landside Café, Transporter Bar and Kitchen, News Essentials, and the House of Zana and Rejoy boutique have also opened, honoring the Tees Valley Combined Authority’s commitment to use local businesses, contractors and suppliers.

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen said the involvement of local businesses in the transformation of the airport, which also includes new state-of-the-art body and bag scanners for fast, safe and fluids in the terminal, was “a must”.

He said, “We were committed to supporting local businesses throughout the procurement process, and we are truly delighted to welcome Wharton Construction to the airport for the second time to build what is an exciting addition to a duty free shop.

“Local businesses who have set up shop at the airport or helped build parts of the terminal share our pride in its transformation and the return of what is now a world-class airport terminal.

“With Ryanair flying from Teesside to Alicante, Palma, Mallorca and Corfu this summer and the return of TUI in summer 2022, we are sure that the duty free shop will become a well-used and welcome addition to food, drink and airport retail. supply. “

Neil Ramsey, Secretary of the Northern Counties Builders Federation (NCBF), a regional organization that represents SME entrepreneurs by protecting their interests, said: “Wharton Construction has been a member of the NCBF for many years and I am delighted to see that the he company is picking up big projects, like this one, following the pandemic.

“The NCBF is also very pleased that the Mayor of Tees Valley, Ben Houchen, is honoring his commitment to use local businesses wherever possible, as SMEs play a key role in the regional economy, especially in the construction.

Wharton Construction has secured more than £ 7million worth of work in the Tees Valley in the first six months of 2021 and the latest work on the airport is part of another £ 8million project it is planning to start before the end of the year.

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