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Love Island winner Millie denies ever being tempted to steal £ 50,000 from Liam


Love Island champion Millie Court has denied ever being tempted to steal the £ 50,000 winners’ prize as revenge on boyfriend Liam Reardon for his betrayal of Casa Amor.

After two months on our screens, the final round of the ITV show ended again on Monday night, when viewers voted Millie and Liam their 2021 winners.

As Love Island host Laura Whitmore announced their triumph, Millie was then forced to choose between Love or Money by opening the envelope containing £ 50,000.

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And, despite many fans turning to social media, urging Millie to take the money, she chose to share the money with Liam.

Viewers said taking it all to herself would be just “desserts” for Liam cheating with the Lillie bombshell at Casa Amor but, in an interview with ITV, Millie said she wasn’t even tempted to steal. .

“When asked if the thought of taking the money had ever crossed her mind, she said, ‘No, never. It didn’t cross my mind. I came on the show to find love at the end of the day, so we’ve said for ages that whatever we find after finding what we find is a bonus.

“Then to receive this money, it was just amazing. But there was no doubt in my mind – I was going to share it with Liam because we are about to live life together.”

Asked what he would have done if he had ended up in Millie’s place, Liam replied: What I have with Millie, money cannot buy, any money in the world would mean nothing to me unless I have Millie with me.

“I would have divided it one hundred million percent.”

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