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Alternatives to Bad Credit Loans

Alternatives to Bad Credit Loans

Don’t be discouraged if you are able to get due to your weak credit rating and you think that there’s no other choice to pay for every financial commitment. In the darkest of times, there is a bright aspect.( https://techktimes.com/what-exactly-is-an-online-loan/ )

These are some of the best methods to obtain the money you require: basic condition

Personal Loans

Individual lenders and third-party lenders can offer these loans online. They typically provide loans to individuals who are unable to charge their own credit and can do it in a matter of minutes. The loans can be paid in installments, much the same as bank loans.

They are increasingly sought-after by those with weak credit because they do not require any type of security especially when they’re supported by high-interest rates than the internet and credit. For short-term loans, it is possible to connect with these lenders online and then call these lenders directly.

In the event that the credit scores are higher than average, you will be able to pay less on the loan if the credit scores are lower than typical. But, the rates of these loans tend to be lower than the rates offered by banks that charge higher interest rates.

Beforehand by Credit Cards

It’s only one of the alternatives accessible to bad credit loans.Most of the time, you use credit cards to buy all the things you need and then pay back the full people with bad credit amounts later.But what is the best option if you badly needed urgent cash?

A bank will be allowing you to use cash credit in certain situations. Also instead of having to buy access funds, banks can give you cash to pay for costs.


If you have important possessions like jewelry, as an example, they’re worth selling or trading for, you can make the money you require swiftly. This could be the best option. It is unlikely to create problems when you stay clear of options that aren’t practical.

Borrow from Family Members

You can request your family and friends for a loan of a reasonable amount. Don’t think that it’s a given you’re borrowing funds from relatives or your close friends. Be sure to carry all conditions and terms, including your interest rates, the number of installments, and any additional charges (if appropriate).

If you have taken out a loan through an institution that is traditional, make sure that you have it from members of the family and also friends. Be aware that if you do not comply with the terms of your agreement you possibility of losing your friendship and that’s something you do not want to occur.

Tornos news | UNWTO: Global tourism recovery accelerates to 65% of pre-pandemic levels


International tourism is on track to reach 65% of pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022 as the sector continues to rebound from the pandemic.

An estimated 700 million tourists traveled internationally between January and September, more than double (+133%) the number recorded for the same period in 2021. This is equivalent to 63% of 2019 levels and puts the sector on track to reach 65% of its pre-pandemic levels this year, in line with UNWTO scenarios. Results were boosted by strong pent-up demand, improving confidence levels and the lifting of restrictions in a growing number of destinations.

Underlining the speed with which the sector has recovered from the worst crisis in its history, the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer reveals that monthly arrivals were 64% below 2019 levels in January 2022 and had reached – 27% in September. An estimated 340 million international arrivals were recorded in the third quarter of 2022 alone, nearly 50% of the nine-month total.

Europe continues to lead the global recovery
Europe continues to lead the rebound in international tourism. The region welcomed 477 million international arrivals in January-September 2022 (68% of the global total), reaching 81% of pre-pandemic levels. This is more than double than in 2021 (+126%) with results boosted by strong intra-regional demand and travel from the United States. Europe recorded a particularly robust performance in the third quarter, when arrivals reached almost 90% of 2019 levels.

Meanwhile, the Middle East saw international arrivals more than triple (+225%) year on year in January-September 2022, climbing to 77% of pre-pandemic levels. Africa (+166%) and the Americas (+106%) also recorded strong growth compared to 2021, reaching 63% and 66% of 2019 levels respectively. In Asia and the Pacific (+230%), the arrivals more than tripled in the first nine months of 2022, reflecting the opening of many destinations, including Japan at the end of September. However, arrivals in Asia and the Pacific remained 83% below 2019 levels. China, a key source market for the region, remains closed.

Arrivals and receipts at or above pre-pandemic levels
Several sub-regions reached 80% to 90% of their pre-pandemic arrivals in January-September 2022. Western Europe (88%) and Southern Mediterranean Europe (86%) saw the most recovery fast towards 2019 levels. The Caribbean, Central America (82% each) and Northern Europe (81%) also recorded strong results. Destinations reporting arrivals above pre-pandemic levels in the nine months to September include Albania, Ethiopia, Honduras, Andorra, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, El Salvador and Iceland .

In September, arrivals exceeded pre-pandemic levels in the Middle East (+3% compared to 2019) and the Caribbean (+1%) and approached in Central America (-7%) , in Northern Europe (-9%) and Southern Europe and the Mediterranean (-10%).

Meanwhile, some destinations recorded notable increases in international tourism receipts in the first seven to nine months of 2022, including Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Latvia, Portugal, Pakistan, Mexico, Morocco and France. The recovery is also visible in outbound tourism spending from key source markets, with strong results in France where spending reached -8% through September, compared to 2019. Other markets reporting strong spending during of the first six to nine months of 2022 were Germany, Belgium, Italy, United States, Qatar, India and Saudi Arabia.

Strong demand for air travel and hotel accommodation
The robust recovery in tourism is also reflected in various industry indicators such as air capacity and hotel metrics, as recorded in the UNWTO Tourism Recovery Tracker. Air seat capacity on international routes (measured in available seat kilometers or ASK) in January-August reached 62% of 2019 levels, with Europe (78%) and the Americas (76%) posting the best results . Global domestic capacity reached 86% of 2019 levels, with the Middle East (99%) nearly reaching pre-pandemic levels (IATA).

