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Alternatives to Bad Credit Loans

Alternatives to Bad Credit Loans

Don’t be discouraged if you are able to get due to your weak credit rating and you think that there’s no other choice to pay for every financial commitment. In the darkest of times, there is a bright aspect.

These are some of the best methods to obtain the money you require: basic condition

Personal Loans

Individual lenders and third-party lenders can offer these loans online. They typically provide loans to individuals who are unable to charge their own credit and can do it in a matter of minutes. The loans can be paid in installments, much the same as bank loans.

They are increasingly sought-after by those with weak credit because they do not require any type of security especially when they’re supported by high-interest rates than the internet and credit. For short-term loans, it is possible to connect with these lenders online and then call these lenders directly.

In the event that the credit scores are higher than average, you will be able to pay less on the loan if the credit scores are lower than typical. But, the rates of these loans tend to be lower than the rates offered by banks that charge higher interest rates.

Beforehand by Credit Cards

It’s only one of the alternatives accessible to bad credit loans. Most of the time, you use credit cards to buy all the things you need and then pay back the full people with bad credit amounts later. But what is the best option if you badly needed urgent cash?

A bank will be allowing you to use cash credit in certain situations. Also instead of having to buy access funds, banks can give you cash to pay for costs.


If you have important possessions like jewelry, as an example, they’re worth selling or trading for, you can make the money you require swiftly. This could be the best option. It is unlikely to create problems when you stay clear of options that aren’t practical.

Borrow from Family Members

You can request your family and friends for a loan of a reasonable amount. Don’t think that it’s a given you’re borrowing funds from relatives or your close friends. Be sure to carry all conditions and terms, including your interest rates, the number of installments, and any additional charges (if appropriate).

If you have taken out a loan through an institution that is traditional, make sure that you have it from members of the family and also friends. Be aware that if you do not comply with the terms of your agreement you possibility of losing your friendship and that’s something you do not want to occur.

Inside London’s struggle to wean itself off Russian billions


Early morning On March 14, a small group of men, dressed mostly in black, broke into one of London’s largest mansions, setting off its alarm system. The six-storey residence, with a white stucco facade, sits on a busy 19th-century development that for decades was home to various viscounts, earls and dukes. Not far from Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament in Westminster and an arch commemorating Britain’s victory over Napoleon, the property shares a prestigious postcode with the embassies of Spain, Portugal, Germany, from Austria, Turkey and Norway. Once the residence of Britain’s Secretary of State for War and the Colonies, 5 Belgrave Square has more recently been one of many London outposts of a rather different but no less greedy kind of empire: that of the Russian wealth.


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The intruders called themselves London Makhnovists after an early 20th-century anarchist who sought to create a stateless society in what is now Ukraine. However, the target of their protest was not a state per se, but the buyer of the building in 2003, with its list price of $39 million. Oleg Deripaska, a trained physicist who founded aluminum giant Rusal, is one of the few extremely wealthy Russian businessmen to have bought up plum properties in the British capital. So, just weeks after forces from Moscow parachuted into Kyiv and millions of Ukrainians began crossing the borders into Eastern Europe, the anarchists decided that the vast empty property of Belgrave Square would be ideal for hosting refugees. They hung banners from its facade: a sky-blue one saying “this property has been liberated,” and a red one urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to fuck off.

Their actions have channeled a sense of convergence among ordinary citizens of various Western countries that the wealth of elite Russian businessmen – often built on the backs of state-owned companies – should no longer be a welcome import. In the UK, this view has coincided with an extraordinary shift at the heart of the establishment, with recent months concentrating the firepower of the judiciary, the Treasury and other levers of state on several individuals. Russians with alleged links to Putin – having been pampered for the past two decades with all the comforts, perks and privileges that the British capital and its political class has to offer. The men in question – for they have almost always been men – have wrapped their arms around football clubs, country estates, celebrity friendships and society columns. Roman Abramovich, a former business partner of Deripaska, bought a sprawling mansion just yards from Kensington Palace, around the corner from the Russian Embassy, ​​for over $100 million. While still at university, documents show, the Russian foreign minister’s daughter-in-law Polina Kovaleva paid $6 million in cash for her posh London apartment in a luxury new build; she detailed her glamorous life of yachts, swimming pools and sunny days in Kensington on Instagram. These property raids have earned London the nickname Moscow on the Thames, with children of oligarchs populating the city’s most prestigious schools and clubby society haunts. Wives, girlfriends and mistresses shop at Harrods, frequent the Serpentine Gallery and seek record divorce settlements in British courts. Virtually overnight, their financial and physical assets, as well as their social capital, were frozen. Some object that innocent individuals with no connection to the Kremlin, and their political donations, have been unfairly identified amid the fervor. However, in interviews with vanity lounge, more than a dozen activists, politicians and former government ministers lament that it took such dire events to trigger these actions, and many have wondered how long the burgeoning allergy to Russian wealth could last, especially regarding the ruling conservative party.

Anyway, in Belgrave Square, the city’s Metropolitan Police had not received the memo. Within hours, nearly a dozen of his vehicles were parked outside the property, with some 200 officers involved at a cost of more than $100,000. After a long period of door breaches, clashes atop a cherry picker and harnessed helmets inadvertently trying to scale a balcony, protesters were forcibly removed. They had then found a “basement full” of booze (not food) and captured video of opulent interiors, complete with furniture from a company founded by David Linley (aka the Earl of Snowdon, the nephew of the Queen Elizabeth), as well as “so many things”. that a normal human being shouldn’t have,” as one anarchist remarked to a reporter. The Makhnovists left no damage, but four were arrested for squatting.

Deripaska, an absentee owner, seemed displeased – and far from eager to be identified as the owner at all. He insisted through a representative that it was in fact members of his family who owned 5 Belgrave Square. UK land registry documents identify the legal owner of the house as a company called Ravellot Limited, registered in the British Virgin Islands. But a UK High Court ruling in 2007 registered the Belgrave Square house as Deripaska’s, and there’s been no indication that his title has since passed. His spokesman said the family was “appalled by the neglect of the UK justice system shown by Boris Johnson’s cabinet in bringing in the penalties and in collusion with the kind of people who plunder private property”. Last February, Deripaska predicted that there would be no invasion of Ukraine; after Russia’s onslaught, he called for peace talks. In late March, he called the conflict “madness” in which “all sides are recklessly preparing for a long-term war that will have tragic consequences for the entire world.” But when UK authorities targeted his assets he lashed out, saying there was ‘not a single fact to back up Boris’ cabinet fantasies’.

Forget Robert Mueller III’s investigation into the links between Kremlin figures and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The complex and intertwined relationship between Russia’s billions and modern Britain goes far beyond high-priced real estate. Successive Conservative prime ministers, from David Cameron to Theresa May to Boris Johnson, have been forced to respond to repeated geopolitical provocations, including the 2014 annexation of Crimea and the 2018 poisoning of a former Russian spy. living in Salisbury. But at the same time, each has sought to avoid the kind of overt criticism that could damage their prized relationships with a small coterie of wealthy Russian-born political donors. However, the invasion of Ukraine in February made this already precarious tightrope almost impossible to walk, and in the months that followed government ministers lined up to promote their anti-Putin bona fide with expeditions of arms to Ukraine, seizures of yachts, seizures of property and bank freezes. . The UK’s transport secretary – who fell victim to his own department’s COVID-related travel policies while on a family vacation – recently arrived at a London dock, a press crew in tow, to publicize the ownership of a superyacht called Phil. He said the ship – complete with an “infinite” wine cellar and freshwater swimming pool – had been “bogged down in all sorts of layers of almost deliberate, we think actually deliberate, attempts to conceal its true ownership”. The Conservative government’s recent crackdown masks an insidious malaise, with a number of Russian chickens returning home to roost. As one Belgrave Square protester told reporters before police arrested him, “the same money that funds the Russian war machine funds the Conservative Party”.

10 Most Spectacular Honeymoon Destinations In Greece


Greece, one of the most beautiful, romantic and idyllic countries in the world, is a dream destination for most, if not all, honeymooners. Home to lush landscapes, serene aquamarine waters, a splendid backdrop, an awe-inspiring sunset and whitewashed villages, this paradise promises lovers an unforgettable experience. Its natural charm also offers visitors serenity, intimacy and romance.

Although this paradise is full of beautiful places, some places are more breathtaking than others. Here are the top 10 picks.

ten Zante

Zakynthos, an island in Greece, is a must visit for all honeymooners. This paradise has pristine beaches, the most popular being Navagio Beach. It offers lovers many opportunities to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature and relax as they bond. Here guests can practice adventure sports such as skyboarding and parachuting. Animal lovers can dive with the island’s famous loggerhead turtles. Plus, couples can watch the beautiful sunset over the Kerri Cliffs for the perfect romantic evening.

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9 paros

Paros is a beautiful island made up of two islands connected by a bridge. Located on stunning beaches, visitors can swim, sunbathe and practice sports like windsurfing. Guests can also visit the villages found in this haven as they offer alluring scenery. Moreover, travelers can savor the appetizing local dishes such as snails. Lovers can also rent a boat and enjoy a more intimate ride to nearby Hydra or take an excursion. Its famous landmark, the magnificent white clock tower, is another place worth exploring.

8 Crete

Being the largest island in Greece, Crete is effortlessly one of the best destinations for honeymooners. This place is home to some of the most eye-catching beaches in the world, such as Elafonisi, well known for its sparkling turquoise waters and pink sand. This paradise has an attractive history, visible through the old towns and remote mountain villages that guests can visit. Gourmets and wine lovers are not left out as this magical place offers delicious first-class dishes. Finally, a visit to the old town of Chania is a must to complete a romantic getaway to this place. Its charming buildings and its Venetian port will leave an indelible mark on its visitors.

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seven Corfu

Located west of the Ionian Sea, Corfu is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and an ideal getaway for couples. It is well known for its spectacular hotels and the marvelous landscapes of the Albanian coast. You can discover the Adriatic Sea during the day and walk around this magical city at night. Visitors can also savor Greek cuisine by joining the olive tasting tour. With a rich history and monuments spread across the city, travelers can visit and learn about the ancient era of this remarkable place.

6 Mykonos

Popular for its summer party aura, Mykonos is a must visit for visitors looking to relax and have fun. Besides dancing the night away, lovers can spend the day relaxing on the beach, scuba diving or taking a trip to the nearby island of Delos. Explorers can also spend the day wandering around the main town, admiring the pretty avenues, art galleries and adorable boutiques. You can also bond over a delicious cup of coffee or an evening cocktail in Little Venice.

5 Rhodes

Rhodes is another scintillating place in Greece that vacationers need to check off their to-do list. This charming area is home to everything from beautiful beaches to iconic whitewashed cliffside apartments and ancient ruins. Besides being a wedding destination, this haven has many hidden romantic spots just waiting to be explored. Adventurers can visit the Acropolis of Lindos and other important sites on the island. Additionally, explorers can visit the Jewish Museum, Kameiros, and Tsambika Monastery.

4 Skopelos

Mainly known as the “Mama Mia” island, guests can explore their dance fantasies from their musical love stories. Here, tourists can visit the charming town of Chora, which has one of the most delicious cuisines on this island. Plus, with its white quartz sands and shimmering blue waters, lovers can swim or soak up the sun while capturing and admiring the incredible backdrop of this paradise. Explorers interested in more fun can book one of the boats, take a sunset cruise, and dance the night away, creating lasting memories with loved ones.

3 Athens

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a delicious candlelit dinner on a rooftop and marveling at the city’s breathtaking scenery. Athens offers this for newlyweds to cherish forever. For outdoor fanatics, hiking up Areopagus Hill, which offers dazzling views, is a great way to spend some time in this piece of paradise. At night, travelers can stroll along the Polignotou from Thissio to Plaka and admire the Acropolis in all its grandeur. Moreover, they can visit the rebetiko places in the Gazi district and experience great music, mouth-watering cocktails and the culture of the city.

2 Milo

Boasting some of the most captivating landscapes and coastlines with splendid romantic beaches, it is an ideal place for lovers to have a good time. Visitors can visit Plaka, a picture-perfect region rising on a hill with a phenomenal sea scene. Vacationers can head to Sarakiniko Beach, which prides itself on its outstanding green waters. Explorers can also view Milos from the old town of Mandrakia as they sip their cocktails and capture the alluring backdrop for future memories.

1 Santorini

Arguably Greece’s most famous island, Santorini is home to an unrivaled romantic flair. Besides being a place adored by most if not all lovebirds, this paradise has also become a wedding destination. Couples can savor local wines while enjoying delicious Greek bites. History buffs can take a trip to the archaeological site while hikers explore the awe-inspiring plans of Red Beach. Couples can also join the breathtaking sunset cruise, swim in the sparkling waters of red, black or white sand beaches and make their honeymoon memorable and unique.

Greek islands to visit if you want to avoid the crowds


There is never a bad time to go to Greece. But if you’ve opened Instagram recently, you’ve probably noticed that it’s getting a little (okay, one plot) more popular in the summer, especially when it comes to hotspots like Mykonos and Santorini. Don’t let that deter you from flying to this beautiful country, though. It is a magical place, which is really worth the detour. However, you might consider venturing off the beaten track and trying the less touristy Greek islands instead to avoid the overwhelming crowds of the more popular spots.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. While you’ll probably have no problem finding information on where to stay in Santorini or party in Mykonos, digging up details about other under-the-radar islands in Greece presents a bit more of a challenge. The best place to shoot, then? Insiders and travel experts who live in or frequently visit the country and know the most ideal places to stay if you’re looking for a hidden gem.

So TZR sat down with a few of these folks to help out. Ahead, they offer their insights into not only which islands to visit, but also their favorite places to stay, eat, and more. But before you start scrolling, brace yourself – you’re about to feel a wanderlust like you wouldn’t believe.


Photo by Victor Ovies Arenas/Moment/Getty Images

Why visit: Dr. Terika Haynes, owner of Dynamite trip, says she loves Paros in the Cyclades because it gives people options for their preferred vacation style. “Travelers can experience old Greek tradition in Lefkes or they can experience the beautiful waterfront views of the fishing village of Naoussa,” she told TZR.

What to do: If you feel like shopping or dining, Dr. Haynes advises you to head to Parikia. She also recommends Solo Gelato as a must-try on the island, and Hotel Yria as a great place to stay. And his last piece of advice? “The views from Lefkes are stunning, take your camera gear for some amazing photos.”


Why visit: Anne Lilès of The travel workshop calls Antiparos (a small island near Paros) a hidden gem: “exclusive, charming, with far fewer people”. As she describes it, “The main village of Charos is laid back with cobbled streets lined with bougainvillea, family restaurants and lots of charm. It’s also great for history buffs.

What to do: Liles says some of his favorite places in Antiparos include Rooster (a new 17-room luxury wellness resort), Boogaloo for cocktails, Lollo’s for pizza, and Despotiko Island. And, she says, “Don’t forget to explore the beautiful caves on the water.”


Tuul & Bruno Morandi/The image bank/Getty Images

Why visit: Patmos in the Dodecanese group of islands is another favorite of Dr. Haynes for its natural beauty and charm. “It’s one of the smaller Greek islands, so I think it’s often overlooked due to its size.” However, she continues, it’s a great place to visit because it has a ton of history and feels incredibly safe. In fact, says Dr Haynes, locals “bring about being able to leave their homes open and unlocked without worry”.

What to do: While you’re there, be sure to soak up the history of St. John’s Cave and St. John’s Monastery. Dr. Haynes also recommends eating at The Patmiansand sleep at Petra. But just a warning before you start planning: “Due to the size of the island, travelers should plan to book their vacations at least a year in advance,” she says.


Why visit: Dean Hayter, Senior Travel Curator at Origin, says his choice for an “unspoiled Greek refuge” is the island of Anafi in the Cyclades. “Only 1h30 from Santorini by ferry, it is a (pleasant) surprise that this island has not experienced the mass tourism of its neighbours.” To get there, he says you can take an 11-hour ferry from Athens, which explains why it’s “not an island that people will flock to in a hurry.” However, he continues, “it’s perfect to combine with Santorini and Mykonos for beginners to the Greek islands.” [who are] looking for something more intact. While it’s not for everyone due to its isolation and lack of activities, Hayter says that’s part of its charm.

What to do: According to Hayter, Anafi is a great island for hiking, “and you can camp for free on the beach where the local municipality has provided free facilities for campers such as showers on the beach.” Although if that’s not your jam it says the brand new hotel Ypseli Anafi Hive is “a lovely addition to the island near some of the best beaches, and I can’t wait to stay there!” As for the food? “My partner is Greek and loves octopus. Anemos is therefore an excellent restaurant for freshly grilled octopus at a good price.”


David C Tomlinson/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Why visit: “One of Greece’s most stunning and historic islands with fewer crowds, Corfu is an unknown gem known for its cosmopolitan old town (listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List), spectacular sandy beaches and magnificent mountain ranges,” says Brandon Berkson, founder and editor of Hotels above par. “Its rich multicultural heritage blends significant influences – French, English and Venetian to name a few.”

What to do: By Berkson, don’t miss Banyan Tree Groupthe very first European property, Angsana Corfu Resort & Spa. It is “situated on an idyllic hilltop estate in the bay of Akra Punta in Corfu, near the village of Benitses”. You should also visit the Canal d’Amour, “where legend has it you’ll find your soul mate if you swim to its furthest tip!”


Courtesy of Calilo

Why visit: Calilo Hotel owner Angelos Michalopoulos calls Ios a “quiet retreat” among the Cyclades. “Hidden throughout the island, Ios has 36 private beaches, some accessible only by boat, ideal for those seeking complete privacy and island exploration.”

What to do: Of course, Michalopoulos recommends staying at Calilo at Papas Beach for your visit, which is tucked away in a remote and unspoilt corner of the island. “The beach is surrounded by dramatic cliffs and offers Calilo guests a private experience to swim, sunbathe, relax and align with nature.” What more could you need?

US announces additional $5.75 million in response to economic crisis in Sri Lanka


Colombo: The United States on Tuesday announced more than $5 million in additional funding to cash-strapped Sri Lanka to meet the immediate needs of those hardest hit by the economic crisis in the island nation.

This new funding through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) builds on last week’s announcement of $6 million in grants through USAID and $120 million in dollars in new loans through the Development Finance Corporation (DFC) to meet the needs of Sri Lankans during the economic crisis.

Sri Lanka is going through the worst economic crisis since its independence from Britain in 1948.

The US government on Tuesday announced the third tranche of new funding to address the immediate needs of those hardest hit by the economic crisis in Sri Lanka.

This humanitarian assistance, totaling $5.75 million, will provide cash assistance, short-term employment and agricultural supplies such as seeds directly to people affected by the crisis to meet their basic needs, the US Embassy in Sri Lanka said in a statement.

The recent UN appeal to international donors has warned of an ongoing multi-dimensional food security crisis in Sri Lanka, US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Julie Chung explained.

The new assistance we are announcing today will address some of these complex issues. We are working hard to ensure that these funds reach directly the Sri Lankans who have been hardest hit by this crisis.

The funding announced will also support micro-enterprises in communities that have traditionally experienced high poverty rates and are particularly affected by the crisis. Additionally, it will provide community disaster management committees to help prepare for, respond to, and ultimately recover from crises, the statement said.

Over the coming months, the United States plans to add to its significant ongoing investment and assistance projects in Sri Lanka that help the people of Sri Lanka meet their immediate and long-term needs.

These efforts build on six decades and more than $2 billion in foreign assistance from the American people that have strengthened tourism, small business, renewable energy, climate adaptation and civil society in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is in talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for an economic program that could be backed by the global lender’s loan deal for the country which is seeking to find $6 billion to keep it afloat for the next six coming months.

The IMF, however, laid down a number of conditions in order to agree to a bailout.

The country on the verge of bankruptcy, with an acute currency crisis that led to a default on external debt payments, announced in April that it was suspending the repayment of nearly $7 billion in external debt due for this year on about $25 billion due through 2026. the debt stands at $51 billion.

The economic crisis has led to severe shortages of essentials like food, medicine, cooking gas and other fuels, toilet paper and even matches, with Sri Lankans forced to queue for months for hours in front of stores to buy fuel and cooking gas.

Dendias informs EU counterparts of Turkish provocations


BRUSSELS – Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias briefed his EU Foreign Affairs Council counterparts on the escalating Turkish provocations during their meeting in Luxembourg on Monday, sources said. Greek diplomats.

The Greek minister noted that Turkey’s provocative actions have intensified both in rhetoric and on the ground.

Dendias also pointed to Turkey’s continued revisionism, which is expressed both in constant threats and in direct questioning of the sovereignty of the Greek islands, diplomatic sources added.

The Greek minister discussed in detail the recent Turkish overflights and violations near strategic points, such as the port of Alexandroupolis in northern Greece, as well as the instrumentation of migratory flows, particularly in the border region of Evros , where an increase in attempts to enter Greece is observed, it was added.

Dendias thanked those who have already condemned these actions, and he stressed that it is appropriate that all EU Member States underline their commitment to maintaining the inviolability of borders and respect for international treaties, in particular in the current difficult situation, it was underlined.

He also reiterated the need for a clear message regarding the European membership prospects of the Western Balkan countries, especially given Ukraine’s similar potential. Negotiations for Albania and North Macedonia’s EU membership should start immediately, Dendias also noted, after which Greece will continue to offer its technical know-how for this purpose.

Dendias concluded by saying that all his counterparts expressed concerns about energy and food security due to the war in Ukraine, and about the penetration of revisionist forces in the region. For these reasons, he added, accelerating the European prospects of the Western Balkan countries becomes even more imperative.


The Grecotel group opens a new hotel on the island of Corfu


The Grecotel Group last week welcomed the first summer visitors to its new Grecotel Costa Botanica, its fourth property to open on the island of Corfu.

Located in Acharavi, 25 km from Corfu International Airport, the new luxury hotel covers an area of ​​3.5 hectares with a 1,000 meter long sandy beach along its coastal front.

The hotel complex has a total capacity of 401 rooms in his Villa and summer houses, and works with an all-inclusive hosting program. Grecotel Costa Botanica includes nine restaurants and barsthe Popolar Square, six swimming poolsa theatera 40,000 m². water parkthe donkey farmthe botanists laboratory, a Mini club for kids, sports facilities, as well as a 533sqm. spa center.

A short walk from the resort is the Antiniotis Lagoon, one of Corfu’s most impressive landscapes, with a diverse ecosystem that is home to over 90 species of migratory birds, rare turtles, the unique Corfiot otters, sand dunes with lilies, wild birds orchids, olive groves and impressive vegetation.

“Grecotel continues to grow steadily, enhancing Greek tourism by creating new hotels, combined with providing high quality services to Greek and foreign visitors,” said Grecotel Group CEO. Mari Daskalantonakis said.

With the addition of Grecotel Costa Botanica, the group has created an international holiday destination in Corfu, with the Imperial Corfuthe modernized five-star LUX ME Daphnila Bay Dassia and the luxurious Eva Palace. The Group also owns the Danilia Village cultural park, selected for the filming of major international film productions.

“Greek tourism requires top-quality investments that will add value to the country’s reputation, support local economies and create new jobs,” Daskalantonakis added.

The Nikos Daskalantonakis – Grecotel Group comprises a portfolio of 40 four and five star hotels in popular island and mainland destinations in Greece.

Follow GTP headlines on Google News to keep up to date with all the latest news on tourism and travel in Greece.

Why a Greek villa is the top choice for a stress-free vacation


Lying on a padded lounge chair, as the Mediterranean sun warms my skin, I hear the waves crashing on the shore behind me and the distant birdsong from the surrounding mulberry trees.

Called to explore, I leave the sun terrace and pass a sky-blue infinity pool, sliding through a pair of iron gates before tiptoeing along steps that cut through the wild grasses until I reach soft sand dunes.

I quickly realize that the area is deserted and that I have the beach all to myself. Happiness.

The villa has a large infinity pool with an unobstructed view of Apraos beach and the ocean (CV Villas/PA)

Apraos Beach House is part of a select group of residences with its own private access to Apraos Beach, a sandy bay located in Kalamaki, northeast Corfu. The sprawling villa is tucked away in a secluded corner of the beach, surrounded by lush greenery – and right now it’s my home away from home.

Despite the isolation, I don’t need to go looking for supplies, as the lavish property is fully staffed. Managed by CV Villas, the property is part of their ABOVE range, meaning it comes with a chef and housekeeping service.

As for sleeping arrangements, the main villa has six en-suite double bedrooms. Six other people can sleep in two annex buildings. Perfect for those wanting some privacy, a large building to the rear has its own lawn, living area and kitchen, and a double bedroom with en-suite. A separate refuge is tucked away next to the beach.

It’s a home-like luxury experience without the hassle. There’s no need to rush for dinner at set times or research decent local restaurants in the area, as we also have a concierge on hand for the duration of our stay. Requests are answered, restaurants booked for us, and local experiences arranged – giving us more time to relax and socialize together.

The exclusive property sleeps 16 and has plenty of space to socialize or relax alone (CV Villas/PA)

It’s easy to see why villa vacations are on the rise. Perfect for a post-pandemic break, these properties are ideal for multi-generational families looking to come together to spend some quality time together, or a great vacation for a special event.

CV Villas saw a 23% increase in additional bookings this year compared to 2019. Greece, in particular, is booming, with a 32% increase in bookings.

One evening, a chef cooks up a sumptuous three-course meal for me and my group of friends. We eat in the villa’s outdoor dining area, which houses a giant table that comfortably seats 16 people.

The villa has several large dining areas, perfect for groups to gather and enjoy alfresco dining (CV Villas/PA)

Then we head to the large sofas on the patio, as the sun sets over the sea. We can see Albania in the distance, shimmering in the half-light. The solitude of the villa allows us to laugh and chat until dawn, free to have fun without worrying about disturbing anyone.

What to do in Corfu?

As easy as it would be to spend your whole holiday relaxing in the villa, there is also plenty to explore nearby…Visit of the fishing village, Kassiopi

Soak up the scenery and explore the pretty fishing village of Kassiopi (Sophie Goodall/PA)

A 10-minute drive from Apraos Beach House is the small fishing village of Kassiopi. The old port is located in the heart of the city, extending in an arc to two small piers formed by piles of jagged rocks, which jut out into the water.

Limani Bar is the perfect breakfast stop, where you can start your day with crispy and sweet Corfiot tiganites (traditional Corfu pancakes) and cups of strawberry and mint soda, while watching the boats glide over the clear waters of the bay and schools of fish skim over the pebbles of the ocean floor.

The picturesque village of Afionas offers picture-perfect Greek scenery (Sophie Goodall/PA)

To explore the island further, a jeep safari (jeepsafaricorfu.com; from €95/£85 pp for a private day trip) will uncover many of North Corfu’s more difficult-to-reach gems. Hold on to your seat as you wind off the road through bumpy olive groves, the twisting ancient trees providing a cool canopy from the scorching sun. Visit places of natural beauty, such as the wild and untouched Crab Lake and the beautiful bay of Agios Georgios.

The tour will also take you to one of Corfu’s oldest villages – Afionas, an untouched and idyllic settlement, home to buildings in every color of the rainbow – before heading to Cape Drastis, a formation of hidden sea caves and white cliffs plunging into turquoise waters.

The Enotis Olive Oil Museum is an immersive experience in Corfu’s history (Sophie Goodall/PA)

Head to the Enotis Olive Oil Museum in Vistonas (enotis.gr), an elegant and upscale museum run by the Constantis family. Learn about the history of the mill, olive oil production and tree cultivation, and admire the tools and machinery of yesteryear.

Dip the bread in the unique spicy and peppery Enotis olive oil and taste the purple, small and misshapen Lianolia olives native to the region. Take home a bottle of oil (€25.90 / £22) as a souvenir, or pick up some natural oil-based soaps and skincare products.

How to plan your tripA seven-night stay at Apraos Beach House in Corfu starts from £1126.125 pp (16 shares). Book through CV Villas (cvvillas.com; 0203 993 6343).

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Embilipitiya stationery newly restored to save dollars outings – The Island


According to the weekly economic indicators published by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

The export unit value index increased by 11.6% (year-on-year) in April 2022, mainly due to higher prices recorded in industrial exports. The unit value index of imports in April 2022 increased by 24.4% (year-on-year), due to the increase in prices mainly recorded in intermediate goods.

Meanwhile, the purchasing managers’ indices for manufacturing and services activities indicated subdued performance in May 2022 on a monthly basis, registering index values ​​of 50.3 and 42.4, respectively.

During the period under review (from 11.06.2022 to 17.06.2022), crude oil prices showed a mixed performance. Early in the period, crude oil prices rose on data indicating lower OPEC production. However, prices then fell on fears of lower demand after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates significantly. Overall, during the review period, Brent and WTI prices declined by US$0.73 per barrel and US$1.70 per barrel, respectively.

Some other key indicators are as follows: The weekly AWPR for the week ending June 17, 2022 decreased by 33 basis points to 21.27% from the previous week. Broad money (M2b) increased by 20.0%, on an annual basis, in April 2022 . Net credit to government from the banking system increased by Rs. 4.6 billion in April 2022*. Outstanding loans to public enterprises increased by Rs. 177.2 billion in April 2022.

The outstanding amount of loans extended to the private sector increased by Rs. 219.3 billion in April 2022. The sharp depreciation of the Sri Lankan rupee since March 2022 remains the main reason for the increase in monetary and credit aggregates in rupees in March 2022 and April 2022. The reserve currency rose from the previous week mainly due to increased deposits held by commercial banks with the Central Bank. The total outstanding market liquidity was a deficit of Rs. 629.002 billion by the end of this week, compared to a deficit of Rs. 680.836 billion at the end of last week.

Baggage chaos at Heathrow Airport baggage claim after ‘technical glitch’


British tourists flying abroad from the country’s busiest airport are facing huge disruption as the aviation industry continues to struggle. Photos of hundreds of abandoned suitcases at Heathrow Airport illustrate the pressure airports continue to face.

Thousands of travelers leaving the UK from Heathrow’s Terminal 2 have been separated from their luggage due to a ‘malfunction’ in the terminal’s baggage system. An airport spokesperson said the issue had been resolved but some travelers had to leave without their luggage.

The disruption is the latest in a long string of problems at airports across the country in recent months. A surge in demand has followed the end of many travel restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Read more: M4 closures near Heathrow this weekend

The problem has worsened across the country thanks to recent mid-term school holidays and the four-day bank holiday weekend for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. A number of travelers have spoken out about the “frustration” they face when trying to vacation abroad.

A Heathrow Airport spokesperson said: “Yesterday there was a technical issue with the Terminal 2 baggage system which has now been resolved. Passengers can now check in as normal, but some number of passengers who left Terminal 2 yesterday may have traveled without their luggage.

“We are working closely with airlines to reunite passengers with their luggage as soon as possible. We are sorry that there have been disruptions to passenger travel.”

Luggage was seen lining the airport terminal

The scene was recorded by Sky News defense and security correspondent Deborah Haynes as she left Heathrow’s Terminal 2 after an early evening arrival from Brussels, the Mirror reported. She said: “The warning signs that all was not well were clear when collecting baggage.

“There were clusters of ownerless suitcases clustered around various conveyor belts.” It comes as the aviation industry suffers from a staff shortage after letting thousands of people go during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nicole Venglovicova, 31, has missed three separate flights to Belfast from Heathrow and is worried she won’t get a refund for around £500 she spent trying to sort out air travel. She said: “I had a seizure, I was crying outside the airport from the stress.”

Ms Venglovicova, a freelance video producer from London, told reporters: “I arrived at the airport for my morning flight and Flybe told me the queue was huge so I have to run. When I I finally made it through security, my boarding pass didn’t work…the door was still open at this point.”

As Ms Venglovicova returned to reception to explain the problems with her boarding pass, staff ‘started arguing with security’. By the time she was able to get back to her door, it was locked and no one was there.

“The problem I had was that they should have told me that I would miss my flight because of the queue and would (have) immediately booked a later flight to continue. But instead of this they sent me back to security and made me i missed my flight and i had to go through arrivals and get my luggage which they didn’t even put on the plane. “

Collecting her bags and going through security took Ms Venglovicova an additional two hours, meaning she missed two other flights she could have taken to Belfast. “I thought I (could) have the one in the afternoon, then I saw the queue was going all the way to the parking lot and I couldn’t see the end of it,” she said .

“Then I had a nervous breakdown and just went home. No point. A domestic flight to Belfast and when do I have to get to the airport? Eight hours early?”

Read more

Vrbo Reveals Top 10 European Vacation Homes of the Year for 2022 – How to Book for Summer


Summer holidays can be stressful – especially when you have young children – but Vrbo is here to save the day by revealing its 2022 European vacation homes of the year.

Whether it’s your first getaway with your little one or whether you’re looking for an unforgettable breakthese best properties are located in some of today’s most sought-after destinations.

The best family homes can be found in sunny places like Greece, Spain and Portugal as well as closer to home here in the UK.

European Holiday Homes of the Year 2022. 1 credit

“We know that every family – or whoever you call it family – has their own unique needs and preferences, so in addition to meeting high quality standards, this list of vacation homes also includes a variety of property types in destinations. popular Europeans,” said Karen Mullins. of Vrbo.

Ms Mullins added: “Whether you prefer a beachfront home, a chalet in the mountains, a country mansion or a cottage, you can have an amazing stay at one of our European Vacation Homes of the Year.

Prepare your passports, here 10 family properties you can fly away for summer vacation.

Vrbo reveals its European holiday homes of the year 2022

Modern villa with stunning sea view, swimming pool, Jaccuzi – Bretagne, France

Times Series: Modern Villa with Stunning Sea Views, Pool, Jaccuzi - Brittany, France.  1 creditModern Villa with Stunning Sea Views, Pool, Jaccuzi – Bretagne, France. 1 credit

Sleeps: 6

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3

Special features: Outdoor swimming pool on the south terrace, sea view, jacuzzi, free WiFi, near port and town

Medium cost per night: £361

Book a stay through the Vrbo website.

Villa San Piero: Perfect Holiday in Chianti with Pool, Views, Privacy – Tuscany, Italy

Times Series: Villa San Piero: the perfect Chianti holiday with pool, views, privacy - Tuscany, France.  1 creditVilla San Piero: perfect vacation in Chianti with pool, views, privacy – Tuscany, France. 1 credit

Sleeps: 10

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 5

Special features: Garden planted with olive trees, saltwater infinity pool, barbecue loggia, exclusive access to the Villa with chapel, pizza oven, private chef and driver, cooking class with private chef

Average cost per night: £589

Book a stay through the Vrbo website.

Superb modern design villa located on the mountain in a unique location, terraces and swimming pool – Mallorca, Spain

Times series: Superb modern design villa located on the mountain in a unique location, with terraces and swimming pool - Mallorca, Spain.  1 creditSuperb modern design villa located on the mountain in a unique location, terraces and swimming pool – Mallorca, Spain. 1 credit

Sleeps: 6

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 3

Special features: Free Wifi, private saltwater pool, barbecue, parking, near the sea and the golf course

Medium cost per night: £566

Book a stay through the Vrbo website.

Fantastic villa with heated pool, air conditioning, free wifi – Algarve, Portugal

Times Series: Fantastic villa with heated pool, air conditioning, free wifi - Algarve, Portugal.  1 creditFantastic villa with heated pool, air conditioning, free wifi – Algarve, Portugal. 1 credit

Sleeps: 13

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 5

Special features: Air conditioning, free WiFi, large heated outdoor swimming pool, traditional Algarve barbecue

Medium cost per night: $457

Book a stay through the Vrbo website.

Exquisite family villa with spectacular ocean views and heated infinity pool – Corfu, Greece

Times Series: Exquisite family villa with spectacular ocean views and heated infinity pool - Corfu, Greece.  1 creditExquisite family villa with spectacular ocean views and heated infinity pool – Corfu, Greece. 1 credit

Sleeps: 6

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 3

Special features: Barbecue area with stone gazebo, private terrace, all rooms have balconies, air conditioning, outdoor heated infinity pool, Nespresso machine and boat rental available.

Medium cost per night: $201

Book a stay through the Vrbo website.

Trullo Santo Stefano – Vacation rental with pool – San Michele Salentino, Puglia, Italy

Times Series: Trullo Santo Stefano - Vacation Rental with Pool - San Michele Salentino, Puglia, Italy.  1 creditTrullo Santo Stefano – Vacation rental with pool – San Michele Salentino, Apulia, Italy. 1 credit

Sleeps: 7

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Special features: free WiFi, swimming pool, pets allowed, outdoor shower, covered terrace, wood-burning oven, fruit trees and barbecue

Medium cost per night: £347

Book a stay through the Vrbo website.

Waldhaus. Elegant half-timbered house + barrel sauna – Rieste, Germany

Times Series: Waldhaus.  Barrel sauna in elegant half-timbered house - Rieste, Germany.  1 creditWaldhaus. Barrel sauna in elegant half-timbered house – Rieste, Germany. 1 credit

Sleeps: 8

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3

Special features: Pets accepted, parking, hot tub, free WiFi and fireplace

Medium cost per night: £155

Book a stay through the Vrbo website.

Villa Arbanessa with heated pool – Trogir, Croatia

Times Series: Villa Arbanessa with heated pool - Trogir, Croatia.  1 creditVilla Arbanessa with heated pool – Trogir, Croatia. 1 credit

Sleeps: 8

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 3

Special features: heated swimming pool, 10 meters from the beach, jacuzzi, sea view and animals accepted

Medium cost per night: £396

Book a stay through the Vrbo website.

Chalet Xel-Ha **** 180° view, wood stove, bubble sauna in the garden. – Haute-Savoie, France

Times Series: Chalet Xel-Ha **** 180° view, wood stove, bubble sauna in the garden.  - Haute-Savoie, France.  1 creditChalet Xel-Ha **** 180° view, wood stove, bubble sauna in the garden. – Haute-Savoie, France. 1 credit

Sleeps: 11

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3

Special features: South-facing terrace, table football, free WiFi, sauna and swimming pool

Medium cost per night: £387

Book a stay through the Vrbo website.

Exceptional North Norfolk Property – Norfolk, UK

Times Series: Exceptional North Norfolk Property - Norfolk, UK.  1 creditExceptional North Norfolk property – Norfolk, UK. 1 credit

Sleeps: 8

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 4

Special features: Pets accepted, fireplace, free WiFi, underfloor heating, landscaped garden, Smart TV and Sky, desk, table football, restored ruins of a romantic Gothic chapel.

Medium cost per night: £765

Book a stay through the Vrbo website.

Education encouraged for BC businesses in fight against bogus invoices – North Island Gazette


The fight against counterfeit currency in Canada has come a long way over the past 20 years.

According to Bank of Canada (BoC) statistics, 2004 was the peak season for counterfeiters, with 470 counterfeit notes for every million genuine notes in circulation. It cost the economy $13 million.

“We were probably one of the highest of the G7 groups,” said BoC analyst Farid Salji.

Speaking at a Kelowna RCMP fraud session sponsored by the Uptown Rutland Businesses Association, Salji said several measures have been put in place to combat counterfeiting. They included closer collaboration with law enforcement, the design of new state-of-the-art notes and public education campaigns.

This only resulted in seven fake bills for one million real tickets in 2021, which weighed on the economy $873,000. However, counterfeiters have kept pace.

“We used to develop a new set of notes every 15 years,” Salji explained. “But with technology doubling or tripling every year and becoming so much easier to use, what we’re doing now is a rolling schedule.”

That means the Bank of Canada issues a new note every few years for the next generation, he added. Salji’s advice to business owners trading in cash is to educate themselves and their employees and be careful.

“We have materials designed for everyone, and everything is absolutely free,” he said. You can go to our website and order whatever you want. The onus is on people to actually pay attention.

Salji pointed out that all denominations are counterfeited, but counterfeiters don’t always do the highest quality work. If you are presented with a counterfeit note, his advice is to politely decline it; ask for another note; refer the person to the police; or contact the police yourself.

You can find more information about fake banknotes and real banknotes on the Bank of Canada website.

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Mayors of 42 small Greek islands meet Prime Minister on development prospects


ATHENS — Forty-two mayors from some of Greece’s least populated islands met Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the Maximos Mansion on Wednesday.

They discussed their collaboration with the government, as well as the implementation and progress of ongoing programs in these islands.

Although each of the 42 islands has a permanent population of less than 5,000, “they receive in total almost 500 million euros in funding from national programs for municipalities and also from NSRF resources”, noted the Prime Minister. . The breakdown of the 482.5 million euros includes 232.6 million euros from the Ministry of the Interior and 249.9 million euros from the programs of other ministries (including 128.7 million euros from the funds of CRSN).

The Greek state “must continuously strengthen our islands with new infrastructure, with new jobs for young people, improving public transport as well as local health and education facilities,” Mitsotakis added. Accomplishing their green transition will provide small islands in particular with a great comparative advantage, he stressed.

However, the Greek Prime Minister stressed that European, regional and national programs will need the active support of mayors and local authorities, “otherwise they will never take shape”.

Some of the issues noted by the mayors included lack of adequate medical staff and facilities, as well as shipping and energy issues.

Mitsotakis announced that enough additional financial resources will be allocated from the Recovery Fund, while a new fund called “Nearchos” will focus on local projects related to water networks, desalination plants, construction of ports and renewable energy sources.

Families from the Greek Islands in Greece visit for their holidays


Greece has been a popular destination for British holidaymakers for decades. Its many islands offer a wide range of unforgettable adventures, gorgeous beaches and breathtaking views.

With summer holidays fast approaching, there is no doubt that many families will be flying to different parts of Greece. However, Greek families who don’t want to holiday abroad tend to visit their own set of destinations in order to avoid tourists.

As The Times reports, the general rule for Greek travelers is to avoid Mykonos, Rhodes or Corfu. It’s obvious that a Brit would want to visit one of these islands, but for locals it’s more about tapping into childhood memories and nostalgic rituals.

Read more: Greece travel update as covid rules change

It would be very similar to UK holidays, with many Brits often traveling to the same UK holiday spots because of the memories made there. Their local knowledge is also likely to uncover many hidden gems unknown to foreign visitors.

Here are the five islands most visited by Greek families on vacation.


Folegandros in the Cyclades has just been named the second best place in Europe for an island getaway.

A small Greek island in the Aegean Sea, Folegandros is sandwiched between Santorini and Paros, both of which are much busier than their smaller neighbor. As a result, the island that forms the southern part of the Cyclades, along with Sikinos, Ios, Anafi and Santorini, has largely escaped international tourism.

With around 765 inhabitants, it is only accessible by boat and attracts locals from Athens who allow their children to run freely around the picturesque island. The impressive Church of Panagia overlooks the town of Chora and can be reached with a 15-minute zigzag walk up the hill.

Much of the island offers a rural outlook, and it’s not uncommon to come across a bather next to a donkey on a deserted beach.


Greeks flock to Tinos every year
Greeks flock to Tinos every year

Tinos is also in the Cyclades archipelago, whose nearest islands are Andros, Delos and Mykonos. Much of its area, which spans 194,464 square kilometers, is made up of beautiful mountain villages and sandy beaches.

During the otherwise hectic summer, Tinos is a calming alternative, with many ancient windmills found in its vast countryside. Traditional Greek food can be purchased in the many taverns.

It is one of the most religious islands in Greece, with many festivities taking place across the island each summer on August 15, when the Virgin Mary is celebrated.


About 3 km north of Tinos is the better known Andros. Greeks love to flock here as it is an example of a vacation spot determined by family history.

Due to an abundance of fresh water, it is much greener than its neighbours, containing forests and fields of wildflowers. The beaches of Andros are enough to warrant a visit on their own, with all the other features of the island an added bonus.

Palaiopolis, the ancient capital of Andros is a must visit with the Museum of Modern Art, the Archaeological Museums and the Cycladic Olive Museum all offering insight into the culture of the island.


The beautiful island of Syros
The beautiful island of Syros

Located 78 nautical miles southeast of Athens, Syros is easily accessible from the country’s capital and attracts educated Greeks. Another place that takes on a quiet atmosphere, it is ideal for those looking for a less crowded destination.

