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Turkey accuses Greece’s deals with US and France of undermining NATO


Following the “concerns” expressed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the French and American presidents about the French Rafale and the American military base in Alexandroupolis respectively, the Turkish Defense Ministry also intervened yesterday calling for the demilitarization of military personnel. islands and questioning the defense of Greece. agreements with the United States and France.

“Greece is trying to turn the problems between the two countries into a Turkey-EU, Turkey-US problem through the agreements it has made with France and the United States,” said Pinar Kara, spokesperson. word of the Turkish Defense Ministry.

The Greek approach of forming alliances within NATO, seeking equipment and support from NATO countries “harms both NATO’s spirit of solidarity and bilateral relations”, declared Mrs. Kara adding that “Greece has committed this year 2000 violations on the Greek islands with their non-demilitarized status.

“Despite our calls, in the spirit of good neighborly relations, Greece continues to maintain a demilitarized regime in the eastern Aegean islands, contrary to its obligations under international agreements,” Kara noted.

Kara also touched on the Cyprus issue, reiterating Ankara’s position on a two-state solution.

“It must be clear that a solution is not possible with already proven methods. Negotiations for a solution cannot continue until they accept that there are two equal, sovereign and independent states in Cyprus. “

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