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Can I go to Greece? Rules for traveling from the UK this summer


The government’s traffic light system for travel has been announced and revised, with the Green List, Amber List, and Red List each including multiple destinations. As of Monday, May 17, leisure travel from England is no longer illegal, meaning residents are legally allowed to take vacations as long as you follow all applicable rules. From Monday, October 4, the rules will change again – the Amber and Green Lists will be merged to form a list of destinations considered “clear” for travel, while the Red List will remain.

So what impact will this have on vacations in Greece? Here’s everything you need to know about visiting this summer vacation mainstay.

Is Greece on the Orange List?

Until Monday, October 4, Greece is on the orange list. Legally, UK residents are allowed to travel for their leisure as long as they follow all the rules. Since 4 a.m. on July 19, British residents and citizens who have been doubly vaccinated have been able to avoid self-isolation on their return from Orange List countries, including Greece. Those traveling to Greece should make sure to purchase travel insurance with Covid coverage appropriate for the destination they are visiting.

Unvaccinated UK citizens over 18 returning from Amber List countries should still take a pre-departure test and test negative until Monday October 4, then take PCR tests on days 2 and 8 of the quarantine period. They must book their quarantine PCR tests before they return to the UK and complete a passenger locator form with details of the booking reference number for the test. Later in October, the need for a PCR test on the second day will be removed for travelers with a double injection, but will remain for those who are not vaccinated.

As of July 19, fully vaccinated UK residents arriving in England from most Orange List destinations have not needed to self-quarantine. They will still have to organize and pay for a PCR test before departure as well as a PCR test no later than the second day of their return to England until Monday 4 October. A test on the eighth day is not necessary. These rules only apply to UK residents who suffered a double stroke at least 14 days before returning to England and to children under 18.

The government reviews every few weeks which countries are on which list.

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