Popular among families and couples, many hours could be spent admiring the spectacular scenery. Contrary to the stereotype of the Greek islands, this is not the place to go if you expect exceptional beaches. Instead, its colorful mansions, neoclassical buildings and imposing Orthodox churches create a picture-postcard landscape.

The capital, Ermoupolis, contains the City Hall building, the Apollo Theater and the Pallas Cinema, while also boasting Venetian beauty.


Rather than an island, Sithonia is on the mainland north of Greece. In the midst of a three-pronged region, some of the most sought-after local delicacies are devoured by Greeks in the region’s taverns.

This unique place in Halkidiki has immense natural beauty as pine trees meet sandy beaches and fishing villages. Whole days can be devoted to relaxation and discovering all its secrets.

A possible accommodation option is Stay the Danaia five-star luxury resort in Nikiti, with huge rooms and villas amid vibrant gardens.

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Dean Black holds a big cash advantage in HD 15 Primary


black dean to the most prominent mentions so far, and he continues his financial advantage in the House District 15 Republican primary that will likely determine who will represent Nassau County — and parts of Western Duval — in the next House session.

Black, chairman of the Duval County Republican Party, received $13,350 in May while spending about $5,747, ending the month with about $104,554.

Black faces a military veteran Emilie Nunez from Yulee in Primary. She received endorsements from the former United States Representative. Ted Yohostate representative. Antoine Sabatini and former national security adviser Michael Flynna notable supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

She raised $2,040 in May, but spent more than she brought in, doling out around $3,008 and entering June with around $26,022 in hand.

Most of Black’s dollars over the past month have come from committees, including $1,000 donations from Accountability in Government, Building Florida’s Future, Fight for Florida, The Florida Accountability Fund, Libertatem, Sunshine Leadership and the Sunshine State Freedom. fund.

Other notable contributions came from Jacksonville Fraternal Order of Police ($1,000), The Fiorentino Group ($500), Nassau County Tax Collector John Drew ($250) and Greg Cookgeneral manager of the Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island ($250).

The expenses included $2,320 to On Target Messaging of Jacksonville, consulting Alexander Pantinakis solidify; $2,255 to Agility Press, Printing and Mail of Jacksonville; and four payments totaling approximately $1,164 to Winning Concepts USA of Orange Park.

His political committee, True Conservatives, received no new contributions last month, but gave $11,750 in three separate installments to On Target Messaging. The real Tories have about $163,848 on hand.

Most of Nunez’s contributions were in small amounts, but included $100 from the lawyer Myriam Hillcommissioner of the port of Fernandina Ocean Highway and Port Authority. The largest donation to Nunez in May was $500 from Geoff Knowel from Orange Park.

His expenses included about $1,772 to South Lake Quick Print of Clermont and two payments totaling about $736 to Evans Marketing of Jacksonville.

Written candidate Jerry Steckloff recently qualified, making Primary a closed primary. Democrat Tammyette Thomas must still file a monthly disclosure report or qualify for election.

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A third of the world’s cruise ships will visit Greece this year


Nearly a third of the world’s cruise liners will operate in Greece this year, according to the Cruise Lines International Association, whose representatives at Posidonia 2022 also hailed the Greek government’s commitment to the goal of zero carbon emissions and the objective of developing alternative marine fuels.

Greece’s upgraded role as a premier cruise destination is also confirmed by this year’s figures for the country, CLIA noted in a statement: of the 279 cruise ships of member airlines of the CLIA worldwide, 87 will operate in Greece this year, of which 47 will be based in the country. It’s a trend that began amid the pandemic, when Greece led the resumption of cruising, but continues with the same momentum, CLIA pointed out.

“2022 is the year we return to pre-pandemic levels in terms of the number of operating cruise ships, while in 2023 we expect to surpass 2019 passenger numbers,” said Maria Deligianni, Country Manager CLIA in the Eastern Mediterranean. “Especially for Greece, we expect a significant increase in cruise ship calls from this year. A total of 25 different cruise lines will visit the country this year, more than ever before,” she said. declared.

Marie-Caroline Laurent, CLIA’s Managing Director in Europe, attended Posidonia and met with shipping industry leaders, with discussions focusing on the green agenda.

“We were very pleased to hear Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Minister of Maritime Affairs Ioannis Plakiotakis supporting the industry’s transition to a new era of zero carbon emissions, but also highlighting the need to develop and supply marine fuels as well as the development of adequate marine fuels infrastructure, which are essential to our vision of net zero carbon cruising by 2050,” said Laurent.

“Of course, CLIA’s sustainability goals go beyond net zero carbon emissions. Cruising is an integral part of sustainable tourism, especially in Greece, which is a leading cruise destination, and we are committed to further supporting the sustainable development of the sector. To achieve this, we partnered with local and port authorities to assess the sustainability status of the municipalities of Corfu and Iraklio and to develop a plan for a sustainable tourism future. And we are expanding this effort to other destinations in Greece as it develops as a premier cruise destination,” she added.

Greece cannot fill 215,000 open jobs in construction, tourism and IT


ATHENS — More than 215,000 jobs in Greece — 55,000 of them in tourism — are begging with not enough workers to fill them or avoiding low-paying, backbreaking positions to find other work.

The New Democracy government is counting on tourism, which brings in 18-20% of the annual gross domestic product (GDP) of 191.41 billion euros ($200.3 billion) to fuel a recovery during the COVID pandemic -19.

Sanitary measures were eased to essentially be scrapped in a bid to attract more foreign visitors as the season got off to an early start, showing signs of a big year with many Greeks ironically unable to afford domestic travel.

Although there are not enough staff such as cleaners, waiters, waitresses and chefs for hotels, bars, restaurants and taverns in tourist areas, the construction sector also does not find more workers as projects return, Kathimerini said.

At least 160,000 workers are needed for the construction and technical sectors – there are not enough scientists and IT people – according to the report, employers are frustrated that they cannot fill the jobs.

The tourism industry is so concerned that it has asked the government to allow pensioners who are not allowed to work – as well as teachers on summer leave – to be allowed to work in tourism jobs without penalty.

The head of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), Giorgos Stasinos, told the newspaper that more than 10,000 additional engineers and more than 50,000 additional craftsmen were needed, while the number of additional workers required exceeded 100,000 people.

“We have before us a huge challenge, unique in history, volume and quantity – that is, public and private projects that must be implemented in just a few years,” he said. declared. “But the construction industry has lost a lot of its core resources in recent years: people with the knowledge, experience and skills to implement all these projects.”

The Greek Tourism Confederation estimates that of the 250,000 jobs needed by Greek hotels, more than 50,000 of all specialties remain vacant after earlier reports it reached 55,000.

Tourist companies offer higher wages, but this cannot offset the cost workers would face living on the islands for the summer, and the government has to deal with the poor image of Mykonos with reports that visitors are scammed and no attempt to stop this.

CASA Cycling Tour to Support Children’s Mental Health Comes to Nanaimo – Nanaimo News Bulletin


CASA’s Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health Riders travel the island to raise awareness and money to support children’s mental health.

CASA provides mental health treatment and services to families with children and youth ages 3-18, in a variety of therapy programs, support groups and educational settings in Alberta. The cycling tour runs until June 19 and is one of two western Canadian cycling tours supporting the cause this month, a press release said.

“Vancouver Island is special to CASA and its supporters,” said Nadine Samycia, CASA Donor Love Manager, according to the press release. “In 2014, a group of cyclists rode nearly 2,000 kilometers from Masset to Edmonton, raising money for a children’s hospital and delivering a totem pole carved by renowned Haida artist and cyclist Ben Davidson.

Samycia said the cyclists befriended Davidson and began an annual journey to support CASA and children’s mental health. Davidson designed a modern totem for CASA in 2019 and planned an epic Vancouver Island adventure tour in 2020 that was postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Davidson died suddenly in August 2020 at his home in Haida Gwaii, the news release said.

This year, 18 cyclists are finally riding the route planned in memory of Davidson, the press release said. They will be on the road for a week, traveling the Island and Discovery Islands, from Cumberland to Quadra and Cortes Islands, Port Renfrew and Victoria in support of CASA services.

Peter O’Brien cycles through the Vancouver Island and southern Alberta legs of the tour in memory of his late wife, Rachel.

“Rachel’s journey with melanoma and immunotherapy has given us seven years since her diagnosis,” O’Brien said in the press release. “It’s the difference between our youngest child being 14 when she lost her mother and being 21. When I think about what it would have been like for my 14-year-old, I can’t tell. prevent from thinking that we would need to lean heavily on CASA for help.I will continue to help in any way I can to support the cause.

The tour arrives in Nanaimo on Wednesday, June 15, having cycled from Quadra Island. He leaves Nanaimo for Lake Cowichan and Port Renfrew on Thursday June 16th.

To learn more or to donate, visit www.casaservices.org.

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addictionsCarity and givingCyclingfundraisingmental healthNanaimovancouverisland

A team of 18 cyclists travels the island and the Gulf Islands to raise funds to support children’s mental health. (Photo submitted)

Avoid the chaos at Dublin Airport with these alternative holiday ideas – The Irish Times


pass through

As the beleaguered Dublin Airport fights back – or rather, the besieged people fight through Dublin Airport – set your sights on Ireland’s regional airports for a quick and relatively easy getaway. Sunway has departures from Cork to the Costa del Sol, from Shannon to Corfu and Malta, and from Knock to the Algarve. You can even get to Benidorm via Kerry. Prices for last-minute trips range from €585 pps for seven nights on the Costa del Sol, and it’s just a euro more for the trip to the Algarve, both departing on June 14; sunway.fr. Head to the Canaries from Cork with Cassidy Travel, from €516pp for seven nights in Lanzarote, departing June 25; cassidytravel.ie. Or head north to go south with seven nights in Fuerteventura from £709 (€830) pps, departing Belfast on June 29; clickandgo.com.

Sail on

Learn to navigate and you may never have to worry about airports again. The latest cool voyage with Rubicon 3 Adventure takes you on a 12-day learn-to-sail vacation, departing from the Faroe Islands to Arctic Norway. It takes you right into the Arctic Circle, while learning great things like celestial navigation, setting sails, and exactly what a spinnaker does. You will be part of a crew of nine and no experience is necessary. The June 27 departure comes with a nice £900 discount, or £1,499 (€1,637) all-inclusive. Flights (via Paris) extra; rubicon3adventure.com.

Townhouse in the countryside

Continuing my informal quest to find the finest guesthouse in Ireland, I was delighted to discover Lucy O’Sullivan’s Bridge Street Townhouse in Kenmare. A beautiful spot on the river, it’s packed with contemporary crafts, artwork, antiques and eclectic treasures, all put together in style. And Oh! the breakfasts! A natural host, O’Sullivan is a wealth of information to set guests on the right path for new adventures, but you might find you’ll never want to leave. B&B from €150 per room per night; bridgestreettownhouse.com.

get to the point

If time permits, why would you want to leave Ireland? Ok, so that’s a big “if”, but following the wisdom that there is no bad weather, just dress badly, say hell and head to Donegal. Harvey’s Point offers a five-night retreat, which begins with Sunday lunch and continues with B&B in a lakeside suite, with dinner included on three of the nights of your stay.

Donegal has 12 Blue Flag beaches, and other activities include sea rock climbing with Iain Miller (or you can always settle in for a quieter picnic), so you’ll have plenty of leeway to do it all again. Five nights from €799 pps; harveyspoint.com.

10 Greek islands to consider for your very first time there


Greece has stunning natural beauty, but there are more treasured attractions that are more magnificent than their magnificent homeland. In particular, the islands are special and mostly feature pristine beaches, beautiful waters and glorious weather. With summer fast approaching, new travelers to Greece likely have its scenic islands on their to-do list. While the country is packed with 6,000 islands, only a few would be suitable for beginners. The best part about these islands is that every traveler has something unique to experience; be it nightlife, outdoor activities, charming towns or sandy beaches. Here are the 10 Greek islands to consider for your very first time there.

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ten Santorini: the most famous island

If travelers could only visit one of the many Greek islands, Santorini would be the first choice. The island has it all – from picturesque black lava sand beaches to breathtaking hilltop whitewashed villages and vibrant traditional culture. On this island, travelers will discover calm seas, tasty wines and active volcanoes to explore. No one would visit Greece for the first time and be sure to include this beautiful wine island in their itinerary. Fortunately, most Greek cruises, those that are planned, visit Santorini.

  • Best time to explore:
    june and september

  • High season in Santorini:
    January, November and December

  • The cheapest month to visit the island:

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9 Naxos: Ideal For Windsurfing And Kitesurfing

While Santorini is Greece’s most famous island, some travelers, for whatever reason, may not like the island. If that happens, don’t hesitate to head to Naxos, another beautiful island with so much to offer. A splendid breeze is guaranteed on the west coast, making this island a perfect destination for kitesurfing and other water sports. It is also an ideal vacation spot for couples, thanks to the romantic Portara sunset. Some of the world class beaches on this island include Plaka and Aliko.

  • Best time to visit:
    december and february

  • High season in Naxos:
    January, February and December

  • Cheapest month to visit:

8 Mykonos: best known for its picturesque windmills

Sometimes referred to as the party island, Mykonos bustles with energy with several dance clubs and beach music attracting thousands of travelers each summer. The island’s picturesque windmills and town centers are the most popular tourist attractions. Apart from the perfect nightlife on this beautiful island, travelers can experience its stunning sandy beaches and spend their nights in the many luxury hotels set up in the area. This island is not the ideal place to discover good cuisine or dine by the sea because the food offered here lacks diversity. There’s not much to explore when it comes to food.

  • Ideal for :
    Luxury hotels, parties and sandy beaches

  • Best time to visit:
    september and october

  • Cheapest times to visit:
    April, May and October

seven Corfu: ideal for foodies

Although Mykonos is not an ideal island destination for dining, Corfu is ideal for food lovers. Many travelers visit Greece and the food is a key factor in their decision to explore the country. Typical dishes abound in most of the Greek islands, but one of the perfect places to taste excellent cuisine is Corfu. Mainly influenced by Mediterranean, English and Italian cuisine, local Corfu dishes include sofritewhich is usually a beef dish, cooked with lots of garlic and onion. Porpetas, cooked in the source of tomato, is an Italian-style meatball and is a dish not to be missed in Corfu.

  • Best time to visit:
    April-May, September-November

  • Cheapest month to visit:
    End of October to end of April

  • High season:
    July to August

6 Milos: picturesque beaches and incredible volcanic landscape

Milos is one of the most interesting islands in Greece and has become increasingly popular over the years, thanks to its amazing beaches, beautiful towns, great food and amazing volcanic landscape. This island is perfect for a week’s vacation as there is so much to explore. Those looking for nightlife should not opt ​​for this island. Although Milos has a few bars and small clubs, they are not really made for partying.

  • Best suited for
    amazing beaches, food, beautiful hotels and quaint little towns

  • Best time to visit:
    Late spring and early fall

  • Cheapest visit period:
    January-April, September 10 to December 9

5 Kefalonia: the largest of the Ionian Islands

Kefalonia is the most diverse island in Greece, naturally, with flourishing green landscapes, which can only be found in its surroundings, and on no other island. Its beaches are breathtaking, the waters are crystal clear and there are impressive underground caves to discover. This island is not only the largest of the Ionian Islands, but it is also one of the most beautiful. Almost every traveler has probably seen this island somewhere on Instagram or on postcards. What they don’t know is that the beauty of this place is better than any camera could capture. It looks better in reality than in some photos.

  • Best time to visit:
    June August

  • Cheapest visit period:

4 Crete: the largest island in Greece

As a historic place, with a rich culture and history dating back millennia, Crete has a lot to offer. From medieval towns to historic towns, to ancient sites, there is so much to explore. However, the island is mostly visited as one of the most spectacular in the world. The likes of Elafonissi, Balos and Falassarna top the list. Travelers have every reason to visit and explore this beautiful island.

  • Best time to visit:
    Mid-May-June, September-October

  • Cheapest visit period:
    April-May, mid-late October

3 Paros: fewer people, an incredible atmosphere

Paros is an ideal island destination for travelers looking for incredible ambiance, nightlife and architecture, and to experience beauty in a less crowded location. The island is full of charm – thanks to the beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, clear waters, lively beach bars and calm bays there. One of the most famous beaches on the island is Kolymbithres, with its picturesque white rock formations worth exploring.

  • Best time to visit:

  • Cheapest visit period:
    January-April, September 10 to December 9

2 Zakynthos: for nature lovers and nightlife enthusiasts

Home to the famous Navagio (shipwreck) beach, Zakynthos is one of the most visited islands in Greece, thanks to its spectacular scenery and incredible beaches with fine sand and turquoise waters. Bordered by flourishing pine trees and a verdant natural landscape, this place is perfect for adventurers. The island is known to be a playground for young people in their twenties – and is incredibly impressive for nature lovers and travelers wishing to discover its beautiful stone villages and Venetian castles.

  • Best time to visit:
    March to May, September to early December

  • Cheapest visit period:

1 Ios: For Incredible Sunset Views

Attracting thousands of visitors every year, Ios is one of Greece’s most popular destinations. Famous for its picturesque beaches and lively scene, this island is best suited to young people. Besides its vibrant nightlife, Ios has so much more to offer, from sparkling waters to beaches to beautiful clifftop villages and more! One can easily reach this place by ferry from the ports of Athens or Rafina or Piraeus.

  • Best time to explore:
    June-mid September

  • Cheapest visit period:
    End of September

The beautiful Greek island 3 hours from London where Bruce Willis has a vacation home


Looking for your next summer vacation destination? How about a beautiful Greek island where Hollywood star Bruce Willis vacationed?

Just three hours from London is beautiful Corfu. The legendary Die Hard actor loves it so much he reportedly bought a house there.

Corfu is in the Ionian Sea, just off the coast of Greece. It is particularly known for its beautiful beaches and as a party destination in the village of Kavos.

READ MORE: The beautiful city less than 2 hours from London where beer is 3 times cheaper than in the UK

Paleokastritsa is home to incredibly picture-perfect beaches

Bruce Willis is said to regularly vacation on the island of Corfu after buying a house there many years ago. The entire coast of the Greek paradise is dotted with amazing beaches, one of the most popular resorts being Paleokastritsa.

The beautiful village is in the northwest of the island and in mythology it is said to be the place where the Greek king Odysseus landed and first met Princess Nausicaa. Paleokastritsa is perfectly picturesque and home to adults-only and family-friendly hotels.

Rated a huge 4.5 stars on Tripadvisor, visitors say Paleokastritsa Beach is “one of the most beautiful beaches on the island”, with “crystal clear waters” that are “ideal for swimming”. It is also home to a beautiful blue lagoon that visitors describe as “magical”.

Visit Corfu Old Town to explore amazing history and architecture

A popular activity to do in the area is visiting the monastery of Paleokastritsa, high on a hill above the beach with an impressive view of the sea. There you can explore the museum, light a candle in the amazing church and see the traditional olive oil press in operation.

To the west of the island is the charming old town of Corfu. Listed as a Unesco World Heritage, it is home to immense Venetian architecture, an old 15C fortress. and many more fantastic historical sites. It is worth a visit for its incredible buildings, charming markets and sea views.

Kavos, in the southeast of the island, has long been a popular destination for young holidaymakers with a lively nightlife. The seaside village is home to a strip of clubs and bars, various water activities and plenty of cafes and restaurants perfect for curing a holiday hangover.

According to office metCorfu has an average daily high temperature of 29.2°C in June, 32°C in July and 32.3°C in August before dropping to 27.3°C in September.

According at Tripadvisor, the best restaurant to eat in Paleokastritsa is the Greek and Mediterranean spot, Il Pozzo. Rated five stars, reviewers say, “This is a must if in the area. Excellent food and service with stunning views of the sea below.”

Another happy diner said: “Not a single fault! Polite and friendly service, ordered 4 starters and 2 mains, boom of flavours, everything prepared to the smallest detail, lovely atmosphere, music…can’t wait to be back! Thank you!”

Throughout the island of Corfu, Tripadvisor lists Roda Park Restaurant as the best place to eat. The Greek restaurant is located in the north of the island in the village of Roda.

Rated 4.5 stars, the restaurant is famous for its legendary Greek night, with many calling the family owners “very nice”, “hilarious” and “welcoming”. Reviews say Roda Park is “Amazing authentic Greek food so this is a must visit restaurant. The food is just amazing. A family run business who are so welcoming and make the experience even better. Greek night is worth a visit and better than most with the can’t-miss plate breaker.”

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How to get there

You can get to Corfu from Luton in three hours. There are also frequent flights from Gatwick to the island which take around three hours and ten minutes.

It’s worth checking out the best airports to find the most convenient trip to the Greek paradise.

Are you going to enjoy the sun in Corfu this summer?

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Chicago Drill Rapper FBG Cash Shot and Killed at 31


Chicago exercise legend FBG Cash was fatally shot on Friday.

According ABC7 news in Chicago, police found the victim, a 31-year-old rapper, real name Tristian Hamilton, dead of gunshot wounds while in his car.

The Cook County Administration Office released very few details of the incident, only confirming that a man and woman were sitting in their car when a lone, unidentified gunman pulled up in a sedan black four-door, got out and opened fire on the pair before getting back into the sedan and escaping.

The victim, a 29-year-old woman, is in critical condition at Advocate Medical Center. She was shot in the left arm and upper back.

Police also confirmed that FBG Cash received multiple shots to his body as he was the intended target. He was eventually pronounced dead at the same hospital where his partner was taken.

No arrests have been made so far, but fans of the rapper reacted to news of his death on social media on Friday. The rapper is well known as a member of Chicago’s Fly Boy Gang [FBG] crew, also called Clout Boyz or “tooka gang”.

FBG rappers include Lil Jay, Wooski, Billionaire Black, Young Mello, FBG Dutchie, and the late FBG Duck, who was similarly killed off in 2020.

Many of the reactions surrounding the rapper’s death focus on the ongoing feud between the Tooka Gang and O Block. A few months ago, FBG Cash released a diss song in which he references one of their members, Tooka being “smoked” and proceeds to diss rapper O Block King Von.

“I don’t wanna go to the club no more, niggas left in the dirt…I can’t even get his lick back.”

Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed rumors from Chicago YouTubers who claim the rapper was framed by another woman and tried to escape the offender. He was chased down and shot and received wounds to his legs, upper body and throat.

Police haven’t confirmed any gangs responsible for the rapper’s murder, only saying that area two detectives are investigating.

Why Greece is a booming market for buying a summer home


With its 6,000 islands and islets, most of all A Mediterranean country, Greece offers a tantalizing array of ppostcard-worthy pensions against the cerulean waters of the Aegean and Ionian seas. “Cosmopolitan way of life from Mykonos and Paros to laid-back Paxos and Folegandros, there’s an island to satisfy the discerning buyer,” says Savvas Savvaidis, President and CEO of Greece Sotheby’s International Realty. “Foreign customers have seen Greece as a haven of peace, an ideal location that offers seclusion in vast spaces of unequaled beauty.

Listed by Greece Sotheby’s International Realty, this beachfront villa on the Greek island of Paros puts a modern twist on Cycladic architecture. Photo: Courtesy of Greece Sothebys International Realty

Part of the attraction – in addition to the country’s natural splendor, pleasant climate and rich ancient architecture –are favorable tax laws as well as its popular “golden visa” program. Adopted in 2013 to make property more attractive to non-EU citizens, it allows the buyer of any real estate transaction over €250,000, or approximately $263,000, to qualify for Greek residency. “These policies have been useful to bring wealthy individuals to Greece,” explains Yannis Ploumis, General Manager of Ploumis Sotiropoulos Real Estate, a subsidiary of Christie’s International Real Estate.

“Foreign clients have seen Greece as an ideal location that offers seclusion in vast spaces of unparalleled beauty”

savva savvaidis

It also doesn’t hurt that the nation is considered relatively underpriced compared to its Mediterranean neighbors, offering an equally sybaritic setting at a much lower cost. Indeed, the fragile economy was sadly slow to find its footing in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and the house price index is still a quarter below its levels of that year, according to the Bank. from Greece.

Sotheby’s is selling this $13.2 million estate in Crete. Photo: Courtesy of Greece Sothebys International Realty

Such conditions have created a surprisingly resilient environment housing market, with a 76% jump in foreign investment from 2020 to 2021. “Due to limited supply, properties are becoming increasingly scarce, especially on the seafront,” notes Savvaidis. “Athens, Mykonos, Paros, Corfu and Crete are the most sought-after regions, while lesser known destinations, such as Paxos, Tinos, Ithica, Syros and Folegandros are also experiencing an increase in demand, mainly because of their authentic and discreet character.

Sotheby’s announces this $1.7 million house in Tinos. Photo: Courtesy of Greece Sothebys International Realty

However, non-Greeks should be aware of many things, starting with the fact that for many years it was the only country in Europe without a real cadastre – and the government delayed the full implementation of one until 2024. The the resulting patchwork of data highlights the importance of build a local team to ensure that there are no competing claims to a plot. “Foreign buyers must understand that the procedure to conclude a sale is relatively long,” adds Ploumis. “They need to hire a lawyer, notary and engineer who will do the due diligence so the transaction can go through safely and smoothly.” But, he says, given the benefits, the investment is worth it: “At the end of the day, owning a home in Greece is a constant source of pleasure.

A version of this article first appeared in our Summer 2022 issue under the title “Greek Life”. Subscribe to the magazine.

Cover: An $11.4 million home in Mykonos, for sale at Christie’s International Real Estate.

Photo: Courtesy of Ploumis Sotiropoulos Real Estate

Turkey’s Erdogan says he will stand for election next year


ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed Thursday that he plans to run again next year.

Erdogan, 68, made the announcement during a speech in the Aegean coastal city of Izmir, where he challenged the leader of the main opposition party, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, to announce the candidate who would challenge him on behalf of an alliance of opposition parties.

“(Recep) Tayyip Erdogan is the People’s Alliance candidate,” Erdogan said, referring to the opposition between his Justice and Development Party and a nationalist party. “If you have the courage, declare your candidacy or the candidate of the alliance.”

Turkey is expected to hold presidential and legislative elections by June 2023 at the latest.

Erdogan ruled the country for nearly 20 years, first as prime minister and then as president. But support for him and the People’s Alliance has steadily declined amid high inflation and a cost of living crisis.

Kilicdaroglu led the opposition to victory in the 2019 municipal elections, when his mayoral candidates toppled the ruling party in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, and the capital, Ankara.

The opposition party alliance has yet to announce its presidential candidate, although Kilicdaroglu and the mayors of Ankara and Istanbul are seen as the main contenders.

Sail a 12-night Iceland and Ireland itinerary aboard Celebrity Apex from $274 per person, per night


If you are a lover of art, history and culture, there is nothing better than a European vacation and Celebrity Cruises have curated some of the most inspiring itineraries to transport you to a different world where you can indulge your interests on every cobbled street.

Celebrity Cruises in Norway

Celebrity, the premium cruise line where drinks, WiFi and resort fees are Always included on their crossings, has selected five best voyages for your next European vacation with prices as attractive as $274 per person per night for a 12-night stay in Iceland and Ireland on board Celebrity Summit.

The cruise will visit six cities including Cork, Waterford, Belfast, Reykjavik and Akureyri and will depart Amsterdam on August 1 this year with prices starting at $3,295 per person – up from $6,076.

Over 12 nights, you’ll experience the magnificence of Iceland’s natural wonders, surrounded by the comforts of a world-class resort aboard your ship. You can bathe in the mineral-rich waters of the Blue Lagoon and discover the incomparable beauty of the northern island. After your shore excursion, you can return to the ship and wrap yourself in Celebrity’s eXhale cashmere bedding and mattress for a restful sleep, ready for another day of adventure.

Summit You’ll also spend the night in Reykjavik, known for its fresh seafood, eclectic food scene, and artsy shopping. To book, click here.

If you fancy throwing belated Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and heading to the British Isles, Celebrity offers a 10-night cruise to explore the towering White Cliffs of Dover and uncover the legends of Blarney Castle in Cork. You can sip a pint of beer at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, shop in Liverpool and explore the castles and ancient ruins of Belfast. The 10-night British Isles cruise on board Celebrity Summit will cost $301 per person per night and will leave Amsterdam on September 1 this year. That equates to $3,012 per person — down from $5,480 — for the 10-night vacation. To book click here.

Celebrity Cruises in Santorini

The line also offers a seven-night itinerary to Italy and the Greek islands with prices starting at $2,123 per person – up from $3,593 – on board Celebrity benefit departure from Rome on September 3. To start your vacation, be sure to visit the Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum in Rome before boarding the ship to sail to Naples, Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos, and Naples. In Rhodes, stroll the cobbled streets of the quaint Old Town and soak in the azure Aegean Sea in Mykonos as you visit the island’s famous Elia Beach. Sip a cocktail at the Sunset Bar on the roof of the ship while watching the most spectacular sunset on Santorini. To book click here.

Rooftop sunset bar

If you’ve always wanted to experience the incredible Norwegian fjords, the line offers a wonderful nine-night Norway cruise on board Celebrity Summit w UNESCO World Heritage Site, and enjoy stunning mountain views aboard the scenic Flam Railway. The trip will visit Oslo, Geiranger, Olden, Flam and Bergen. To book, click here.


One of the line’s most popular itineraries is the eight-night cruise to Italy, Croatia and Montenegro onboard Celebrity Beyond where you can soak up the atmosphere of the terracotta roofs of Dubrovnik, explore the medieval monuments of Kotor and swim in the turquoise waters of Corfu and the white sand beaches of Zakynthos. In Naples, visit the nearby ruins of Pompeii and the glamorous island of Capri. Prices for the cruise that calls at six ports start at $2,776 per person — down from $5,004 — and depart Rome on May 7, 2023. To book, click here.

You will be blown away by the sheer size of Eden over three levels with its onboard cafe, restaurant and bar Celebrity Beyond which made its Mediterranean debut in April. There is also the rooftop garden, the adult-only Solarium pool, and the main pool surrounded by the outdoor pool deck.

Celebrity prides itself on making vacations as easy as possible with drinks, Wi-Fi and resort fees Always included.

No relief for backpack carriers as court denies claim for Pacific Island money transfer companies’ bank accounts

  • A legal review brought by companies that help people transfer money to the Pacific Islands at low prices has failed.
  • Without a bank account, remittance senders operate through cash payments, a practice they say is both expensive and dangerous.
  • The High Court said the Reserve Bank’s powers to run banks were based on a threat to financial stability or fears that banks were not being prudent enough – which was not the case here.

A judicial review of the actions of the Reserve Bank and Finance Minister Grant Robertson over money laundering laws has failed, leaving money senders ‘always on the lookout’: anti-money laundering laws money have made money transfers to the Pacific “unsafe”

* What happened when $2.7 million arrived in a backpack

* Anti-money laundering compliance costs too much, too many supervisors

* Transferring money to the Pacific is expensive, despite New Zealand’s efforts to cut costs

“> carrying bags of cash in an effort to keep the practice of low-cost money transfer alive.

Pacific remittance companies have been left without bank accounts thanks to how banks have interpreted their anti-money laundering responsibilities.

Authorities in the United States and Europe have adopted guidelines to protect senders from the reach of anti-money laundering legislation, seeing them as a crucial lifeline for developing countries.

However, such exclusions have not been made in New Zealand.

* ‘Always on the lookout’: anti-money laundering laws have made money transfers to the Pacific ‘unsafe’
* What happened when $2.7 million arrived in a backpack
* Anti-money laundering compliance costs too much, too many supervisors
* Transferring money to the Pacific is expensive, despite New Zealand’s efforts to cut costs

In April, shippers sued the Reserve Bank and Finance Minister Grant Robertson in an attempt to get them to order New Zealand banks to grant them bank accounts.

Money senders say having to negotiate in cash makes the process of transferring money to the Pacific expensive and dangerous.

Chris McKeen / Stuff

Money senders say having to negotiate in cash makes the process of transferring money to the Pacific expensive and dangerous.

In a decision on Wednesday, the High Court found that the Reserve Bank’s power to issue instructions to banks necessitated a threat to the efficiency or stability of the financial system, or fear that banks were not being prudent enough .

Judge David Gendall said none of these criteria were met in the event remittance senders were denied bank accounts.

“I agree that failure to provide service to an industrial class is not serious enough to warrant the use of executive power and that such failure on the part of banks does not amount to reckless conduct of business. “

Other claims by senders were also dismissed, including that the Reserve Bank did not offer bank accounts to senders as the banking system’s “lender of last resort” and that the Reserve Bank had misinterpreted its role by report to a supervisor under the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML-FT) Act.

In a May 2020 letter, Robertson advised remittances that they needed an audit report or a report from an AML-CFT supervisor to be granted bank accounts.

The senders argued they did not need it and alleged that Robertson erred in law in reaching that conclusion, but Judge Gendall said that in publishing the letter Robertson exercised no legal power subject to judicial review.

The High Court said Finance Minister Grant Robertson had not made a decision subject to judicial review in relation to shippers.


The High Court said Finance Minister Grant Robertson had not made a decision subject to judicial review in relation to shippers.

Judge Gendall admitted that the Reserve Bank could have raised the issue of “general risk reduction” with the Coordinating Committee, a committee set up to ensure consistency in AML-CFT supervision, but said Nothing in the law required it.

“I also accept that the Reserve Bank has undertaken important projects in other respects to address the problem of overall risk reduction itself, including the [Pacific Remittance Project].”

CompliancePlus director Uddhav Kirtikar, who helped the remittance companies with their case, said the High Court’s decision was “a setback for sure”, but the remittance companies involved were considering appeal the decision.

Remittance companies are a lifeline to the Pacific, contributing significant sums to the economies of countries like Samoa and Tonga at levels that exceed foreign aid inflows.

In Tonga, remittances accounted for 38% of the country’s GDP in 2020.

Money transfer companies perform such money transfers at low cost. But without bank accounts, these businesses have been forced to use cash in recent years, making the process more expensive and dangerous.

Remittance senders are reporting entities, so they must comply with AML-CFT regulations independently.

But when they make irregular deposits and transfers to their bank accounts to support money transfers between New Zealand and the Pacific, these transactions are identified as AML-CFT risks by banks.

An owner of a money transfer company, who will not be named, said he was scared and ‘always on the lookout’ because not having a bank account meant he had to collect money by hand, then walking around parts of Auckland with thousands of dollars in his backpack. .

Robert Bell says he considered using ships to transfer money to the Pacific when banks started closing bank accounts.


Robert Bell says he considered using ships to transfer money to the Pacific when banks started closing bank accounts.

KlickEx Pacific managing director Robert Bell at one point said his company consulted the Royal New Zealand Navy about piracy risks and nearly bought two decommissioned warships so they could physically transfer silver. money safely across the ocean, all of which was necessary because his business had been “unbanked”, although this decision was later reversed.

In 2019, the Reserve Bank launched its Pacific Remittance Project to keep banking services alive in the Pacific.

The bank warned that “the tide is receding on international banking services for Pacific island nations, which could make it more difficult and expensive to trade, invest and send money”, a fate it pinned on AML-CFT requirements worldwide.

Between 2011 and 2019, the decline in cross-border banking relationships in Polynesia and Melanesia was double the decline seen elsewhere in the world.

Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr also issued a statement last year warning banks against general risk reduction and said money transfers to the Pacific were low risk.

NZ Bankers Association chief executive Roger Beaumont has previously said that when it comes to remittance senders, banks look at AML-CFT risks on a case-by-case basis.

Turkey calls on Greece to withdraw troops from Aegean islands


ANKARA — Turkey on Tuesday called on Greece to withdraw its armed forces from the Aegean islands, warning that Ankara will challenge the status of the islands if it fails to demilitarize them.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told a joint press conference with his North Macedonian counterpart that Greece had established a military presence on the Aegean islands in violation of the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne and of the 1947 Treaty of Paris. He said the islands were ceded to Greece on the condition that they remain demilitarized.

“The agreements are there but Greece is violating them. It’s arming them. If Greece does not put an end to this violation, the sovereignty of the islands will be brought into question,” he said. “It’s as clear as that. You will respect the agreements.

Greece argues that Turkey has deliberately misinterpreted treaties regarding armed forces on its eastern islands and claims it has legal grounds to defend itself following hostile actions by Ankara, including a threat of war for a long time if it extends its territorial waters.

The Turkish minister’s comments come amid a further escalation of tensions between NATO allies who have a history of disputes over a range of issues, including mineral exploration in the eastern Mediterranean and rival claims in the Aegean Sea.

Last month, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he would stop speaking to Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, expressing his displeasure with the Greek leader’s comments during a recent trip to the United States, including suggestions that Congress should block Turkey’s acquisition of F-16 fighter jets.

In Athens, Mitsotakis said restraint was needed on both sides of the Aegean because of the war in Ukraine.

“I think we are still very far from that point, far from the tension we had in the summer of 2020,” Mitsotakis said in reference to a time when tensions erupted between Greece and Turkey over rights. gas exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“Today everyone must show restraint. Especially at a time when we are facing a very big challenge in NATO with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We must be united,” he said. -he declares.

Cavusoglu said Ankara had sent two letters to the United Nations on the issue of militarized islands and he called on Greece to respond to the letters.

“They get aggressive because they can’t respond to letters,” the minister said.

How to convince an outgoing that Brexit was a bad idea? Make them line up | Zoe Williams


I I hate the phrase ‘the architects of Brexit’, partly because I still yearn for an alternative world in which Brexit disappears as a word and concept, and partly because to say it has ‘architects’ attributes a certain degree of structural solidity to it. t own. However, there is a man, Daniel Hannan, who has embarked on this project of disintegration since his student days, so let’s call him one of his architects. write in the telegraph, he said casually that it would have been easier for all of us if we had stayed in the single market. Tell you what would have been helpful, mate: saying that with any force between 2016 and 2019, when it might have changed or meant something. That’s how fanatics are – there’s no point in trying to hold them to account or ask about their brass necks. They’ll chase you off a cliff and gently ask why you didn’t remember to pack your parachute.

Still, it’s hard to get that familiar bitter taste of injustice out of your mouth. Hannan is authorized to say this, since from him it is original, even new; when a staunch supporter of this idiotic plan says it may have gone too far, that’s news, folks. If any of us said it, it would be repetitive, predictable, irrelevant—a faux pas, even, like telling strangers how many push-ups you can do or the time you dreamed about a fox.

When a starter is stuck in a queue at Málaga airport for three hours, while his EU counterparts sneak in and grab all the best rental cars, they are allowed to curse the forces of bureaucracy, but if any remaining did, we’d be moaning again. While the titans of the airline industry – Michael O’Leary of Ryanair, Steve Heapy of Jet2 – blame the chaotic scenes at airports and stranded passengers on the combined forces of Brexit, the odd Tory asshole will go through a denial by heart, but their heart is not really in it. Their voices sound a little tired and you know the day will come when they’ll shrug their shoulders and say, “Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea after all. Maybe we should go back to the drawing board, start with a small, lightweight customs union. Well, it’s not that difficult, is it? And when, so choked with outrage that we can’t even breathe, let alone formulate words, we are reduced to waving our disapproval, our Brexit lords will turn around, all innocent, and say “Isn’t that what you said you wanted? Politicians who can admit they made a mistake? »

It was always going to be an overseas vacation where the climax of reality hit the hot air balloon to regain control. The nightmare for EU citizens trying to figure out how to stay in the UK and whether to even care is a private matter, played out in individual households. Staff shortages, supply chain issues, even port congestion, can all be categorized as “other people’s problems”, at least for a while. Airports, however – families at Gatwick have their long-awaited trip to Corfu canceled with 15 minutes’ notice speaking to their disappointment over radio calls; students stuck in Mykonos; the border lines that a thousand people will use the last 4% of their phone’s battery to post on Instagram – are too easily dramatized moments. No amount of rhetoric can erase them, and sooner or later there will be reverse browsing everywhere.

Looking back, I wish we had fought the whole EU referendum campaign over the hassle of it all. A little less “Project Fear”, a little more “Project Ball-ache”. Is this really what you want, for you, for your descendants? No more administration, no more queues, no more gigantic pains in your neck? Is anything worth it? We could have responded to every lofty soliloquy about “global Britain” with a half-raised eyebrow and a calm: “You know what sovereignty really means? It means waiting for things and filling out forms. It means doing your least favorite things in life, a lot more often.

Well, at least we’ll know better for next time.

Zoe Williams is a Guardian columnist

Inside Laura Whitmore’s huge net worth, including £600,000 salary from Love Island


Laura Whitmore is back on screens for Love Island 2022 after a long and highly anticipated wait.

The 37-year-old host showed off her trip to Spain at the start of the first episode.

This season will be her third year of presenting after debuting in 2020 and there has been a lot of talk about how much she gets paid for it.

Previous reports said Laura was set to earn £500,000 for this series.

According The sunthe mother-of-one won £600,000 for hosting Love Island in 2021, despite not featuring in every episode.

Laura Whitmore has hosted Love Island since 2020

Networthpost reports that Laura’s net worth is $15m, or £11.9m. While she hosted Love Island and Aftersun for two years, she also had other stints.

Laura began her career as a presenter at MTV Ireland before moving on to I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! NOW! and the Hot Desk.

Although known for her presentations, the blonde beauty starred in the 2020 film, Sadhbh, where she played Claire, a struggling mother. She also wrote the film alongside director Arjun Rose.

Just recently, Laura responded to criticism over how much she could earn from her showcase gig on Love Island.

Much has been said about the income of the host of the show
Much has been said about the income of the host of the show

Laura shared some of the criticism she has received since hosting the hit ITV2 dating show
Laura shared some of the criticism she has received since hosting the hit ITV2 dating show

At the start of the video, Laura could be seen sipping on an official Love Island water bottle before pointing above her head to text that read, “Let’s talk about Love Island” followed by a red heart emoji.

She made a face when the words, ‘Laura has the easiest job on TV! She gets paid £50,000 a minute. It’s an outrage’, flashed across the screen.

Laura smiled as she pointed to her response, which read, “First, Iain never cared about the money he makes. Why don’t we like women making money?”

She went on to tell viewers, “It’s all real stuff that was written or said,” followed by a silly face emoji.

Laura asked why her husband Iain Stirling's earnings from the show had never been questioned
Laura asked why her husband Iain Stirling’s earnings from the show had never been questioned

Laura says the same review year after year is "exhausting"
Laura says the same review year after year is ‘exhausting’

Laura then pointed down a comment she received, which read, “I think it’s ridiculous that Laura is going back and forth. Send the guests over there!”

She then responded, writing, “The Villa is in Mallorca and Aftersun is in London.

“That’s the situation for any host, it always has been.

“If I could stay in Mallorca I would,” she added alongside a laughing face emoji.

Laura has been presenting the show since 2020
While Laura has hosted the show for two years, she has also had other presenting stints over the years.

Laura continues: “But at the moment having me come back and it’s MORE EFFECTIVE than bringing in our new guests and audience every week.

“I have it in my contract to offset my carbon footprint.”

Laura also shared her response to critics’ comment, which read, “You’re too old for Love Island. You have a kid now.”

Laughing, she held her arms up in the air as the words, “I’m not planning on hanging out with the islanders! I’m the HOST,” appeared on the screen.

She added: ‘Age means experience and that’s a privilege.

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Four Ways You Can Use To House To Earn Thousands Of Pounds


Experts have revealed the best ways your home could earn you extra money – from renting the driveway to starring in movies. The cost of living crisis is forcing many of us to look for new ways to save money or new scrambles to bring in more.

And now jobs experts are urging Britons to be aware of ways to earn extra cash by putting your house to work. Bertan Baytekin, co-founder and CPO of leading gig economy platform AppJobs, said: “Many of us wish we had a little more money in our pockets each month, especially with the cost of life that increases so rapidly.

“And while it can be difficult to find more time or energy to invest in side pursuits, putting your house to work can be a relatively easy and lucrative way to boost your income. There are a variety of ways which our homes can become sources of income, from renting out your useless parking space for around £200 a month to hosting guests for a few nights on platforms such as Airbnb.

“If you have a particularly unique home, it can be worth renting it out to film and TV crews as sets for up to £2,500 a day, and it could even add value to your home if it plays a leading role. in a hit show. A passive income stream from using your home in this way could be a big boost to your finances in a time when most of us could use a little extra cash.

