Cheap payday loans online -Get the best online payday advance in the USA

We never know when unplanned expenses will fall on us, for which we simply run out of money. Where to go for help in such a situation? One of the solutions is online loans. Most of them are granted from Monday to Friday in daylight hours. However, the problem arises when we urgently need financial […]

Changes in the mortgage market and its importance – Quick Loan

The market for quick loans, what now? The market for mortgage loans has come under pressure after the government, in May this year, introduced a 48-hour report period. Many Danes otherwise considered the fast payment as one of the benefits of quick loans. The market for mortgage loans has otherwise been developing rapidly over the […]

Is a commercial loan the most suitable for your company?

The beginnings are always hard, and if you own a small business, you know that better than anyone. Getting funds for your business seems another added complication. But it is convenient to do a thorough investigation and analysis to determine if you need a loan and if that loan is the most suitable for you. […]

How to choose a commercial loan: compare interest rates

If you are looking for and comparing different commercial loans, interest rates are one of the most important factors to consider. It’s hard to know what interest rate is favorable if you don’t have other references to compare. The average interest rate on commercial loans is no longer what it was ten years ago, when […]

Types of Non-Bank Loans

Many small businesses find financing very difficult. The average approval percentage is only 30%. This is where alternative loans appear. As a direct response to this great need, alternative online lenders such as Lending Club, OnDeck, Funding Circle have emerged . What they do is use large data and algorithms to reduce the long process […]

How does Ferdies Financial calculate the interest rate on your payday loan?

    When applying for a commercial loan for your small business, one of the main factors that you should consider is the interest rate of the payday loan, since this figure will determine how much your monthly payments will amount to. The interest rate of Ferdies Financial varies according to the type of loan […]

How can a commercial loan help your seasonal business?

Do you have a seasonal business? This data interests you: Forbes Magazine in 2018 published an article denying the myth that seasonal companies do not survive for long. In fact, data from the Small Business Association (SBA) indicated that seasonal businesses, which are characterized by high and low sales periods, managed to grow thanks to […]

Why does Devins Financial use PLAID as part of its loan process?

You have started your loan process with Devins Financial: congratulations! However, at one time you have been asked to allow us to access your bank account through an application from an external provider called PLAID. Where is this? It is normal for you to be somewhat skeptical about this step: is it safe to use […]