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Dior pays homage to history at the Temple of Zeus


UNVEILING A CRUISE COLLECTION on the Mediterranean may seem like a natural conclusion.

But when Maria Grazia Chiuri chose to capture Dior’s latest athletic wear away from the Cycladic architecture and iridescent waters of the Greek islands, you knew she was onto something new.

Inspired by the birthplace of sport, Chiuri traveled to the temple of Zeus – the original Olympian – at the ancient archaeological site of Nemea for the Dior Cruise 2022 collection. Not only was Chiuri honoring civilization and physical activity, but also paying homage to the iconic of Dior 1951 Acropolis photo shoot.

In June, Dior launched more than 90 ethereal looks from the Cruise 2022 collection at another imposing Greek site, the Panathenaic Stadium. On the specially designed runway, the models donned classic white suits, pleated dresses and even a swan dress, reminiscent of Björk’s 2001 Golden Globes set. An ode to modern culture and Greek mythology.

But some of Dior’s signature pieces turned out to be their shoes that were both stylish and practical. No high heels or pumps were in sight, as sneakers and padded boots with gold accents and zippers took center stage. And now, the nonchalance of the Dior show has effortlessly adapted to the cinema on their cruise campaign.

Dior apparently explores what femininity, authenticity and diversity mean in their artistic images and videos. Amid the ruins and pillars of Zeus, Chiurri juxtaposes haute couture dresses with comfortable and simple Dior Vibe sneakers, gym bags and glasses. The pieces have a youthful, sporty-luxury aesthetic that we’ve come to embrace and love over the past few years – something that Dior has exploited. The brand recently announced its partnership with Italian exercise equipment manufacturer Technogym for a line of luxury fitness products.

But like their trendy treadmills, Dior’s latest cruise line has that added luxury factor through fashionable upgrades including gold and silver accents on shoes and eyewear, strong patterns and basques. reinvented.

From a countryside perspective, the sepia and sometimes blurry visuals aren’t just an ode to surrealism. They also promote Dior’s values ​​under the leadership of Chiurri. Chiurri asked Julia Hetta, the woman behind the lenses of recent Gucci, Hermès and Alexander McQueen campaigns, to be the photographer for Dior’s Cruise 2022 collection. Since Chiurri was appointed artistic director of Dior in 2016, she imposed herself alone work with female photographers to avoid the “male gaze”.

Along with Dior’s imagery, their dramatic campaign video (directed by Fabien Baron) also shows stronger feminine energy. Greek-American singer Ionna Gika delivers an electrifying and uplifting performance in true Greek goddess style.

A subtly abstract composition, this series magnifies Dior symbols revisited with reverie and movement, art history and mythology. The chromatic purity of the Dior 2022 Cruise line marks a haunting contemporary odyssey. “

Click here to view an excerpt from Fabien Baron’s alluring Dior campaign video.
Dior’s Cruise 2022 collection is available for purchase now on dior.com

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