AppJobs is one of the UK’s leading job platforms, connecting candidates with flexible roles in the gig economy with companies such as Uber and Deliveroo.

Four Best Ways to Bring Extra Money to Your Home

Rent a parking space

Parking spaces can often be difficult to find for motorists, especially in larger cities with more vehicles and on streets close to transport hubs such as train stations.

Services such as ParkLet and JustPark allow you to advertise your space and it can bring in around £200 a month.

If you are the owner of the house, it is completely legal to do so as long as it does not cause a nuisance, while tenants need permission from their landlord.

Give a home to other people’s stuff

Unused space in your home or garage could be used for other people to store their unnecessary or unwanted items for long or short periods of time.

Using services such as storemates.co.uk to rent space can cost up to £3,000 a year.

One thing to know is how it might affect your home accident insurance, so be sure to do your research first.

Turn your house into a star

Your house doesn’t have to be as big as Downton Abbey to become a star on the small or big screen.

Websites such as lavishlocations.com or shootfactory.co.uk allow you to advertise your property for scouts to see, potentially earning up to £2,500 a day.

This can include anything from newspaper and magazine shoots to TV series or movie shoots.

put a roof over someone’s head

Websites such as Airbnb and Spareroom have made it easier than ever to rent space in your home to someone who needs it for the short or long term.

Whether it’s letting someone stay in your home for a big festival or sporting event, or becoming a live-in owner, it’s one of the most popular ways to put your home to work.

Having a tenant means you can earn up to £7,500 a year tax-free through the government’s Rent a Room scheme, while income from short-term rentals is considered taxable income.

Minister says Boris Johnson could face vote of no confidence


Prime Minister Boris Johnson could face a vote of no confidence, according to one of his allies. Business Secretary Paul Scully said tonight (June 5) that Mr Johnson would win such a vote.

Some Tory MPs have told the media that a ballot on Mr Johnson’s leadership could be called next week. On Friday, part of the crowd booed Mr Johnson as he arrived at St Paul’s Cathedral for a service of thanksgiving for the Queen as part of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

It came after months of widespread public anger over breaches of Covid rules in government buildings. In April, Mr Johnson was fined by the Metropolitan Police for attending his own birthday party in the Cabinet Room in Downing Street in June 2020, when indoor gatherings were banned.

Speaking to Channel 4’s The Andrew Neil Show tonight, Mr Scully said: “We may well have a vote of confidence. I think he will win it.

“And I think what he will have to do then, what we will expect of him, is to govern well, to get back to those great things.” When asked if he thought a vote of confidence was likely, he replied: “It could well happen.

“If that happens, the Prime Minister, I know, will deal with it. But whatever happens, we have to start governing again, tackle the things that people want us to do on a day-to-day basis, not continuing… looking back two years ago.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps earlier told the BBC that Mr Johnson would win a vote of confidence in his leadership. Asked about the boos who met Mr Johnson on Friday, Mr Shapps said prime ministers had to make tough decisions and not everyone would approve.

He also noted that Tory ministers were booed at the 2012 London Olympics but still won the general election three years later. He suggested that at the next general election voters would judge whether the government had “done a good job as a whole” and that decisions on Brexit, coronavirus and the economy would be what mattered to people.

Greek restaurant Avra ​​finally set to open in Midtown NYC


The jewel in the crown of the Rockefeller Group’s redesigned 1271 Sixth Avenue is Mammoth, Avra’s new Greek restaurant, which opens this week after more than two years of pandemic-induced drama. This crown is not at the top of the tower, but at sidewalk level with over 400 indoor and outdoor seats.

The Avra ​​Group’s investment in its third Manhattan location was more than $10 million, according to Nick Tsoulos, partner of Marc Packer and Nick Pashalis.

It completes Rock Group’s vision for the tower, the former Time+Life building, which it spent more than $600 million to cover and revamp after the magazines moved. Its offices are now 100% leased to companies such as AIG, Major League Baseball (which also has a retail store), Bessemer Trust and Latham & Watkins.

But it wasn’t quite complete as most of the ground floor remained vacant. Enter the Avra ​​Group, which began talks with Rockefeller “about six months before COVID,” Tsoulos said.

Avra is three stories comprising 16,500 square feet.
Jason Serrano
Avra's Interior
The design echoes those of the early Avras.
Jason Serrano

The partners were looking for a third prime location for Avra, which thrived at 14 E. 60th St. and 141 E. 48th St.

“Our broker located the Sixth Avenue space,” Tsoulos recalls. “We had just finished negotiating a lease. We were in the lawyers’ office in February 2020 when Marc said, “Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.”

“What elephant?” asked one person at the meeting.

The beast in question was, of course, the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the metro area.

“A lawyer said, ‘It will be over in a week.’ We said, “What if it’s not?” “recalls Tsoulos,

“We have postponed the signing. The world shut down next week. Then the Rockefeller band came back to us in August [2020]. We kind of started over. We implemented COVID protective language that worked for them and for us.

Avra's Interior
The menu from executive chefs Jose Diaz and Arman Arsan is similar to those at the old Avras, with a seafood focus and a crowd-pleaser.
Jason Serrano

Tsoulos would not specify. Sources previously told Realty Check that the complex, hybrid deal — which combines a lease and a revenue-sharing formula with the landlord — comes with unique, COVID-specific contingencies involving the future availability of vaccines and drugs. other possible government lockdowns.

“We thought the world was going to come back,” Tsoulos said. “Location is the center of the universe. Our owner was very helpful to us. They helped us through the build process and the whole ordeal.

The result is a sight to behold – three stories comprising 16,500 square feet, plus a unique outdoor plaza overlooking the avenue. Thirty-foot-tall windows envelop the sun-drenched space.

Avra Exterior
Avra has over 400 indoor and outdoor seats.
Steve Cuozzo

The design echoes those of the early Avras, with acres of white oak, limestone, bronze, stone and linen to evoke the Greek islands. Whole fish are on display in abundance. The menu from executive chefs Jose Diaz and Arman Arsan is similar to those at the old Avras, with a seafood focus and a crowd-pleaser.

The restaurant directly across from Radio City Music Hall is turning heads on Sixth Avenue, which has never had such an expansive dining room with outdoor seating amid office towers.

Has the team ever had butterflies during the difficult months of lease negotiations and construction?

“We’re open for business,” Tsoulos said, “and the butterflies are still there.”

Shannon Airport expects 35,000 passengers over bank holiday weekend


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MORE THAN 35,000 passengers are expected at the gates of Shannon Airport over the June bank holiday weekend.

Representing 87% of 2019 figures at Shannon, a total of 26 summer services are now in full swing, including the latest destinations to Marseille, Malta and Barcelona-Girona.

On Saturday, Shannon’s seasonal service to Corfu returned with flights to the popular Greek island operating twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays until September 27 with Ryanair.

According to Shannon Airport’s Director of Operations and Commerce, Niall Maloney, “There is a great holiday buzz, and this appetite to take a much-needed break from the impact of the pandemic over the past two years, is obvious”.

Clare Echo Subscription

He said Shannon welcomes incoming tourists who land directly in the west of Ireland. “With 26 services to 11 countries across the UK, Europe and the US, our seasonal routes are now underway as the festive season gathers pace. Ryanair’s service to Corfu also returns this weekend, providing another exciting destination for passengers to choose from.

Maloney said: “The latest investment in our state-of-the-art screening system which eliminates the removal of laptops and liquids from carry-on baggage, as well as our US pre-screening facility, sensory room and short walk from our car parks to the terminal, makes the journey as easy as possible for our passengers, through the airport.

The installation and operation of security technology ensures that Shannon Airport is at the forefront of innovation and makes life easier for our passengers. As of 2016, Shannon Airport is the only airport in the world to operate a combined European and US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) compliant checkpoint system, meaning the passenger is screened once according to two regulatory standards and therefore eliminates additional screening requirements that apply at other preclearance airports.

To ensure that travel through the airport is as smooth as possible, passengers are advised to arrive at the airport 90 minutes before their flight and 2.5 hours before transatlantic flights.

Laura Whitmore blasts Love Island fans who call her boring and overpaid ahead of launch


Love Island presenter Laura Whitmore has shut down rumors ahead of the launch of Love Island on Monday – including asking why fans never question her husband Iain Stirling’s paycheck

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Laura Whitmore debunks Love Island rumors she reads online

Laura Whitmore has Love Island fans in check – by responding to all those rumors that she’s boring, overpaid and environmentally destructive.

Love Island host Laura, 37, decided to take on the haters with a one-minute TikTok – saying, “Let’s get this straightened out so we can enjoy the juicy bits! See you Monday.”

There was no holding back as the mother-of-one sifted through a vitriolic list of criticism leveled at her while filming the show – including her age, presenting style and money.

Laura Whitmore slams Love Island rumors

Laura Whitmore Slams Love Island Rumors as Show Set to Launch in 24 Hours

Revealing that she had a clause in her contract which meant that ITV had to offset all the carbon emissions used by the constant round trips, Laura started with this opinion: “I think it’s ridiculous that Laura goes back and forth -returns – send guests there!”

She replied: “The villa is in Mallorca and Aftersun is in London. That’s the situation for any host, it always has been. I have it in my contract to offset the carbon emissions.”

Then she came on her paycheck – arguing that no one asks her husband and narrator Iain Stirling, 34, how much he makes from the show.

It read “Laura has the easiest job on TV! She gets paid £50,000 a minute. It’s an outrage!”

She only gets paid when she works

Laura says this is the situation for any host – there have only been two

She replied, “First of all, Iain never cared about the money he made. Why don’t we like women making money?

“I would like to earn what is written in the press! I only get paid work days.”

Then it was the drama.

“She’s so boring. Why doesn’t she ask for more? What’s with all these breaks!?” read one of the rumors.

She replied, “Drama baby! If I was in charge of hosting I would be joking. But I can’t, I have to be as unbiased as possible and trust the process. Last year, With social distancing, I couldn’t even give a hug!And I’m a hug.

Laura from Love Island is a staple of the series



And finally, responding to claims that she was too old for the show she wrote.

“I’m not planning on dating the Love Islanders. I’m the HOST. Age means experience and that’s a privilege.”

Fans responded with applause, with one simply writing, “Well done baby!”

Love Island kicks off tomorrow at 9pm on ITV 2.

Volotea celebrates 10 years at Bordeaux airport and opens a new line to Nice

  • Volotea is the third largest airline operating from Bordeaux in terms of destinations, with 22 routes offered.
  • Volotea represents about 70 direct jobs and 50 indirect jobs in Bordeaux-Mérignac.

Volotea celebrates its 10th anniversary from Bordeaux airport, with more than 3.5 million passengers transported. This anniversary is an opportunity for the airline to reiterate its commitment to the airport, the city and the local economy. For the occasion, the Volotea team presented a new route to Nice to the local press.

In 10 years, Volotea has transported more than 3.5 million passengers to and from Bordeaux and has been a permanent player in the regular, consistent and complementary growth of the existing network in Bordeaux. This year, Volotea is offering a total of 22 destinations in 6 countries of Bordeaux, which represents 14 lines more than in 2012, when the airline began operating from the city’s airport. Volotea has increased the number of seats available in Bordeaux by 75% this year, compared to last year. The company currently employs 70 people in Bordeaux and contributed to the creation of more than 50 indirect jobs.

Volotea offers 7 exclusive lines from Bordeaux (Cagliari, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Florence, Santorini, Split and Strasbourg) and has just announced the opening of a new direct domestic line to Nice. This new line is in addition to two other openings in 2022, operational since the end of May: Athens and Florence.

Since May 27, 2022, Volotea has offered twice-weekly flights (Monday and Friday) from Bordeaux to Florence.

Bordeaux – Athens
This new line has been operating twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday) since May 28.

This new line will operate twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday) from December 17. Tickets are already on sale in France, through all the usual channels and via the Volotea website: www.volotea.com.

Historical economic and social development

Volotea forecasts historic growth in Europe in 2022: France represents nearly 50% of the airline’s activity, with a forecast of more than 5 million seats and a total of 192 routes in France, including 60 domestic routes. The airline, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, aims to play a major role in the economic and social development of the French regions with the creation of more than 150 new indirect jobs, and a total of more than 600 Volotea employees in France in 2022. After Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Marseille, Lille and Lyon, the airline will open its 8th base in Lourdes next July.

“We are very proud to celebrate our 10th anniversary at our Bordeaux base. We now offer 22 destinations from the airport and have transported over 3.5 million passengers! This success encourages us to expand our offer to offer more seats, at affordable prices, to more destinations in France and Europe, as evidenced by the launch this year of three new routes to Athens, Florence and Nice. Our establishment in Bordeaux generates a positive economic and social impact for the region, and represents approximately 70 direct jobs and 50 indirect jobs, which highlights the key role of Bordeaux airport in the economic growth of the region,’ says Carlos Muñoz, founder and CEO of Volotea.

‘This 10th anniversary of Volotea’s operations demonstrates the airline’s success in Bordeaux. With an enriched offer of three new routes this year, Volotea has become an emblematic player in travel for New Aquitaine, and is committed to offering a quality travel experience., commented Simon Dreschel, Chairman of the Management Board of Bordeaux Airport.

Bordeaux, June 1, 2022

Passengers sleep on cots after the flight was hijacked


A number of passengers traveling with TUI Ireland were forced to sleep on cots at a German airport last night as they traveled from Corfu to Dublin.

The flight, TOM1517, took off from the Greek island shortly after 6:30 p.m. local time, four hours later than scheduled, for operational reasons.

Passengers said they were told after boarding the plane that it was due to stop in Munich in Germany to refuel, but was diverted to Nuremberg airport due to a thunderstorm .

A number of people told RTÉ News that they had been on the plane on the ground in Nuremberg for around three hours.

One passenger, Niamh Gormally from Bray in County Wicklow, said they were ‘provided with a glass of water but there was no food to buy on board’.

She said there were babies, young children and elderly people on the plane, which was hot and uncomfortable.

Another TUI customer, Lauryn Ní Riain, said she was told the refueling “would only add another 30 minutes to their journey”.

However, the passengers were later told they would not be continuing their journey to Dublin last night and would be offered hotel accommodation for the night, but this did not materialise.

Ms Gormally said that after they disembarked in Nuremberg, there were no TUI representatives at the airport to answer questions or tell passengers what was going on.

She said airport management later provided cots, blankets, water and snacks late last night as passengers slept at the airport.

Ms Ní Riain, who estimated there were 180 people on board the flight, said she “felt totally abandoned without any information” and she said some people were crying.

At around 6.30am today, the passengers were taken by bus for more than three hours to Stuttgart, where they were checked into an airport hotel, awaiting details of when they will catch their flight home to Dublin.

Ms Gormally, who is traveling in a party of 12, described the situation as ‘an absolute nightmare’ and ‘stressful’.

She said there was “nobody on the ground to say what’s going on” and she added that “what’s annoying is not knowing” what’s going on.

TUI Ireland has apologized to customers for the “delay and disruption” caused to their flight from Corfu to Dublin.

The tour operator said “unfortunately, due to operational issues, the flight took off late from Corfu and required a short fuel stop in Munich”, but said “poor weather in the area then forced the aircraft to divert elsewhere”.

In response to passenger criticism of the company’s level of communication, TUI said its teams were “working tirelessly to support affected customers, through direct communications and providing overnight accommodation and transfers if required. , as well as meals and refreshments”.

TUI said customers were to travel to Ireland later today.

Some vacationers missed the bus transfer to Stuttgart

Some vacationers with young children have booked into hotels near Nuremberg Airport. However, they say they were not informed that a bus was transferring passengers to Stuttgart airport.

Lyndsay Martin and her partner, who were traveling with their two young children, managed to find a nearby room for the night.

Accommodation was difficult to find as a music festival is taking place in Nuremberg this weekend.

She said they “never had any communication” from TUI Holidays that there was a bus to Stuttgart and they missed the transfer.

Ms Martin said they had to hire a car to make the journey at a cost of €300. She said her family’s vacation “ended on a really sour note”.

James Deegan, who had a similar experience, described the situation as “a shambles”.

He said “there was no assistance and no TUI representatives” when they left the plane.

“It was a very stressful atmosphere, especially for people like my pregnant partner, and there were a lot of young children.”

Mr Deegan said he had to take action and book a hotel room because his partner is six months pregnant and his young son ‘hasn’t eaten, hadn’t taken a nap and was exhausted.”

He said he was “unaware” that a bus was being used to take passengers to Stuttgart airport.

As a result, Mr Deegan also had to hire a car, the cost of which he hopes will be reimbursed by TUI.

Jubilee lets Britons see the things they share that make them proud


SIR – We celebrate here with knitted crown jewels and corgis.

Dr. Graham Rhodes

Everton, Hampshire

SIR – I am grateful to Allison Pearson for her appreciation of the gallant drum horses Harry and Eddie. Every year at Trooping the Color I hear their names and recognition of their importance in the parade. I bet the queen too.

Deirdre Towers
Rugby, Warwickshire

MR – I was a young police officer at the time of the silver jubilee. One of my tasks was to visit the organizers of street parties on my beat (Letters, June 1) and discuss security measures.

Over a nice cup of tea, I explained that there would be no objection as long as access for the use of emergency service vehicles was provided.

Each party was successfully held in an environment of fun, happiness, celebration and safety, and without any interference from the council.

Alan G. Barstow
Onslunda, Scania, Sweden

SIR – Where the hell did the word go crown comes from?

Richard Davies
Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire

EU continues to fund Putin

SIR – Vladimir Putin is, over time, winning in Ukraine and his efforts are being funded by a weak EU whose major players are unwilling or unable to take the major step and immediately cut off Russia’s energy supply.

The EU is taking weeks without taking any decision and Germany does not seem ready to accept the impact of the cut of Russian energy, in particular gas supplies, on its economy. If Mr. Putin wins in Ukraine, the result will have fatal consequences for Europe and the world. Yet the EU continues to pay for the Russian war effort.

Wringing your hands after Mr. Putin’s victory will do nothing and it will be painful. A brief period of hardship is now needed to stop Mr. Putin in Ukraine.

Nigel Randall
Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire

SIR – Why aren’t the Ukrainians already able to use the long-range artillery they have been promised?

Remember General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s saying, “Get there as quickly as possible.”

David Berry
London SW17

Cheaper in the air

SIR – On Wednesday I picked up my son and his wife from Manchester Airport. Parking cost me more than their combined flights from Pescara on the Italian Adriatic coast. Who said the tourism industry was in a bit of a mess?

Tony Palframan
Disley, Cheshire

SIR – Gurpreet Narwan reported on the long queues for water refills at Stansted Airport. The main reason the queues exist is the outrageous price of bottled water at all airports.

It’s even worse abroad. On Thursday at Corfu airport, a 330ml bottle of Evian cost €2.90. That’s around £7.50 a litre, more than four times the unprecedented price of diesel. Also, there are no water supply points in Corfu.

It’s immoral and poses a health risk, especially for the elderly and children in family groups caught up in the chaos of flight cancellations and long delays.

Robin Debel
Yetminster, Dorset

Sedative sherry

SIR – When I was an intern in the 1970s, the nine-hour round of medication included a drink for patients. I used to join them for a can of stout (Letters, June 3), although some gentlemen preferred a whiskey. They were, however, not impressed with the dose given by the attending nurse.

The ladies were revived by a sherry and given a sedative other than the benzodiazepines or barbiturates on offer, which left them dumb for most of the next day.

David Nunn
West Mall, Kent

MR – Fifty years ago I was a nurse at our local cottage hospital. Among my duties was rolling cigarettes for the occupants of the men’s lodge.

Nick Bell
Upton, Hampshire

Brexit Retreat

SIR – Tobias Ellwood proposes joining the EU single market to ease the cost of living crisis – a radical shift in strategy to meet a tactical hurdle. Should he continue to chair the House of Commons Defense Select Committee?

Mr. R. Jackson
Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

SIR – Prime Minister says it would be irresponsible for him to leave office now. May I suggest that it would be irresponsible for him to stay in office, especially now?

DR Taylor
Hordle, Hampshire

SIR – With a majority of just 7,200 Uxbridge and South Ruislip will be the most targeted constituency in the country by Labor and the Liberal Democrats, so the chances in the next election for Boris Johnson of retaining his own seat must be extremely weak.

With the mood of the country and the opinion polls so firmly against him, shouldn’t he accept the inevitable and retire now, having gained some respect for Brexit and the rollout of the Covid vaccine, before further damage to the Conservative Party?

Brian Storey
Longstowe, Cambridgeshire

Wicked tendency to trash

SIR – You report a ban on the ‘trashing’ tradition in Oxford. I guess that involves throwing food at people after the finals.

During my stay there, from 1962 to 1966, nothing like this ever happened. Far from being a sacred tradition, it seems to be a bad modern trend, which the university is right to banish.

Jean Doble
Hockworthy, Devon

Fifty satisfying pints

SIR – Paul Bendit (Letters, June 2) remarks that the beauty of the metric system is the relationship between volume and weight, one liter of water weighing one kilogram. The beauty of the imperial system is that 50 pints takes up one cubic foot.

John Davison
Port Underwood, New Zealand

SIR – The imperial measurement system is flourishing all over the world in churches, cathedrals and even some cinemas.

Organ pipes are measured in feet. A 4 foot set is an octave higher than an 8 foot set, while a 16 foot set is an octave lower.

Jonathan Mann
Gunnislake, Cornwall

SIR – I’m not convinced by the nostalgia for imperial measurements, but it should be noted that car and motorcycle wheel diameters are given in inches in Europe and around the world.

Robert Pury
Ringwood, Hampshire

SIR – We can now go back to measuring a rope’s circumference in inches, not diameter in centimeters. Luckily, I still have my old-fashioned, complex, brass-and-wood measuring device.

Ewen Southby-Tailyour
Ermington, South Devon

8 Stunning Hotel Pools You Need to Check Out in Athens, Greece


When visiting Greece on your vacation, many people naturally want to head to the islands or the mainland coast for a beach vacation. But if you’re spending time in the capital or along the Athens Riviera, don’t overlook the unique pools found in some hotels.

After spending the day sightseeing in the capital, like spending some time exploring some fantastic things to do after visiting the Acropolis, return to your hotel and take a dip in the pool. It’s not immediately clear if you need to be a guest to use all of the pools mentioned here, so double check. Where possible, I have mentioned whether it is not necessary to be a guest and any relevant charges.

1. Hotel Great Britain

Syntagma Square, Athens

Let’s start with the creme de la creme of swimming pools: The Hotel Grande Bretagne, located in Syntagma (Parliament) Square. The hotel itself has a very interesting history. It has been in operation since 1874 and has hosted many diplomats, politicians and foreign dignitaries. The 5-star hotel has 320 rooms and suites in the heart of the city with a phenomenal view of the Acropolis.

There is a rooftop pool open to guests only from May to October. With 50 square meters of space, you can relax with a drink and enjoy the view of the Acropolis.

Alternatively, their indoor pool is located in their spa and is open year-round, with the bonus being that it’s also open to non-guests. You must however have booked a spa treatment and use of the indoor pool – maximum of 6 people at a time – is permitted for 1.5 hours before your spa treatment at an additional charge of 45 euros.

One thing is certain, Great Britain is really worth the detour.

The “rooftop pool – named ‘Vertigo’ – is open to non-guests with views stretching out to the sea and the Saronic Islands.”
(Photo credit: St George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel)

2. St. George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel

Kolonaki, central Athens

The St. George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel has been suggested as one of the best hotels in Athens for its views of the Acropolis. This unique, family-run hotel is in Athens’ exclusive Kolonaki neighborhood, and its rooftop pool — named “Vertigo” — is open to non-guests with views stretching out to the sea and the Saronic Islands. They have great cocktails and snacks, as well as the option to join yoga classes if they run, for an additional fee.

The daily rate for non-guests is 32 euros for one person and 48 euros for two people. This includes towels and a first coffee or soft drink. The pool at St. George Lycabettus can get very crowded, so it’s best to visit mid-week. It is open from May to October.

3. Grand Hyatt

Syngrou Avenue, central Athens

The Grand Hyatt is a good place to base yourself for exploring both central Athens locations and then heading to the Athens Riviera. The swimming pool, quite small, is on the roof and is reserved for guests only.

Open from May to October, the pool walls are glass and located right next to the bar and restaurant, so be comfortable knowing that while you are swimming it is possible for diners to see!
Relax on the loungers after a few laps, order poolside snacks and soak up the atmosphere.

4. Capital of Athens

Syntagma square, central Athens

Athens Capital is the newest hotel of the Accor group in Athens, 2 minutes walk from Syntagma Square, well located in the center of Athens. As you would imagine, their rooftop pool is seasonal (i.e. open during the summer months) and is an infinity pool with city views all the way to the Parthenon.

It is located opposite Great Britain and although small in size, it is ideal for a refreshing swim after sightseeing. The swimming pool is only open to hotel guests.

View of the Omonia Fountain and distant mountains from the rooftop pool at the Lighthouse Athens Brown Hotel
Rooftop pool and view from the Brown Lighthouse Hotel
(Photo credit: Lighthouse Athens Brown Hotel)

5. Brown Lighthouse Hotel

Omonia Square, Athens

As of May 2022, the newest member of the Brown Hotel Group, the Brown Lighthouse Athens has been developed in an area of ​​the city that, although a popular area in the 60s, fell into oblivion from the 70s .

The redevelopment of Omonia Square began with the unveiling of a new fountain in 2020, one of the largest in Europe in terms of water volume. It also helped kick-start the regeneration of the area with the appearance of new boutique hotels, one of them being the Brown Lighthouse.

Rooftop swimming pool at the Lighthouse Athens Brown Hotel
This “rooftop pool is the perfect place to come and relax, listen to music and admire the view of the city below you”.
(Photo credit: Lighthouse Athens Brown Hotel)

The 220-room hotel is uniquely stylish in design, and its rooftop pool is the perfect place to come and relax, listen to music, and take in views of the city below, especially the fountain and Mount Lycabettus. , with Mount Ymittos framed in the distance.

Open to non-guests, all you need is to buy a drink or food. But get there early as it can get crowded.

“Mavili beach has a bohemian, hipster vibe with lounge chairs all nestled on a bed of sand.”
(Photo credit: Mavili Beach)

6. Mavili Beach, Alexandros Aerotel Hotel

Athens center

When is a hotel swimming pool not a “swimming pool”? When you come to experience Mavili beach.

This unique concept is marketed as a “beach haven in the heart of the city” – and it certainly is. Mavili Beach has a bohemian, hipster vibe with lounge chairs all nestled on a bed of sand. That’s right, Mavili literally created a beach with real sand on the roof of the Alexandros Aerotel hotel with the sand gently sloping into a small pool, just big enough to swim in.

There are also VIP cabins equipped with USB charging ports, a private minibar and even a flat-screen TV. These come at a cost though; 140 euros during the week and 160 € at the weekend.

Two deckchairs with parasol cost 70 euros during the week and 90 euros at the weekend. Hotel guests pay a lower price.

Wi-Fi is free throughout the establishment, towels are provided and the big plus for all guests – regardless of sun lounger choice – is the sunscreen packet which contains a small SPF 30 screen, SPF 50 sunscreen, Aftersun and refreshing face water. spray.

Tavern on the beach of Mavili
“I particularly like the taverna at Mavili Beach.”
(Photo credit: Mavili Beach)

I particularly like the taverna at Mavili Beach. Designed to resemble the Cycladic architectural style of a white sugar cube building and purple bougainvillea draped over a trellis, order a delicious dish of grilled calamari or meze while sipping a cocktail or Greek coffee.

The vibe is laid-back, and despite the lack of sea views, this urban seaside takes you away from the noise of the city rushing below you. Lycabettus Hill is visible from your deckchair.

You don’t have to use the “beach” to enjoy the tavern, and since it’s open from 10am to midnight, you can enjoy the day here.

The Margi Hotel swimming pool
The Margi Hotel’s outdoor swimming pool “is open to outside guests for 70 euros for the day”.
(Photo credit: Margi Hotel)

7. The Margi Hotel

Athens Riviera

Let’s leave the center and now head to the Athens Riviera, where you will find the beautiful Margi Hotel and Spa, part of the Small Luxury Hotels brand.

The outdoor pool is open to outside guests for 70 euros for the day, where you can treat yourself to their padded loungers surrounded by olive trees and order a snack bar or a larger lunch dish from their restaurant, which uses organic ingredients from their own off-site farm.

In addition to lounge chairs, there are four private cabanas that can be used (check with hotel for price). The Margi also has a spa area with an indoor pool which can be used in conjunction with one of their spa treatments.

If you’re not staying at the Margi, it’s definitely worth heading to the Athens Riviera to check out their facilities.

Vouliagmeni Lake
“Although not a hotel pool, Lake Vouliagmeni is also located along the Athens Riviera [and] it’s worth mentioning here because it’s such a unique experience.”
(Photo credit: Vouliagmeni Lake)

8. Lake Vouliagmeni

Athens Riviera

Although not a hotel pool, Lake Vouliagmeni is also located along the Athens Riviera. It is worth mentioning here as it is a unique experience to have when looking for the opportunity to simply relax. This unique freshwater and saltwater lake, about an hour’s drive from the center of Athens, was formed at the end of the 19th century and is now a beautiful spa destination where you can swim in the brackish waters with the therapeutic garra fish – the “doctor fish” that nibble away your dead skin cells – or simply relax on the many sunbeds and swim, book a massage or stay in their “Private” area – a private and separate space in the meadows with luxury loungers and designated waiter service.

Prices vary depending on the day of the week and the season.

This is just a handful of choices of hotels and destinations that offer swimming pools in Athens. It’s great to be able to come back after a day of exploring and spend time relaxing in the late afternoon/evening. While it’s nice to visit a Greek beach, don’t rule out spending time by a hotel pool in the Greek capital.

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More than 35,000 passengers will descend at Shannon Airport this bank holiday weekend

Image (c) Pat Flynn

Shannon Airport expects to welcome over 35,000 passengers through its gates over the June bank holiday weekend. This is an 87% return on passenger numbers over the same period in 2019.

The holiday passenger traffic comes as the airport sees its 26 summer services in full swing, including the latest destinations to Marseille, Malta and Barcelona-Girona.

On Saturday June 4, the airport’s seasonal service to Corfu returns, with flights to the famous Greek island operating twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays until September 27 with Ryanair.

Niall Maloney, Shannon Airport’s Chief Commercial and Operations Officer, said: “We look forward to welcoming passengers to Shannon Airport this bank holiday weekend, as well as welcoming our incoming tourists who land direct in the west of Ireland. There’s a big holiday buzz, and that appetite for taking a well-deserved break from the impact of the pandemic over the past two years is evident.

“With 26 services to 11 countries across the UK, Europe and the US, our seasonal routes are now underway as the festive season gathers pace. Ryanair’s service to Corfu also returns this weekend, providing another exciting destination for passengers.

“The latest investment in our state-of-the-art screening system that eliminates the removal of laptops and liquids from carry-on baggage, along with our US pre-clearance facility, sensory room and short walk from our car parks to the terminal, offers as easy a journey as possible for our passengers, through the airport.

The installation and operation of security technology ensures that Shannon Airport is at the forefront of innovation and makes life easier for our passengers. As of 2016, Shannon Airport is the only airport in the world to operate a combined European and US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) compliant checkpoint system, meaning the passenger is screened once according to two regulatory standards and therefore eliminates additional screening requirements that apply at other preclearance airports.

To ensure that travel through the airport is as smooth as possible, passengers are advised to arrive at the airport 90 minutes before their flight and 2.5 hours before transatlantic flights.

The Boys season 3, Fire Island

Karl Urban and Antony Starr in The Boys season 3

Karl Urban and Antony Starr in The boys season 3
Photo: Amazon Studios

Welcome to the weekend edition of What’s On. Here are the big things happening on TV from Friday, June 3 through Sunday, June 5. All times are Eastern. [Note: The weekly What’s On will publish on Sundays.]

1. The boys come back to wreak havoc

Friday, Prime Video, 12:01 a.m.: It’s a good day to be a fan of superheroes and supervillains, because The boys begins its third round of terror. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, which was developed by Erik Kripke and is based on the comics by Garth Ennis, it basically asks, “What if the Avengers were all corrupt and violent?”

In season three, Homelander (Antony Starr) is seemingly overpowered — as if — after his date with fellow Stormfront (Aya Cash) ends in the death of Becca Butcher (Shantel VanSanten). Naturally, her husband Billy (Karl Urban) is about to get revenge in a big way, but for now he’s busy working for the government. The boys also discover an anti-supe weapon which sends them crashing into the Seven and starting a war.

2. Things are heating up (fortunately) fire island

Friday, Hulu, 12:01 a.m.: Directed by Andrew Ahn, this shamelessly fun gay rom-com is written by and stars Joel Kim Booster. He plays Noah, who goes with his best friend Howie (Bowen Yang) on ​​a week-long vacation to Fire Island off the south shore of Long Island. They are accompanied by cheap rosé and a small group of eclectic friends. In his review, Jack Smart writes:

Suffice it to say, this isn’t your typical rom-com, but then again, how could it be? With all due respect to But I’m a cheerleader and rather less respect for Love, Simon, queer audiences don’t see themselves much reflected in a genre that, at least in its heyday, defined and reinforced traditional heteronormative Hollywood sociocultural norms. Booster and director Andrew Ahn use Austen’s tale of class tension, a rom-com urtext, to laugh at such norms and introduce new ones.

3. It’s the end of shiny girls

Friday, Apple TV+, 12:01 a.m.: Elizabeth Moss crown yet another dark drama like shiny girls finishes its race. In the show’s finale, “30,” Kirby Mazrachi (Moss) finally exacts revenge on his time-traveling attacker, Harper (Jamie Bell). keep an eye on The audiovisual club‘s post-mortem episode with some of the cast on Friday.

4. Get ready for a second serving of Physical

Friday, Apple TV+, 12:01 a.m.: The streamer fills shiny girls-empty fit with much lighter streak like Physical returns for its second season. Set in 1980s San Diego, the Rose Byrne-directed dark comedy follows Sheila Rubin’s journey of self-discovery through aerobics. This time around, Sheila has launched her first fitness video but is running into some big hurdles. She’s torn between loyalty to her husband, Danny (Rory Scovel), and a dangerous attraction to someone else. The White Lotus‘ Murray Bartlett joins the set.

5. P-Valley Return

Friday, Starz, 9 p.m.: Katori Hall’s adaptation of her play pussy valley is back for a second season. This hidden gem follows the employees of The Pynk, a strip club in the fictional town of Chucalissa, Mississippi. For this batch of episodes, while the fate of the casino hangs in the balance and the local political machine gets carried away, death and danger lurk around every corner.

6. Tune in to the MTV Movie & TV Awards

Sunday, MTV, 8 p.m.: Vanessa Hudgens goes from hosting red carpets to performing at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. The Tick, tick… Boom! star will host the 2022 ceremony from Los Angeles. This year’s top TV nominees include squid game, Euphoria, Lokiand Ted Lassowhile Spider-Man: No Coming Home, The Batman, Screamand Dunes are among the films in the running.

Save over £1,000 on your family holiday this summer


AFTER two years of covid-related travel restrictions, an overseas trip this year is what most of us are looking forward to and despite the rising cost of living, many are still considering flying away.

But there are tips and tricks that could save you over £1,000 on cheaper family holidays, flights, hotels and car hire, to avoid the most common money scams from travel and more.


Save £556 for a family of four on a week in Corfu departing from Manchester instead of Glasgow.Credit: Getty

Scottish school holidays always start two or three weeks before those in England and you could save a fortune by booking flights or even holidays from airports south of the border.

Flight comparison site Skyscanner checks millions of prices daily and its experts have crunched the numbers to reveal massive savings on dozens of departures from June 25 to July 2, if you avoid Scottish airports in favor of Newcastle and Manchester.

Fly from Glasgow to Alicante in Spain and it’ll cost you £231 pp, but fly to Manchester and you can book the same flights for just £80 pp – a saving of £151 pp – that’s over £600 £ for a family of four. It’s really worth it!

Fancy Malaga? Then if you book a flight from Glasgow it will cost you £139 pp – but only £61 pp from Manchester. Head to Lanzarote on June 25 for a week from Glasgow and you’ll pay £284pp, but change that to Manchester and it’ll cost you just £124pp.

I'm a consumer expert - here are your rights for canceled or delayed flights
Flash sale has £70 off Sunny Beach holidays - half board and flights from £42 pp night

Fly to Naples in Italy from Glasgow in early July and you’ll pay £215 pp, but fly just across the border to Newcastle and pay just £93 pp.

The packages are also cheaper. For example, with loveholidays.com, if you travel to the 4* Sentitdo Apollo Palace in Corfu from Glasgow on June 27, it will cost you £579 pp, two adults and two children sharing. But opt ​​for a day later departure from Manchester and you’ll pay £440 pp, saving you £556.

Another simple tip is to pick the right week to travel and you could save a fortune. The first two weeks of the school holidays are the most popular. Delaying a trip until the last week could save you up to 44%.

You can also save a fortune by being flexible. Flying on a Saturday is always the most expensive option. By flying to the US on a Tuesday during the summer holidays, instead of a Saturday, a family of four will save an average of £380. Or save an average of £244 by flying to Greece on a Thursday instead of a Saturday.

For those who wish to be spontaneous, Skyscanner has an “everywhere” option on its drop-down search list that will reveal the cheapest destinations for your chosen travel dates.

Budget airlines may have the lowest prices at first glance, but if you’re traveling as a family and need to add luggage, the costs can skyrocket. Compare prices with luggage included.

And when it comes to booking accommodation, PICK UP THE PHONE. Research by whom? found that vacationers get a better deal four out of five times when they call the hotel directly.

And if you are traveling in a group or have a large family, consider apartments or even villas. Booking through Airbnb or Vrbo often offers cheaper ways to travel with a crowd.

You can also save more by joining hotel loyalty programs for discounts and free upgrades, like Hilton Honors, IHG Rewards Club from InterContinental Hotels, and Marriott Bonvoy.

Soak up the sun on the beach in Lanzarote for less with our travel tips


Soak up the sun on the beach in Lanzarote for less with our travel tips

Tesco Clubcard points can also be used to buy rewards vouchers at hotel chains such as Hilton and Mercure, as well as Butlins and via hotels.com, where £5 in Clubcard vouchers gets you £15 in vouchers.

Some banks charge up to £1.50 each time you use debit cards abroad, so save by getting a card with no fees. According to moneysavingexpert.com, the best credit cards to use include the Halifax Clarity card with Mastercard) and the Barclaycard Rewards card (Visa).

And when you use your card abroad, many hotels, shops and ATMs abroad will ask you if you want to pay in pounds sterling or the local currency.

I forced myself to have a glow - but I couldn't handle the attention I got
I'm a glam granny, younger men want to date me and think I'm too sexy to be a granny

NEVER choose to pay in pounds. This allows the retailer to do the currency conversion, often giving you a much worse rate than if your local bank did the conversion.

And finally for the money of the trip, never use the exchange offices of the airports. With their captive market, the rates are still terrible. The best deals can normally be found by ordering cash in advance, often online.

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Yes, mid-term vacations are in chaos – but we need to stop blaming the travel industry


The definition of bad weather is probably a hailstorm in the last week of May. As balls of freezing rain were falling on my windows a few days ago, a notification popped up on my phone. It was a photo message from a friend, a photo of her young son wandering the golden sands of Corfu. The sky was a perfect blue. I swore.

Then again, I thought, I could have been caught in the endless queues at airports across Europe. I could have set my kids up for a week of fun in the sun, only to find our flight canceled and face a trawl home on the tube accompanied by endless wailing of “it’s not fair” . The hailstorm would have been worse in those conditions I guess.

After almost three years without traveling abroad, I got used to this feeling of stasis. Due to a cocktail of events, there will be no overseas vacations for my family this year; we have a week on the beach, whatever the weather, at that dear old Blighty planned instead. Looking at the mid-term chaos, I can’t help but be grateful for my reluctance to get involved in the post-Covid international travel faff.

Much like my failure to experience the Glastonbury Festival because I can’t organize myself to jump endless hoops to prove my identity, the sheer number of administrators involved in overseas – Covid passes to secure reservations – discourages me now. I miss the freedom of just getting on a plane or a train and seeing where it takes you. Life is getting back to normal, but we’re not there yet.

Obviously, most Britons feel differently. After two very long years of restrictions and hesitation, people are in desperate need of a change of scenery – and the travel industry has found itself under-prepared for the rush. And unlike members of the Conservative Party, who are looking for someone other than Boris Johnson to blame for everything that is wrong at the moment, I don’t blame them.

Along with hospitality and entertainment, travel has been among the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic and Brexit merger. Job losses were huge, future planning became impossible as Covid restrictions waxed and waned, and, while social and political norms are in such flux, consumer behavior is impossible to predict.

Some have attributed the dystopian scenes at airports across Europe to the “greed” of airlines, airport managers and tour operators, but I don’t think that’s fair. What would you do if your business was on the verge of bankruptcy? What if you had no idea how many of your potential customers would show up for their reservation, rather than cancel and demand a refund? Travel agencies have already suffered endless ‘false starts’ during the Covid lockdown. The overbooking was not necessarily irresponsible; from a business perspective, it was unavoidable – and probably wise.

But that’s not how the firm sees it. Desperate for the electorate to look away from the inevitable consequences of Brexit (there are not enough staff available to fill vacancies that are opening up rapidly in travel, hospitality and healthcare), they threw a nice line blaming the victims of the travel agencies.

Arts Minister Stephen Parkinson, a former adviser to Theresa May, has popped up saying travel companies should have been prepared to leave the British Isles this Jubilee Bank Holiday week, and failure to do so has led to ” a lot of distress” from families whose plans were hampered at the last moment. Well, that’s something we’ve all gotten used to over the past couple of years.

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I’m not sure the public shares Parkinson’s view that easyJet, Tui and other travel giants are solely responsible, and rightly so. The rush to blame someone else is rooted in a hard-line conservatism defined by a “raise your boots” mentality. In this worldview, every success or failure is entirely in your personal control, no matter what political and social winds beat you (except, imagine, the responsibility for parties thrown in your own central London flat).

But scapegoating like this only works when you’re able to blame a person, group, or entity that others can’t sympathize with. If we hadn’t all been dealing with personal upheaval, a sudden suppression of our freedoms and income, an inability to plan our own lives, etc., then maybe we would be behind it. Now? I don’t think we buy it. None of us knew – or yet know – how the next economic chapter will unfold.

When Parkinson says travel companies ‘need to make sure people can get away and enjoy the holidays‘, I wonder if that’s a synonym for ‘get away and forget the mess we’re causing in Westminster’? . Travelers desperately need a break, but the reasons for the travel crisis are far more complex than a drag on the part of the travel industry. Luckily, while they must be frustrated beyond measure lying near a check-in counter, the voting public understands that too.

Sanctioned Russian oligarch’s megayacht hides in a cove in the United Arab Emirates


The 118-meter (387-foot) Motor Yacht A owned by Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko is anchored in the port of Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, Tuesday, May 31, 2022. In the dusty and austere Sheikh North of the United Arab Emirates, Motor Yacht A, one of the largest yachts in the world, sits in the quiet harbor - so far avoiding the fate of other luxury vessels linked to sanctioned Russian oligarchs.  (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili)

The 118-meter (387-foot) Motor Yacht A owned by Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko is anchored in the port of Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, Tuesday, May 31, 2022. In the dusty and austere Sheikh North of the United Arab Emirates, Motor Yacht A, one of the largest yachts in the world, sits in the quiet harbor – so far avoiding the fate of other luxury vessels linked to sanctioned Russian oligarchs. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili)


In the dusty, northernmost Sheikh of the United Arab Emirates, where laborers pass rustic teahouses, one of the world’s largest yachts sits in a quiet harbour, so far avoiding the fate of other luxury ships linked to sanctioned Russian oligarchs.

The display of lavish wealth is surprising in one of the UAE’s poorest emirates, a 90-minute drive from the illuminated skyscrapers of Dubai. But the presence of the 118-metre (387ft) motor yacht A in a cove in Ras al-Khaimah also shows the neutrality of the United Arab Emirates during Russia’s war against Ukraine, as the Gulf country remains a pole attraction for Russian money and its oil-rich capital sees Moscow as a crucial OPEC partner.

Since Russian tanks entered Ukraine, the seven emirates of the Emirates have offered refuge to Russians, both those despairing of their country’s future and the mega-rich worried about Western sanctions.

While much of the world has imposed sanctions on Russian institutions and allies of President Vladimir Putin, the Emirates have not. It also avoids open criticism of the war, which government records still call the “Ukrainian crisis.”

Motor Yacht A is owned by Andrey Melnichenko, an oligarch worth around $23.5 billion, according to Forbes. He once ran fertilizer producer Eurochem and SUEK, one of the largest coal companies in the world.

In March, the European Union included Melnichenko in a massive sanctions list against business leaders and others described as close to Putin. EU sanctions noted that he attended a Feb. 24 meeting that Putin held on the day of the invasion.

“The fact that he was invited to this meeting shows that he is a member of Vladimir Putin’s closest circle and that he supports or implements actions or policies that undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, as well as stability and security in Ukraine,” the EU said at the time.

Melnichenko resigned from the positions he held at the two major companies, according to the companies’ statements. However, he criticized Western sanctions and denied being close to Putin.

Melnichenko could not be reached for comment through his advisers.

Already, Italian authorities have seized one of his ships – the $600 million sailboat A. France, Spain and Britain have also sought to target superyachts linked to Russian oligarchs as part of a wider global effort to pressure Putin and those close to him. to him.

But the $300 million Motor Yacht A appears untouched so far. It was displaying an Emirati flag on Tuesday when Associated Press reporters observed the ship. Two crew members circled the deck.

The boat’s last recorded position on March 10 put it away from the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, just over 3,000 kilometers (1,860 miles) from Ras al-Khaimah. Planet Labs PBC satellite images analyzed by the AP show the vessel in the Ras al-Khaimah stream from March 17, a week later.

The Financial Times first reported on the ship’s presence in the United Arab Emirates.

Ras al-Khaimah authorities did not respond to a request for comment on the yacht’s presence. The UAE Foreign Ministry did not respond to questions about the vessel, but said in a statement to the AP that it takes “its role in protecting the integrity of the global financial system extremely seriously.” serious”.

But so far, the UAE has taken no such public action aimed at Russia. The country abstained in a UN Security Council vote in February condemning the Russian invasion, angering Washington.

The neutral response may come “from the financial gain we’re seeing in Dubai in terms of new tourist arrivals and Russian efforts to move assets and buy property,” said Karen Young, senior fellow at the Washington-based Middle East Institute.

The flow of Russian money – both legitimate and shady – is now an open secret in Dubai, where lavish hotels and beaches are increasingly teeming with Russian speakers. State radio hosts happily describe a massive influx.

The United Arab Emirates has become one of the few remaining flight corridors from Moscow. The Emirati government has offered three-month multiple-entry visas on arrival to all Russians, allowing large companies to easily transfer their employees from Moscow to Dubai. Al Maktoum International’s private jet terminal at Dubai World Central has seen a 400% increase in traffic, the airport’s CEO recently told the AP.

Estate agents have reported renewed interest from Russians looking to buy property in Dubai, particularly in the Dubai Marina high-rises and Palm Jumeirah villas.

For those wishing to settle in the UAE, purchasing a high-end property also qualifies for a visa.

“Business is booming right now,” said Thiago Caldas, CEO of Dubai-based real estate company Modern Living, which now accepts cryptocurrency to facilitate sales with new Russian customers. “They have a normal life and are not subject to restrictions.”

Caldas said requests from Russian customers in Dubai have increased more than 10-fold since the war, forcing his company to hire three Russian-speaking agents to deal with the deluge.

With sanctions on Russian banks and companies preventing many citizens from accessing foreign capital, Russians are increasingly trying to circumvent bank transfers through digital currencies in Dubai, two cryptocurrency traders in the city have said , where they are able to liquidate large sums of money.

“It is a haven of peace. … The influx of Russian accounts skyrocketed by 300% days after the start of the war in Ukraine,” said a Russian crypto trader in Dubai, who spoke like the other on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi’s state-owned investment firm Mubadala remains among Russia’s most active sovereign wealth funds, along with those of China and Qatar, according to calculations by Javier Capapé of IE University in Spain for l ‘AP.

But the pressure is mounting. Late Tuesday, the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi released a strongly worded video message in solidarity with Ukraine featuring local ambassadors from the world’s major democracies as the Russian Foreign Minister visits the region .

“We are united against Russia’s unjustifiable, unprovoked and unlawful aggression,” said Ernst Peter Fischer, German Ambassador to the UAE.


Follow Isabel DeBre and Jon Gambrell on Twitter at www.twitter.com/isabeldebre and www.twitter.com/jongambrellAP.

The Ultimate Guide to a Luxury Greek Island Getaway


Greece and the Greek Islands have long been popular destinations, with their lush summers and stunning landscapes almost unmatched anywhere in the world. In the mid-1950s, the country began to welcome 33,000 tourists a year to the mainland as well as the islands. In 1960, this had started to increase at an incredible rate, around 1,098%, before reaching its highest level of 33 million visitors in 2018. The travel and tourism industry represents a fifth of the Greek economy which has approximately 759,000 trips and tourism. jobs from 2020. This influx of tourists contributes to providing 14.8 billion euros to the national GDP.

The Greek islands offer the perfect setting for travelers of all budgets, but to see and experience all that these enchanting islands have to offer, they must be experienced in the luxury that the culture offers. Each hotel and villa has been created with the environment in mind, ensuring they have some of the most spectacular views in the world. Peace and quiet can also be found in the charming or modern hotels located in some of the most dynamic cities.

First class tickets from the USA will start from around $15,000 to arrive in perfect comfort and ensure you are well prepared for the weather that awaits you in these wonderful islands. Across the Greek islands, being such popular destinations, there are plenty of separate locations for those who can afford to enjoy exquisite luxury.


Katkies Hotels offers five star hotels in the Greek Islands, providing the perfect base for your vacation. There is an abundance of beautiful places that offer both luxury and total comfort, with the most incredible views that will stay with you forever. With hotels starting at around €556 per night, you should be able to find the perfect spot.

Life in the Greek islands can bring you peace and tranquility while offering plenty of options to spend your time, each offering its own share of luxury and perfection. There are 227 inhabited islands to choose from, including Crete, Rhodes and Zante, but below are three of our favourites.

A perfect destination for honeymooners and first-timers to the Greek islands with so much to enjoy under the beautiful Mediterranean skies.

Staying with Katkies Santorini allows visitors to enjoy the serenity of the landscape, as well as the discretion and bliss of luxury. The modern outlook and subtle aesthetic balance add a real touch of class, while those opting for a more lively and fun vacation experience will find exactly what they are looking for at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Santorini, the perfect setting to make the daily party in summer. .

An ideal way to spend your time on the island will always include catamaran cruises that take to the springs of Nea Kamani. You can take day or evening cruises, passing by the beaches as well as the caldera (sunken volcanic crater).

The white and red beaches are perfect places for relaxation as well as snorkeling and swimming to immerse yourself in the aquatic beauty. The caldera is also deeper at sunset and a selection to enjoy on Santorini’s selection of premium yachts and catamarans.

Starting at just $147 per person, cruises guarantee limited capacity to provide guests with a more personal and intimate experience.

There is also the six-hour personal luxury tour available for those who wish to be guided by experts in the field. For just $200 per person, you can explore the island from a luxury air-conditioned vehicle and be guided to all of the most spectacular and fascinating sights Santorini has to offer.

Via Unsplash / @corfudiary

Corfu is the cosmopolitan capital of the Greek islands and home to clashing Venetian, British and French cultural influences. With some of the best beaches in Europe, it is also an island of lush green landscapes and natural beauty.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of its Old Town is something that can be fully experienced in true comfort with its luxurious sightseeing options. Tours will be delivered in private vehicles to the Achilleion Palace, home to the artwork of Greek hero Achilles, as well as adventures in the Old Town and Kanoni neighborhoods. These luxury tours including sea cruises often start from $400 and are well worth the chance to see Corfu from land and sea.

Via Unsplash / @Alexander Mils

When you leave the mainland and enjoy the calm of the blue ocean, a number of luxury yachts are available for cruises, completely private for small groups. Observe the city from the sea, admire its views from afar and relax under the warm sun. Prices for these cruises often start at around $400 for three to eight hours at a time.

Via Unsplash / @Jeet Dhanoa

A destination for the rich, famous and royals. Mykonos has over 30 beaches to choose from, each as beautiful as the next. While there are the southern beaches, frequented by celebrities, for access to plenty of activities like sailing and jet skiing as well as the amazing restaurants and bars on offer, there are also quieter areas in Mykonos .

Spilia Restaurant is a popular destination for its traditional Mediterranean cuisine which includes freshly caught fish from the ocean just meters away. On the edge of the rocks near Kalafatis beach, tables enjoy magnificent ocean views as diners sample the finest and freshest lobster, mussels and whatever fresh catch of the day.

Via Unsplash / @despinagalani

The ocean and the beautiful landscape offer the happiness that visitors to the Greek islands will be overwhelmed with. Each island has its own charm and reason to be visited, and each will offer the option of taking the boat tour, which means for those with an adventurous spirit, you don’t have to stay on the one on which you arrived.

With the incredible range of luxury accommodation and sightseeing tours, the Greek islands offer some of the most appealing destinations that can be experienced in so many different ways. Whatever your reason for pleasure, and however you like to spend your time, there are plenty of options available to you, all located in the enchanting settings of the Greek islands.

Struggling Art School Student Knows Plenty Of Famous Gallery Owners For Someone With No Job – The Betoota Advocate


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A student at the prestigious John Goss School of Art at South Betoota Polytechnic College today regaled his classmates with a log cabin story about a young adult who spent his life on ramen in a packet and long necks of good lager .

While an emerging artist, Jarvis Saint Martin-Scollege (19) acknowledges that life is lean for most art students, his willingness to share such depressing anecdotes of the indignities that come with stretching his youth allowances to cover both painting supplies and a stifled social life suggests he does it harder than most.

As Jarvis points out, a parking fine could blow his entire weekly budget, because this government has no respect for the arts.

It’s unclear how much time he spends working on his practice, but those who have been exposed to these gory stories of youth poverty would feel like he’s in the studio every night – given that he ” don’t have time” to hold a part-time job.

“Do you know how expensive it is to rent an apartment above a store,” he says.

“It’s ridiculously expensive in this town. It’s not even fancy or anything either. I lie in my bed at night watching the cockroaches climb the wall”

“I can’t even afford to smoke cigarettes and play pool”

However, despite all the financial hurdles this aspiring modernist faces in his day-to-day life, his contemporaries predict that he will do just fine after graduation.

Lecturers and fellow students say they are amazed at her networking skills. While his classmates raid free bars at gallery openings, Jarvis is at the back of the room laughing with the multi-millionaire gallerists.

“For someone who doesn’t have a job or doesn’t have much time to leave the studio. He knows a lot of fairly well-known art gallery owners and art collectors,” says Delkash (21, ceramics), a classmate.

“I don’t know how he finds the time to network. Especially with all the charity work he does”

“Did you know that he spends every winter helping the poor of the Greek islands with his family”

“I hope he gets there one day. I would hate for him to watch his life slip out of sight”

UEFA orders ‘comprehensive review’ of Champions League final chaos in Paris


UEFA have confirmed that a full and independent review will be carried out into the chaotic scenes that marked Saturday’s Champions League final in Paris. Liverpool fans were sprayed with tear gas after waiting in huge queues before the clash against Real Madrid at the Stade de France.

Access issues resulted in a 36-minute delay at kick-off. UEFA, European football’s governing body, initially blamed the late arrival of fans for the delay, before later issuing a statement blaming the problems with counterfeit tickets.

The organization has now responded to calls for a full investigation by confirming that a review of the events will be carried out by Dr Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, the Liverpool Echo reports. Dr. Rodrigues is a member of the Portuguese parliament and a former member of the World Anti-Doping Agency Foundation Board.

A statement read: “UEFA today announced that it has commissioned an independent report into the events surrounding the UEFA Champions League final in Paris on Saturday 28 May. The full review will examine the decision-making, responsibility and behaviors of all entities involved in the final.”

He added: “Evidence will be collected from all parties involved and the findings of the independent report will be made public once completed. Upon receipt of the conclusions, UEFA will assess the next steps.

The review comes after French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin reiterated allegations of counterfeit notes, saying the fraud took place at “industrial level”. French authorities are under increasing pressure over their management of fans and security in general, but Darmanin said an influx of fans with unauthorized tickets, or no tickets at all, was the biggest problem.

“There was massive fraud at the industrial level and an organization of counterfeit tickets, 70% of the tickets were counterfeit tickets entering the Stade de France,” Darmanin told a press conference. “Over 2,600 were confirmed by UEFA as non-validated tickets despite having gone through the first screening.

“Massive presence of counterfeit tickets was the problem that caused delays, three times the match was delayed. I would like to express our regret over the organization of the final as some people were unable to see the full of the match. I deplore the mistakes that have taken place before.

Representatives of local authorities, the police and the final organizers gathered to take stock of the events on Monday. Amélie Oudea-Castera, France’s sports minister, continued to denounce the fraud and said there were thousands of counterfeit tickets.

She said: “The major point is to try to understand precisely what happened during this massive fraud. There are witnesses and the figures corroborate it, 30,000-40,000 people without tickets or with fake tickets and we saw fake tickets.We can see that they are professional and that means some checks didn’t notice it.

This version of events has been disputed by Liverpool supporters and the independent media. Ian Byrne, Labor MP for Liverpool West Derby, attended the game as a fan and said he had never witnessed such scenes since the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

He wrote to Foreign Secretary Liz Truss with a list of seven demands, including an official investigation and an apology, aimed at UEFA and the French authorities. In his letter he said: “The French authorities and UEFA are simply covering their backs with this story.

“As a Liverpool fan I was in Paris for the game and can honestly say the off-field situation was one of the most horrific experiences of my life – and as a Hillsborough survivor I don’t make that comment lightly.”

Merseyside police observers also described the behavior of the vast majority of supporters as ‘exemplary’, although their counterparts in the Paris Prefecture said some had ‘used force’ in an attempt to break into Stadium. Liverpool have called on fans who attended the game to share their experiences via a feedback form on their website.

Warning “Do not kill flies, wasps or bees this summer”


It’s that time of year when we chase flies around the house in a vain attempt to swat them or hasten their exit through a window or door. With the warmer weather, flying insects find it much easier to enter our homes.

But this year, people are being asked not to kill them, as their numbers are dwindling. The population of flying insects in the UK has fallen by 60% in the last 20 years, YorkshireLive reports, a new study has found.

With this in mind, people are encouraged to show flies, wasps, bees and the like the doorway rather than the underside of a rolled up newspaper. Charities Buglife and the Kent Wildlife Trust discovered the decline after asking people to count the number of bugs splattered on the front of their cars.

According to the Natural History Museum, the data was compared to a similar study from 2004. In England, counts fell by 65%, while in Scotland it was a drop of 28%.

Paul Hadaway, director of conservation at the Kent Wildlife Trust, said: “The results of the Bugs Matter study should shock and worry us all. We are seeing a decline in insects, which reflects the huge threats and loss of animals wildlife more widely across the country.

“These declines are occurring at an alarming rate and without concerted action to address them, we face a bleak future. Insects and pollinators are essential to the health of our environment and rural economies.

“We need action for all of our wildlife now by creating larger and larger areas of habitat, providing corridors through the landscape for wildlife and allowing natural space to recover.”

In the past, netizens have shared their techniques for killing flying insects at home, including traps, electric bats, and sticky tape, or throwing up their cats on them. But faced with such startling numbers, it might be best to chase the flies and wasps outside rather than kill them.

The Natural History Museum goes on to paint a pretty bleak picture of the severity of the effects on our world if we continue to see declining insect numbers: “Insect decline affects all major groups. Over the next few decades, as many as 40% of the world’s species could disappear, including bees, ants and butterflies.

“These insects represent some of the most important pollinators of plants. While plants are pollinated in different ways, insect-pollinated crops such as apples, pears, cucumbers, watermelons and almonds will become much less productive. without pollinators and could fail altogether.

“The impact of the loss of insects goes far beyond our food supplies, as animals such as birds that depend on them for food will also be affected.”

Rather than killing bugs, you can set up a bug house in your garden and stick to real grass rather than synthetic turf. Other tips include mowing the lawn less regularly (because longer grass provides a home for more insects) and creating log piles for beetles to feed on.

A trip abroad to visit an ancestral home prompts reflections on our origins, our identity and our future


People travel for many reasons. Some travel for work, others for vacation. However, traveling isn’t always about taking a break or making a sale. Sometimes it’s about finding answers to important questions like “Where am I from?” or “Why am I here?”

Last Saturday, a group of Alaskans boarded the first Condor Airlines flight in more than two years. This summer, the airline flies nonstop from Anchorage, Fairbanks and Whitehorse to Frankfurt.

The Alaskans I spoke with at the gate were thrilled to again have a nonstop option over the pole to Europe.

Some were heading for beach vacations in the Greek islands. Others went on vacation to Italy.

Still others went “home” to see friends and relatives in Germany. These travelers were especially grateful for the nonstop flight, so they could easily rekindle friendships and family ties.

It wasn’t always so easy to go back to see friends and family. When my ancestors made the journey from Northern Ireland to America in the 18th century, they never saw their families again.

My wife, Christy, remembers her grandfather wanting to go back to the “old country” of Sicily. Although he was born in the United States, along the Mississippi River, he remembers his parents talking about their old home.

Christy’s great-grandparents were part of a wave of Sicilian immigrants recruited to work in the fields of the Mississippi Delta after the Civil War. Conditions in Sicily were so bad that his ancestors joined other immigrants from Lebanon, Syria and Mexico to start a new life.

His grandfather never made the trip. Neither did his parents. But after researching where his ancestors came from, we traveled to their ancestral home in Cefalu, on the northern coast of Sicily.

Located about 40 miles east of the Sicilian capital of Palermo, Cefalu is known for its remarkable cathedral, built 1000 years ago in the 12th century. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the cathedral has undergone extensive restoration and renovation, revealing the extraordinary mosaic of artwork inside.

The cathedral is worth seeing. But that wasn’t the attraction for Christy, who recently returned to Sicily with her brother, Samuel Little, in tow.

As they walked the streets of Old Town, they recognized the surnames of their classmates from Greenville, Mississippi, on street signs and on businesses.

During our visit, we stayed at the Bed & Breakfast Cefalu Suites. According to our host, Antonio, the year-round population of Cefalu is around 16,000. But there is a nice beach right in the city center and the population can reach 100,000 in the summer, he said.

Antonio recommended a restaurant that was just a 10 minute walk from our apartment.

“Ask Giuseppi. The Galleria is #1!” said Anthony.

We took Antonio’s advice and had a delicious meal with seafood, fresh pasta and tomatoes. Lots of delicious ripe tomatoes.

As we enjoyed our dinner, Christy shared with Giuseppi her efforts to learn more about her family’s ancestry. Then she started sharing some of the surnames she recognized: Maggio, Valenziana, Provenza.

“Wait,” Giuseppi said. “I am from Provence.”

This link was important. For Christy and Sam, who had traveled thousands of miles, there was a sense of home.

These moments are modern-day miracles, thanks to the availability of frequent air travel.

But it underlines the importance of the connection with the family and with the land of your ancestors.

Many travelers fly to establish or renew family ties: weddings, baptisms, funerals and graduation ceremonies.

But many others endure a rugged journey, not flying but traveling on foot or by boat. Over the centuries, people have suffered forced migration – and it’s often the result of tragedy: war, oppression, famine, disease or conquest.

Whether they are called refugees, immigrants or simply “displaced people”, many who migrate may never see their families again.

As we look to the past to learn more about our ancestors and the land from which they came, it is important to remember those who embark on a perilous journey.

The world watches in real time how millions of Ukrainians leave their country. Some came to Anchorage. Many other refugees have landed in Anchorage from Sudan, Afghanistan, Laos and Vietnam.

As these families embark on their perilous journey to find a new life, their children and grandchildren will ask themselves the same questions: “Where did I come from? and “Why am I here?”

The stories they hear from loved ones can help them connect with other family members and with the lands of their ancestors to help answer other questions, like “Who am I?”

The sun has just risen in Sicily. Dogs are barking and I smell coffee. Even though none of us speak Italian or the distinctive Sicilian dialect, this island kingdom in the middle of the Mediterranean is a little less foreign – and a little more like home.

Midterm travel misery hits family getaways


FANS traveling to Paris to cheer on Liverpool in the Champions League final have chartered a speedboat after flight cancellations sparked travel chaos.

Bosses of easyJet – Britain’s biggest airline by passenger numbers – have said it will cut more than 200 flights over the next 10 days.

The last-minute cancellations come after the airline suffered computer glitches on Thursday that prevented another 200 flights from taking off.

During the busiest time for air travel since the pandemic, thousands of passengers have been stranded across the country amid widespread staff shortages and a “combination of operational issues”.

Among them were families going on a mid-term vacation, as well as football fans hoping to travel to France.

A determined group of Liverpool fans sidestepped the airline chaos by hiring a boat to cross the English Channel.

Two of them, Adam and Tom Dring, first flew from Liverpool to Heathrow to try and catch a connecting flight, but were unsuccessful.

They then had the idea of ​​flying to Jersey to team up with family friend Paddy O’Toole, who lives on the island. He contacted a friend who runs a local boat rental company and in all 13 enthusiasts made the trip to Saint-Malo in Brittany.

Mr O’Toole told the Liverpool Echo: “They flew to Jersey at the last minute and they met us and asked if we could take them to France.” We felt sorry for the young boys so we had to do something.

He added: “We saw a few dolphins on the way and took the train to Rennes and then to Paris.

“A few more of our friends from Liverpool who live in Jersey heard we were leaving and joined us.”

Footage posted to Mr O’Toole’s Twitter account shows the group, which included Dave Walsh, 72, as they head to France in a Redbay Stormforce 950.

During the clip, we hear someone say: “Just arrived in France, we must be crazy”.

Joe Mourant, whose company Le Mourier Marine rented the boat to the players, told the MoS: “We often take people to France but never for such an important football event as this.” The trip cost them £750. “We knew they would succeed because they were so determined. If necessary, they would have swum.

“The atmosphere on the boat was great. Saw a pod of dolphins on the way so stop to watch them for a bit. Lots of singing and we play loud music to them through the boat’s sound system, including Billy Joel as we arrived in St Malo.

On Mr. O’Toole’s Twitter clip, Joel’s 1989 hit We Didn’t Start The Fire can be heard.

EasyJet chiefs said around 24 flights from Gatwick would be affected each day by June 6, while services from Manchester and Bristol were also affected.

John Sullivan, 74, has been told he cannot board his easyJet flight from Gatwick to Corfu as it was overbooked by 30 people on Friday morning.

The teacher, who works with children with disabilities, was shocked to be turned away at the door by staff who said he ‘had the wrong ticket’.

He told the Mail On Sunday: ‘How can an airline overbook by 30 people? “Thirty of us were turned away and had to go through customs to collect our luggage.

“We were told it was on a first come, first served basis so those who checked in online first were allowed in. I had checked in on Monday as that is when I received my boarding pass.

“I wasn’t even put on another flight but was told to contact the airline for compensation of 500 euros. Now I can’t leave because the flights cost more than the trip or are fully booked.

“I had been waiting for this vacation for two years because of the pandemic.”

He added: “There were families with children who were absolutely devastated. It was horrible to see them cry. “If you sell 30 flights that you don’t have, then surely that’s fraud?”

A family have told how their easyJet flight to Tenerife was canceled at Manchester and then Gatwick – leaving them to sleep on the airport floor as they waited ‘on hold’.

But passengers weren’t just stranded at airports.

Dozens of Liverpool supporters were left on the side of the road in Dover after their coaches failed to show up and ferry them to Paris.

Meanwhile, thousands of people descended on the port to board ferries, causing “absolute chaos”, said a driver who had waited in line for three hours.

“It’s been a mess,” Liam Devlin said.

An easyJet spokesperson said: “Unfortunately approximately 30 passengers were unable to travel on their flight EZY8755 from London Gatwick to Corfu yesterday as the aircraft which was to operate the flight was delayed overnight and had to be replaced with a smaller aircraft.” In these circumstances, we always try to seek volunteers in advance who agree not to travel in exchange for compensation and other travel arrangements, but this does not was not possible on this occasion and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

“Those who were unable to travel are being helped through alternative arrangements or given a refund, as well as compensation and we have been in contact with Mr Sullivan and provided him with the refund he has requested. Once again, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Drug dealer, 21, who ‘got into the wrong crowd’ ordered to pay back £16,000


A young drug dealer who ‘got into the wrong crowd’ has been ordered to pay £16,000.

Jack Thornhill, of Southport, is currently serving 28 months in prison and was ordered by a judge at a proceeds of crime hearing at Liverpool Crown Court on Friday to repay the money within three months. The 21-year-old found himself embroiled in crimes after walking into ‘the wrong crowd’

Recorder Ian Unsworth, QC, said if he does not, Thornhill, 21, will have to serve a further eight consecutive months to the sentence handed down in December. In an out-of-court settlement at Liverpool Crown Court, it was agreed that Thornhill, of Griffiths Drive, Southport, benefited from £17,515 and had realizable assets of £16,000.

READ MORE: ‘Deli Mob’ manager charged blind £10,000

When he was imprisoned, the court heard that after mixing with the wrong crowd, he started using cocaine to fit in and after running up massive debts to his suppliers, he went felt pressured to start supplying the drug to others. He comes from a respectable family and his lawyer, Kate Morley, said a probation officer described him “as one of the most unlikely young men to get his hands dirty in such offences”.

She added: ‘He is extremely polite, well-mannered, eloquent, well-spoken and has no pro-criminal attitude. His parents are amazed……that he turns to this behavior.

He had been arrested at 2am on October 6, 2020, when police on mobile patrol in Guildford Road, Southport noticed him in a black VW Golf because of his driving manner. He was very nervous and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

During the search two mobile phones were found on him and in his car they found eight cocaine wrappers, brass knuckles and a total of £735 in cash were found on him and in the car. Thornhill tested positive for driving under the influence of cocaine and police attended his home.

Her room was searched and a lock knife was found in a bedside drawer and a kitchen knife behind the headboard of her bed. Scales, half a kilo of a drug mixing agent, bags of cocaine with a potential street value of up to £15,000 and a further £5,960 in cash were found.

When questioned, he did not comment, but analysis of his mobile phone showed he had been involved in supplying cocaine for four weeks. The accused pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine with intent to supply, drug supply and possession of knuckleduster.

Greece tells UN that Turkey is contesting its sovereignty


File photo: Ambassador Maria Theofili, Permanent Representative of Greece to the United Nations, delivers a statement to the UN Security Council. Photo courtesy of the official website of the Hellenic Republic

The four-page letter to Secretary General Antonio Guterres, dated May 25 and signed by Greece’s permanent representative to the UN, Maria Theofili, was seen by The Associated Press on Thursday.

“Greece solemnly requests Turkey to cease challenging Greece’s sovereignty over its Aegean islands, in particular through legally baseless and historically false claims (and) to refrain from threatening Greece with war,” the letter reads.

Greece and Turkey have been at odds for decades over maritime borders, but the disagreement erupted in 2020 as oil and gas exploration in the eastern Mediterranean intensified.

Turkey is demanding that Greece demilitarize its eastern islands, now that the action is required under 20th-century treaties that ceded sovereignty of the islands to Greece.

The Greek government calls the request a deliberate misinterpretation and has accused NATO member Turkey of stepping up hostile actions in the region.

“Turkey’s highly threatening acts (include) repeated overflights of Greek territory by fighter jets in violation of international law,” the letter said.

The Greek-Turkish dispute is largely over oil and gas drilling rights in the eastern Mediterranean, particularly around the Greek islands near the Turkish coastline.

A Turkish fact-finding mission two years ago sparked a tense naval standoff that Western allies said risked escalating into a military conflict.

In response to Ukraine’s war-aggravated energy crisis, Greece has pledged to temporarily reverse a coal phase-out and step up hydrocarbon exploration along its west coast.

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£10bn of energy bill support set to be announced


Around £10bn of support to help tackle rising energy bills is set to be unveiled by Boris Johnson’s government. Previous calls for Chancellor Rishi Sunak to announce an emergency budget to deal with the rising cost of living had been rebuffed.

But a new BBC report suggests that programs such as the Warm Homes Discount could be expanded by Mr. Sunak. It comes just days after Ofgem revealed energy bills are set to rise further later this year.

One-time payments for some of the most vulnerable households and a reduction in VAT on fuel could also be announced. The support package is set to be partly funded by a windfall tax on oil and gas companies which could raise £7billion.

The government is under increased scrutiny, with the cost of living continually hitting families in the pocket. But the BBC understands that some Cabinet members have resisted taxing big energy companies in case they cut the amounts they invest in the UK.

The broadcaster says the support package will come after Boris Johnson received a hammer blow in the form of Sue Gray’s report. The Prime Minister is said to be keen to move forward and implement what he says are the “people’s priorities”.

The Warm Homes Discount scheme, an incentive that could grow, currently offers low-income families a one-time discount of £150 between October and March. But Mr Sunak announced in February that it would be extended to even more families until March 2026, meaning millions more would be eligible.

This would be on top of the £200 reduction in energy bills that has already been announced in the form of a refundable ‘rebate’, with costs spread over the next five years. The money comes as the typical energy bill rose by an average of £700 in April, with a peak of £800 expected in October.

The “windfall tax” on energy companies had been backed by the Labor Party. But some ministers, including business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, had opposed the idea.

The tax is designed to collect funds from companies that have benefited from something for which they were not necessarily responsible. And it should come as Shell and BP have made record profits because gas and oil prices have soared, most recently due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

James Spencer, chief executive of fuel consultancy Portland Analytics, however, warned that energy companies did not believe they were “profiting unfairly”. “During the pandemic, Shell and BP have lost around £5bn… in 2020,” he told the BBC’s Today programme.

“They didn’t go to the bank with a cap in hand saying please bail us out, as banks normally do. In 2022 I think BP and Shell wrote off up to £10bn sterling maybe everyone in Russia.”

Proposals to tax the income of other power generators, such as some older wind farms and nuclear power plants, which also posted windfall gains, have been dropped.

5 comics that will make you laugh


Since 2015, the Rogue Island Comedy Festival has been bringing laughs to Newport and many parts of Aquidneck Island.

Established comedians such as Lamont Price, Orlando Baxter, Mark Normand, TJ Miller, Sean Patton and Mia Jackson have participated in previous editions, and it’s a stellar showcase of local and national talent.

Last year, the festival became semi-annual, with a Spring Fest taking place over Memorial Day weekend and a Fall Fest over Columbus Day weekend. This year’s Spring Fest kicks off Thursday, May 26 and runs through Sunday, May 30, with 13 shows and over 50 comics.

While picking a few from this esteemed lineup can be a daunting task, here are five acts you won’t want to miss:

Doug’s Key

I would be remiss if I didn’t include the set organizer, hometown hero, and a pretty funny guy. Key is from the Newport area who is currently based in New York and you can thank him for coming up with the idea for the Rogue Island Comedy Festival.

He had the pleasure of splitting the bills with “Saturday Night Live” cast member Michael Che while performing at the illustrious Carolines comedy club on Broadway in his adopted hometown.

He will host both the Thursday night 8pm show with Mitra and TikTok star Jimmy Cash and the Sunday night 8pm show with Sam Tallent and Ian Lara at Top Of Pelham, 3 Pelham Street in Newport.

Meet Doug Key:Newport native Doug Key navigates comedy during coronavirus

Key will also perform and host all three Saturday night shows at 6 p.m., 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. at the Jane Pickens Theater Film & Event Center, 49 Touro St. in Newport.

Yannis Papas

from Brooklyn Yannis Papas has been a comedian for over 20 years, although he took a few years off in the early 2000s after he was shot during a failed armed robbery attempt outside a nightclub.

He managed to turn that experience into a few jokes, and his talents landed him appearances on ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​and “The Joe Rogan Experience,” as well as his own special on Comedy Central.

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Pappas will headline the late night show Saturday at 10 p.m. at the Jane Pickens Theater Film & Event Center.

Jenny Zigrino

Jenny Zigrino is a multi-talented person from Minnesota who can sing and perform while making people laugh. She had supporting roles in the parody film “Fifty Shades of Black” with Marlon Wayans and the holiday comedy “Bad Santa 2” with Billy Bob Thornton.

Find Jenny Zigrino at Diego's Barrio Cantina during the Rogue Island Comedy Festival.

Zigrino has also been a guest on the late-night talk shows “@midnight with Chris Hardwick” and “Conan” as well as the variety radio show “Live From Here.”

She will headline both early Friday evening shows Diego’s Barrio Cantina, 116 Aquidneck Ave. in Middletown

Mo Moussa

A staple of the Connecticut comedy scene, West Hartford’s Mo Moussa recently won New England’s funniest cartoon contest last year. He has been a regular performer at The Elbow Room in his hometown and has also performed at the Summit Lounge in Worcester and the Bishop’s Lounge in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Miss Rhode Island USA Pageant:Meet Allison Thompson, the Rogers Graduate Seeking to Be Miss Rhode Island USA

On Saturday at 6 p.m., Mussa will headline the Jane Pickens Theater Film & Event Center.

Ray Harington

Ray Harington hails from Warwick and he got a ton of local recognition just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020 due to a commemorative comedy about “Conan.”

Warwick's Ray Harrington is due to perform at the Rogue Island Comedy Festival.

He’s also the focus of the award-winning documentary “Be A Man,” which was released in 2016 and premiered on Hulu. As part of the final day of the festival, Harrington will headline Top Of Pelham on Monday at 6pm.

Due to recent fire at the Wayfinder Hotel at 151 Admiral Kalbfus Road, a few of the shows are moved to different locations.

To keep an eye out for future updates and announcements, log on to rogueislandcomedyfest.com or follow the festival’s Facebook page on facebook.com/rogueislandcomedyfest.

The popularity of Paxos puts pressure on paradise


Andrew Watrous is selling his villa in Paxos, after moving to the Greek island of Devon 35 years ago with his wife Liz and five children. He describes mornings waking the children up early and crossing the secluded beach in front of their house “to swim to the rock opposite and watch the dolphins” before canoeing to the local cafe to stock up on pastries. “The general vibe is relaxed and bohemian,” says Watrous, 66.

“In the three towns of Paxos [Gaios, Loggos and Lakka]fishermen continue to fish as they have for hundreds of years and the rhythm of life is like being in a time warp,” says Watrous.

But in some ways the island is unrecognizable from what it was 35 years ago. Since the start of the pandemic, super-rich buyers have been paying unprecedented sums to rent, build or buy on the island. Watrous rents out his villa for €21,000 a week in the summer. It is on sale for €5.5m, a price that puts it on par with the most expensive homes sold in Paxos – two €5m sales last year were to UK buyers, said Savvas Savvaidis, President and Managing Director of Greece Sotheby’s International Realty. “Before that, the record price of Paxos was 1.8 million euros,” he says.

Watrous has closer ties to the transformation of Paxos than most. Her late father, a former head of the BBC’s Africa service, started renting the villa near Loggos in the late 1950s and then bought it. “It was before electricity, when drinking water was limited. It took five hours to get to Corfu by boat,” says Watrous of a crossing that now takes half an hour by hydrofoil.

His father anticipated the impact a new airport in Corfu – which opened in 1963 – would have on driving tourism to the islands, and he quit his job to start the Greek Islands Club, a collection of rentals vacation rental that included the first rental properties on this tiny island, which is just 10km long by 4km wide.

Super rich buyers have paid unprecedented sums to rent, build or buy on Paxos © robertharding/Alamy

Today, Savvaidis says his buyers in the Ionian Islands typically have budgets between €5m and €20m – and that these purchases will be at least their fourth home.

His agency reports a 300% increase in transaction levels in the Ionian Islands since 2019 – and annual price increases of 4.5% in 2020 and 6.8% in 2021. The Ionian market is fueled by wealthy foreign buyers, he says, rather than “wealthy Greeks” (who tend to prefer Mykonos as a “status symbol”). “[Foreign buyers] want a virgin island, without noise, without neighbors. They want to look up at the sky and see the stars, and they want a home that will wow them,” adds Savvaidis.

British and American buyers dominate demand for villas in Paxos, where prices have risen 15-20% since the start of the pandemic and demand has been particularly strong in the past three months, says Sarah Marzocchi, partner at Savills Greece to Corfu. “It feels like everyone is in a rush,” she says.

Port of Gaios

The town of Gaios retains its slow pace of life © Alamy

While Golden Visa buyers – who receive a renewable five-year residency in return for a minimum property investment of €250,000 – are plentiful in Corfu (“where you’ll need at least €400,000 for a two-bedroom apartment decent or a small villa,” says Marzocchi), Paxos tends to attract lifestyle buyers. “It’s less densely developed than Corfu,” she says, “but a lot of the land is protected greenery so it there are very few plots.”

Then there are the logistical hurdles to overcome: “If you buy land and build your own house, it will take about two years because of the problems with the supply of materials from Athens or elsewhere in Greece and the navigation on small rural roads. The prices are also high. What costs €1 in Athens will cost €4 to get to Paxos.

GM280509_22X HH-Paxos_MAP

Wealthy buyers and their large homes also pose environmental problems on a small island like Paxos. Italian event manager Marina Tomacelli, 44, has known the island all her life. The founder of the Paxos Biennale – whose last edition takes place this summer, when international artists will create free works of art outdoors in coves, olive groves, even bus shelters – lives in an old ruin that she renovated during lockdown in an olive grove in Bogdanatika, near the small capital of Gaios.

She says she is often surprised to find places she never knew existed in Paxos – “a hidden valley, or monopati, the old donkey paths that have been restored”. But what comes as no surprise every summer, she adds, are water shortages.

“During lockdown, people have built big modern James Bond villas with huge swimming pools, and they’re renting them out to people who don’t care how much water they use,” she says. . “Local populations are very attached to water, but also to the overuse of plastic and excess waste. It’s a crazy consumer society placed on a small island and we don’t have the infrastructure to deal with it.


Villas with pools and power showers are detrimental to Paxos, which suffers from water shortages © robertharding/Alamy

Another local resident, Victoria Turner, who lived on Paxos on and off for 40 years in a “little house on the edge of a cliff above Lakka Bay”, recalls learning how to collect her daily quota of water when she was a child. stern (the underground reservoir). “There was no filling. We had to be especially careful not to waste water,” she says.

“I am amazed at the number of pools, power showers and labor-saving fixtures in luxury villas on an island with desperate water shortages,” Turner adds. , who as executive director of the Ionian Environment Foundation, co-founded by Ben Goldsmith, is developing an initiative on Paxos and Corfu to encourage villa owners and other businesses to adapt their properties to save water and energy , and installing waste sorting and composting facilities. This will, she hopes, “reduce the negative environmental impacts of the tourism they thrive on every summer”.

She also hopes to tackle the problem of the car. “Paxos is handed over to visitors in the summer. It becomes impossible to park here and the small winding roads are dangerously busy,” she says, citing the example of Chalki, an Aegean island whose rental cars are all electric and charge with solar energy.

But Turner recognizes the dilemma the locals face. “They care, of course, [about the environment] but they also naturally care about earning a living during a very short working season to survive the winter.

“What changed [since the pandemic] is the purpose for which rich foreigners choose Paxos to build a villa,” explains Spyros Vlachopoulos, the mayor of Paxos. “Today, they are not looking for a place to rest but a place to invest. . . Investors of this type are not particularly interested in the environmental footprint of their buildings and unfortunately tend to go beyond existing rules. And constructions of this type require very large quantities of water and energy, and put considerable strain on the island’s infrastructure.

Andrew Watrous’ five-bedroom Marmari Headland villa near Loggos is up for sale for £5.5m at Chestertons

Vlachopoulos acknowledges that the local economy has benefited from foreign property buyers “in difficult times”. He adds: “I think we are at a crossroads where there is no tension between investors and locals, but there is concern about the development of the property market in the future. We are always on alert to intervene appropriately, if necessary.

But Andreas Kouroupis, co-founder of the conservation group Volunteers of Paxos, says there is “indifference” among some residents and local authorities to preserve their land. “There is a total lack of interest. Development over the past five years has been very rapid. . . The new buildings do not follow the traditional character and colors of Paxos. The inhabitants’ thirst for money leads to the rapid destruction of the nature of Paxos.

What you can buy. . .

Four-bedroom villa, Gaios, €1.25 million

A two bedroom main house with two guest houses in the grounds. The property, which has a total living area of ​​270m², has a beautiful garden and is a five minute walk from the nearest beach – and 30 minutes from Corfu by ferry. Available with Savills.

Two villas, Kastanida, €1.4 million

Two two bedroom properties on the west coast of Paxos with fantastic sea views. The properties both have their own rooftop swimming pools and terraces. The combined living area is just under 400m², with a total plot size of around half an acre. Available with Chestertons.

8-bedroom villa, Loggos, €2.8 million

A waterfront villa and guesthouse that have been divided into separate apartments. Dating from 1865, the 245 m² main house has a large patio with sea views. There is 439 m² of living space in total. Available with Greece Sotheby’s International Realty.

Purchase guide

  • Buying costs in Greece are approximately 8-8.5% of the property value, including a 3% transfer tax.

  • In Greece’s recalculated property values, which determine the amount of transfer taxes paid by buyers, the Ionian island of Ithaca has risen the most in value – by 250% to €2,100 per square metre. Mykonos increased by 229% to €3,950 per m².

  • Greece granted more golden visas (1,035) than any other country in 2021. Two-thirds of applicants were Chinese and the program raised 311 million euros, according to Enterprise Greece.

Maritime tonnage controlled by Greece hits record high


The fleet of over 1,000 gross tons, as of mid-March, peaked in both gross tonnage and deadweight and just eight vessels short of the 2018 record in terms of vessel count.

According to data compiled by the GSCC, as of March 10, Greek interests controlled 4,140 vessels of 355.34m dwt and 210.08m GT, an increase of 102 vessels, 4.9m dwt and 4, 43 m of gt in 12 months. The figures include 167 ships of various categories on order with the shipyards, totaling 16.264m dwt and 11.14m gross tonnage.

“Due to the challenges and opportunities related to Covid-19, as well as upcoming regulatory requirements, while market conditions have remained volatile, slight increases and decreases were seen across most fleet categories owned by Greece,” commented the London-based Greek. Maritime Cooperation Committee (GSCC) when releasing its 35th annual survey of the Greek-controlled fleet.

The fleet is registered under some 28 flags, one less than in 2021. The Greek-flagged fleet has decreased in terms of number of vessels, dwt and GT and as of mid-March comprised 570 vessels, from 35 .6 m gt and 59.6 m dwt against the previous year’s 584 ships, with a gross tonnage of 36.623 m and a dwt of 62.32 m.

Liberia leads the way with 1,014 vessels of 90.03m dwt, followed by the Marshall Islands, 1,009 vessels of 79.76m dwt, Malta 658 vessels of 62.7m dwt and Greece. Since mid-March 2021, the Marshall Islands has gained 132 ships, Liberia 83 ships, Cyprus seven and the Bahamas two ships.

In contrast, declines were recorded in the number of Panamanian, Singaporean and Hong Kong flagged vessels. These registers recorded losses of 113, 10 and nine ships, respectively. The number of vessels registered under the Maltese flag remained unchanged.

The order book for new construction stands at 54 tankers for Greek shipowners in mid-March, 18 chemical and petroleum product tankers, 43 LNG carriers, 17 ore and bulk carriers and 35 container ships.

What is remarkable is that the Greek parent companies represent 26.1% of the world tanker fleet and 15% of the mineral and bulk fleet. Overall, the Greek-owned fleet represents 7% of the world fleet in terms of number of vessels, 12.9% in terms of grt and 15.3% in terms of dwt.

The average age of the fleet increased slightly compared to the previous year, but remains 2.4 years below the world average. The average age of the Greek fleet in terms of vessels is 12.3 years compared to 14.7 years for the world fleet.

Classification societies ABS, LR, BV, DNV and RINA have the majority of the fleet on their books, with ABS and BV making considerable gains in the 12 months under review.

IMF chief expresses concern over protests in Sri Lanka – The Island


None of the Rajapaksas and those interviewed about the May 9 attacks included

By Shamindra Ferdinando

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday (23) invested SLFP Senior Deputy Chairman Mahinda Amaraweera and SLMC Deputy Leader who entered Parliament on the SJB ticket, Ahamed Naseer Zainulabdeen, as members of his Cabinet of Ministers.

Amaraweera was given the agriculture, wildlife and forestry portfolios while Zainulabdeen was given the environment. They are among the six newly appointed Cabinet members.

The other four ministers are Douglas Devananda (EPDP/Fisheries), Bandula Gunawardane (SLPP/Transport, Highways and Media), Vidura Wickramanayake (SLPP/Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs) and Roshan Ranasinghe (SLPP/Irrigation, Youth and Sports).

In addition to the six new ministers, Minister of Health Keheliya Rambukwella and Minister of Plantations, Dr. Ramesh Pathirana were sworn in as ministers of water supply and industries, respectively.

SLFP senior vice-president Prof Rohana Lakshman said that although the government has repeatedly declared the appointment of a cross-party cabinet comprising 20 ministers, including Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, only six represent other parties. policies. With the exception of EPDP General Secretary Douglas Devananda, the other five – Harin Fernando (SJB), Manusha Nanayakkara (SJB), Nimal Siripala de Silva (SLFP), Mahinda Amaraweera (SLFP) and Ahamed Naseer Zainulabdeen (SLMC ) had accepted portfolios against their will. of their parties, he said.

The SLFP participated in the last legislative elections of August 2020 on the SLPP ticket. So far, out of the 14 members of the SLFP parliamentary group, two seniors have switched allegiance to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa – Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s government.

None of those questioned by police in connection with unprovoked attacks on the public demanding the resignation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa were not in the Cabinet of Ministers. Former prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and former ministers Chamal Rajapaksa, Basil Rajapaksa, Namal Rajapaksa and Shashendra Rajapaksa were also left out.

Dissident MP Udaya Gammanpila said yesterday that of the rebel group made up of several political parties, six members had so far accepted portfolios. “There were in total around 53 members, of which Wijeyadasa Rajapakse, Susil Premjayanth, Nalin Fernando, Tiran Alles, Nimal Siripala de Silva and Mahinda Amaraweera accepted portfolios. However, we are confident that our strategy is in place,” lawyer Gammanpila said.

The SLPP won 145 seats in the last legislative elections in August 2020.

Informed sources said Prime Minister Wickremesinghe was still trying to win over other opposition members. Wickremesinghe had so far managed to reach consensus with Manusha Nanayakkara and Harin Fernando, sources said, adding that the SJB and CWC were being approached.

Sources speculated that the vital financial portfolio remained vacant as the government still believed Dr Harsha de Silva could somehow be convinced to accept the portfolio. Sources have stressed the urgent need to fill the post as the government is engaged in crucial talks with the IMF.

Sources said Polonnaruwa District MP Roshan Ranasinghe, who announced his resignation as Minister of State and SLFP District Organizer effective May 1, was among those who accepted portfolios .

In a letter to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Ranasinghe said he was resigning to pressure the government to give farmers deserved compensation for losses incurred due to the use of organic fertilizers during the last season Maha.

Editor of an anthology of poetry celebrating the Isles of Scotland


Editor of an anthology of poetry celebrating the Isles of Scotland

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Humiliation for Putin as £4m missile only destroys beach toilets


Russia has been mocked by the Ukrainians after a £4million missile only managed to destroy a beach toilet. It has been reported that strikes on Odessa, a key strategic target, only resulted in the humiliation of President Vladimir Putin.

The Black Sea port is vital to Ukraine’s economy and is blocked by the Russian Navy. It was heavily shelled by his forces.

But on this occasion, it didn’t go as planned, as a beach toilet block in the town was wiped out.

The destruction of public toilets was confirmed in a statement issued by the Operational Command of Southern Ukraine, reports the Daily Star.

They said: “Another missile strike with the use of aircraft was inflicted on the Odessa region. With air-based missiles, the enemy significantly “damaged the air” in the region south of Odessa.

“The beach toilets were destroyed. Apart from the attacker’s desperately lost conscience and reputation, there were no further casualties.”

Social media users were quick to mock the Russian military.

Mykola Vorobyov, a Ukrainian military journalist, tweeted: “A Russian ballistic missile worth $5m (£4m) has just hit a public toilet on the beach in Odessa. Do you know any other best military investment?

A second wrote: “This successful attack will surely break the backbone of the Ukrainian 35th Odessa Public Toilet Battalion, the backbone of Ukrainian coastal defense.

A third said: “If rural Russia has no toilets, Russian soldiers should steal toilets instead of washing machines. At least they would have something to sit on.”

Odessa is Ukraine’s largest and only deep-sea port and plays a vital strategic role in the country’s overall economy. Around 70% of Ukraine’s total imports and exports are carried out by sea, with 65% passing through the port of Odessa.

Odessa is also one of the main departure points for Ukrainian grain to international markets, which provides Ukraine with substantial income. In 2021, Ukraine was the fourth largest grain exporter in the world.

Return to the Greek Islands, an uplifting and reinvented journey


In a small bay flanked by thyme-covered hills and a medieval castle-topped village, I floated in perfect solitude on the shimmering Aegean Sea.

Last summer I traveled for the fifth year to different Greek islands, such as the distant Astypalea. During the pandemic, the crystal clear waters of the islands, the white and blue villages, the sweeping vistas and the genuine welcome of the locals was just the escape I needed.

The absence last summer of the usual mass tourism in the most popular places, such as Santorini – where before the coronavirus I had to make my way to take a photo of the sunset near the famous windmills even one evening from mid-January – also offered a chance to rethink such a bucket list trip.

As travel restrictions have eased since the peak of the pandemic, the wide-open blue of the Greek islands is beckoning this spring and summer – with the ability to focus less on Instagrammable snapshots and more on chatting with a landlord of tavern around a cold glass of tsipourothe mighty Greek spirit, waiting for the octopus to take away.

A man leads a pack of donkeys down the stairs in the port of Santorini, one of the most popular and touristic Greek islands.

(Giovanna Dell’Orto/Associated Press)

Two archipelagos in the southern Aegean, the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, alone have dozens of islands, each offering a unique experience. From the least traveled to the most jet-set, here are my four favorites:

Astypalea: pirate treasure

As the ferry reached the midpoint of this butterfly-shaped island, I felt a momentary pang – if I had really just traveled 10 hours from Athens, the country’s monument-filled capital and air travel hub / ferry, for barren mountains and a lone dolphin playing in the waves?

Doubt turned to enchantment at first sight of the chora, or main town – a blue church dome surmounting a medieval castle towering above a white village lined with windmills and cascading down a rocky outcrop to the sea.

A man carries groceries down a steep alley in the compact, hilltop white village of Pyrgos on the island of Santorini, Greece.

A man carries provisions up the stairs in the hilltop village of Pyrgos in Santorini. Its narrow streets are home to taverns, galleries and shops.

(Giovanna Dell’Orto/Associated Press)

Over two long weekends, I never got tired of gazing at this 13th century castle, whether it was illuminated at night when the warm air smelled of aromatic herbs, or standing guard in the glorious sunshine when that I swam in the creeks that surrounded it, in the most multicolored waters. I saw outside a South Pacific lagoon.

After walking through the remains of the castle, where villagers once sheltered from pirates, I stopped to admire the white battlemented Portaitissa Church.

An elderly woman passing by gave me a handful of freshly picked yellow plumeria flowers that she was carrying. The way tropical flowers can grow in such a stark, windswept landscape is just another part of its magic.

Ancient statues and columns of a house rise just above the landing quay in the archaeological park of Delos, Greece.

Statues and ancient columns of a thousand-year-old house rise just above the landing quay in the archaeological park of Delos, Greece. The island was considered sacred by the ancient Greeks, as it was believed to be the birthplace of Apollo.

(Giovanna Dell’Orto/Associated Press)

Delos: divine birthplace

The mystical pull of these ancient islands is strongest on Delos, an islet a short boat ride from the party hub of Mykonos. The ancient Greeks considered Delos to be the birthplace of Apollo.

Its sanctuary, and the temples and mansions built around it from the 9th to the 1st century BC. J.-C., today constitute the archaeological park. I spent an entire day wandering among the mighty colonnades, lifelike carvings, risque fertility symbols, and intricate mosaics depicting frolicking dolphins and a tiger-riding deity.

Dovecotes built like fantastically carved towers dot the countryside among the stone-walled terraces of the island of Tinos, Greece.

A profusion of dovecotes built like sculpted towers dot the countryside among the stone-walled terraces on the island of Tinos, known for its marble quarries and the resulting marble craftsmanship.

(Giovanna Dell’Orto/Associated Press)

Tinos: proud villages

The nearby town of Tinos is steeped in a more recent sanctity. Its chora is home to a revered shrine to the Virgin Mary, which last summer masked pilgrims climbed on their knees more than half a mile from the harbour. A profusion of smaller churches dot the countryside amongst stone-walled terraces and dovecotes built like fantastically carved towers.

A large plane tree shades the cafe-lined central square of the village of Pyrgos on Tinos, which is paved with marble.

A large plane tree shades the cafe-lined central square of the village of Pyrgos on Tinos, which is paved with marble. Many villages of Tinos boast rich marble decorations.

(Giovanna Dell’Orto/Associated Press)

From the tallest steeple to the humblest house, the villages of Tinian are richly decorated with marble from local quarries. Pyrgos is home to the Museum of Marble Crafts, artists’ studios and a marble-paved central square with tiny low tables around a soaring plane tree.

I liked driving the mountain roads better at dusk, when the only traffic was a wayward goat, the only lights the blue silhouettes of church crosses.

Bougainvillea flourishes among the villages lining the caldera on the island of Santorini, Greece.

Bougainvillea flourishes among the villages lining Santorini’s caldera, with its quaint whitewashed, blue-domed buildings.

(Giovanna Dell’Orto/Associated Press)

Santorini: vertiginous luxury

Blue lights also stain the villages of Santorini – but these are the infinity pools and jacuzzis of luxury hotels carved into the edge of the island’s volcano that erupted into the sea 3,600 years ago.

The 10 km hike between the main town of Fira and Oia, the fanciest village perched on the caldera created during the explosion, crosses fields of black and red lava. On the white pumice stone grow tightly coiled vines of Assyrtiko, the native grape that family-run vineyards like Gavalas turn into unique intense whites.

The multicolored waters of the Aegean Sea sparkle near the islet of Kounoupa off the island of Astypalea, Greece.

The multicolored waters of the Aegean Sea sparkle near the islet of Kounoupa off the island of Astypalea, Greece.

(Giovanna Dell’Orto/Associated Press)

The eruption also buried the prehistoric city of Akrotiri, whose brightly colored frescoes are on display in the Fira museum, and whose site rivals in archaeological power with ancient Thira, perched on a high hill above the most beautiful beaches.
My last afternoon in the islands, I tear myself away from the black sand and navy blue waters of Perivolos beach to admire the sunset from Oia. Couples in matching white attire and sunburned tourists scurry along shop-lined lanes to the West Bank, filling every inch of intersecting terraces.

Next door is the small cistern-shaped chapel with a white and blue steeple featured in countless engagement photos and Instagram feeds. The children of the village have taken it over as a goal area for a football match.

A loud argument breaks out as the ball passes the bell; for a moment it is framed by the Aegean Sea, where the light dissolves from orange to pink.

It might be the perfect picture of a cruise ship brochure – but now it’s simply and refreshingly Greek.

Dell’Orto is a freelance writer and former Associated Press reporter, who provided this article.

‘Childhood sunburn gave me skin cancer in my 40s’ – the first sign


“My childhood sunburns gave me skin cancer in my 40s,” Emma said. As a child, after spending all day outside by the pool, his forehead was blistered and his arms were so sunburned that they had to wear bandages to soothe the pain.

Forty years later, the mother-of-two from Birmingham was left with skin cancer on the exact spot where her forehead had burned.

Diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma – one of the most common skin cancers, Emma is now left with a five centimeter scar.

Dr. Paul Banwellwho treated her said: “Childhood sun exposure is a significant contributor to the development of skin cancer.

“There are of course many other factors – sunburn episodes, skin type, family history, outdoor jobs and interests (sailing, gardening, surfing, tennis, cricket, cycling, golf, etc.) but the childhood years contribute significantly to sun exposure and this is very relevant for later life.”

READ MORE: Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms: Can You Feel It? The warning sign that appears on the toilet

The doctor explained that although he was able to remove the cancer, Emma’s case speaks to the “dangers of sunburn at a young age”.

Emma said: “I was so shocked when I went through my story with Paul.

“In my adult life, I have been very conscious about applying an SPF and have been very careful since my early twenties to avoid premature aging.

“I’ve never been on a single transat too. I’m not one to lie in the sun and prefer to use fake tan.


Dr. Banwell explained that basal cell carcinomas can present in different ways.

He said: “Often they look like little pearly nodules with a crust.

“Common symptoms of skin cancer include a sore or area of ​​skin that does not heal in four weeks, looks unusual or painful, itches, bleeds, crusts or crusts for more than four weeks.

“If you are concerned about any area of ​​your skin or something has changed, please seek professional help.”

With summer behind the corner, the doctor urged all parents on the ‘vital importance’ of applying SPF to their children, as well as taking precautions including sun hats and not exposing themselves in the midday sun.

He said: “The majority of sun exposure occurs during childhood. We also know that episodes of sunburn in young people are a good predictor of future skin cancer formation in young people. years to come.”

He explained that most cases of skin cancer are triggered by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, tanning beds or sunlamps.

“More emphasis on the importance of regular SPF application, even when it is not sunny, is essential,” he added.

Emma, ​​who has two daughters aged eight and 11, said her daughters had been very shocked by what had happened to her and were no longer ‘moaning’ about applying their own sunscreen .

“Their aversion to sunscreen is gone and when they complain about sunscreen I said it was really important and now they see why,” she said.

Emma also urged people, especially those caring for children, to take sun precautions.

Teejay hits $250 million sales milestone in 2021-22 – The Island


The Commercial Bank of Ceylon announced that it has partnered with several insurance companies to offer special life and general insurance products with unrivaled low premium rates exclusively for female customers, as part of the “Anagi Women’s Banking” of the Bank.

Extending the scope of the Bank’s services to support this segment, insurance coverage includes options for life insurance, commercial insurance and home insurance, the Bank said.

In addition to the special premium rates that apply, coverage can be obtained through an extremely simplified process and can be extended to clients’ spouses. The Bank said the program is expected to promote financial inclusion, one of the main objectives of the Anagi Women’s Banking portfolio, through insurance protection.

The value of the life insurance policy provided under this scheme ranges from Rs 1 million to Rs 5 million and covers contingencies of ‘natural and accidental death’ of the insured life during the policy period.

Under this life insurance facility, a female Commercial Bank customer between the ages of 18 and 45 can take out a Rs 1 million policy by simply paying an annual premium of Rs 1,100. Spouse can get the same policy for Rs 1,500. Women aged 46 to 65 can opt for the same sum insured with an annual premium of Rs 2,200, if the policy is taken for themselves, or Rs 2,750 , if the policy is taken out to cover the spouse. Cover can be purchased at multiples of unit rates of Rs 1,100 or Rs 2,200.

Citing the 2020 report of the Insurance Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (IRCSL), the Bank said that these are incredibly affordable life insurance policies for women, considering that the average sum insured in Sri Lanka is only 1.4 million rupees that long-term policyholders pay for. an average annual bonus of Rs 28,655.

Commercial Bank customers who become life policyholders under this program are also entitled to value-added services such as access to free fitness classes from the leading online fitness provider Fitzky, and a 15% discount on consultations at any My Dentist clinic, the largest chain of dental clinics in Sri Lanka.

In addition to life cover, business women can also benefit from commercial insurance under “Anagi”. It offers protection against fire or lightning, explosions, malicious or aerial damage, a series of natural disasters, burglaries, acts of terrorism and disturbances, among other incidents. The policy covers damage to buildings, including permanent fixtures, fittings, machinery, inventory, cash and personal property of the policyholder as well as the cost of accidents at work, hospitalization, loss rent, debris removal, architect’s, surveyor’s and engineer’s fees due to damage or accidents, and damage to service lines, to name a few.

It also includes Individual Accident cover for employers and employees in the event of death or permanent disability, as well as civil liability cover.

SKY express and Delta offer more travel options between the United States and the Greek islands


Greek carrier SKY express and Delta Air Lines announced an interline agreement to provide convenient connections for customers between North America and Greece.

The interline agreement will allow passengers to enjoy a seamless journey with one ticket between the points of the networks of the two carriers.

Starting May 19, Delta customers from North America will be able to fly on any of its daily nonstop services to Athens and then connect to any of 34 unique destinations across Greece operated by SKY express.

Delta is offering a record number of flights between the United States and Athens this summer, with service from Atlanta, Boston and New York-JFK, as Greece continues to grow in popularity with American travelers.

“Greece is one of the most sought-after destinations this summer for U.S. travelers and with increased trade and tourism flows between our countries, Delta’s partnership with SKY express provides our customers with more versatility when traveling. it’s about planning the perfect Greek getaway,” said Perry CantaruttiDelta’s senior vice president of alliances.

According to SKY express, the partnership with Delta is another milestone and has been added to the Greek carrier’s list of strategic agreements which includes global airlines such as Air France, KLM, Qatar Airways, American Airlines, Cyprus Airways, Condor , El Al, Middle East Airlines, Transavia, Emirates.

SKY express actively aims to further increase demand and improve the quality of the Greek tourist product.

Image source: Delta Air Lines

Image source: Delta Air Lines

“With one of the youngest, greenest fleets and an unparalleled network, this agreement with Delta will allow customers across the United States to connect with the magical charm of the Greek islands,” said SKY’s chief commercial officer. express. Yannis Lidakis mentioned.

SKY express operates a fleet of modern and fuel-efficient aircraft including A320neos and ATR 72600s adapted to the geographical environment of the Greek islands.

To follow GTP headlines on Google News to keep up to date with all the latest news on tourism and travel in Greece.

The ten best resorts in Greece


A LUXURY hotel in Rhodes has been ranked the top resort in Greece on Tripadvisor.

The review site listed on Atrium Platinum Luxury Resort Hotel & Spa as the best place for vacationers with reviews giving it full marks for cleanliness and service.


Corfu was not on the list of top ten resorts in GreeceCredit: tripadvisor

But it looks like a popular Greek holiday destination isn’t making the top ten.

The island of Corfu, a favorite of the British, was missing from the list.

Instead, the resorts of Crete, Santorini and Rhodes stole the top prizes.

Here are TripAdvisor’s top ten resorts in Greece:

Holiday boost as Greece scraps more Covid rules ahead of summer
Went to Crete on holiday for just 2p - here's how you can do it too
  1. Atrium Platinum Luxury Resort Hotel & Spa

It’s no surprise that this lavish 5-star resort on the sunny coast of Ialisos has come into its own, with impressive views over the picturesque cove of Ixia Bay and two huge swimming pools.

If you tire of sandy beaches, you are only 3 km from the town centre, home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes.

If you tire of sandy beaches, you are only 3 km from the city center


If you tire of sandy beaches, you are only 3 km from the city centerCredit: Tripadvisor

2. Creta Maris Beach Resort

Second place goes to Creta Maris Resort where guests can fully relax in a therapeutic spa with specially designed “spa cabins”.

Rooms are as peaceful as the spa, with ocean and village views and fresh white furnishings.

3. Atrium Palace Thalasso Spa Resort & Villas

the Atrium Palace Thalasso Spa Resort & Villas is the sister resort to Greece’s number one hotel and it’s just as glamorous.

Close to the picturesque village of Lindos, the resort has upmarket traditional restaurants and two pool bars.

4. Mitsis Laguna Resort & Spa

Hotels don’t get more luxurious than that.

On the sunny coast of Hersonissos in Crete, Mitsis Laguna Resort & Spa exudes the sophistication of regal gilded headboards on beds with chandelier-like shades.

TripAdvisor visitors have praised the service and the large number of relaxing pools.

Mitsis Laguna Resort & Spa exudes sophistication


Mitsis Laguna Resort & Spa exudes sophisticationCredit: tripadvisor

5. Mitsis Alila Resort & Spa

It is virtually impossible to get bored when staying at the Mitsis Alila Resort & Spa in Rhodos.

There is an outdoor saltwater swimming pool, water slides, tennis court, beach volleyball court, water sports center and games room.

The highlight, however, is definitely the spa with detoxifying treatments using natural elements from the ocean.

6. Stella Palace Resort & Spa

Stella Palace Resort & Spa is in the top ten due to its fantastic family facilities, which include a huge water park with paddling pools, circular tubes and water towers.

Anyone going on an adventure can head to the nearby Analipsi Canyon, surrounded by mighty steep rocks.

Stella Palace Resort & Spa has fantastic family facilities, which include a huge water park


Stella Palace Resort & Spa has fantastic family facilities, which include a huge water parkCredit: tripadvisor

7. Mitsis Grand Hotel Beach Hotel

The third Mitsis hotel to make the list and with views that can top the other two, this hotel is bright and modern on the inside but still feels very Greek from the outside.

Guests can soak up the sun from two outdoor swimming pools or venture to the medieval town of Rhodes, less than 3 km away.

8. Kiani Beach Resort

Kiani Beach Resort really benefits from its impressive setting, especially in its restaurants.

The food here is Cretan through and through with dishes made with mostly local ingredients like virgin olive oil, green vegetables and fresh fish.

9. Andronis Luxury Suites

Overlooking a rocky volcanic crater, this resort only offers suites and villas.

It’s seriously pricey, with an average room costing over £900 a night, but each has a hot tub or infinity pool with sea views.

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10. Domes of Elounda

You can choose between a suite, a villa or a glamorous private residence Domes of Elounda in northern Crete.

There are four restaurants and four bars where you can enjoy dishes based on fresh fruit and local produce.

You can choose between a suite, a villa or a private residence at Domes of Elounda


You can choose between a suite, a villa or a private residence at Domes of EloundaCredit: tripadvisor

Cost of living: Minister responds to police chief’s call | United Kingdom | News


Comments by the new Constabulary Chief Inspector that police officers should be free to use their ‘discretion’ during the cost of living crisis are ‘outdated thinking’, has blasted Police Minister Kit Malthouse. Inspector Andy Cooke has warned that squeezing the cost of living will trigger more shoplifting, especially of food. Mr Cooke said: ‘The impact of poverty and the lack of opportunity for people is leading to increased crime. There are no two ways to do this.’

To correct the record, Police Minister Kit Malthouse rectified the misconception about LBC: ‘I’m afraid I find this a little old fashioned.

“We believe first and foremost that the law should be blind and that police officers should act without fear or favor in pursuit of the law.

“But second also, it’s not fair to say that the economy fluctuates, and so does crime.

“You know, we’ve seen economic problems in the past or not, whether crime has increased or not.”

“You know, our job is to get ahead of these kinds of crimes, especially in acquisitive neighborhood crimes which are now down very significantly after the pandemic, helped I must say by the pandemic.

“But to bring them down even further.”

The crime rate in the UK was around 80 per 1,000 people in 2021-22, an overall increase of 1.18% from 2020, according to data analysis project CrimeRate.

“And we can do it the smart way,” Minister Malthouse added.

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“So, for example, you said today’s drug summit

“We know that 50% of acquisition crimes – burglary, robbery, shoplifting – are driven by heroin and crack addiction, right?

“If we can treat this addiction, we can reduce crime.

“As you know, Nick, we GPS tag greedy criminals as they get out of jail – burglars, thieves – to make sure they don’t re-offend.

“We know where they are 24 hours a day. We can put a time and place next to a crime.

“These kinds of solutions will help us beat, I’m afraid, that slight assumption of the 1970s.”

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Horror as 18-year-old is killed in beach sandhole collapse [REPORT]
Dog with one of the strongest bites after the attack [REPORT]

“You know, we think there’s growing evidence that says that while poverty doesn’t cause crime, in fact crime and violence cause poverty,” said Minister Malthouse, correcting the Mr. Cooke’s hypothesis.

“And when you take out crime and violence, very often people and neighborhoods soar and prosper.

“That’s not to say there isn’t a cost-of-living challenge. Of course there is.

“But our job is to make sure that we reduce crime, despite this challenge for everyone.”

UPDATE: Funeral arrangements set for Jody Cash, Calloway County Sheriff’s Deputy shot and killed


UPDATE (05/18/22) – Funeral arrangements have been announced for a Calloway County Sheriff’s Deputy shot and killed in the line of duty.

According to Imes Funeral Home & Crematory in Murray, the funeral service honoring the life of Deputy Chief Jody Cash is scheduled for 1 p.m. Saturday, May 21, 2022 at the CFSB Center on the campus of Murray State University, 1401 KY-121, Murray, KY 42071. Joey Adair will officiate and full burial will follow at Murray City Cemetery.

According to the funeral home, the public is invited to visit from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Friday, May 20, 2022 at Hardin Baptist Church, 6867 US-641, Hardin, KY 42048.

Expressions of sympathy may take the form of donations to Bright Life Farms, 10200 Farmersville Rd, Princeton, KY 42445; Trooper Island, Dale Hollow Lk, Burkesville, KY 42717 and Supporting Heroes, 11400 Decimal Drive, Ste. 1002, PO Box 991547, Louisville, KY 40269-1547.

Tributes and keepsakes may be shared on the funeral home’s website HERE.

ORIGINAL POST (05/16/22)

BENTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Calloway County sheriff’s deputy was fatally shot in the line of duty and a suspect was also fatally shot. It all happened outside the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office Monday afternoon, according to investigators.

Taylorsville police identified the law enforcement victim as Deputy Jody Cash, a retired Kentucky State Police sergeant.

Deputy Cash and the suspect were pronounced dead at an area hospital. No further details have been released regarding the shooting involving an officer.

KSP says it happened around 2:10 p.m. CDT

The Kentucky State Police Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) is investigating.

The KSP has statewide jurisdiction and investigates officer-involved shootings at the request of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Governor Andy Beshear issued the following statement:

“Britain and I ask Kentuckians to join us in holding the family and loved ones of Deputy Calloway County in their prayers,” Governor Andy Beshear said. “This MP made the ultimate sacrifice today serving our common good. Let us honor the life, bravery and service of this MP.

Image Courtesy: WSIL-TV

Calloway Co's deputy killed Marshall Co 2

Image Courtesy: WSIL-TV

Mitsotakis reaffirms strong ties between Greece and the United States


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis reaffirmed the strong historic ties between Greece and the United States while addressing several important issues, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Turkey’s conduct in the Eastern Mediterranean in a historic speech during the a joint session of the US Congress on Tuesday.

“I come before you to celebrate a miracle that all free people cherish but which binds Greeks and Americans in a unique way. This miracle, the Greek idea that would forever change the world, is that society works better if all citizens are equal and have the right to participate in the management of their state. In a word, democracy,” Mitsotakis said.

Noting that the two countries have fought “side by side in world wars to defend freedom and democracy,” he said: “Our democracies have battled internal demons. We are both countries that have endured the horrific pain of civil wars, the despair of economic crises, but we have emerged stronger and more determined to defend the values ​​for which our ancestors gave their lives.

Referring to Ukraine’s resistance to the Russian invasion, he told senators and congressmen that while the Greeks “have no animosity towards the Russian people with whom we have been so closely bound by faith and history… we simply cannot be indifferent to a struggle that reminds us so much of our own.

“We recognize the importance of taking sides, and we have taken sides unequivocally, we support Ukraine against Putin’s aggression,” he said, pointing to the sending of humanitarian aid, weapons and the reception of Ukrainian refugees by Greece.

He said it was vital that Russian President Vladimir Putin failed “to send a message to all other authoritarian leaders that historical revisionism and overt acts of aggression that violate international law will not be tolerated by the world community of democratic states”.

Regarding the Eastern Mediterranean, particularly Greece’s relations with Turkey, Mitsotakis called on Congress to help work towards a solution for Cyprus.

“This resentful language of imperial nostalgia revisionism cannot prevail. Speaking of acts of aggression, I ask you… not to forget an open wound that has caused Hellenism endless suffering over the past 48 years. I am referring to the invasion and subsequent division of Cyprus,” he said, adding that “this issue must be resolved in accordance with international law and in accordance with the relevant decisions of the United Nations Security Council.

“As I told President Biden yesterday, no one can and no one will ever agree to a two-state solution in Cyprus,” he said, to loud applause from the chamber.

Within the framework of Greek-Turkish relations, the Prime Minister called for an immediate halt to Turkish overflights of the Greek islands.

Greece is “a peace-seeking democracy that always extends a friendly hand to our neighbours. We are always open to dialogue but there is only one framework we can use to resolve our differences. International law and unwritten principles of good non-neighbourly relations,” he said.

“I want to be absolutely clear. We will not accept overt acts of aggression that violate our sovereignty and territorial rights, including overflights of the Greek islands which must cease immediately.

Returning to a point raised on the first day of his visit to the United States, he said that “the last thing NATO needs at a time when all the focus is on helping Ukraine defeat Russia’s aggression is another source of instability on NATO’s southeastern flank.”

He called on US lawmakers “to consider this when making defense procurement decisions regarding the Eastern Mediterranean”, a clear reference to reports that US President Joe Biden was considering asking Congress to vote for an upgrade of Turkish F-16 fighter jets.

He also called on Congress to play its part in supporting global democracy.

“We need to strengthen our democratic institutions to tackle the root causes of our citizens’ anger and mistrust. We must tackle income inequality without losing the dynamism of our open economies, we must reform social media so that it becomes less socially corrosive, and we must train our young people to seize the opportunities of democratic citizenship in this new era,” he said.

He admitted that the need to reinvent “democracy to meet the challenges of the 21st century may seem like a tall order, but it is the mission of our generation”.

Finally, Mitsotakis called the Greek-American community “an unbreakable bond that will always unite our two countries.”

“Those who sailed to this country were not philosophers and poets like their noble ancestors. For the most part, they were simple workers and they eagerly took any job they could. But no matter how uneducated the Greeks were or how menial the work, they generally applied themselves with great determination and seized every chance to prosper in life and educate their children,” he said. he stated about the tens of thousands of Greeks who emigrated to America.

The United States “has offered them a better future, fulfilling the solemn duty that each generation should be able to live a better life than the last. They lived the American dream but never forgot where they came from. Today, Greeks living in the United States and the three million Americans who identify as Greek include some of the most respected leaders in the arts, sciences, education, medicine, justice and politics.

“I bring you here today the promise of the people of Greece that we will stand with the people of the United States whenever necessary to ensure that the hopes of our ancestors bequeathed to the world 25 centuries ago will endure and that the dream of freedom because every human being on this planet will never die.

“Long live the friendship between Greece and the United States of America,” he concluded.

Attorney General warns New Yorkers to beware of scams in wake of Buffalo shooting | Featured story


STATEN ISLAND, NY (TNS) – Following the terrorist attack in Buffalo on Saturday in which 10 people were fatally shot, New York Attorney General Letitia James issued an alert warning all New York residents to beware of potential fraudulent charities.

Classified as a hate crime by authorities, 13 people were shot and 10 were killed in the shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo on Saturday. Eleven of the 13 victims were black, law enforcement officials said.

Payton Gendron, 18, of Conklin, NY, who drove into a Buffalo supermarket and allegedly killed 10 people on Saturday afternoon has been charged with murder, according to a report in www.syracuse.com, SILive.comsister site.

James’ office has warned that scammers are using the incidents as such to make money and divert donations from intended recipients.

James said scammers will take advantage of kindness for personal gain.

“As New Yorkers across the state show their support and solidarity with the Buffalo community, I urge them to be careful of fake charities and make sure they donate to organizations and trustworthy groups,” James said, “I join the entire Buffalo community and all of New York State in mourning this senseless and hate-filled act of terror.

The Attorney General’s office also released advice for those looking to donate to anyone affected by the Buffalo shootings: — Always check the charities you are donating to before donating money. Most charities are required to register and file financial reports with the Charities Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office if they solicit contributions from New Yorkers. To view his reports, go to CharitiesNYS.com. — Before donating money, ask yourself how your gift will be used. Find more than the case and research which entity will receive the money and the programs it runs. — In the aftermath of tragedies, new organizations are often created. While some are well-meaning and provide innovative support, others lack the experience or the infrastructure. Some may turn out to be scams. — If you receive an email about donations, it is best to contact the charity whose name is in the email and find out if the email is really from the charity. — If you donate through social media, be careful. Find the identity of the fundraiser organizer. Donors should only donate to campaigns run by people they know. Research the charity yourself to confirm that the charity is aware of the campaign and has given approved permission for the use of its name or logo. — If you receive text messages about a charity, make sure the charity allows contributions by text message. — When making a donation, give directly to the charity or by check payable to the charity. Otherwise, don’t give money. — When making a donation, be careful not to give out your credit card or personal information, whether by phone, text or social media. Make sure the charity and campaign are legitimate when you offer your information.

If you believe an organization is misrepresenting its work or a charity fundraiser or scam is underway, the Attorney General’s Office asks New Yorkers to contact the Charities Bureau at [email protected] .

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British mother raped on holiday in Corfu as ‘hotel worker’ arrested for ‘sexual assault’ after party


A UK mum was allegedly raped on the Greek island of Corfu after returning to her hotel after a night out.

A man who police sources say is a hotel employee has been arrested after the woman gave a description of him to police.


British tourist allegedly raped in Corfu, GreeceCredit: Getty

The woman went to police in the early hours of Sunday morning to tell police the man had assaulted her.

She would have been in a “bad state” when she arrived at the station located in the north of the island.

A police source told The Sun Online that the woman was on vacation with her boyfriend in North Corfu.

After a night out, the couple returned to the hotel but the woman woke up to find the man on top of her, the source said.

Police then arrested a 40-year-old man based on his description and brought him to the station, where the tourist identified him as his attacker.

The man denied the rape charge and claimed the woman had consented to have sex with him.

He remains in custody while a complaint is filed against him.

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Hero Neighbor Risks His Life To Save Toddler Hanging From Window 100 Feet High

The British tourist will undergo a forensic examination today, according to Greek media.

A spokesperson for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “We are in contact with the Greek authorities following an incident in Corfu and stand ready to provide support if required.”

The Sun Online has contacted Corfu Police for comment.

British mum raped on holiday in Corfu as ‘hotel worker’ arrested for ‘sexual assault’ after party


A UK mum was allegedly raped on the Greek island of Corfu after returning to her hotel after a night out.

A man who police sources say is a hotel employee has been arrested after the woman gave a description of him to police.


British tourist allegedly raped in Corfu, GreeceCredit: Getty

The woman went to police in the early hours of Sunday morning to tell police the man had assaulted her.

She would have been in “bad condition” when she arrived at the station located in the north of the island.

A police source told The Sun Online that the woman was on holiday with her boyfriend in North Corfu.

After a night out, the couple returned to the hotel but the woman woke up to find the man on top of her, the source said.

Police then arrested a 40-year-old man based on his description and brought him to the station, where the tourist identified him as his attacker.

The man denied the rape charge and claimed the woman had consented to have sex with him.

He remains in custody while a complaint is filed against him.

Chilling Photos Found On Camera Show Mysterious Last Moments Of Lost Hikers
Hero neighbor risks his life to save a child hanging from a window 100 feet high

The British tourist will undergo a forensic examination today, according to Greek media.

A spokesperson for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “We are in contact with the Greek authorities following an incident in Corfu and stand ready to provide support if required.”

The Sun Online has contacted Corfu Police for comment.

Hydra, one of Greece’s most captivating islands


What do you think of a trip to one of the most beautiful islands in Greece just an hour from Athens?

Hydra is a perfect escape from the city, making it an ideal day trip, where you can hike along the coast (head to the monastery of Profítis Ilías at the top of the hill) or simply spend a day at the pristine beaches.

Hydra Island
Marina on the island of Hydra

Just an hour’s journey from the port of Piraeus by hydrofoil, this wonderful island is undoubtedly a place worth spending more time, and was once home to musician Leonard Cohen and many other artists, who fell in love of this captivating island.


Widely known as one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, Hydra is part of the Saronic Islands and is only an hour by hydrofoil or two hours by ferry from Piraeus. Its most famous for its beautiful architecture, pebble beaches and captivating character.

Hydra Island

One of the greatest parts of this beautiful little paradise is that there are no cars allowed on the island other than garbage trucks and ambulances. The main mode of transport here is mules and donkeys, as well as water taxis.

Hydra Island

Its natural beauty and fascinating history began in the 18th century when Hydra was prosperous thanks to its commercial fleet which traded with countries like Spain, France and America. The island also played a major role in the 1821 War of Independence, providing a significant amount of ships and resources in the fight against the Ottoman Empire; their fleets were powerful and participated in crucial naval battles.

Hydra, one of the most captivating islands in Greece 2

Today, it thrives due to its natural beauty and charm, which has won over local Greeks and international visitors, including celebrities, fashion designers, artists, photographers and writers.

With 300 churches and six monasteries across the island, as well as plenty of gorgeous beaches, fabulous tavernas and hikes, there’s certainly plenty to see and see.

Hydra Island

Hydra’s main cathedral is located in the center of the harbor below the clock tower. It is said to have been built by a nun when she arrived in 1643 and consists of a magnificent Byzantine-style cathedral.

Founded in 1918, the Historical Archives Museum displays rare artifacts and documents related to the historical, traditional and cultural aspects of the island from 1708 to 1865. Within the museum is an Archives and Museum Section and a Library. Kountouriotis The museum is dedicated to Lazaros Koundouriotis, who played a key role in the War of Independence. It was built in 1780 and features beautiful interiors and paintings by Greek artists. Ecclesiastical Museum located on the west side of the monastery and housed in a former monk’s cell.

Hydra, one of the most captivating islands in Greece 3

Some of the must-see beaches include Vlychosa beautiful pebble beach in the picturesque town of the same name, just 2 km west of Hydra Town, Kaminia1 km west of Hydra town and near the village of Vlihos, the shallow waters of Kaminia make this pebble beach ideal for families and children, Spilia is a rocky “beach” with translucent blue waters and Agios Nikolaos, which is a secluded and beautiful sandy beach.

No visit to Hydra is complete until you’ve taken a boat trip as the island is just 50 square kilometers and is spectacular from the water.

Whichever direction you turn, it’s truly captivating!

*All images courtesy of Nick Bourdaniotis Photography (Copyright)

On this day in 1771, Laskarina Bouboulina was born

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Lawyers for former CT resident Nathan Carman have been given time to ‘investigate’ the allegations, court documents show


RUTLAND, Vt. — A former Connecticut resident accused of killing his mother off Block Island in 2016 to inherit part of the family’s estate has asked to postpone his detention hearing scheduled for Monday to give his federal public defenders a chance to “investigate” the allegations.

Nathan Carman, 28, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Wednesday in a Vermont federal courthouse to first-degree murder and multiple fraud charges related to the death of his mother, Linda Carman.

The eight-count federal indictment, which was unsealed last week, also alleged that Nathan Carman shot and killed his grandfather, John Chakalos, at his Windsor home in 2013 to defraud insurance companies. assurance. However, Carman was not charged with this murder.

During a search of Carman’s home in Vermont last week, federal agents found $10,000 in cash, according to court documents seeking to hold him without bond.

“Carman’s alleged conduct clearly illustrates the danger to the community: the evidence shows he killed not once, but twice,” Vermont U.S. Attorney Nikolas Kerest said in his motion. “Furthermore, the individuals Carman killed were members of his own family. For an individual to kill members of his own family, nothing is excluded. »

A federal judge granted Kerest’s request to continue the case for three days, court staff said. But Carman’s public defenders were granted an extension on Friday after saying they needed more time to craft an argument against being held without bail while they review evidence, according to court documents.

“Counsel intends to search for potential witnesses, register and conduct further consultations and investigations, all of which will be of the utmost importance to this court’s consideration of … factors at the hearing. detention and the attorney’s argument for release,” said Federal Public Defender Michael Desautels. mentioned.

The assistant U.S. federal prosecutors prosecuting Carman did not object to the suit, Desautels said in the motion. Carman was asking for an “indefinite period” extension until his lawyers were ready to argue for his release.

Chief Justice Geoffrey Crawford granted the extension for 60 days while allowing the defense to file an extension if needed.

The lawsuit is the latest delay in a complex case that has baffled investigators for nearly a decade.

In 2016, authorities allege that Carman took his mother on a fishing trip aboard his boat – named the Chicken Pox – with the intention of killing her in hopes of inheriting her money, according to the deed. federal prosecution.

Nathan Carman, a former Middletown resident, was found alone in a life raft eight days after the boat left a Rhode Island marina. His mother was never found.

His grandfather’s estate is worth $42 million and has not been settled, according to Connecticut probate court records.

“As a central part of the scheme, Nathan Carman murdered John Chakalos and Linda Carman,” the indictment reads.

The alleged scheme began in November 2013 when Nathan Carman purchased a Sig Sauer rifle using a New Hampshire license he had obtained, despite living in a rented apartment in Bloomfield, according to the indictment.

The indictment alleged that “Nathan Carman murdered his grandfather, John Chakalos, shooting him twice with the Sig Sauer” as the man slept in his Windsor home on December 20, 2013.

Authorities believe Nathan Carman also threw a GPS device in his truck and his computer hard drive to cover up the murder, according to the indictment. Windsor police said they turned the investigation over to the state attorney general’s cold case unit.

After his grandfather died, the indictment claimed that Carman received approximately $550,000 between a beneficiary account at death and a college account created by Chakalos.

After moving to Vermont in 2014, Carman used up most of that money in 2016, according to the indictment.

“As of the fall of 2016, he lacked funds,” the indictment reads.

“In September 2016, Nathan Carman arranged to go on a chickenpox fishing trip with his mother, Linda Carman,” the indictment reads. “Nathan Carman planned to kill his mother on the trip. He also planned how he would report the sinking of the Chicken Pox and the disappearance of his mother at sea as accidents.

The indictment claimed Carman killed his mother and then hid from search and rescue teams after the ship failed to return. It was eventually picked up by a commercial vessel.

The following month, he filed an insurance claim for $85,000 for chickenpox, according to the indictment. He lost the claim after a nearly three-year court battle. His mother’s sisters also fought in probate court to bar Nathan Carman from inheriting his mother’s share of the estate.

The beautiful city over 2 hours from London that looks like the Cotswolds but without all the tourists


As we soon approach summer, many of us Londoners are looking forward to a well-deserved holiday respite – whether it’s a weekend getaway to Bath or a an all-inclusive package in Corfu, going on holiday is the perfect answer to everything. If you’re already flying off to somewhere tropical this summer and can’t get enough of the travel bug, then why not take a train and explore some of the most beautiful countryside the UK has to offer.

Unsurprisingly, the Cotswolds are a popular holiday destination for Britons and tourists alike, largely due to the excellent transport links offered by major cities such as London, Birmingham and Bristol. The quiet, delicate little towns of the gentle hills have plenty of beautiful scenery to offer while the cobbled streets are often lined with stone houses and tea rooms, giving visitors the perfect dose of ‘country living’.

For every town in the Cotswolds receiving endless accolades and attention, which we are not mistaken, is well deserved, but elsewhere in the UK there is an underrated town that remains a locals best kept secret. One of them is Stamford in Lincolnshire, which has every part of “the harmonious, honeyed aesthetic of the Cotswolds”, as a travel site described it as.

READ MORE: Ridiculously beautiful town 2 hours from London named one of the best places to live where you can buy a house for £360,000

Shoppers will love Stamford High Street and all its shops

In 2021, The Sunday Times dubbed it the best place to live in the Midlands and praised it for its ‘architectural eye candy’ which resembles the setting of a period drama. As it proudly celebrates its local independent shops including Sinclairs and Stamford Cheese & Deli.

Stamford’s magnificent Georgian architecture is home to some of the best-kept pubs and restaurants, including The Kings Head on Maiden Lane, which serves superb mouth-watering roasts and generous toast with chips. While The Mad Turk, a Turkish restaurant on Pauls Street, serves out-of-the-ordinary chicken skewers with colorful dips.

The perfect place to stay seems to be The George of Stamford, a historic hotel that has kept its period features intact. The rooms are traditional but remain comfortable and elegant. It’s no wonder this town is often compared to the Cotswolds, it has the charm, elegance and quirky shopping, without the overwhelming number of tourists who love to visit.

How to get there

It will take you just over two hours by car from London, while you can take a train from St Pancras International to Leicester followed by another train from Leicester to Stamford – which takes around an hour and 51 minutes in a good day. Very simple really.

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30 million migratory birds stop on the Greek islands


Thirty million birds “stop” on the Greek islands. About 185 million birds migrate to the country every year at this time.

Antikythera is one of the small islands in the Mediterranean, where small migratory birds, such as the most common shrub in Greece, as well as the rudd, stop to rest and eat on their way to Africa.

About 185 million birds migrate over Greece each year at this time. In fact, around 30 million of them have to “refuel” and relax on the first island that comes along. This highlights the need to protect small islands in the Aegean, Libyan and Ionian seas and to actively fight against poaching in the Ionian Sea.

The new data comes from a study conducted by the Department of Biology of the University of Ioannina in collaboration with the Ornithological Station of Antikythera.

The report was published by the Hellenic Ornithological Society on the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Migratory Birds (Παγκόσμιας Ημέρας Μεταναστευτικών Πουλιών).

According to the study, every year billions of birds of thousands of species embark on a massive journey after wintering in Africa to breeding grounds in northern Europe. “Migration is the most complex activity in the life cycle of these birds, as it requires significant energy,” says Tassos Bunas, researcher at the University of Ioannina and head of the ROUTES research program.

“Migratory birds have to cross the Sahara Desert, perhaps with stops to rest and feed, which does not exist when crossing the Mediterranean. They can travel up to 2,800 kilometers without stopping,” says the expert.

We must protect the habitats of migratory birds and fight poaching, especially in the Ionian Sea.

Based on past (since 2007) and recent measurements, researchers estimate that around 185 million migratory birds pass through Greece each year. Of these, 60% belong to just three species: the swallow (σταυλοχελίδονο), the white warbler (θαμνοφυλλοσκόπο) and the ruddy warbler (θαμνοτσιροβάκο).

As part of the study, experts captured (in a way that did not harm them and then released) migratory birds of 18 species (out of 66 that pass during their migration above Greece) in Gavdos, Antikythera and Strofada.

Scientists measured their body fat and weight, thanks to which, using mathematical models, they calculated how long these birds could still fly (or had to stay on these islands for several days to feed and recover).

It is estimated that around 30 million birds arrive each year on the Greek islands so exhausted that they have to stay there for some time before continuing their flight.

The birds with the greatest amount of fat (23% of their mass) were yellow warblers (κιτρινοστριτσίδες), and those with the least were swallows (8.7%). “Very few birds come to the Greek islands with the strength to continue right away. “Most of them suffer from severe malnutrition,” says Bunas. A study offers a first quantification of birds likely to cope to future changes in their migration paths due to climate change.

In the future, climate change will threaten migratory birds. First, their breeding grounds will move further north, so they will have to travel greater distances. Secondly, according to the models, the Sahara desert will increase, so their food and leisure possibilities will be limited. These developments will further enhance the importance of the Greek islands as stopovers. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect bird habitats, as well as to fight against poaching, especially in the Ionian Sea.

ITA Airways launches the summer season on the French market


PARIS, May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Yesterday at the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris, ITA Airways, Italy’s new national airline presented the summer season in the French market to representatives of the press as well as to commercial partners on the French market. The Company aims to offer eleven daily flights between France and Italy by June, in order to meet the travel needs of tourists and business travelers.

ITA Airways, which started operations on October 15, 2021, is an efficient and innovative air carrier that will be a point of reference in providing Italy with quality connectivity with national, international and intercontinental destinations. ITA places customers at the center of its strategy, thanks to a strong digitization of processes that guarantees a first-class experience and personalized services, combining it with environmental sustainability (new green and technologically advanced aircraft, use of sustainable fuels) and integrating sustainability into internal strategies and processes.

The development of the intercontinental network represents one of the main assets of the Company, a strategy which will also be consolidated thanks to the arrival at the end of May of the new latest generation Airbus A350, which will join the Airbus A330 already in service with the fleet since the start of the summer season on long-haul destinations.

ITA Airways’ route expansion for this summer focuses on the French market, which is the most strategic European market after Italy and the United States, as well as the one with the largest number of Italian- French. Indeed, the ITA Airways program for the French market will be reinforced with an additional line between Paris CDG and Milan Linate from May 16, which completes the offer with three daily flights. In addition, we are also strengthening the connections between Nice and Rome – already operational – from June 1, with a second direct flight to Rome Fiumicino.

Additionally, there are three daily flights to Rome Fiumicino from Paris CDG and three flights from Paris Orly to Milan Linate, the city’s airport.

The launch of these new routes consolidates the process of expanding the French market, which aims to reach a total of 72 weekly flights between France and Italy by July 2022, for a total of 11 daily flights.

The multiple offers from the Rome Fiumicino hub will allow ITA Airways to be the reference carrier from France to Italy and via Rome to Europe and the Mediterranean for the Italian community and the main communities in Mediterranean countries.

From Paris-CDG and Nice airports, connectivity is ensured with the main Italian destinations: Alghero, Brindisi, Bologna, Bari, Cagliari, Catania, Gene, Milan-Linate, Naples, Olbia, Palermo, Reggio Calabria (from Paris- CDG only) , Lamezia Terme, Turin, Trieste, Venice. From July, the destinations of Florence and Verona will be added to the network. From Paris-Orly, the national destinations accessible by Milan-Linate are: Alghero, Brindisi, Bari, Cagliari, Catania, Naples, Palermo, Reggio Calabria, Lamezia Terme.

During the 2022 summer season, ITA Airways will also offer the most popular Mediterranean destinations with new flights to Italian islands, including Sardinia served by both Rome Fiumicino and Milan Linate. As well as seasonal flights, departing from Rome FCO and Milan Linate, during the month of August to Spain, Greece and Croatia, Lampedusa, Pantelleria; (destinations served: Corfu, Heraklion, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Ibiza, Minorca, Majorca, Kefalonia, Dubrovnik, Split).

In addition to these five routes already operated to North America, a new destination from Rome Fiumicino to Los Angeles will be added in June, bringing the offer from Italy to the United States to a total of six daily flights.

The summer season will also see the addition of new flights from Rome Fiumicino to Buenos Aires and São Paulo from early June. These new routes will allow ITA Airways to expand in South America, which has always been a favorite destination for Italian vacationers and a country with the largest community of Italian origin.

The centrality of the French market in ITA Airways’ strategy is also reflected in the major marketing campaigns launched in recent months in Paris and Nice, with billboards in the main French stations and places of passage such as La Défense or the department stores in Boulevard Haussman.

Local presence is also provided by the ITA Airways France team who work with travel agencies, business partners and the web to ensure coverage of key customer segments, including business, leisure and of affinity.

Finally, thanks to a strong commercial partnership with the main commercial partners and companies, ITA Airways ensures the complete distribution of its flights covering each segment of passengers in France.

Launched in early March, ITA Airways’ summer 2022 season includes 64 new destinations, including 23 domestic, 34 international and 7 intercontinental. Through codeshare agreements with major international carriers, ITA Airways continues to grow its network through partnerships with other global carriers – providing a preferred route to the company’s most attractive markets, first and primarily in Europe and America, but also in Africa and Saudi Arabia.

The codeshare agreements allow ITA Airways to join the entire national network of other international carriers with direct flights from Rome Fiumicino and Milan Linate to their hubs. A total of 24 codeshare agreements have been signed to date, for a total of more than 270 destinations served on which ITA Airways will use its own codes.

All ITA Airways flights can be purchased at ita-airways.com, at the ITA Airways call center or at travel agencies and airport counters.

Voluntary Program
Concerned about maximum customer orientation, ITA Airways launched on October 15, 2021 “Volare”, its new loyalty program, also available to French customers. It was designed as an open ecosystem of services and products, made available by ITA Airways and its partners to guarantee customers a unique 360° travel experience. Since March, the program has been enriched with new features that increase its flexibility and ease of use and offer frequent travelers everything they can expect from a program dedicated to them.

Volare extends its strength by relying on the four values ​​on which it was developed: “Freedom”, “Personalization”, “Choice ” and “Connection” :

Volare is a “tailor-made” program which consists of four exclusive clubs, on an ascending scale of increasing premium levels and dedicated priority services: Smart, Plus, Premium and Executive. With every purchase on ITA flights, customers can earn the points they need to upgrade the Club and enjoy various premium benefits and services. Moreover, from Club Smart, as the access threshold increases, the benefit for the customer also increases in terms of multipliers and services available.

Volare already has many members, both Italian and foreign. To date, the program has more than 361,500 members, of which more than 40,000 are Elite members (ie Club Plus, Premium and Executive). This result is also important because it is consolidating itself on the international market: 35% of participants in the Status Match campaign come from foreign companies.

About ITA Airways
ITA Airways is a company 100% owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance for the exercise of activities in the air transport sector. ITA Airways aims to create an efficient and innovative air carrier that will become a point of reference for providing Italy with quality connectivity both in terms of international destinations, thus stimulating tourism and foreign trade, and within of the country, also taking advantage of air-train mobility integration. ITA Airways will place the best customer service at the center of its strategy (through a strong digitization of processes that guarantee a first-class experience and personalized services), combined with sustainability, in its environmental aspects (new green and technologically advanced aircraft, consumption of sustainable fuels), social (equality and inclusion for a gender-neutral company) and governance (integration of sustainability into strategies and processes) internal aspects). ITA Airways has been a member of the SkyTeam alliance since October 2021.

For more information:
LaPresse SpA Communications and Press Office Director
Barbara Sanicola [email protected]

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From Paris to Corfu, discover the best rated European hotels on Tripadvisor


With summer vacation fast approaching, many of us are putting the finishing touches on our travel plans.

And since accommodation is often the last thing to book, Tripadvisor’s latest award winners may be the inspiration you need. Results are available for 2022 stays, featuring top-rated hotels around the world.

Europe does well across all categories, and the UK particularly triumphed in the ‘best B&B’ league – with a humble Scarborough company topping the list two years in a row.

But if you like the sun, then these famous hotels in Spain, Italy, France and Greece are the places to go. As the winners are based on the quality and quantity of traveler reviews and ratings posted on Tripadvisor over the past year, it is extremely unlikely that you will be disappointed.

The travel company has checked the listings to make sure they deserve the best billing.

From the best hotels overall to boutique bed and breakfasts and romantic resorts, here’s why thousands of travelers have given these places five stars.

7. Ikos Aria – Kos Island, Greece

This Greek gem ranked third of all hotels in the world in Tripadvisor’s Best Hotels category and, behind Costa Rica and Brazil, was the official European favorite.

Its location clearly helps, perched on the southwest coast of the island of Kos, with incredible views of the Aegean Sea. As part of the sunny Dodecanese Islands, the abundance of vitamin D surely prompts customers to write more positive reviews.

Grounds maintenance and friendly staff also receive commendations.

“An absolutely stunning hotel in the most breathtaking locations,” writes one reviewer. “With immaculately maintained grounds, a wide sandy beach, crystal clear sea and views of the beautiful island.”

6. Hotel Bless – Madrid, Spain

If you want to explore Madrid in style this year, this sophisticated hotel is your safest bet.

What better place to enjoy a siesta than on one of the sun loungers by the rooftop pool, after a morning spent strolling through the city’s incredible galleries and museums?

It came in 10th out of all hotels in the world, for a range of reasons, according to this reviewer.

“Not only is the place classy, ​​stylish and vibrant, but the staff are first class as well. They ensured that our stay at Bless was unique, memorable and incomparable,” they wrote.

5. Ikos Dassia – Corfu, Greece

Another Greek hotel closely followed the Bless Hotel – this time on the island of Corfu.

Ikos Dassia is a new 5 star resort with its own long sandy beach so there is no stress finding your place in the sun.

“The staff can’t seem to do enough for you, the restaurants including the buffet are very good, the place is spotless and the facilities second to none,” said one satisfied guest.

4. Favart House – Paris, France

It can be difficult to know where to start when booking accommodation in the French capital. Which district are you going to, when there are so many attractions around?

But only one place in Paris made the list of Tripadvisor’s top 25 hotels, and that’s La Maison Favart, in the 2nd arrondissement – between the Jardin de Tuileries and Montmartre.

Not only is it conveniently located, it’s also lavishly decorated and – according to at least one reviewer – “Absolutely brilliant in every way!” The staff are particularly attentive, they added, and there’s a wonderful spa to relax in after strolling the streets of Paris.

3. Salerno Centro Bed and Breakfast – Amalfi Coast, Italy

Although no Italian hotels are in the top 25, they are well represented in the Best B&B category (as well as the UK which, while not always perfect in all areas, excels in the fried breakfast department) .

Best of all is Salerno Centro on the beautiful Amalfi Coast. It is located in a former 15th century convent, a stone’s throw from the station. People report it’s very reasonably priced, with the owner overflowing with advice on what to do and where to visit.

A frequent guest was eager to return after last year’s lockdown. “It was quite a moving moment for me when I felt, again, the laughter and joy around Lena and Pasquale’s kitchen table during and after another cooking class,” they wrote.

2. Quinta Jardins do Lago – Madeira, Portugal

This year’s most romantic hotel in Europe is located in a botanical garden. From its Tripadvisor page, it is unclear where the gardens end and the accommodation begins.

But that’s clearly part of the beauty for thousands of guests who bumped it up to number 4 in the romance category.

“Wonderful quiet hotel,” one guest wrote last month. “Only a few minutes from the bustling tourist area of ​​Funchal, it is set in an outstanding botanical garden, with a lovely swimming pool overlooking the sea.”

If you’re curious about Madeira as a destination, check out our guide to the magical island of black sand beaches and ancient forests here.

1. Excelsior Parco Luxury Villa – Capri, Italy

Unsurprisingly, Italy is also full of romantic places to stay. As a couple or not, you will fall under the spell of Villa Excelsior.

There is a particular pleasure in staying on the site of a 2,000 year old ancient Roman residence, knowing that they would have enjoyed the same view of the Bay of Naples.

It underwent a major renovation in 2006 making it the elegant character villa it is today.

“There are only 11 rooms in this hotel and they are all unique,” ​​a newlywed wrote last month. But, “as beautiful as the hotel is, it’s the staff that really shines.”

Inside Sri Lanka’s Giant Economic Mess, The Big China Link


Crisis in Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka has declared that it will default on its external debt of 51 billion dollars. (Case)


Sri Lanka is going through its worst economic crisis since gaining independence from Britain in 1948. Months of prolonged blackouts and severe shortages of food, fuel and medicine have infuriated the public, with huge protests demanding the resignation of the government turning violent this week.

AFP reviews the origins of the economic disaster that has snowballed across the South Asian island nation:

– White elephants –

Sri Lanka has spent a lot of money on dodgy infrastructure projects backed by Chinese loans that have added to its already unsustainable debt.

In the southern district of Hambantota, a huge deepwater port haemorrhaged money from the start of its operations, losing $300 million in six years. Nearby are other Chinese-backed extravaganzas: a huge conference center, largely unused since it opened, and a $200 million airport that at one point couldn’t make enough money to pay his electricity bill.

The plans have been pushed by the powerful Rajapaksa family, which has dominated Sri Lankan politics for much of the past two decades.

– Unsustainable tax cuts –

President Mahinda Rajapaksa was removed from office in 2015, in part over a backlash against his government’s infrastructure campaign, which was mired in corruption claims.

His younger brother, Mr Gotabaya, succeeded him four years later, pledging economic aid and tough action against terrorism after the deadly 2019 Easter Sunday attacks on the island.

Days after taking office, Gotabaya appointed Mahinda Rajapaksa as prime minister and unveiled the biggest tax cuts in Sri Lanka’s history, deepening chronic budget deficits.

Rating agencies quickly downgraded the country, fearing public debt was spiraling out of control, making it harder for the government to secure new loans.

– Pandemic blow –

The tax cuts were spectacularly ill-timed: a few months later, the coronavirus began to spread around the world.

International tourist arrivals have fallen to zero and remittances from Sri Lankans working abroad have dried up – two economic pillars on which the government has relied to service its debt.

Without these sources of overseas cash, the Rajapaksa administration began using its stockpiles of foreign currency to repay loans.

– Ban on fertilizers –

Sri Lanka has rapidly depleted its foreign exchange reserves at an alarming rate, prompting authorities in 2021 to ban several imports, including – critically – fertilizers and agricultural chemicals that farmers need to make grow their crops.

The government sold this policy as part of an effort to have Sri Lanka become the world’s first all-organic farming nation, but its effects have been disastrous.

Up to a third of the country’s agricultural fields have been left fallow by farmers and the resulting drop in yields has hit tea production, a vital source of export revenue.

The policy was eventually scrapped in late 2021 after protests by farm workers and soaring food prices.

– Shortages and breakdowns –

By the end of 2021, Sri Lanka’s reserves had fallen to $2.7 billion, down from $7.5 billion when Rajapaksa took office two years earlier.

Traders began to struggle to find foreign currency to purchase imported goods. Staples such as rice, lentils, sugar and powdered milk began to disappear from the shelves, forcing supermarkets to ration them. Then gas stations began to run out of gasoline and kerosene, and utilities were unable to purchase enough petroleum to meet electricity demand.

Long queues now form every day across the country by people waiting for hours to buy scant fuel, while power outages keep much of the capital Colombo in darkness each night.

– Debt and default –

Gotabaya Rajapaksa appointed a new central bank chief in April, who quickly announced that Sri Lanka would default on its $51 billion external debt to save money for essential imports.

The move failed to shore up Sri Lanka’s deteriorating finances, and it had only about $50 million in usable foreign currency by early May. The country is currently in negotiations for a rescue plan from the International Monetary Fund.

Mahinda Rajapaksa, the prime minister, resigned on Monday in a bid to appease the public after weeks of protests against government mismanagement.

But central bank chief Nandalal Weerasinghe said on Wednesday that unless a new administration takes charge soon, the country faces imminent economic collapse.

“No one can save Sri Lanka at this stage,” he said.

(Except for the title, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

A Greek island is betting on a green future


When deciding where to test green technology, Greek policymakers chose the furthest point on the map: tiny Tilos.

Electricity and basic services, even access by ferry, are all challenges for the island of barely 500 inhabitants year-round.

His most recent problem involves plastic.

But authorities announced this week that more than 80% of Tilos’ waste is now recycled.

The shadows of visitors are seen on the old landfill on the island of Tilos in the Aegean Sea in southeastern Greece (Thanassis Stavrakis/AP)

A landfill where untreated waste was once buried on a hillside has been permanently closed.

The island has already generated most of its own electricity since 2019, using a solar farm and a wind turbine linked to trailer-sized batteries that maintain an uninterrupted supply.

S-shaped and slightly larger than Manhattan in New York, Tilos is a distant member of a chain of islands in the southeastern Aegean, where most beaches are empty, goats roam beside the century-old churches and the jagged mountains smell of wild oregano.

Autonomy is a necessity here and a source of pride.

The same goes for technology adoption.

At the main port, electric vehicles buzz past tourists, transporting goods.

Solar panels power information panels at bus stops and a ramp for people with disabilities to access the sea.

Mayor Maria Kamma-Aliferi said the dwindling population of Tilos added to the urgency for change.

Tilos Mayor Maria Kamma-Aliferi in front of the map of the island as the sentence reads in Greek
Tilos Mayor Maria Kamma-Aliferi in front of the map of the island as the phrase reads in Greek ‘The future starts from zero’ at a recycling plant built on a former landfill (Thanassis Stavrakis/AP)

“In the 1990s, there were 270 people left on this island. There were very few births. The school was in danger of closing because it had so few children – I was one of them,” she said.

“And the island was almost completely deserted.”

But the mayor stayed on the island and took college correspondence courses to prepare for business school and learn about public administration.

“We’ve come to the brink, and I think that’s what drives us now,” she said, standing at the site of the former landfill where flowers have now been planted.

With tourism in the Mediterranean set to rebound this summer from the worst of the pandemic, many Greek islands are facing urgent pressure on their resources: a lack of clean water and a reliance on diesel to generate electricity as energy prices continue to soar.

Greece has around 200 populated islands, many of which still experience power outages in the summer and struggle to cope with overflowing landfills, normally hidden in the hills.

Tilos is expecting 30,000 visitors this summer, while the neighboring island of Rhodes is expected to receive more than two million by air alone.

Starting in December, Tilos piloted a garbage collection program, with residents handing out recycling kits and asking them to wash and sort garbage.

An elderly woman picks up a recycling bag after workers picked up rubbish from her home on the island of Tilos in the Aegean Sea in southeastern Greece
An elderly woman picks up a recycling bag after workers picked up trash from her home (Thanassis Stavrakis/AP)

“It’s working. We started with 10 houses and are now at over 400,” said Athanasios Polychronopoulos, who runs a Greek recycling company, Polygreen, which offered the service for free, hoping to expand its model. .

“It’s an island community that is open to change. He volunteered to host refugees and organized the first same-sex partnership ceremony in Greece. We had other options, but we knew we had to start here,” he said.

The old landfill site has been replaced with a recycling plant where waste is separated on steel sorting tables to produce powdered glass, cement mix, compost fertilizer, cardboard drums and compressed paper and plastic string that an art gallery is using to make 3D printed sofas and furniture.

The plant currently processes around two tonnes of waste per week, most of which is fully recycled.

Around a third is composted and 15% – classed as “non-recyclable” – is sterilized and ground up for use in construction.

Recycling plant workers separate waste on a sorting bench on the island of Tilos in the Aegean Sea, southeastern Greece
Recycling plant workers separate waste on a sorting bench (Thanassis Stavrakis/AP)

The company uses a proprietary application to prepare incoming waste that is weighed at each door-to-door pickup.

It did not release financial details of the plan.

“We keep making mistakes and learning,” said Mr. Polychronopoulos.

“To our surprise, the elderly are the best at sorting waste. It makes sense, if you think about it: they can remember what things looked like before there was plastic. »

Some locals also remember that it was rare to see a ship pass by Tilos.

Rhodes is still two hours away by ferry; mainland Greece is 15.

Hotel owner Akis Sartzetakis and his friend are reflected in a mirror as three men walk by the beach on the Aegean island of Tilos in southeastern Greece
Hotel owner Akis Sartzetakis and his friend are reflected in a mirror as three men pass by Tilos beach (Thanassis Stavrakis/AP)

“We always wondered where all the plastic would go. And deep down inside, we always thought we had to do something about it,” says beachfront restaurant owner Nikos Atsiknoudas.

Between preparing meals, waiting tables, and clearing them for new customers, staff pour everything into color-coded bins.

“It’s extra work, but no one can argue with the long-term benefits,” he says.

“We have a lot of foreign visitors. They are more used to recycling than us and they love it.

Official visits to Tilos are rare and greeted with fanfare, with children in traditional costumes congregating at the port.

The most recent was Greece’s energy and environment minister, Costas Skrekas, who arrived with aides from the prime minister’s office to tour the new recycling plant.

“Our small islands are facing difficulties due to the remoteness from the mainland and the (environmental) burden of tourism,” he said after meeting schoolchildren during a recycling awareness class.

“Once again the beautiful island of Tilos is a trendsetter.”

How Long Does Bad Credit Last? Find Out Now!

How Long Does Bad Credit Last? Find Out Now!

How Long Does the Good Stuff Stay on My Credit Report?

The average life span of positive information in your credit report can be between 10 and 10 years. At the end of that time, a account that has been closed usually ages away from your report and takes any positive information.

If you maintain your account maintained in good condition, the account may be a positive influence to the quality of your credit for an indefinite period of time. For instance, if you’ve maintained an identical credit card for over 20 years and always made payments on time it’s a good thing that is still on your credit report. This also increases the lifespan of your credit which is beneficial for your credit score.

Pro suggestion: If you’re able to do this without causing yourself to get into debt, you should keep your old credit cards open and make use of occasionally but make sure to pay the balances off immediately. This will keep the accounts in good standing and report towards your credit Bureaus. This could improve your credit score.

How Long Does Negative Information Stay on Your Credit Report?

The length of time negative information is for on your credit report is different. It is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) defines the restrictions for reporting the various types of derogatory marks. However, certain limits differ based on state laws. This is how long the occurrences of negative credit background are generally recorded on consumer reports, as required under the FCRA.

Late Payments: Seven Years

Late payments are reported for up to seven years after the time the late payment occurred. For example, suppose you failed to make the credit card payment a few years ago, and you continue to use the credit card. Also, you have to make your payments punctually following the late payment. If the late payment has been 7 years old it generally will not be considered in the history of the particular account in your credit report.

Pro advice: If you make an unintentional payment Contact your credit card company to inquire if they could be willing to defer reporting it to credit bureaus, and/or to reduce the fee for late payments. A lot of credit card companies are willing to do this in the event that your payment track record is impeccable up to the mistake.

Charge-Offs: 7 Years

In the event that you do not pay your debts like a charged-off credit account or installment loan balance, can be listed in the credit file for seven years following the date that the charge was made. The term “charge-off” refers to the time when the creditor is authorized to write the debt off of its books as it is a loss.

Be aware that just because a creditor writes off your debt that is not paid as a loss does not mean that you aren’t responsible for the debt. Your creditor might sell the debt it has charged to a collection company for pennies per dollar. The collection agency could then try at collecting the amount on a new basis.

Pro advice: If the debt was paid off, you should contact the creditor who originally charged you to discuss an agreement. Since the debt is a long time ago and more likely to not pay, the lender might offer less than the amount you owe in order to make the debt settled.

Foreclosures and Short Sales: 7 Years

A foreclosure may be in your credit report for as long as seven years following the date that the filing of the foreclosure. Same goes for the short sale that could appear upon the credit file as an unpaid charge, settlement, a deed in lieu of foreclosure, or “settled for less than the full amount due.” However you report it, sale is considered to be a derogatory act.

Tips for a successful loan: In the event that you are unable to repay your loan due to financial difficulties Contact your lender as quickly as you can. You could be eligible for a variety of relief programs, which include specific programs like COVID mortgage relief, as well as loan programs offered by lenders, such as refinancing or forbearance.

Hard Inquiries: Two Years

There are two types of inquiries. Only one, a hard inquiry, can hurt the credit score. A soft inquiry, for instance, an account audit by the current credit card issuer, will not hurt your credit score.

Hard inquiries happen when you make an application for credit for example, an upcoming credit account, while a prospective lender is reviewing your application. A hard inquiry can hurt your credit score however, it shouldn’t be long-lasting. Hard inquiries are only in the credit record for two years and will only impact the credit score for a period of 12 months.

A tip for you: The majority of credit scoring models combine inquiries that to the same kind of loan, for example mortgages, which are available for 14 to 45 days, depending upon the credit scoring model. This permits borrowers to compare lenders. If you’re looking to compare for mortgage, auto or student loans, you can apply for them all in a short period of time so that your credit score will only be affected one time.

Collection Accounts: Seven and a Half Years

A collection account may be in the credit file for seven years, plus 180 days after the day of debt that was due prior to the any collection activity. In this case, let’s say you weren’t happy with your cable bill. You missed the bill in January but then caught up in February, only to be unable to pay it all over again in April and March. Then your cable company is able to send its bill directly to the debt collection agency. The collection account will remain in the credit file for seven years, plus 180 days from the day the bill was due in March.

Although evictions aren’t listed the report on the credit report, your collection account could when your landlord has you turned into the police for not paying rent.

This is the part that many people do not like whether or not you paid the debt collection account the account will remain on your report for the time. Except for medical debt collection, these are now likely to disappear once they’re paid. Certain credit scoring models don’t take in collections accounts after they’ve been paid, however many do.

Pro tip: Collections that are paid typically impact your score less than collections that are unpaid. It’s important to think about this in deciding if you should pay off a debt that you have owed.

Bankruptcy: 7 or 10 Years

Bankruptcies are reported in the public archives part in credit reports. Chapter 7 bankruptcies may be listed for 10 years after the date of filing. Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharges Chapter 13 bankruptcies are generally taken out after seven years following the date of filing.

A tip for you: Even if you’re undergoing bankruptcy, specifically one that is a Chapter 13, you can still have a positive effect on your credit score. Be punctual with your payments and manage credit prudently to aid in rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy.

Don’t Want to Wait? Here’s What You Can Do Now

These timelines assume that the information in the credit report is honest and exact. If you suspect that the collection account has been listed multiple times or the date is incorrect such as, for instance it could be an argument to question the validity of the report and have it deleted off the credit report. This can help increase the quality of your credit score.

If you suspect that incorrect information is harming your credit then you may want to work with an credit repair service to dispute the inaccurate information. Credible credit repair companies like Lexington Law Firm, can assist you in challenging incorrect information and assist you to take advantage of your right as a consumer . collaborate with credit bureaus to demand the removal of any unfair information removed from the credit report.

Are you unsure of where you are with regards to credit or worried about the possibility of negative information not being resolved in the proper timeframe? Join ExtraCredit to gain valuable information on your FICO scores, as well as an exclusive discount on credit repair services in the event that you require them.

Local hero – crazier than crazier


They love their sporting heroes in Australia, and one of them has brought the country to a complete halt. In 1987, Wayne Gardner became the first Australian to win the world premier class title. Australia has gone Grand Prix crazy. Each race was broadcast live on terrestrial television. The Phillip Island circuit, most famous for its penguins, was completely renovated to host the first-ever Australian Grand Prix in 1989. Gardner, who was voted Australian Sportsman of the Year in 1987 ahead of the Wimbledon tennis champion Pat Cash, had lost his title to Eddie Lawson in 1988. He came to the second round of the 1989 Championship in bad shape after nearly losing a vital part of his anatomy in a dreaded slip and fuel tank collision while finishing fourth at Suzuka. in Japan. Australia held their breath and Gardner didn’t let them down. Just 0.47s separated winner Gardner, Wayne Rainey and Christian Sarron after 30 laps of pure theater that put the whole nation on hold. My sister-in-law, a senior nurse at a Perth hospital, was the first to break through the barriers opposite the pit lane onto the track to celebrate. She was followed by thousands more as Australia went crazy. It was impossible to leave the island by bridge or ferry that night. The 100km journey to Melbourne the next morning took hours with roads adorned with flags and banners. Front-page headlines in all newspapers and television and radio news programs.

Fly into the well-heeled Athenian summer in Porto Heli, Greece


Monday 09 May 2022 11:28

THE WEEKEND: If you’ve done Crete, Corfu and Kos, follow the royalty, billionaires and famous celebrities on the Greek Riviera. Located in the eastern Peloponnese, pretty Porto Heli is known as the Hamptons of Greece and has been a favorite holiday destination for wealthy Athenians for years. It is the ideal break between two centers if you also have time to visit the capital. Everyone from Tom Hanks to Ronaldo retreats to the area’s clifftop villas to enjoy secluded coves, olive-covered hills and deserted beaches.

OR? A three-hour drive (or 20-minute helicopter jump) above the forested mountains of the capital, Porto Heli is a remote fishing town on the Aegean coast. Hotels are in short supply although chic global beach brand Nikki Beach has a property and major chains are moving in soon. Instead, bring a group and pick up a sprawling villa outside of town. The Greek Villas portfolio manages private properties across the country, but their Porto Heli locations offer supreme luxury to do nothing with style. Enormous Villa Esquire has a separate beach house larger than the average London flat while Villa Tatler is a modern, all-white laying rug that looks straight out of Love Island.

An aerial view of Villa Dwell

THE STAY: Villa Dwell is complete with its own bell tower, a mini vineyard and a garden filled with wildflowers, lavender and lemon trees. There is a huge saltwater swimming pool lined with day beds and a picturesque al fresco dining terrace overlooking the idyllic pebbled cove below, accessed by a private path through the gardens. Eight bedrooms sleeping 16 have spectacular sea views, limestone floors and marble en-suite bathrooms filled with organic produce made from local olive oil. Grab the master if you can for a vaulted wooden ceiling, spalike walk-in shower, and floor-to-ceiling glass doors to wake up to a view.

THE FOOD: There are several good restaurants in Porto Heli, but if you don’t want to spend half your trip navigating nausea-inducing winding roads, plan to eat there. A private chef can be arranged for an additional fee and is well worth it. Ours are stacked halloumi salads, delicious flaky cheese pies and grilled meat platters with tzatziki and pitta. They will also stock the fridge with wine and snacks for you to help yourself to while lazing by the pool.

The private swimming pool

ASK ABOUT: Island hopping without a backpacker. The villa’s concierge service can arrange a private boat to pick you up from the villa’s beach and take you directly to the elegant, car-free island of Spetses, once Greece‘s second largest shipping hub. Take horseback and carriage rides to tour the island, stroll through the old port, and people-watch at seafood restaurants.

AND AFTER THAT? A day trip to the ancient open-air theater of Epidaurus is worth a visit. Ascend to the upper tier of marble seating for mountain views and amazing acoustics to hear someone speaking without a microphone on the stage far below. Next, call in beautiful Nafplio, once the capital of Greece and now a charming seaside town with a magnificent Venetian fortress, narrow lanes draped in blooming bougainvillea, and a gelateria on every corner.

MUST KNOW: Rates per night at Villa Dwell start from €2,140 thegreekvillas.com or call +30 210 64 10 280

Airport chaos continues: TUI asks passengers to bring their own food and drink on board


Passengers on TUI flights have been warned that they may need to bring their own food and drink on board in the coming weeks.

Staffing issues at the company’s catering provider mean that, for now, they cannot serve hot or cold meals and sandwiches on short and medium-haul flights. The snacks and drinks they are able to provide might also be ‘limited’.

In a statement, the company said it is contacting customers to let them know they are bringing their own supplies on board.

“Customers may therefore want to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages on board (alcohol prohibited). All soft drinks over 100ml will need to be purchased after clearing security,” TUI said.

But buying airside food and drink can be difficult for those caught up in the long check-in and security queues that caused chaos in the UK and Europe in recent weeks.

Staff shortages at airports have left thousands of passengers running for their flights with no time to shop once they arrive airside.

Last week, Airports Council International (ACI) warned that delays were inevitable at most European airports this summer due to understaffing caused by a lack of financial support for the airline industry during the pandemic.

For which TUI flights do I have to buy food and drinks?

TUI stressed that the issue would not affect meal services on its long-haul flights to Aruba, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, Orlando and Saint Lucia.

The Anglo-German holiday and flight company serves more than 70 destinations worldwide from 21 UK airports, including European holiday hotspots, the Greek Islands, the Balearic Islands, the the Canary IslandsTurkey, Croatia and mainland Spain.

Of the 21 airports from which TUI operates, 15 are affected by catering issues: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Doncaster Sheffield, Dublin, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Humberside, Leeds Bradford, Luton, ManchesterNorwich and Teesside.

“Rest assured that we are continuously monitoring the situation and working closely with our suppliers to limit the impact on onboard service for our customers,” TUI said.

Meet Isa: she’s Gerber’s adorable new spokesperson


ISLAND OF STATEN, NY — Gerber announced the winner of its 12th annual photo search, who will serve as the 2022 Gerber Spokesbaby and the honorary role on Gerber’s Executive Committee as Chief Growth Officer (CGO).

Isa Slish of Edmond, Okla., captivated the jury with her overwhelming happiness and bright, bright personality, Gerber announced in a Press release.

“Isa is a strong, amazing little girl who loves interacting with the world around her and nothing will stop her. Her smile lights up the room and her laughter is irresistible,” said Meredith Slish, Isa’s mother. Before she was born in September 2021, we knew Isa was special, and she’s shown that to us every day since she came into our lives.”

When Slish was 18 weeks pregnant with Isa, the family learned that she would be born without a femur or fibula in her right leg. As spokespersons, the family hopes Isa’s story can “raise more awareness of member differences and create greater inclusion for kids like her,” according to Slish.

“Because, just like Isa, they too can be or do whatever they want!” she added.

Isa enjoys spending her days chatting with her older sister, Temperance, 4, and enjoying the breeze outside in the evenings with her dad John. Her favorite foods include Gerber Sweet Potato Puffs and Gerber 1st Foods Butternut Squash.

He’s a super happy baby who loves to play with his hippopotamus and listen to the soundtracks of his favorite movies.

As part of Spokesperson 2022 and CGO’s mandate, Isa will work with Gerber to help the next generation of babies grow and thrive. She will have the opportunity to act as the official Head Taste Tester to taste and review new baby food products and provide Gerber’s leadership team with “advice” on what babies need to eat. ‘coming.

“Gerber’s photo search is an opportunity to celebrate the joy that babies bring. We are thrilled to welcome Isa to the Gerber family as this year’s Spokesbaby and Chief Growing Officer,” said Tarun Malkani, President and CEO of Gerber. “Isa’s submission brought smiles to all of our faces, and she truly embodies the idea that every baby is a Gerber baby. We couldn’t be more excited to work with Isa and her family throughout. next year to find moments of joy for every Gerber baby.

Photo Search was inspired by countless photos sent in by parents who see their little one in the iconic Gerber baby logo, which features the original Gerber baby, Ann Turner Cook.

The campaign celebrates babies and families from all walks of life, underscoring the belief that every baby is a Gerber baby.

In addition to the opportunity to be featured in Gerber’s social media and marketing campaigns throughout the year, Isa and her family received a cash prize of $25,000, a free Gerber product for up to one year. , a $1,000 CGO wardrobe courtesy of Gerber Children’s Clothing and a $1,000 gift card from ezpz for all of Isa’s dishes and meal utensils.

In addition to being the spokesperson for Gerber and CGO this year, Gerber will match Isa’s $25,000 cash prize with a donation to support March of Dimes’ maternal and child health programs.

“With this year’s donation supporting March of Dimes Maternal and Child Health Programs, Gerber reinforces its long-standing partnership to give every family the best possible start,” said Stacey D. Stewart, President and CEO. of the leadership of the March of Dimes. “We are proud to be part of this year’s photo search and join Gerber in congratulating Isa and her family! »

To learn more about Isa and her journey to CGO, visit gerber.com/photosearch.


Our family vacation to Corfu was ruined after easyJet refused to let us on the flight


A MUM said a family holiday in Corfu was ruined after easyJet staff refused to let them board their flight.

Nicci Lou, 43, and her two children were heartbroken after being escorted out of Gatwick Airport, despite their papers still being up to date.


Nicci Lou and her children were hoping to fly to Corfu for their first holiday since the pandemic1 credit

The family had hoped to fly to the Greek island, their first vacation since the Covid pandemic, to celebrate Nicci’s divorce.

But their plans were dashed when gate staff told her she couldn’t fly because Nicci’s passport was about to expire, even though it was still up to date.

Under post-Brexit rules, countries require passports to be valid for at least three – or sometimes six – months after your travel dates.

The mother and her two children were in tears after being turned away and told to go to the information desk for help.

Jet2 Holidays launches sale with beach breaks from £169 pp in May
The Vacation Island That's Always Hot - And It's Only Hours Away

However, when she arrived, she was escorted out of the building by two security guards.

Nicci told the Mirror: “I made a mistake and didn’t know for the three months from the date you pick up the rule. The problem I have is that I had gone as far as ‘to the gates, almost to the plane, before they said no.

“Then they told us to go to the information desk. They were trying to get rid of me and my crying children. The information desk said they had nothing to do with the theft and that there was no supervisor.

“They escorted us out of the airport, one in front, one behind.

“I had to go through passport control while my children were crying. Then we were left outside the airport gates.

“I shouldn’t have reached the plane doors to be chased away like a stowaway.”

Nicci said she scanned their passport five days in advance and everything was fine until they approached the boarding desk and were told they weren’t allowed in to get on the plane.

Despite kicking herself for making the mistake with her passport, she was stunned that easyJet didn’t warn her of the problem in advance.

“All I want the airline to tell me is if their technology as a digital airline does not allow their app to verify passport details, will they add a pop-up?” she asked.

“Something that will let people know that the boarding pass doesn’t mean they have access to the plane.

“Something that preferably shares the ‘average’ passport requirements. So that other people, other young children, don’t go through that.”

An easyJet spokesperson said: “easyJet follows current government rules on passport validity as set out by the governments where we operate.

“As his passport was unfortunately not valid for his flight, we were unable to allow him to travel on this occasion.

“We remind customers when booking and before they travel via email to ensure they are aware of the travel requirements for the destination they are traveling to and it is customers’ responsibility to s ensure they have valid documentation for the trip.”

The news comes after families were told not to book holidays until they have new passports.

As many as 9.5 million passport applications are expected to be filed this year, after millions expired during the pandemic.

New Doctor Who revealed as Sex Education star replaces Jodie Whittaker
Spain's 10 best beach resorts... but Barcelona is NOT on the list

This has led many families to wait far longer than the recommended five to six weeks to collect their passports.

The government has since warned Britons should not book holidays until they collect their passports as they have different numbers.

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Greece gets 30% of Thomas Cook bookings


Greece is currently the destination with the most bookings at Thomas Cook, CEO Alan French said at a press conference in Athens on Wednesday, with 30% of the travel organization bookings for just one country.

French added that some popular Greek islands, such as Rhodes, have seen an increase in bookings compared to 2021.

He said he met Angela Gerekou, a resident of the Greek National Tourism Organization, and discussed both mistakes made in the past as well as the new business model that will guarantee its customers’ money. Thomas Cook now works exclusively as an online travel business under the international Fosum Tourism group. French and Gerekou also mentioned the promotion of off-season tourism.

As the executive said at the press conference, Greece can offer a wide range of holidays to all travelers throughout the year, while the country is among Thomas Cook’s top destinations in the world, and British and Dutch visitors in particular.

He said the company was aiming for more flexibility and would take advantage of several airlines and types of hotel alternatives in Greece.

According to the company’s data, he said, Rhodes is the most popular island, followed by Crete, Kos, Corfu and Santorini. Couples prefer Rhodes for summer holidays, while Santorini comes third. Compared to 2021, he said, bookings for Rhodes have increased sevenfold, those for Kos have increased by 5.2, Crete by 4.6, Santorini by 3.9 and Corfu by 3, 6.

Regarding the war in Ukraine, French said bookings were higher than six weeks ago and customers seemed less concerned about the war. Additionally, there are more bookings closer to departure dates – 52% of bookings are for the next 10 weeks, he said.

The figures show that customers mainly book four- and five-star hotels and all-inclusive packages. The company’s data for Greece shows that 45% of Thomas Cook travelers prefer five-star hotels, while 58% prefer all-inclusive hotel packages.

The average travel expenditure for holidays in Greece is calculated at 2,600 euros, an increase of 5% compared to 2021. The average expenditure in Greece is 30% higher than in Spain, indicating the high level of all-inclusive and five-star hotels. in Greece, says French.

Is “Mamma Mia” coming back to Greece for a third film?

The first Mama Mia movie was shot in Greece. Credit: Universal Pictures

Fourteen years after the first Mamma Mia film was filmed in Greece, star Colin Firth teased this week that he would be returning for a third film.

“I think it could happen,” Firth said on “Good Morning America” ​​on May 5. “If you manage to do a second, I guess you can do a third, a fourth and a fifth. It was already a miracle.

He added: “And if people want it, I would do it just to see my friends again on a beautiful island.”

Mamma Mia takes place on the fictional island of Kalokairi in Greece

Set on the Greek island of Kalokairi, “Mamma Mia” movie star Meryl Streep (and Lily James) as Donna, a hotel owner who doesn’t know which of her three ex-boyfriends is the father biological of his daughter Sophie (Amanda Seyfried).

Grecian Delight supports Greece

Firth, Stellan Skarsgard and Pierce Brosnan play the trio of former beaus who could be Sophie’s father; following “Here We Go Again”, everyone feels like grandparents to Sophie’s child.

Christine Baranski, Andy Garcia and Dominic Cooper round out the cast, which included a cameo from Cher in the sequel. Ol Parker directed both feature films.

Mamma Mia’s first film was shot in Greece

The first film, which was shot in Greece, Skopelos, Skiathos and Pilio, was directed by Phyllida Lloyd.

The second film in 2018 “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”, was filmed in Croatia and directed by Ol Parker. He did not return to cinema in the Greek islands because of the complications created by the Greek bureaucracy.

The producers moved the filming location to a remote Croatian island, although the story was still based in Greece. The bad press from Greece at least prompted the Greek Film Commission to streamline the filming process in Greece and on the Greek islands.

Related: Skopelos: the tranquility of the Greek island of Mamma Mia

Firth revealed that as “unlikely” as it may seem, the “Mamma Mia” films were just as endearing to make as they were to watch.

“Quite often it looks like fun, but it’s not,” Firth explained. “Actually, we’re at work, and it’s hard work to make something fun. Not so much this time.

The ‘Staircase’ star continued, “We weren’t as drunk as we looked, but it was just the sheer joy of this group of people.”

A trilogy in sight?

Plus, a catchy ABBA soundtrack makes it impossible not to party: “There’s something about ABBA,” Firth said. “Whatever you think – that you liked them back then… It connects us all anyway because everyone knows that, so I think there’s a magic to that.”

“Mamma Mia” producer Judy Craymer previously told Vulture that it was still the idea to do a trilogy.

“I don’t think it would be that hard to get everyone together,” Craymer said. “I know I said there probably will be. I know. But it’s become such a big brand, and you just have to get it right. There are ideas and thoughts, and ABBA wrote more songs. I just gotta move when I’m ready.

Best last minute vacation with unlimited water park access


Is there anything better than a family vacation with unlimited access to water parks?

First Choice has launched a sale with up to 55% off water park holidays, from £226 pp.


First Choice has launched a sale with up to 55% off water park holidays, from £226 ppCredit: Getty

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First Choice’s SplashWorld vacations offer guests free admission to a popular area water park. Some properties have on-site water parks, while others are a short walk or shuttle ride away.

Destinations include popular hotspots in Tenerife, Mallorca, Sunny Beach in Bulgaria and Greece.

For self-catering, seven nights at Villa Mandi and Siam Park in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife, cost from £335 per person (saving £302). Leaving Gatwick on May 6.

The Siam Park water park is the largest in Europe and guests have unlimited access.

The water park offers many rides, including nine slides, waterfalls, a huge wave pool and the “Tower of Power”, a 28m waterslide with speeds of up to 49mph, while traversing a stocked aquarium of sharks and rays.

The cheapest option is from Globales Los Delfines in Cala’n Forcat in Menorca from £226 per person (save £293), departing May 9 from Stansted.

We’ve rounded up the best water park holidays available in May and June, with prices from £226pp for seven-night stays:

  • 7 nights half board at Globales Los Delfines in Cala’n Forcat, Menorca, departing 9 May from Stansted – from £226 per person (saving £293)
  • 7 nights all-inclusive at Aqua Mirage Club in Marrakech, Morocco, departing May 9 from Gatwick – from £331 per person (saving £395)
  • 7 nights all inclusive at Globales Bouganvilla in Sa Coma, Majorca, departing 13th May from Glasgow – from £336 per person (saving £383)
  • 7 nights all-inclusive at Club Mac in Alcudia, Mallorca, departing 10 May from Birmingham – from £349 per person (saving £371)
  • 7 nights all-inclusive at Aqualand Resort and Waterpark in Corfu, Greece, departing 16 May from Cardiff – from £315 per person (saving £400)
  • 7 nights all-inclusive at Aqua Nevis Clubhotel in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, departing 23 May from Cardiff – from £387 per person (saving £319)
  • 7 Nights All Inclusive at Globales Playa Estepona in Estepona, Costa Del Sol departing 15th May from Belfast – from £399 per person (saving £349)
  • 7 nights all inclusive at Aquasplash Estival Resort in La Pineda, Costa Dorada, departing 4th June from Birmingham – from £424 per person (saving £329)
  • 7 nights all inclusive at Porto Bello Beach in Helona Beach, Kos, Greece, departing 10th May from Gatwick – from £466 per person (saving £208)
  • 7 nights all-inclusive at Pegasos World in Side, Antalya region, Turkey, departing 10 May from Newcastle – from £499 per person (saving £291)

Prices are based on two adults and two children traveling together and sharing accommodation.

We found the cheapest holidays to Greece in May and June with breaks from £157 pp.

We’ve also found the cheapest all-inclusive holidays in Turkey – from £33 pp per night at 5* resorts.

Alternatively, for a break in the UK, Britons can take advantage of the May heatwave with stays from £4 pp per night.

The Siam Park water park is the largest in Europe, and guests have unlimited access when booking partner accommodation with First Choice.


The Siam Park water park is the largest in Europe, and guests have unlimited access when booking partner accommodation with First Choice.Credit: First Choice

Olympia Financial Group Inc. Announces Increase in Monthly Cash Dividend and May Dividend


CALGARY, Alberta, May 7, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Olympia Financial Group Inc. (“Olympia”) (TSX: OLY) is pleased to announce that its Board of Directors has approved an increase of $0.04 in the monthly cash dividend paid on the common shares of Olympia from $0.23 to $0.27 per common share share. Olympia’s new monthly cash dividend of $0.27 per common share will begin with the May 2022 monthly cash dividend. Olympia’s cash dividend payments to holders of Olympia common stock are designated as “eligible dividends” for Canadian tax purposes.

Consistent with the foregoing, Olympia’s Board of Directors has also declared a monthly cash dividend on Olympia common stock of $0.27 per common share. This dividend will be payable on May 31, 2022 to shareholders of record on May 19, 2022. The ex-dividend date is May 18, 2022.

Olympia designates the full amount of such taxable cash dividend as an “Eligible Dividend” for the purposes of the income tax law (Canada), as amended from time to time. Please contact your tax advisor if you have any questions regarding the eligible dividend designation.

About Olympia Financial Group Inc.

Olympia Financial Group Inc. conducts most of its business through its subsidiary Olympia Trust Company, a non-depository trust company. Olympia Trust Company is licensed to carry on trust business in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Olympia Trust Company administers self-directed registered plan accounts, provides foreign exchange and payment services, corporate trust services and transfer agency services. Olympia also provides private health insurance plans and information technology services to exempt market dealers, registrants and issuers through its subsidiary Olympia Benefits Inc.

Olympia’s common shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “OLY”.

Statements regarding forward-looking information

Portions of this press release and other public statements by Olympia contain “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities laws, which are also referred to as “forward-looking statements”, which may not be based on historical data. fact. Where possible, words such as “will”, “plan”, “expect”, “target”, “continue”, “estimate”, “plan”, “anticipate”, “believe”, ” intends”, “may”, and similar expressions or statements that certain actions, events or results “could”, “could”, “will”, “might” or “would” be taken, occur or be made, have been used to identify the forward-looking information. Forward-looking statements contained in Olympia’s public disclosure include, but are not limited to, Olympia’s earnings forecasts, fee income, expense levels, general economic, political and market factors in North America. North and internationally, interest and foreign exchange rates, global equity and capital markets, business, competition, changes in technology, changes in government regulations, unexpected legal or regulatory proceedings, events disasters and Olympia’s ability to complete strategic transactions and other factors. In addition, this press release contains forward-looking statements relating to the monthly dividend payments to holders of Olympia common stock.

All material assumptions used in making forward-looking statements are based on management’s knowledge of current business conditions and expectations of future business conditions and trends, including their knowledge of current interest rates and liquidity conditions affecting Olympia and the Canadian economy. Certain important factors or assumptions are applied by Olympia in making forward-looking statements, including, without limitation, factors and assumptions regarding interest and foreign exchange rates, the availability of key personnel, the effect of competition , government regulation of its business, computer failures or security. violations, future capital requirements, market acceptance of its products, its operating cost structure, current tax regime, and Olympia’s ability to obtain necessary third party and governmental approvals, if any .

See the source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220506005527/en/


Olympia Financial Group Inc.
Rick Skauge, President and CEO
Gerhard Barnard, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (403) 261-0900
Fax: (403) 265-1455

Saudi Arabia takes swift action to export solar panels worldwide


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Commercial Director of Desert Technologies Eng. Majid Refae confirmed that Saudi Arabia offers several programs that support Saudi manufacturers and facilitate the export of solar panels to all countries in the world.

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, Refae revealed that the Kingdom has defined its priorities for the production of green energy and is pushing companies and institutions in the sector towards the achievement of key objectives while expanding and developing their activities. in the next step.

Regarding the export of solar panels, Refae said it is vital as it helps to increase and create more employment opportunities in the Kingdom and contributes to Saudi Arabia’s GDP growth.

He recalled that the export of national products is one of the most important axes of Saudi Arabia’s national transformation plan, Kingdom Vision 2030.

In coordination with the Saudi Ministry of Energy, Desert Technologies plans to meet the needs of the Kingdom’s market. This includes the construction of solar power plants with a capacity greater than 2 megawatts for citizens and large consumers inside their facilities and homes.

Any surplus would be exported to the public electricity grid in 2022.

Export of solar panels:

The Kingdom has made great strides in exporting solar panels through several programs that support Saudi manufacturers, such as Saudi Export-Import Bank, Saudi Development Fund, National Companies Leadership Program.

“As a specialized company, we have had the privilege of cooperating with the National Business Leadership Program and the Export-Import Bank to sign solar panel export agreements to Europe, Africa and the United States,” Refae told Asharq Al-Awsat.

Positive Feedback:

In addition to generating more job opportunities for the youth of the Kingdom, the export of solar panels also contributes to Saudi Arabia’s GDP growth by focusing on the export business, which is the one of the main objectives of Kingdom Vision 2030.

Additionally, the manufacture and export of solar panels helps advance the Saudi Green Initiative which brings together environmental protection, energy transformation and sustainability programs to work towards a green future.

Desert Technologies, the first Saudi factory and company to export solar panels, has been keen to be one of the main contributors to renewable energy projects, Refae pointed out.

The company has developed a production line to manufacture cumulative capacity solar panels. This will help make Desert Technologies one of the largest national solar panel factories in the region.

Ministry of Energy:

“Our plan is compatible with the Ministry of Energy and aims to meet the needs of the Kingdom’s market for solar energy products,” Refae said, noting that the Saudi market is one of the largest Arab markets in need. of solar products.

“The residential sector in the Kingdom constitutes more than 50% of the market size,” Refae noted, adding that demand is increasing with the rise of new towns such as Neom.

“We are working to help realize plans to expand the use of solar power at the commercial and residential levels,” Refae said.

Saudi manufacturing:

Refae pointed out that the “Saudi Made” program is an important step for all Saudi manufacturers, as it reflects the ability of the Saudi product to compete with high quality.

“Saudi Made” builds a cooperative society linking several companies, in which adequate support is provided to the public and private sectors. It also helps to make Kingdom goods and services a preferred and prominent option locally and globally.

Export outside the Kingdom:

Regarding foreign projects, Refae added that Desert Technologies has expanded its participation in the framework of supporting the “Saudi Made” program and increasing the volume of Saudi non-oil exports.

Its activities have reached Greece, where it is currently supplying solar panels for renewable energy projects on one of the Greek islands with a capacity of 11 megawatts.

“The company has signed a commercial agreement with an American company to export solar panels to its projects in the United States,” Refae revealed.

The agreement places Desert Technologies in a leading position in the US market and strengthens its position in the field of production and export of solar panels internationally.

And in April, Desert Technologies signed an agreement with the Swiss/German group meeco to export its solar panels to Germany to implement several projects in the town of Lambsheim. Reaching new markets that had not been reached before.


Kikilias: growing interest of Romanian travelers for Greece


ATHENS — Romanian travellers’ growing interest in Greece, despite the pandemic “drag” over the previous two summers, is becoming even more apparent this year with demand reaching levels that travel agents estimate 2022 will be. better than 2019. was the message they conveyed to Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias, who is on a two-day visit to Bucharest, making contacts with tourism professionals and journalists.

“During a meeting I had with the Romanian Federation of Travel Agencies, they confirmed to me that Greece would be the first tourist destination this year for their summer holidays. Travelers from Romania will travel from first in Greece this year”, underlined Kikilias and added: “It is the result of very hard and constant work throughout the year, but also of a great collective and global effort made in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO), Marketing Greece and all the professionals in the country.We must be ready and organized to welcome people and offer them a unique tourist experience so that we can have them again with us next year.

Speaking to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, the vice-president of the Federation of Tour Operators of Romania pointed out that after two summers with restrictions and strict sanitary measures, this season opens with more freedom for Romanian tourists who show an even greater interest in Greece. and it is very likely that we will see higher arrivals than in 2019.

He also pointed out that Kikilias’ visit to Bucharest has a very strong impact on Romanian public opinion. As he said “the impact will be greater than advertisements that would cost a lot of money”, explaining that for Romanians “the presence of the Greek Minister of Tourism here is very important”.

“The first destination for those traveling by road is Thassos and Samothrace. These islands are now full of Romanians. However, they usually travel all the way from Alexandroupolis to Katerini and of course to Halkidiki. In recent years they have chosen other destinations like Corfu, Lefkada, Parga, Evia, etc. But apart from those who travel by road, it must be said that many people travel to the Greek islands by plane. In summer, 10-15 charter flights are launched from 10 cities in Romania,” he pointed out.

As noted by the head of the GNTO office in Bucharest, George Stafylakis, around 80% of travelers from Romania arrive in Greece by road. In 2019, the number of Romanian tourists to Greece reached 1,400,000.

Aquidneck Growers Market to Open at Embrace Home Loans


In the good news department, the Aquidneck Farmers Market has found a new home.

You can now find it every Saturday morning, rain or shine, from 9 a.m. to noon at 25 Enterprise Way in Middletown on the Embrace Home Loans campus, just between City Hall and the adjacent mall. .

The new spot comes with some nice perks that buyers will appreciate. First of all, it is centrally located with easy access just off East Main Road. There’s also plenty of space for the more than 25 vendors to sell their wide selection of locally sourced foods, plants, prepared foods and beverages.

Best of all, there is plenty of free parking. We look forward to continued market success and growth in its new home.

Dan Lederer

It was touch and go for a minute. If Middletown City Council hadn’t approved the market permit Monday night, the Farmers’ Market would have officially been homeless. Thankfully the council has passed and the market will debut in its new home on Saturday.

Congratulations also to the people of Embrace for taking over. As a company headquartered in Middletown, it’s nice to see their commitment to our island and their support of local nonprofits like the Aquidneck Community Table, the people who run the Growers Market.

“ACT is very grateful to Embrace Home Loans for offering to share their lovely place with us,” said ACT Board Chair Susan Wells. “It’s a great location with ample parking, and right on time too!”

After:The next generation of Plumbs to oversee the future of Newport’s Brick Alley pub

This will be the sixth move for the market in the past 30 months. That’s a lot of moving, making it a challenge for market goers who want a consistent presence. The market’s original home was at Newport Vineyards in Middletown, where it flourished for over 25 years. But as the winery and market grew, space became a challenge between parking issues and the conflicting needs of the event.

The market then moved to the roundhouse at Easton’ Beach in Newport, which seemed like the perfect fit. Then came COVID and the closure of all public buildings by the city, including the Rotunda. From there, the market was moved to the Gateway Visitor Center for some chilly Saturday mornings outdoors, and then to Pell Elementary School where it existed until the fall of 2021.

Karla Simmons of Simmons Farm assists a customer at the 2020 Aquidneck Farmer's Market.

For the winter, the market was moved to Stoneacre Garden in Newport, a good solution for the colder months, but not feasible for the busy spring and summer seasons. The market was due to return to Pell for the 2022 summer season, but very recently people learned that construction at the school would prevent the site from being used this summer.

Suddenly the market was homeless.

The Farmers Market is important to our community. It’s a place where we can all buy our locally grown fresh produce directly from growers and suppliers. There’s something special about filling your fridge with items you buy by putting money (or a credit card) in the hand of the person who actually harvested, cooked, or created it.

After:As Ragged Island expands, a familiar face from Newport’s craft beer scene comes aboard

It’s investing in our community — keeping our money local. Plus, the freshness of what you buy is unbeatable. Browsing the stalls on a Saturday morning looking for something to cook for dinner that night is as fresh as it gets. Additionally, you can afford some of the specialty items for sale.

But beyond the joy of shopping, the Growers Market has a significant impact on the community. Through a partnership with Farm Fresh RI, Aquidneck Community Table offers 100% matching for fruits and vegetables to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) customers who use their EBT allowance at a market.

In 2020-2021, ACT has matched nearly $30,000 for SNAP participants, which has had a substantial impact on addressing food insecurity in our own community. Many market vendors also accept WIC (women, infants and children). The Farmers Market helps provide our community with access to fresh, healthy, locally sourced food, as well as a food support program for community members struggling with food bills.

Young Ida can't wait to get to the Aquidneck Farmers' Market at her new home at Embrace Home Loans.

After:Here are the 10 best-rated Newport restaurants on Yelp

That is what community markets are for.

The new home for the Embrace Home Loans on-campus market will welcome many visitors this weekend. I hope we will have a nice warm day to enjoy it. The market will be there regardless of the weather, and you should be there too.

Because when someone moves into the neighborhood, it’s nice to visit them, especially when there’s good food.

Dan Lederer is a Middletown resident with 30 years experience in the restaurant industry throughout New England. He continues to work locally behind the scenes in the industry and remains a dedicated fan of all things restaurant and hospitality. His column appears on newportri.com and Thursdays in The Daily News. Cheers!

10 Greek Islands to Visit Instead of Mykonos


Mykonos has long been a go-to destination for backpackers and honeymooners, but as tourism picks up, many people are looking for alternatives. Fortunately, the Greek islands are not lacking with crystal blue waters, whitewashed buildings, sandy beaches and volcanic cliffs.

Consider these 10 alternatives to Mykonos when looking for a budget-friendly, less crowded getaway.

ten Naxos

Travelers looking for the white-and-blue Cycladic architecture and design of Mykonos without the revelers and crowds should consider booking their Naxos vacation instead. Naxos is just over an hour from Mykonos by ferry and retains all the desirable benefits of visiting the South Aegean without the high price and tourist crowd density.

Visitors can relax on the white sands of Plaka Beach or visit the hilltop castle, Kastro. The whitewashed medieval houses of Chora will make your dreams of a Greek island vacation come true.

9 paros

A short ferry ride from Naxos is the popular Cycladic island of Paros. Although still a favorite among tourists, Paros is cheaper and less crowded than Mykonos or Santorini with all the charm. Paros has vibrant blue waters, romantic stone streets and whitewashed buildings with blue roofs.

The main attractions on the island include visiting Panagia Ekatontapiliani (a historic church) and the Frankish castle of Parikia. There are also many beautiful beaches like Kolymbithres beach, Monastiri beach and Piperi beach.

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8 Milo

Milos is an up-and-coming destination for travelers looking for more affordable alternatives to Mykonos and Santorini. It is still part of the Cyclades but is located west of the other popular islands in the region. The main settlement on the island is Plaka, but it’s worth venturing to the village of Firopotamos for at least a day to experience life in a Greek fishing village.

A must-see spot in Milos is Sarakiniko Beach, which features white volcanic cliffs that contrast beautifully with the vibrant blue of the Aegean Sea. Many visitors come here for the thrill of cliff jumping.

7 Zante

Travelers keen to explore islands outside the Cyclades can enjoy another side of Greece; that usually means lower prices and more local experiences. Zakynthos is an island in the Ionian Sea and has some of the best natural scenery in the region.

Zakynthos is particularly famous for Navagio Beach, nicknamed Shipwreck Beach. This sandy cove is on the northwest shore of the island and is where visitors can see Panagiotis, the ship that ran aground here in the early 1980s.

6 Icaria

Back towards the Aegean, Ikaria is a unique choice for a Greek island getaway. Ikaria is one of the five “blue zones” in the world, which are the regions where people statistically live the longest. Every third resident of Ikaria lives over 90 years old, and it is common for people to live here until they are 100 years old.

Spending time here can help travelers understand the secrets of a long life. There are valuable lessons to be learned by speaking with locals and observing their way of life. Besides being a blue zone, Ikaria offers beautiful beaches like Nas beach and quality wine at Afianes Wines.

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5 Rhodes

Rhodes is part of the Greek Dodecanese Islands and is closer to mainland Turkey than to mainland Greece. The medieval city of Rhodes is the island’s must-see attraction and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The landscapes of the island are spectacular with towering mountains and contrasting seascapes. Many visitors enjoy windsurfing and kite surfing on the south coast of the island.

4 Kefalonia

Located to the west of mainland Greece, Kefalonia sits on the Ionian Sea. It has a dry landscape, limestone cliffs and white sand beaches. The waters here are incredibly blue and the colorful buildings give the island a different feel to life than the Cyclades.

Kefalonia is easy to reach from Athens as it has its own airport (Kefalonia Anna Pollatou International Airport). Direct flights from Athens are short, taking just over an hour.

3 Skiathos

A lesser known group of islands off the coast of Greece is called the Sporades. The Sporades comprise 24 islands on the east coast of the country in the Aegean Sea. Travelers looking for a less touristy Greek destination will love the island of the Sporades, Skiathos. Skiathos has an outdoor cinema for evening entertainment, cafes and many quaint shops.

The main attraction is Lalaria beach, accessible only by boat. Lalaria offers shocking turquoise waters and white stone cliffs rising from the sea. It takes only 40 minutes to fly from Athens to Skiathos International Airport.

2 Kalymnos

Kalymnos is another island in the Dodecanese grouping and is the perfect marriage with Rhodes for a week-long Aegean getaway. Kalymnos was originally a sponge fishing village, with the industry supporting much of the island’s economy until the sponge fish population died out. Between 1859 and 1967 Kalymnos lost over 90% of its sponge-fishing population.

Today, tourism is booming on the island and becoming a popular destination for adventurous travelers who enjoy rock climbing. The easiest way to get there from Athens is to fly to Kos and take a ferry.

1 Anafi

Another jewel of the Cyclades, Anafi is located near Santorini. It offers the same whitewashed buildings and stone streets as Mykonos while taking travelers off the beaten track. Due to the limited tourist population here, there isn’t the same level of infrastructure as some of the other Greek islands on this list. Hence, one can spend a lot of time relaxing on peaceful beaches and enjoying the tranquility of this hidden oasis in Greece.

Visitors can admire the magnificent whitewashed architecture of the Church of Panagia Kalamiotissa before heading to the beach. Livoskopos, Roukouna and Katsouni are the most popular beaches on this small island.

a colorful street in Greece

Learn the culture of Greece: 10 things to know before visiting

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Greece will promote the tourist product through a “door-to-door” strategy


Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis (R) with Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias and Deputy Tourism Minister Sofia Zacharaki.

Greek Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias announced that he will follow a “door to door” strategy to promote Greece and thereby connect with target markets on a personal level.

Speaking in a recent interview with Real News, Kikilias said he soon plans to visit a number of countries in the near future and promote Greece “door to door” to spread the message that the country is “the most beautiful part of the world”. ”.

The first step of the Greek tourism minister will be Romaniaa country from which Greece could attract more travelers by road.

Next on the minister’s agenda will be a visit to Serbia, Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

Kikilias pointed out that the Greek government, after dealing with the main external challenges in recent years, has managed to create an “climate of trust and security” for Greece for foreign countries.

“The country’s brand name has been enhanced worldwide… This has resulted in a strong tourist flow, which creates significant prospects for boosting the Greek economy through tourism,” he said.

Target: Promote lesser-known destinations

Photo: GTP

During the interview, Kikilias recalled that the ministry’s strategy includes spotlighting lesser-known tourist destinations.

“This year, for the first time, the GNTO and the ministry have launched a campaign that will run for 12 months of the year,” he said.

Year-round campaign promotes continental winter destinations; city ​​breaks in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities; and all the islands, especially the lesser known ones.

“It’s our design. Promoting lesser-known destinations, incomparable beauties, unknown to many travelers, which are found in every corner of the country,” Kikilias said, stressing that tourism is the most powerful means of regional development and boosting the economy. .

“On our small islands and in our mountainous areas, investments are flowing in and tourism revenues are increasing strongly. In the same context, the tourism investments that are currently being implemented throughout Greece will improve the quality of our brand and contribute to the emergence of new destinations,” he said.

Greek tourism in 2022

Commenting on Greece’s tourism performance so far, the minister referred to “very encouraging” data which includes high numbers of foreign visitors during the recent Easter holidays.

“After two years (following the pandemic), our country welcomed travelers to winter destinations, weekend city breaks – mainly in Athens and Thessaloniki – and now for the first 20 days of April, the data are very positive for the Greek economy and for the income of the average Greek family,” said Kikilias.

The Minister also seemed optimistic that the Greek tourist season could again extend beyond autumn, as was the case last year when many Greek islands such as Rhodes and Corfu welcomed tourists during the winter months 2021 and 2022.

Additionally, in early March, Greece saw the first cruise ships of the season arriving in Piraeus, Thessaloniki and Heraklion, earlier than ever. Additionally, during this month, US carriers began launching the first direct flights for 2022 from the United States. The minister said he expects more than 470,000 travelers to arrive in Athens this year from Washington, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston and New York.

Ο υπουργός τουρισμού βασίλης κικί! "Ελ.  Βενιζέλος", Τρίτη 8 μαρτίου 2022. έφτασε σήμερα η πρώτη, για φέτος, απευθείας πτήση της Delta, από νέα υόρκη για αθήνα.  ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ/ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ/Αλέξανδρος Μπελτές

“Our goal is to have tourists and visitors to Greece all year round,” he said.

Kikilias also spoke about the energy crisis, high prices and the general insecurity caused by the war which also affects Greece, as it does for all other countries.

“We are still living in a pandemic environment and unfortunately we are in the midst of a tragic war in the heart of Europe, which is of course affecting tourism worldwide. We will continue to work hard to achieve the best possible for the country,” he added.

30 million euros for the 2022 holiday subsidy program

At this point, the minister announced that the ministry plans to renew the “Tourism for All” holiday subsidy program for this year.

Aimed at low-income Greeks, the social tourism program “Tourism for All” offers subsidized holidays throughout the year. The program also aims to boost domestic tourism for the benefit of companies in the sector.

According to Kikilias, the program for 2022 will be launched in July and 30 million euros will be allocated from the state budget to give the possibility to Greeks to enjoy holidays in the country. More details should be released soon.

To follow GTP headlines on Google News to keep up to date with all the latest news on tourism and travel in Greece.

Virgin Voyages heads down as Resilient Lady announces new Australian homeport


Resilient Lady, the newest Ladyship in Virgin Voyages’ four-ship fleet, will make its way down via a 44-night transcontinental voyage in October 2023, offering British sailors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to set sail Virgin Lane along the high seas from Athens to Sydney.

London, United Kingdom – Virgin tripsRichard Branson’s award-winning cruise line is targeting Australia and New Zealand, announcing Melbourne, Australia as the brand’s new homeport in 2023.

resilient ladythe newest Ladyship in Virgin Voyages’ four-ship fleet, will make its way down via a 44-night transcontinental voyage in October 2023, offering British sailors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to set sail Virgin-style along the high seas from Athens to Sydney.

With the UK being the fourth largest market for inbound visitors to Australia, transcontinental travel offers the perfect way to see the land Down Under, while stopping off at some of the most amazing places in the world along the way.

Sailors will experience the glamor and unparalleled service synonymous with the Virgin brand on three different routes leading Resilient Lady from Athens to Australia. The first 14-night stay takes sailors to Dubai, stopping in Santorini and Rhodes, before visiting Cairo and the Great Pyramid of Giza. From Dubai, Resilient Lady sails to Singapore via Mumbai and Goa, the final 15-night voyage taking her to Sydney, via the South Pacific, including an overnight stay in Bali. After this epic journey, Resilient Lady will arrive at her new home at Station Pier in Port Melbourne, Victoria.

President and Chief Experience Officer of Virgin Voyages, Nirmal Saverimuttumentioned: “New Zealand and Australia are two spectacular countries, and we knew these destinations, combined with the Virgin Voyages experience, would make for the most amazing vacation. With sister ship Scarlet Lady sailing the beautiful Caribbean seas and the Valiant Lady enjoying the Mediterranean sunshine, we can’t wait to mark the arrival of Resilient Lady to the South Pacific seas. We’re thrilled to now be able to offer travelers access to even more amazing destinations, and we look forward to welcome sailors – old and new – aboard for a sailing experience like never before.

Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard Branson described it as an exciting milestone for the brand: “Australia and New Zealand hold a very special place in my heart and we can’t wait for them to meet our Resilient Lady and experience all she has to offer in true Virgin style.” said Sir Richard.

“For more than 50 years, Virgin businesses have been innovating and improving industries for our customers. Virgin Voyages is charting its own course, offering a new perspective on cruise travel with all the elements of the Virgin experience people love.

Exclusively for adults, voyages from Station Pier in Port Melbourne will take on a “superyacht style” envisioned by a creative collective of the world’s most renowned interior designers. Ranging from 2 to 14 nights with a mix of itineraries, sailors will experience culinary offerings led by Michelin-starred chefs at six iconic restaurants and over 14 other restaurants, unparalleled health and wellness offerings and entertainment from festival style – all inclusive.

New Zealand routes include stops in cities such as Auckland, Dunedin and Christchurch, with destinations across Australia including Hobart, Burnie and Sydney.

Resilient Lady will sail through New Zealand and Australia from December 11, 2023 to March 27, 2024. Bookings are now open and sailors can save up to 30% on voyage fares. For those wishing to board earlier, Resilient Lady will depart in August from Piraeus (Athens) calling at Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos, Dubrovnik and Corfu.

10 affordable accommodations in Santorini to book this summer


Santorini is one of the most popular Greek islands for honeymooners, backpackers, and family getaways, and for good reason. This idyllic Cycladic island offers temperate blue waters, dreamy orange sunsets and delicious dining options. Santorini deserves a spot on every traveler’s bucket list, but for those on a budget, it might seem like an unreachable destination.

Luckily, there are several affordable lodging options, under $150 per night, for those who know where to look. These are 10 options to make those Santorini travel dreams come true without breaking the bank.

ten Villas in Stavros

Backpackers looking for budget accommodation on the island of Santorini should look no further than the charming Stavros Villas. Travelers can book these villas through Hostelworld.com and cost around $150 per night, depending on what time of year they plan to stay.

The low price is due to the villas location about 15 minutes from the main town of Fira, in an area called Karterados. The hostel is on a quiet country road and offers a nice pool and free breakfast included with the reservation. The owner and manager of the hostel, Steve Stavros, is a kind and helpful person who is ready to help guests rent a car and an ATV, so they can get around the island easily.

9 Lefteris Traditional Rooms

Lefteris Traditional Rooms offers budget accommodation in Santorini while providing a high quality guest experience. Travelers can book these double rooms through Booking.com for less than $75 a night, in the heart of Fira. Lefteris Traditional Rooms is 2.5 km from the beach and just 200 meters from the town centre.

Rooms have air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. Guests also have access to a garden and sun terrace during their stay. Some rooms also have a private balcony. The double rooms have a private bathroom with free toiletries.

8 Pithos Apartments

Pithos Apartments cost just $130 per night and are centrally located on the island in the small village of Vothonas. For travelers wanting to stay out of the main tourist area, Pithos Apartments is great value for comfortable, clean accommodation that offers a traditional Greek experience.

The apartment is around 3km from the popular town of Fira, but Santorini has excellent bus services which make it easy to reach the town center at any time of the day.

7 Villa Koronios

Villa Koronios is another budget gem in Fira, located just 0.7 km from the city center. Visitors staying here will find themselves surrounded by the iconic whitewashed houses of the Greek islands. Standard double and twin rooms cost less than $130 per night and give travelers access to a host of amenities. There is a swimming pool, hot tub, sun terrace and sea view.

Each room is equipped with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. Many of them also have a private balcony to enjoy the incredible views surrounding the villa.

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6 Vrachia Studios

For $150 a night, travelers can stay in the coveted town of Oia, famous for its unparalleled sunsets that paint white houses orange every night. Vrachia Studios is a beachfront location decorated in the traditional Cycladic style. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the property and a sun terrace for all guests to enjoy.

The room is equipped with air conditioning, a television, a coffee maker and a refrigerator. You can prepare your own breakfast daily with bread, jam, orange juice and coffee provided by the host.

5 Galatia Villas

Located just 0.5 km from Fira town center and only 2.2 km from the beach, Galatia Villas is located for the perfect Greek holiday. For those willing to sacrifice a room with a view, budget accommodation in such a beautiful location is available at Galatia Villas. Their economy double and twin rooms (no view) cost less than $140 per night.

The white stone walls and vibrant blue water of the swimming pool are the ideal backdrops for a dream getaway. The rooms are equipped with a fridge, TV, free Wi-Fi and a coffee/tea maker. The villa also offers an airport shuttle service to its guests.

4 Katefiani Villas

A great way to find nice places to stay at more affordable prices in Santorini is to venture outside of the two main towns of Fira and Oia. At the opposite end of the island of Oia is Perissa. This area has the famous black sand beach and many hotels and hostels at lower prices.

Katefiani Villas in Perissa is just 250 meters from the beach and rooms with an extra large double bed and private kitchenette cost less than $120 per night. The rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and a TV. The airport shuttle service is available on request (for a fee).

3 Anna Maria Rooms Santorini

Another affordable option to stay in the Perissa Beach area is Anna Maria Rooms Santorini, which is right on the beach and only 0.9 km from the city center. It is possible to book a standard double room for less than $100 per night, with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and mountain views.

The guesthouse is stunning, with the traditional white stone and blue accents that Santorini is famous for. It’s highly rated for cleanliness by reviewers, and each room has a private bathroom.

2 Cultural House Studio Village View

The rooms at this Airbnb are all inspired by Cycladic architecture, offering an authentic Greek island experience for less than $120 per night. Cultural House Studio Village is located in the town of Pyrgos, a medieval village known for its wine and taverns. Foodies will love staying here and they can do it on a budget.

The rooms are clean and modern, and each room has a private bathroom and a small balcony.

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1 Fira Backpacker’s Place

Travelers who are extremely budget conscious but still want to visit Santorini may prefer to stay in a hostel dorm. Fira Backpacker’s Place offers comfortable dorm-style accommodation in downtown Fira from just $68 per night. The hostel offers a shared kitchen, swimming pool and shared bathrooms.

Guests staying in a dormitory also have access to a private locker to store their luggage and valuables safely. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the hostel, a washing machine and a TV for watching movies.

The hostel also helps guests arrange tours, ATV rentals, or other activities they want to enjoy while visiting.

hotel with sea view in santorini with swimming pool

10 affordable beachfront hotels to book now in Santorini

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Book review: Shreya Sen-Handley’s memoir ‘Handle With Care: Travels With My Family’ celebrates life’s simple pleasures


Handle With care: Traveling with my family (to say nothing of the dog) is a delightful and fun travelogue that celebrates the simple joys of travel, finding new experiences, and pursuing dreams in the least ostentatious and inexpensive way possible. Writer Shreya Sen-Handley takes readers on a most unique journey to different parts of the world, where literature meets reality and the serious and the absurd alternate to create an exciting and often hilarious experience.

One of the most interesting aspects of the book is how the author’s love of literature often, consciously or unconsciously, dictates his choice of destination. She herself admits: “Our adventures, those on purpose and in which we did not fall by chance, were often literary. These seemingly formal outings took us off the beaten track, opening us up to new experiences…”. The book takes the reader to various interesting literary sites, including the original Baskerville Hall, built in 1839, where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a frequent visitor. Although it was here that Conan Doyle first heard of the local legend of the curse that inspired his The Hound of the Baskervilles, he set his story in Devon – away from Hay-on-Wye in Wales, close to where the Hall is – in order to protect the privacy of his guests. On the other hand, Devon also has the dark and eerie moors of Dartmoor so necessary to the story. Naturally, Shreya Sen-Handley and her cheerful and fearless family didn’t leave Dartmoor off their itinerary. Other interesting places the book talks about include James Herriot’s Yorkshire, immortalized in books such as All creatures big and small; the rocky Cornish beaches with their secret coves and low-wheeling seabirds, which were “the perfect place” for Daphne du Maurier Jamaica hostel; Dorset by Thomas Hardy; Corfu by Gerald Durrell; the North Yorkshire moors of the Brontë sisters; and many other sites made famous by literature. With her simple and elegant writing style, her infectious enthusiasm and energy, Shreya Sen-Handley has managed to bring these places to life for readers.

However, the book is much more than just a literary travelogue. The author is an avid traveler who enjoys a place’s greatest attractions without losing sight of local color, customs and cuisine. Food plays an important role in the enjoyment of travel, and Shreya Sen-Handley’s book is a foodie’s delight. Almost casually during her story, she provides crucial information about local dishes. Whether it’s stifado (“a magnificent Greek lamb stew”) with savatiano in Corfu; or the “tasty pastrami, fluffy matzo balls and hearty latkes” at Katz in New York; or the huge seafood dinners in Digha (West Bengal) and Puri (Odisha); or the French bread, thick slices of ham and big sack of freshly picked cherries from the medieval market hall of Ross-on-Wye in Wales; or the ‘worker’s cider’ at the haunted Queen’s Head, Sheffield’s oldest pub; or the “huge chocolate slabs of madness” at Baba’s, “the best little hash house in Amsterdam”, the author tries everything and gives up no experience, and that’s what makes the book enjoyable to read. “You learn to weather the storms and while you’re at it, have a ton of fun. And food,” she writes, and the book makes it clear that the author practices what she preaches.

Shreya Sen-Handley is funny, sometimes poignant, sometimes wise and has a very refined sense of the absurd. She paints images of places with her own colors and her own perception, but at the same time she never loses sight of the historical perspective. The book also talks about little-known nooks and crannies of the world, with their fascinating stories and histories.

What is more beautiful Handle with Care it’s not just a little travel book; it’s a celebration of life’s simple pleasures. “We don’t stretch our pockets, or even sometimes ourselves, except in the sweetest, most pleasant and most discreet way. But from this maelstrom that makes up our holidays, emerge the unexpected and the marvelous”, writes Shreya Sen-Handley.

Charleston area bus service offering free rides in May


Residents of the Charleston area can ride buses for free starting Sunday as the region’s public transportation system launches a campaign to encourage new riders.

Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority officials said Thursday that all bus rides will be free for the month of May as part of the agency’s “No Pay May” effort, which also aims to cut costs for those who regularly use public buses, The Post and Courier reported.

“It’s a great way for us, in a time when people have many challenges…to give back to our customer base and introduce CARTA to those who may not be driving it,” said Mike Seekings, President of the CARTA Board of Directors.

Passengers will be allowed to use any bus in the system without paying the traditional $2 fare. The initiative, which is a first in the history of CARTA, will continue until May 31.

The No Pay May project excludes CARTA OnDemand rides, which are contracted separately.

CARTA anticipates that the initiative will lead to increased ridership this spring after seeing a drop during the pandemic.

“It’s a way — a pretty big way — to scale our ridership to pre-pandemic numbers and beyond pre-pandemic,” Seekings said.

In addition to removing bus fares, CARTA has made other adjustments this year to make transportation more convenient.

CARTA and TriCounty Link announced a partnership on April 10 with Token Transit, a free mobile ticketing app that offers passengers a cashless payment option and eliminates the need for a paper pass. Passengers now have the option to purchase digital bus passes using credit or debit cards through the Token Transit app. Fares paid through the app can be used at the time of purchase or stored for later use and activation. Cash payments and paper passes will continue to be accepted.

James Molinaro’s grandson got caught with 100 pounds of pot


The grandson of a former Staten Island president was arrested with 100 pounds of pot after a shooting Wednesday, police said.

Steven Molinaro, 33, was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with criminal possession of marijuana, police say.

Cops reportedly found the stash of marijuana and more than $100,000 in cash, according to the NYPD.

Police were called to the Staten Island building at 89 Lyman Ave. just before 5 p.m. for reports of a shooting.

A 21-year-old woman believed to be Molinaro’s girlfriend was found with a gunshot wound to her chest and was rushed to hospital, cops said. On Thursday evening, the woman was intubated at the hospital, cops said.

Detectives found a 9mm pistol in a nearby trash can.

Police are investigating a shooting on Lyman Avenue in Ft. Wadsworth section of Staten Island on April 27, 2022.
Staten Island/Joseph Ost Advance
Steven Molinaro enters court today at 67 Targee Street Staten Island, he was involved in the stabbing of a 14-year-old child.
Steven Molinaro has been charged with criminal possession of marijuana.
Ron Romano
Steven Molinero and Almir Rancic were arrested in Sonoma County in 2016 when a drug-sniffing dog found 100 pounds of marijuana in their rental car.
Steven Molinero and Almir Rancic were arrested in Sonoma County in 2016 when a drug-sniffing dog found 100 pounds of marijuana in their rental car.

Almir Ramic, 34, who also lives in the building, was arrested and charged with criminal possession of marijuana, cops said.

This isn’t the first time Molinaro — who is the grandson of former Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro — has had a run-in with the law.

In 2006, the 17-year-old was charged with attempted murder with a stab wound, he eventually pleaded guilty to assault and was sentenced to five years, according to reports.

And in 2016 he was arrested in Sonoma County, California, with 100 pounds of marijuana, according to Staten Island Advance.

The elder Molinaro did not return calls Thursday.

New flights to Mediterranean holiday destinations announced from Manchester and Liverpool airports


Airline operators have announced that new flight routes will depart from Manchester Airport and Liverpool Airport and land in Mediterranean destinations this summer. Travelers can fly from these airports to the beautiful islands of Chania, Kos, Sardinia and Sicily from just £25.99 with easyJet and Jet2.

The airline and holiday travel agency Jet2 will launch new flights to the islands of Sardinia and Sicily from Manchester Airport this weekend. Popular destinations will be available to travelers from May 1 Wales Online Reports .

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and is a well-established destination with British holidaymakers, offering everything from beach holidays to city breaks. With its culture, cuisine, spectacular landscapes, mighty Mount Etna and stunning beaches, Sicily has something for everyone.

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Sicily vacation packages with Jet2holidays offer clients and independent travel agents a fantastic choice of beach resorts including Taormina, Taormina Mare, Giardini Naxos, Syracuse, Cefalu and Campofelice Di Roccella. In addition, packages are also on sale by Jet2CityBreaks to the historic city of Catania.

Sardinia features on many travel lists of must-see European beach destinations.

With snow-white sand plunging into shimmering turquoise waters, guests can head to the Costa Smeralda for a glamorous seaside experience or head south to Olbia for a vacation with an authentic twist.

Resorts on sale in Sardinia include Porto Cervo, Baia Sardinia, Budoni, San Teodoro, Cannigione, San Pantaleo, Orosei and Pittulongu, as well as city breaks in Olbia.

This summer, passengers can board a flight to Sardinia (via Olbia Airport) from Manchester Airport every Sunday from May 1 to October 16. From July 23, flights will depart up to twice a week on Saturday and Sunday.

There will also be two weekly flights from Manchester Airport to Sicily (via Catania Airport) on Tuesdays and Saturdays. These courses will begin on May 7 and end on October 29.

Steve Heapy, Managing Director of Jet2.com and Jet2holidays said: “We are delighted to announce our first flights to Sardinia and Sicily from Manchester and London Stansted airports on Sunday. The addition of these stunning Italian islands to our Summer 22 schedule has proven extremely popular. with guests seeking glorious sunshine alongside that authentic Italian experience.

“Sardinia and Sicily are fantastic additions to our huge Summer 22 schedule, and that means we’re significantly expanding our popular Italian offering.”

Flights to Greek Island Resorts

Low-cost airline easyJet has confirmed the launch of seven new holiday routes, including to popular resorts on the Greek islands of Kos, Kefalonia, Corfu and Chania in Crete. Demand for summer getaways added more than 100,000 new seats to Greek destinations from airports across the country, Wales reports online .

Travelers can get one-way tickets on an easyJet flight from just £25.99 to Greek resorts.

A flight from Manchester to Chania (in Crete) will operate twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays from June 28. Fares are as low as £25.99 one way.

From Liverpool, a new route to Kos will operate on Sundays from July 3. Tickets are available from £39.99.

Package holidays are available to book for this summer on all new routes across easyJet Holidays , with a range of holiday types available from adult and family to luxury and discovery. All easyJet holidays include flights, accommodation, 23kg of checked baggage and transfers for beach breaks.

Ali Gayward, easyJet UK Country Director, said: “We are delighted to add new routes to our UK network for the summer and offer our customers an even wider range of fantastic destinations. We are proud to be the UK’s largest airline and remain committed to providing low fares and convenient connections and look forward to welcoming more customers on board again.

For the latest easyJet and easyJet Holidays offers, Check here .

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Greece has the highest number of goats in Europe

A goat on the Greek island of Amorgos. Credit: Zde /Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

Greece is known for its adorable goats, especially on the islands.

According to a recent study conducted by the European Union’s statistical authority, Eurostat, Greece is the undisputed champion in the EU when it comes to its number of resident goats.

Specifically, according to the European Union’s report on agriculture, forestry and fisheries for 2020, Greece is at the forefront of the EU for the largest number of goats in its territory, possessing approximately 3,625,000 goats.

Second place goes to Spain with almost a million fewer goats than Greece.

The nation of Spain has up to 2,765,000 goats while Romania comes third with around 1,539,000 goats.

Grecian Delight supports Greece

France follows in fourth position with approximately 1,252,000 goats on its territory.

It is worth mentioning that the other aforementioned EU member states have a much larger land mass than Greece, but the mountainous countryside of Greece has somehow always proven to be a much more hospitable habitat for these adorable animals. .

Goats Greece
Goats in Halkidiki. Credit: Rosa-Maria Rinkl /Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

Goats feature prominently in Greek folklore, history

This news sparked a wave of humorous posts on Greek social media, as Greek folk tradition has always portrayed goatherds as quaint and outdated characters, synonymous with poverty and lack of education.

Of course, the country has a long agricultural tradition, no doubt dating back to ancient times, with goats being central to the production of various cheese, dairy and meat products.

Scientists say that goat’s milk has great medicinal qualities due to its high digestibility and hypoallergenic qualities, and they recommend it to people with cow’s milk allergy. Research results show that 40-100% of people with cow’s milk allergy can consume goat’s milk without any problem.

Most important is the traditional custom of having roast goat with spit roast lamb on Easter Sunday.

However, such a large population of these helpful animals comes at a cost.

Overgrazing could have a negative environmental impact

On the Greek island of Samothrace, for example, in the northern Aegean, goats now pose an imminent threat to the natural environment due to overgrazing.

Remarkably, goats far outnumber humans on the island.

Goats Greece
Goat in Samothrace. Credit: S.Nikolakakos /Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

While there are only 3,000 permanent inhabitants on Samothrace, the island currently contains over 45,000 goats, meaning there are 15 goats for every human on Samothrace.

This has created a real environmental emergency on the island as tens of thousands of goats have already eaten almost all of Samothrace’s precious wild vegetation.

For this reason, many of these animals are now malnourished and cannot even be marketed for their meat.

Thus, it seems that the traditional love that the Greeks historically have for goats might have reached its practical limit.

The unchecked goat population could lead to catastrophic loss of valuable hillside vegetation in places such as Samothrace Island, damaging its natural environment for decades.

Marriott Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa Getaways 20% off through May 29, 2022


Marriott has released its latest getaways at 20% off for stays in select countries in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa through May 29, 2022, which are available for bookings through Sunday.

Escapes have been available for stays in the Americas, and recently Marriott has expanded them elsewhere as well (still not Asia-Pacific).

In the Middle East and some North African countries, the weekend is defined as Wednesday to Saturday, while it is Thursday to Sunday elsewhere. Some hotels may offer availability throughout the week.

You must book this rate at least 48 hours in advance in the Americas, 24 hours in advance in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and at least seven days in advance in Asia Pacific.

The following brands do not participate in EDITION, The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, Bulgari, Marriott Vacation Club and Design Hotels.

Some weeks, there are not always hotels in the three zones on sale; Europe, Middle East and Africa.


St. John’s


Saint Cloud

St. Louis Park

Saint Louis

St. Robert

Saint Clairsville

Marriott released the entire Escapes in one go this week. The Americas and Europe/Middle East/Africa/Asia are sometimes published separately.

Escapoes rates are also available in Asia Pacific, but Marriott does not specify at which hotels.

Valid at participating properties in the United States, Canada, Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific (excluding Greater China, “APEC”) and Africa . Availability is extremely limited while supplies last. Details of each offer can be found on the offer’s booking page. Rates are prepaid at time of booking. Individual hotel cancellation policies in place at time of booking will apply. Changes to a booking are subject to availability and any fare differences.

The offer must be prepaid with a credit card with the following advance booking conditions: At least 48 hours before the stay in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America; at least 24 hours before the required stay in Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and at least 7 days before staying in APEC. Refunds for prepaid reservations may take up to 90 days from the date of cancellation to be processed. The form and timing of refund may be subject to applicable laws where each hotel is located. Marriott Vacations Worldwide (for example, Marriott, Sheraton, and Westin Vacation Ownership hotels) is included in this policy for temporary bookings only.

For Marriott Bonvoy™ members, the offer consists of a 20% discount off the standard room rate (as defined below). For non-members, the offer consists of a 15% discount on the standard room rate. Offer discount may be lower at some APEC properties. “Standard Rate” means the public rate available at retail offered by Participating Hotels at the time of booking to Individual Guests. Unless otherwise specified below, rates are quoted for stays Thursday through Sunday. Thursday requires a Friday night stay. Sunday requires a Saturday night stay for properties in Europe.

Participating resorts worldwide and participating APEC hotels offer the discount every day of the week, subject to availability.

Some locations in the Middle East are offered for stays from Wednesday to Saturday. Wednesday requires a Thursday night stay. Saturday requires a Friday night stay.

New reality series Million Dollar Island is coming to Channel 7 in 2023


The world’s most exciting new reality TV show, The million dollar island will arrive on Channel 7 and 7plus Next year.

It comes from the creators of some of the world’s most popular reality shows, including Big brother and The voiceand is already qualified as “essential” TV.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Reggie Bird returns for Big Brother 2022

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Million Dollar Island is a survival game set on a remote island, with 100 participants vying to win a massive million dollar prize.

Its creators, Stephen Lambert and John de Mol, launched the first version of the reality show in the Netherlands at the beginning of March.

An Australian version will be helmed by Eureka Productions, which previously produced the hit show Seven The farmer wants a wife.

Million Dollar Island is coming to Australia. Credit: Provided

Million Dollar Island will see 100 people try to stay on a remote island as they compete for a chance to win $1 million.

But surviving on the island with limited means will not be the only challenge.

Each competitor begins the adventure with a bracelet worth $10,000.

While on the island, contestants can win and lose bracelets by participating in various games.

They may also receive wristbands from other competitors.

When someone gives up and decides to leave the island, they have to give their bracelet – or bracelets – to someone who stays behind.

On the final day, only a few contestants will remain on the island, and in a thrilling finale, they’ll have the chance to cash in their bracelets – but they could also lose it all at the last minute.

Competitors on the Dutch version of Million Dollar Island.
Competitors on the Dutch version of Million Dollar Island. Credit: Instagram/milliondollarislandsbs6

“John de Mol has developed some of the most original, successful and impactful formats in television history,” says Angus Ross, Content Director of Entertainment Programming at Seven.

“The game, the strategy, the emotion and the drama, set in a beautiful and remote location, will make Million Dollar Island one of the must-watch TV shows of 2023.”

Eureka Productions co-CEO Paul Franklin says Million Dollar Island will be full of exotic settings, intrigue, secret alliances and “incredibly high stakes”.

He describes the new show as “event television at its finest.”

Casting has begun for the series and the producers are calling people who want to participate to apply to www.milliondollarisland.com.au.

Million Dollar Island is coming to Channel 7 and 7plus in 2023.

Washington State is the reason this big national holiday exists


Can you name the national holiday that originated in Washington State?

There are many national holidays, but one holiday we observe originated here in Washington State.

Who is Sonora Smart Dodd?

Washington is considered the birthplace of many things like Starbucks, Amazonand Microsoft but a national holiday seems like an unusual birthplace for the evergreen state but it’s true, Washington State has something to do with a big party.

The story begins in Spokane Washington in 1908.

Sonora Smart Dodd has been credited with founding Father’s Day. Dodd’s father, smart william jackson was the inspiration for the holidays.

Was Father’s Day created in Spokane Washington?

After Dodd’s mother died after childbirth, Dodd’s father and Sound helped raise his siblings.

Wavebreakmedia Ltd

Wavebreakmedia Ltd

After the new anointed Mothers’ Day was discussed in a sermon at his church in 1908, Dodd suggested the idea that the fathers should also be recognized.



Sonoran Church, Central Methodist Episcopal Churchand the Spokane Ministerial Alliance were approached and Sonora had suggested her father’s birthday as the official date for Fathers Day June 5.

The Alliance suggested that the date be the third Sunday in June instead, and the first Father’s Day service was held on June 19, 1910.

Is Spokane Washington recognized as the birthplace of Father’s Day?

Holidays faded in the 1920s but over time, Fathers Day became popular and was eventually embraced by the nation. An interesting note, President Woodrow Wilson sent a telegram to Spokane saying how much he loved the idea of ​​a Father’s Day service.

President Lyndon Johnsonin the year 1966 proclaimed Fathers Day on vacation and in 1973, President Richard Nixon officially announced Fathers Day as a nationally observed holiday.

Dodd died in 1978 at the age of ninety-six and is buried at Green wood Memorial terrace in Spokane.

Interestingly, without Dodd, we might not be celebrating Father’s Day as we know it today.

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Greeks celebrate Easter without restrictions


ATHENS, Greece — For the first time in three years, Greeks have been able to celebrate Orthodox Easter without the restrictions necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Beyond the obvious religious messages, in Greece, Easter signifies a return to the countryside, often to people’s ancestral homes, and a mass exodus from the big cities.

Police and port authorities say the outflow this year was significantly higher than before the 2019 pandemic.

In 2020, there was total containment; in 2021, some have dared to leave cities, often in violation of long-distance travel rules. The police had set up roadblocks on national roads to turn back offenders and impose fines.

Worshipers follow the procession of the funeral coffin of Jesus, known as the ‘epitaph’ in Greek, to the Agios Georgios church in the village of Myrodafni, Epirus region, northwestern Greece, on Friday 22 April 2022. (Credit: Thanassis Stavrakis/AP.)
Worshipers wearing face masks to curb the spread of the coronavirus, attend a religious service in Athens, Greece, Monday, April 18, 2022. For the first time in three years, Greeks were able to celebrate Easter without the restrictions necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)

This year the churches were full and the events very well attended as well. A variety of customs, some pre-Christian, were celebrated locally. The solemn Friday evening procession of decorated funeral coffins, or epitaphs, was again well attended.

Crowds lined the narrow streets of Corfu’s old town on Saturday morning for one of the most spectacular events, called ‘botides’, which involves dropping clay pots filled with water from balconies to crash with a great noise in the streets below, spraying water on the participants. Locals consider it a miracle that there were no serious injuries from flying clay shards. The original purpose of this ancient event was to ward off evil spirits.

This year, the Resurrection was celebrated again on Saturday at midnight after pandemic measures had brought it forward to 9 p.m. the previous year. By midnight, the ‘Holy Light’ – miraculously lit, according to worshipers, at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem on Saturday – had reached almost every parish in Greece, having flown into Athens and been greeted with due honors. to a head on a state visit.

Orthodox worshipers take part in a Deposition of Jesus Christ ceremony at St. Catherine’s Church, in Athens, Greece, Friday, April 22, 2022. (Yorgos Karahalis/AP)
Residents watch the procession of the relics of Saint Spyridon, patron saint of Corfu, during Easter celebrations on the Ionian Sea island of Corfu, northwest Greece, Saturday, April 23, 2022. (Credit: Thanassis Stavrakis/AP.)

Celebratory fireworks, often to excess, became associated with the celebration of the Resurrection. And nowhere are they more excessive than on the island of Chios, in the village of Vrontado, where two parishes launch a barrage of fireworks. Injuries have been far from uncommon in the past, but none have been reported this year. Participants agreed to limit fireworks between 11 p.m. Saturday and 12:15 a.m. Sunday. Yet more than 10,000 fireworks were launched; the two churches and many houses had been covered with protective mesh.

Police said on Sunday they had arrested 11 people in the capital, Athens, for attempting to light fireworks; a recent variation is to throw incendiary bombs or Molotov cocktails. Police said they seized 27 of these bombs, along with several butane canisters and canisters filled with gasoline.

Sunday involves the usual slow roasting of a lamb, sometimes venison, on a spit and the cracking of Easter eggs, traditionally painted red.

Easter Monday is also a full public holiday, with authorities hoping people will have recovered enough from Sunday’s holiday to return home safely.

Shower Finder; Obstructionist Orc | sheriff’s log


The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls.

April 13

• A deputy from San Juan took a report of a housing rental scam. Although the victim provided personal information, there was no monetary loss. At the time of the report, no exploitable suspects were available.

• A deputy took a report of a stolen package on Cormorant Bay Road on Orcas.

• An Orcas deputy responded to a report of a plane being shot down on the 200 block of Lovers Lane.

• A deputy from San Juan took a report of a possible prowling vehicle. Later, the person reporting the hunt located the missing object.

• A deputy from San Juan responded to a report of a collision between two cars. There were no injuries, but both vehicles were damaged and one driver received a citation for misuse of the lane.

• An Orcas deputy was dispatched for a weapons infraction call.

April 14

• After an individual was found wandering a campsite on Lopez looking for a shower, a deputy was called. Since the campground had no vacant showers, the deputy directed the bather in need to try the public showers in the village or at an area resort.

• An Orcas Deputy investigated a report of harassment, indecent assault, interference with a service animal, and obstruction to a law enforcement officer. The suspect was located and arrested without incident.

• A deputy on Orcas took a report of an order violation that occurred a week before the report.

• A man was arrested by Orcas MPs for illegally camping on private property on Shaw Island. He was also in possession of stolen property, which was seized.

• An Orcas deputy responded to a domestic dispute and discovered that no crime had been committed. The other party to the dispute left the residence on their own, which solved the problem.

• An assistant on Orcas responded to a fraud complaint. The complainant said he received more than 20 phone calls from someone posing as a cell phone service provider. He recognized the calls as fraudulent and hung up immediately, without suffering any loss.

• A San Juan deputy responded to a report of a minor who was unconscious due to alcohol consumption. The minor was taken to hospital for treatment and his guardian was notified.

April 15

• A deputy on Orcas responded to an accident without injury on Orcas Road. The vehicle was safely off the roadway and the driver had arranged to have the vehicle towed. The deputy offered the driver a courtesy ride home.

• A San Juan deputy responded to a delayed report of an April 11 theft. The complainant reported that FedEx delivered a package to his porch while he was away and when he returned the package was not there. There is no video surveillance and no suspects or actionable leads at this time.

• A visitor to San Juan handed over a found credit card. The owner has been located and the card has been returned.

• A deputy Lopez was called in on a gunshot complaint. Once at the scene, the deputy heard no more gunshots and was unable to locate the source of the noise.

• A deputy on Orcas responded to a citizen protest. No crime had been committed and the parties were separated for the night.

April 16

• A citizen Orcas returned a small wallet she had found on a path. Unable to locate the owner who lives on the mainland, the deputy booked the wallet into the property room of the island’s substation.

• A Lopez resident reported a vehicle in a ditch following an overnight incident.

• A deputy from San Juan responded to a report of vandalism. A resident had erected a free library in his yard and an unidentified neighbor vandalized the stand and left two notes asking the owner to remove the stand.

• An Orcas deputy responded to a crate found on Marilee Lane which was later determined to be the same one stolen in a Rosario Resort & Spa burglary. The investigation is ongoing.

April 17

• A deputy responded to a docking issue at the Roche Harbor County wharf. The deputy issued five parking tickets to the vessels for not having their parking permit sticker.

• An Orcas deputy was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident call with no injuries.

• A deputy was dispatched with Orcas Fire & Rescue for an animal bite call.

• A deputy on Orcas carried out a traffic stop and issued the driver a speeding ticket for going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone.

• A driver traveling at 43 mph in a 25 mph zone was stopped by a deputy on Orcas and issued a speeding ticket.

• Orcas MPs responded to a report of someone illegally occupying a residence. The person had left upon arrival and abandoned property was documented and recovered.

• A Lopez’s deputy responded to a welfare check call when a person failed to return home for dinner with their spouse. The deputy located the individual, who was napping in his car after a long afternoon of gardening in the sun.

April 18

• A San Juan deputy took a report of a lost Sony camera near Lime Kiln State Park. Deputy entered camera information as lost item

• An off-leash chihuahua ran across the road in front of a Lopez deputy. Subsequently, the owner was located, the dog was returned, and the owner received a warning for letting his dog run loose.

April 19

• A San Juan deputy took a report of a vehicle not stopping for a school bus while its lights were on. After reviewing the evidence and speaking with the driver, the driver received a citation for passing a stopped school bus.

• A deputy of Lopez carried out a roadside check and issued the driver a warning for driving with the wheels off the road.

• San Juan deputies performed a wellness check on the children at their mother’s request after their other parent failed to bring them home on the agreed date. Contact was established with the children, and they seemed to be doing well.

• A San Juan deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle and issued a citation for speeding 54 mph in a posted 35 mph zone.

• A deputy responded to a harassment report on San Juan. No crime was committed, but the incident was documented.

Tornos news | Media report: Greeks welcome return of tourists again


During the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, it looked like it would never happen, but tourists from most countries are now allowed to enter Greece, which has relaxed health measures, and damn it , they always flow.

In a report, Britain’s The Guardian newspaper noted that arrivals are coming earlier than expected, with spring arriving after a cold delay, Athens’ tourist areas bustling and archaeological sites and islands filling up.

And after being shut out since 2019, people are sitting together and eating again in restaurants, which are near capacity in popular areas, and no sign that those who are not unvaccinated are being checked despite a requirement.

“It may be April, but Athens is bustling with the noise of tourists,” wrote the paper’s longtime correspondent Helena Smith, who knows more about the country than many locals.

A worker, Stelios Ballas, who continues to watch over the 1st century BC ruins at the Roman Agora, is now in his 50s and said he doesn’t remember so many people coming so soon and the place be so busy.

“The last few weeks have been something else,” he said from his guard’s cabin. “I talk to some of them and they seem to come from all over. The point is, they have the money and are they willing to spend it? »

These are eateries, especially in the Plaka section of Athens, the capital’s oldest commercial spot and a tourist magnet filled with curio shops and Greek favorite hawkers.

More than 33 million people – three times the country’s population – came in the record year of 2019 which now seems like distant memories where people let the good times roll, without masks, vaccines and social distancing.

“If it continues like this, we’ll be talking about a brilliant year,” said Vassilis Stathokostopoulos, who runs the newly renovated all-day bistro Ydria. “People don’t just come, it’s clear that after everything we’ve all been through, they want to have a good time. And for that, they are ready to dig deep into their pockets,” he said. And indeed they are.

This is what Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his New Democracy government are counting on in the hope of accelerating recovery from the forgotten pandemic despite dozens of deaths a day, from seasoned people to tragedies.

Tourism is the country’s main revenue driver, accounted for nearly a million workers at its peak, and contributes up to 18-20% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of 185.47 billion euros (200. $3 billion).

Greece is seen as perhaps the most sought-after tourist stop on the planet this year and big luxury resorts are springing up like crocuses in spring, catering to the super-rich who want all their needs met immediately.


It comes about 12 years after a brutal economic crisis, requiring 326 billion euros ($352.06 billion) that will take decades to repay and accompanied by harsh austerity measures targeting workers, pensioners and poor people.

Then came COVID.

Like a specter in the night, he fell upon the world with a shroud of fear and death, blocked international travel and made it seem like no one would come for years, and spirits sank.

The record tourism year of 2019 brought in 18.2 billion euros ($19.65 billion) in revenue, but that fell off a cliff the following year to just 4 billion euros ($4.32 billion) and 10 billion euros ($10.8 billion) in 2021.

Not even rampant inflation and the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which saw the European Union ban Russian airlines and tourists, is clouding people’s minds, people are mad to be happy again after seeing so much unhappiness.

Cruise ships will also dock in greater numbers, with Chinese management company COSCO making the port of Piraeus one of Europe’s busiest and the country’s largest ferry docking point.

“All the omens look positive,” Andreas Andreadis, former tourism boss and managing director of the phenomenally successful Sani/Ikos luxury resort group, told the Big Comeback newspaper.

“For a few weeks after the start of the war in Ukraine, demand fell, but since the end of March it picked up and is now excellent,” he said, although the boom could be better. if so many people were still not afraid to travel. , he said.

The Greek government has said that from May 1 it will not even require arrivals to have an EU Green Pass digital certificate and masks are coming off almost everywhere – they already are – from June 1.

“The season has started earlier than ever,” Tourism Minister Vasilis Kikilias said, and more major US airlines are now offering direct flights to Athens. “It’s a vote of confidence in our country,” he said.

He also said 765 cruise ships are lined up to anchor in ports across the country, with popular island destinations such as Mykonos, Kos and Corfu already drawing crowds.

Eugenios Vasilikos, vice-president of the Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers, told the newspaper: “It is a fact confirmed by all the studies that people do not just want to travel, they need to travel. All signs indicate that it will be a very good year. It will probably depend on whether there are any other surprises.

Read more on thenationalherald.com

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Image source: Wikimedia Commons License: CC-BY-SA Copyright : Mstyslav Chernov

“All the omens seem positive”: Greece is grateful for the return of tourists | Greece


The buskers are out, the hotels are full, the archaeological sites are crowding, the shopkeepers are smiling, and good luck if you want a table in a decent restaurant.

It may be April, but Athens lives to the sound of tourists. In all his years surveying the 1st century BC ruins, Stelios Ballas, who is in his 50s, barely remembers so many visitors weaving their way through the scattered antiquities of the Roman agora.

“The last few weeks have been something else,” he says from his guard cabin nestled under a plane tree. “I talk to some of them and they seem to come from all over. The point is, they have the money and are they willing to spend it? »

At the corner of Adrianou Street, the oldest commercial artery of the Greek capital, the restaurateurs do not ask themselves this question – for the moment. Since 2019, when Greece attracted a record 33 million holidaymakers, business hasn’t been so good.

“If it continues like this, we’ll be talking about a brilliant year,” smiles Vassilis Stathokostopoulos, who runs the Ydria bistro, recently renovated and open all day. “He may be our new leader but people don’t just come, it’s clear that after everything we’ve all been through they want to have a good time. And for that they’re willing to dig deep into their pockets.

In a country so dependent on tourism – the sector accounts for 25% of Greece’s economic output and one in four jobs – the rebound has surprised even those who are optimistic. Athens has seen more upheaval in recent years than other EU metropolises, hit first by a nearly decade-long financial crisis that made its streets synonymous with protests and riots before the coronavirus hit. .

The pandemic-induced hiatus saw tourism revenues plummet from 18.2 billion euros in 2019 to 4 billion euros in 2020 as, in a record slump, the country recorded just 7 million arrivals. Although revenues from the industry exceeded 10 billion euros, better than expected, last year when Greece opened its borders in May, they were still well below pre-pandemic receipts.

But this year, despite the unexpected return of the specter of war to Europe following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, industry figures are confident that recovery has finally arrived. For the first time since 2019, cruise ships are disembarking at Greek ports – a testament, industry officials say, to travelers’ desire to put the pandemic behind them. Prepaid flight reservations are also on the rise.

Greek Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said the season had started “sooner than ever”. Photo: Costas Baltas/Reuters

“All the omens look positive,” says Andreas Andreadis, former tourism boss and managing director of the phenomenally successful Sani/Ikos luxury resort group. “For a few weeks after the start of the war in Ukraine, demand fell but since late March it has picked up and is now excellent.”

Holidaymakers, he says, are even less inclined given the spread of Covid to travel long distances, preferring destinations in Europe. “And the truth is, there aren’t that many options with quality destinations,” he says.

In an unprecedented step aimed at capitalizing on people’s thirst for travel, the tourist season kicked off in Greece earlier this year. Last week, officials announced that pandemic restrictions, including the requirement to present an EU Covid digital certificate to enter the Mediterranean nation, would be lifted from May 1 to reviewed in September.

What was considered a relatively successful handling of the pandemic by Athens last year has also helped revive the sector, although public health authorities have recorded a sharp increase in Covid deaths since due to falling vaccination rate.

People sit outside in a bar
A bar in central Athens in July last year. Photograph: Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty

“The season has started earlier than ever,” said Vasilis Kikilias, Greece’s tourism minister, noting that the first direct flight from the United States, a key market for the economy, arrived on March 7. “It’s a vote of confidence in our country.”

The decision to open earlier seems to have paid off: bookings soared over Easter. As Greeks also prepare to mark the holiday – returning en masse to their ancestral villages for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic to celebrate the most important religious event in the Orthodox calendar – authorities say they are not showing no signs of slowing down. Airlines, says Kikilias, are not only competing for slots to Greece this summer, but 765 cruise ships are lined up to anchor in ports across the country, with popular island destinations such as Mykonos, Kos and Corfu set to sail. are already attracting crowds.

“It’s a fact confirmed by all the studies that people don’t just want to travel, they need to travel,” says Eugenios Vasilikos, vice president of the Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers. “All signs point to a very good year.”

By 2023, the capital will have acquired 5,000 additional hotel rooms compared to 2019 when a city once bypassed for the islands managed to attract 5 million visitors.

The investment frenzy, evident in a building boom now changing the face of downtown Athens, is also indicative of the hopes entrepreneurs have placed in the revival of Greece’s heavy industry.

But Vasilikos, at the hoteliers’ federation, concedes there is little room for complacency. The glimpse of a carefree world that has revisited Athens as tourists wander its sights and streets is also fraught with the dangers inherent in a cost of living crisis and spiraling inflation rates that are feel globally. Unions representing Greeks who earn some of the lowest wages in the European Union have taken to the streets.

“A few weeks ago I might not have been so optimistic,” he says of bookings in the capital. “All the data points to last-minute bookings at our hotels which, although costs are rising, also have some of the lowest rates in Europe. People are no longer sure of anything. They wait until the last minute and, at the last minute, everything can change.

Macron vs Le Pen: France votes in a tense presidential second round | Government and politics



PARIS (AP) — France began voting on Sunday in a runoff in the presidential election with repercussions for the future of Europe, with centrist incumbent Emmanuel Macron the favorite but fighting a tough challenge from his far-right rival Marine Le Pen.

Centrist Macron is asking voters to trust him for a second five-year term despite a presidency troubled by protests, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. A victory for Macron in this vote would make him the first French president in 20 years to win a second term.

The outcome of the vote in France, a nuclear-armed country with one of the largest economies in the world, could also have an impact on the conflict in Ukraine, as France has played a key role in diplomatic efforts and the support for sanctions against Russia.

Support for Le Pen in the French electorate has grown during this campaign to its highest level ever, and much will depend on how many people turn out to vote on Sunday. Many who should choose Macron do so to dismiss Le Pen and ideas considered too extreme and anti-democratic, such as his plan to ban the Muslim headscarf in public, or his ties to Russia.

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The two candidates are trying to court the 7.7 million votes of a leftist candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, beaten in the first round.

For many who voted for left-wing candidates in the first round on April 10, this runoff presents an unpleasant choice between a nationalist in Le Pen and a president who some say veered right in his first term. . The outcome could depend on the decision of leftist voters: between backing Macron or abstaining and letting him fend for himself against Le Pen.

All opinion polls in recent days point to a victory for the pro-European centrist, 44 – but the margin over his 53-year-old nationalist rival varies widely, from 6 to 15 percentage points, according to the poll. Polls are also predicting a possibly record number of people who will vote blank or not vote at all.

Earlier this week, Macron took the gloves off during a two-hour, 45-minute debate – the last of the campaign – tearing at his far-right opponent as he seeks the votes he needs to win.

Le Pen has sought to appeal to working-class voters struggling with soaring prices amid the fallout from Russia’s war in Ukraine – an approach that even Macron has acknowledged resonating with the general public. She said lowering the cost of living would be her priority if elected France’s first female president, and she ran as the candidate for voters unable to make ends meet.

She says Macron’s presidency has left the country deeply divided. She repeatedly referenced the so-called yellow vest protest movement that rocked her government before the COVID-19 pandemic, with months of violent protests against her economic policies that some said were hurting the poorest.

The French presidential campaign was particularly difficult for voters with an immigrant background and religious minorities. Polls suggest much of France’s Muslim population – the largest in Western Europe – voted for far-left candidates in the first round, so their vote could be decisive.

Macron has also touted his environmental and climate achievements in a bid to lure popular young voters over far-left candidates. Citizens and especially millennials voted en masse for Mélenchon. Many young voters are particularly concerned about climate issues.

Although Macron has been associated with the slogan “Make The Planet Great Again”, during his first five-year term he capitulated to angry protesters in yellow vests by scrapping a tax hike on fuel prices. Macron has said his next prime minister will be in charge of environmental planning as France seeks to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Le Pen, once seen as a climate change skeptic, wants to scrap renewable energy subsidies. It has pledged to dismantle wind farms and invest in nuclear and hydropower.

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10 things to know before visiting Venice


Venice is one of the most unique and beautiful cities in Europe, and arguably the whole world. What appears to be one large island is actually 117 small islands linked together by a maze of canals, bridges, charming neighborhoods and iconic buildings. This singularity has made Venice a mecca for tourism, bringing several challenges to the city such as its popularity and accessibility. grew up.

While planning our trip to Venice, I found that everyone I spoke to either loved it or hated it. Of course, it piqued my curiosity and made me want to see Venice for myself.

After visiting several times, I slowly understood why people had such strong opinions about Venice. I became determined to prepare my readers for Venice so that they had realistic expectations and fell in love with it the same way I did.

Let’s dive into my list of things to know before visiting Venice!

Creators of Wirestock / Shutterstock.com

1. Venice is crowded

One of the main things to know before visiting is that Venice is crowded and most of the people there are tourists. Be prepared to battle masses of people in the narrow streets, especially around famous sites like St. Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge.

As tourism to the city has increased, there really isn’t a “shoulder season” in Venice. However, late spring and summer, weekends, and carnival season attract the most visitors to Venice, so avoid visiting during these times if you don’t like crowds. Autumn often attracts fewer visitors, but it is also the time when Venice is prone to flooding and flooding.

Of course, like in other big cities, you can always get up early (before 7am) and go out late (after midnight) if you want to experience Venice with less crowds.

Tourists on the crowded bridge in Venice with a gondola below.
Bumble Dee / Shutterstock.com

2. Venice is expensive (especially gondola rides)

Increased tourism has led to higher prices, so be prepared to pay to gamble in Venice.

Expect to pay a premium price when visiting restaurants and bars near tourist attractions, especially around St. Mark’s Square. In addition to higher food and drink prices, sitting fees for tables in these areas are also much higher.

Avoid high prices and save money by venturing a bit off the beaten path. By staying away from tourist attractions, you can save money on food, drinks and table fees.

If a gondola ride through the Venetian canals is one of your dreams, you might reconsider your decision when you hear the price. A typical gondola ride that lasts about 30 minutes will cost you 80-120 Euros, or about $86-130!

To save money while still cruising the canals of Venice, consider taking a vaporetto (water bus). Vaporetto No. 1 navigates the Grand Canal, a perfect place to see some of Venice’s best sights.

Lots of people walking along the Grand Canal in Venice.
Mostovyi Sergii Igorevich / Shutterstock.com

3. You walk a lot in Venice

Venice is a maze of cobbled streets, canals and bridges. As cars are not allowed in Venice, you will have to walk a lot to see the city. The bridges that cross the city-wide canals often have stairs, making it difficult to get around in a wheelchair.

4. Cash is King

Cash is definitely king in Venice. There are many stores and restaurants that don’t accept credit cards, so it’s important to always have cash on hand.

A good tip for acquiring money when visiting is to go online and find your bank’s affiliate bank in Italy. Withdrawing money via the affiliated bank will allow you to save on foreign transaction fees!

Outdoor romantic restaurant in Venice, Italy in a winter day.
SF / Shutterstock.com

5. You pay to dine in restaurants

Most restaurants in Venice (and Italy in general) charge a cooperto (cover charge) or service (service charge) to sit at a table.

The coperto helps cover restaurant-related expenses, such as water and electricity, and is usually only a few euros per person. The service fee is usually 10% of the bill and pays for the servers. This means that tipping is not necessary in Venice as waiters are paid a living wage through service charges.

It’s important to keep these fees in mind when deciding whether or not to sit in a restaurant. If you only want a simple cup of coffee, you better stay at the bar to avoid this charge.

You can usually view these fees before you sit down by looking at the restaurant menu.

6. Public restrooms are hard to find and cost money

In addition to the fees associated with going to restaurants, you should also be prepared to pay to use public restrooms.

The cost of using public restrooms is usually 1-2 euros ($1.08-2.16) per person. The money helps keep the washrooms stocked and clean, and in my experience they were very clean.

Of course, another option is to walk into a bar and order an espresso or a pastry. Once you have done this you are now a paying customer and can use the restroom.

St. Mark's Square (San Marco), St. Mark's Basilica, Venice.
DILOCOM / Shutterstock.com

7. Buy tickets to top attractions in advance

The main attractions of Venice, such as St. Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace, are very crowded and often experience long waits to purchase tickets. Avoid those lines by purchasing tickets to top Venice attractions in advance.

Often these tickets can also include early access or skip-the-line entry saving you valuable vacation time!

Cobbled street in Venice, Italy.
artjazz / Shutterstock.fr

8. Venice is like a maze

Venice really looks like a maze. There seem to be little hidden cobbled streets everywhere you turn. When you combine that with having to find a bridge every time you want to cross a canal, it’s easy to turn around while walking the streets of Venice.

The majority of streets are unnamed, and some suddenly seem to cul-de-sac into a building or a canal. This can make navigating Venice a bit difficult.

During our stay in Venice, we quickly learned to embrace this city. If you’re in a hurry, use a map app on your phone to help you plan your trip and give you turn-by-turn directions. If you’re not in a hurry, just enjoy exploring the city. Even if you get lost once or twice, remember: you are on an island. You can’t stray too far from your destination!

Old colorful houses on the island of Burano near Venice, Italy.
Kamelia Ilieva / Shutterstock.com

9. Do not miss the islands of Burano and Murano

A visit to the islands of Burano and Murano should definitely be on your Venice itinerary. Although often associated with Venice proper, the islands of Burano and Murano are fabulous escapes from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Burano is famous for its colorful houses and beautiful handmade lace, and Murano is world famous for its incredible glassblowing tradition. Both islands can be easily visited on a day trip from Venice.

You can take Vaporetto No. 12 from the Fondamente Nove platform in Venice. The journey to Burano (the furthest island) takes about 40 minutes. After visiting Burano for a few hours, you can then take the same vaporetto to Murano and enjoy the rest of your day.

Nightly dinners at a restaurant in Venice, Italy.
Steve Estvanik / Shutterstock.com

10. Tips for dining in Venice

Meals in Italy, including Venice, are very different from meals in the United States. In addition to the table and service charges we discussed above, there are several other tips for dining in Venice that you should know.

It’s important to note that dining in Venice (and throughout Italy) is definitely on a different schedule than typical American dining. Generally, Italians eat their meals later than us in America. While most Americans have lunch around noon, most Italians have lunch between 1 and 3 p.m. This means that dinners in Venice usually start around 8 p.m. Take into account the opening hours of the restaurant because most of them close between lunch and dinner.

As I mentioned above, things are expensive in Venice. To ensure you save money and have a pleasant dining experience, chat with the locals and take their advice on where to eat.

It’s also important to note that meals in Italy seem to last longer than meals in America. The cover charge we talked about earlier means you have the table for as long as you want. Sit down and enjoy a multi-course meal and a glass of wine. Servers won’t rush you. In fact, they won’t even bring you the check until you ask for it!

My final cooking tip is how to order. Seafood and steaks are sold by weight unless otherwise specified on the menu. Some menu items are meant to be shared by two people. This will be noted with “x2”. And, while this is the case, the price you see is the price per person. Another difference is that servers will often ask you if you “want an appetizer for the table.” It does not mean sharing. They will bring one entry per person. Take note so you won’t be surprised when your bill arrives.

Reading these must-know tips before visiting Venice will help make your vacation as enjoyable as possible.

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Air Serbia will offer more than a thousand charters


Air Serbia will operate more than 1,000 charter flights this summer in cooperation with local tour operators. Today alone, the airline operates nine charters to the Egyptian resort of Hurghada, offering nearly 1,300 seats departing at the start of the Easter and school holidays. Another 20 Hurghada charters are expected to operate over the next week. The national airline will launch leisure flights to Turkey in May and to a number of other destinations in June, including Greece, Italy and Tunisia. Charters to the latter two will be operated for the first time in nearly three years with the carrier to serve the Sicily and Calabria regions of Italy.

Commenting on its lucrative charter business, Air Serbia’s General Manager for Commerce and Strategy Boško Rupić said: “We are delighted that together with our tour operator partners we can start renewing charter services, and we are particularly pleased with the expectations. increase in the number of flights. It is a fact that world events have led to an unprecedented increase in kerosene prices, and consequently the increase in the price of charter flights, but the good news is that it is possible to find budget-friendly tour packages of each one “. He added: “If travelers plan in time, they will be able to select their vacation spot from a large number of destinations to which we operate flights, according to their abilities and wishes. The existing demand shows that tourists are already planning vacations to attractive destinations that they can easily reach via direct flights from Belgrade and Niš”.

Turkey traditionally ranks first on the list of the most popular summer destinations in Air Serbia’s network. Egypt, which has experienced significant year-on-year growth, comes second. The carrier will also maintain charter services from Niš to Turkey and Egypt this summer. “The most popular with travelers are flights to destinations in Turkey – Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman and Alanya, followed by Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, as well as a large number of Greek islands such as Crete , Rhodes, Samos, Skiathos, Corfu, Kefalonia, Kos and Zakynthos,” Air Serbia concluded. The carrier also saw a significant number of tour operator bookings on its scheduled operations this summer, particularly on flights to Spain and Italy.

Where to travel during Eid Al Fitr holidays 2022


This Eid, drive through cypress-studded hills with exhilarating views while staying at the Savoy Hotel in romantic Florence. The hotel has partnered with SlowDrive, allowing guests to choose their dream vehicle from the incredible selection of stylish cars and enjoy a memorable escape through wildflower-lined roads, vineyards and plazas. village. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and slow down to lose yourself in the joys of a scenic journey through the Chianti countryside. Assisted private tours and guided vintage tours are also available.

Perched on a dramatic hillside overlooking the Ionian Sea, Ultima Corfu is an elegantly appointed private villa available for single group bookings and ideal for families or groups of friends. The secluded and serene retreat will allow families to sit back, relax and reconnect in a Greek island paradise during this Eid break. Spread over two levels, allowing for multiple sea views, this sublime 7 bedroom villa offers stunning views of the azure waters and the horizon throughout the villa. Families can savor sunny days and evenings outdoors by the pool and enjoy holistic therapies, treatments and wellness programs personalized for their well-being. With the comforts of a luxury five-star hotel including an impressive hammam, ocean-view jacuzzi, two-tier infinity pools and outdoor dining areas.

Emirates Holidays offers a 3-night stay, including return economy class flights from Dh3,649 per person at the five-star SAii Laguna resort in Phuket, Thailand. Enjoy a lagoon view room, breakfast and 50% discount on your stay. The resort is nestled in the heart of Thailand’s premier resort community, Laguna Phuket, located directly on the beach.

The Raffles Seychelles is a 40-acre resort offering enticing packages for the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday. Customers traveling from GCC can benefit from a 15% discount on the best available rate. Offer includes newly renovated Pool Villas with private plunge pool, outdoor pavilion with lounge chairs, deep soaking tub with views, indoor and outdoor rain showers and balcony with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The offer also includes a daily breakfast for two at the Losean Restaurant. Guests wishing to add an element of relaxation to their itinerary can choose between the 90-minute couples Thai massage or indulge in Raffles Spa’s Coconut Indulgence treatment, which includes a 60-minute couples full-body massage followed by a complimentary treatment hair and scalp for 15 minutes. both offered at 15%.

Located on Vagaru Island in Shaviyani Atoll, JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa is a multi-generational resort offering 60 beach and overwater villas, all with private pools, spacious wooden decks and outdoor pools. a wide range of equipment. Eclectic dining experiences are offered at the resort’s five restaurants, three full-service bars, a grape room that houses 1,200 collections, and private dining on the beach. Guests can book the all-inclusive ‘Savour Infinity’ package this Eid for stays longer than three nights and receive a 20% discount and daily breakfast, lunch and dinner at five restaurants and three full service bars. This package also includes a unique three-course beach dinner for two.

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From Florence to the Maldives: Where to travel during the Eid Al Fitr holiday 2022 – News


Planning to leave the UAE for the long break ahead? Here are some better options to check out

By CT office

Published: Fri 22 April 2022, 13:54

Last update: Fri 22 April 2022, 22:33

Drive through Florence

This Eid, drive through cypress-studded hills with exhilarating views while staying at the Savoy Hotel in romantic Florence. The hotel has partnered with SlowDrive, allowing guests to choose their dream vehicle from the incredible selection of stylish cars and enjoy a memorable escape through wildflower-lined roads, vineyards and plazas. village. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and slow down to lose yourself in the joys of a scenic journey through the Chianti countryside. Assisted private tours and guided vintage tours are also available.

Visit https://www.roccofortehotels.com/hotels-and-resorts/hotel-savoy/

Relax on a Greek island

Perched on a dramatic hillside overlooking the Ionian Sea, Ultima Corfu is an elegantly appointed private villa available for single group bookings and ideal for families or groups of friends. The secluded and serene retreat will allow families to sit back, relax and reconnect in a Greek island paradise during this Eid break. Split over two levels, allowing for multiple sea views, this sublime 7 bedroom villa boasts stunning views of the azure waters and horizon throughout the villa. Families can savor sunny days and evenings outdoors by the pool and enjoy holistic therapies, treatments and wellness programs personalized for their well-being. With the comforts of a five-star luxury hotel including an impressive hammam, ocean-view Jacuzzi, two-tier infinity pools and outdoor dining areas.

For more information, visit https://www.ultimacollection.com/en

Relax in Phuket

Emirates Holidays offers a 3-night stay, including return economy class flights from Dh3,649 per person at the five-star SAii Laguna resort in Phuket, Thailand. Enjoy a lagoon view room, breakfast and 50% discount on your stay. The resort is nestled in the heart of Thailand’s premier resort community, Laguna Phuket, located directly on the beach.

Visit emiratesholidays.com/ae_en/

Enjoy the beach in the Seychelles

The Raffles Seychelles is a 40-acre resort offering enticing packages for the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday. Customers traveling from GCC can benefit from a 15% discount on the best available rate. The offer includes the newly renovated Pool Villas featuring a private plunge pool, an outdoor pavilion with loungers, a deep soaking tub with a view, indoor and outdoor rain showers and a balcony with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The offer also includes a daily breakfast for two at the Losean Restaurant. Guests wishing to add an element of relaxation to their itinerary can choose between the 90-minute couples Thai massage or indulge in Raffles Spa’s Coconut Indulgence treatment, which includes a 60-minute couples full-body massage followed by a complimentary treatment hair and scalp for 15 minutes. both offered at 15%.

Reservations can be made by contacting +248 429 6000 or emailing [email protected]

Relax in the Maldives

Located on Vagaru Island in Shaviyani Atoll, JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa is a multi-generational resort offering 60 beach and overwater villas, all with private pools, expansive wooden decks and outdoor pools. a wide range of equipment. Eclectic dining experiences are offered at the resort’s five restaurants, three full-service bars, a grape room that houses 1,200 collections, and private dining on the beach. Guests can book the all-inclusive ‘Savor the Endless’ package this Eid for stays longer than three nights and receive a 20% discount and daily breakfast, lunch and dinner at five restaurants and three bars full service. This package also includes a unique three-course beach dinner for two.

To book, visit https://www.marriott.com/offers/savor-the-endless-off-07518?propertycode=mlejs

Compiled by Enid Parker ([email protected])