Meanwhile, according to STR, global hotel occupancy rates hit 66% in September 2022, up from 43% in January. Europe led the way with occupancy levels at 77% in September 2022, following rates of 74% in July and August. The Americas (66%), the Middle East (63%) and Africa (61%) all recorded occupancy rates above 60% in September. By sub-region, Southern Europe Mediterranean (79%), Western Europe (75%) and Oceania (70%) posted the highest occupancy rates in September 2022 .

Cautious optimism for the coming months
The challenging economic environment, including continued high inflation and soaring energy prices, compounded by Russia’s offensive in Ukraine, could weigh on the pace of recovery in the fourth quarter and into 2023. last four months of 2022, reflecting more cautious optimism. Despite mounting challenges indicating a slowing pace of recovery, tourism export earnings could reach USD 1.2-1.3 trillion in 2022, a 60-70% increase from 2021, or 70-70 80% of the $1.8 trillion recorded in 2019.

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Photo sources: pixabay.com

The Red Cross distributed $27 million in Fiona donations, most to Nova Scotia, PEI.


The Canadian Red Cross distributed most of the millions raised to help those affected by post-tropical storm Fiona, and nearly all of the money went to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Donations are not tracked by the donor’s province, the agency said, and all money raised for Fiona’s aid is pooled to help people in Eastern Canada. “We cannot specify that particular donations or percentages will be restricted to use in one province or community,” Red Cross spokesman Dan Bedell said in a recent email.

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‘Torrential rain’ causes flooding in Newfoundland town already devastated by Fiona

According to Red Cross figures, hard-hit southwest Newfoundland accounted for just a fraction of the donations distributed for Fiona’s relief. Brian Button, the mayor of Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, said many people in his area wouldn’t donate to the agency for that exact reason — they want their money to go to those who have the most. no longer needed in Newfoundland.

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The town has opened a local fund with the Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union, where people can make contributions that will be restricted to residents of southwestern Newfoundland.

“It’s going to be used directly only for members of our communities, not just Port aux Basques, but the surrounding area,” Button said. “That’s why a lot of people want this to go straight to the people here.”

The city council will set up a steering committee to determine how the money will be distributed, he said. He could not provide an estimate of how much money had been raised so far.

As of Thursday, the Red Cross had raised $30.9 million as part of its Hurricane Fiona appeal campaign in Canada, Bedell said. The agency distributed more than 54,000 $500 payments to registered households in Eastern Canada, totaling about $27.3 million, he added.

The majority of recipients were in Prince Edward Island, with 26,500 households, and Nova Scotia, where almost 22,000 households received money. Fiona caused widespread power outages in both provinces as she drove through the region on the morning of September 24. Many people in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia were without power for weeks.

Red Cross payments of $500 have also been made to 317 households in southwestern Newfoundland, where around 100 homes were destroyed by storm surges and waves up to 16 meters high .

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Bedell said nearly 6,000 households in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland received a second $500 payment due to “exceptional or unique needs,” though there is no breakdown of beneficiaries by province.

The Red Cross says it is still working with the governments of all affected provinces to determine how best to spend the estimated $3.6 million in donations that have yet to be distributed.

Click to play video: 'Update on Fiona Aftermath in Port aux Basques, NL'

Update on Fiona Aftermath in Port aux Basques, NL.

Questions remain over the fate of approximately $1 million raised in St. John’s at a fundraising concert called We Stand On Guard Again, held on October 30. assured them that he would be assigned to relief efforts specifically in Newfoundland.

However, Bedell said money raised from fundraisers — including benefit concerts — is used to help all affected regions, not just a single province.

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“Every major Canadian Red Cross fundraising appeal has a clearly identified purpose, and in this instance we have stated since its inception that Hurricane Fiona in Canada will be used to help people in all affected areas,” said Bedell said, noting that those regions include Newfoundland and Labrador as well as Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Quebec. “Those most affected in any of these areas are entitled to similar support through the donations we receive.”

Concert organizer Seamus O’Keefe said neither he nor the committee behind the show were concerned about the seemingly conflicting messages.

“From what I understand, and as we’ve been told, all the money raised in Newfoundland stays in Newfoundland,” O’Keefe said in an interview Monday. “The Canadian Red Cross has shown us great leadership, and we would never have raised a million dollars without the Red Cross.? I am quite comfortable with the direction and support we received from the Red Cross.

The federal government has committed to disbursing all money raised through the Hurricane Fiona Appeal in Canada until the end of October. Bedell said the matching money from Ottawa has yet to arrive.

“However, we know those funds are coming, so our planning is already factoring in those extra dollars,” he said.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on November 21, 2022.

© 2022 The Canadian Press

China to Bangladesh, river sharing pacts can be new confidence-building measures and resolve other contentious issues


EEnvironmental resources often do not fit within man-made boundaries. They go beyond the borders of nations. The sharing and common use of these resources constitute cross-border environmental issues. Simply put, these are issues related to the international management of environmental resources and their impact. In this chapter, we look at transboundary water and air pollution from an Indian perspective.

Consider the Ganges and its role in India-Bangladesh relations. The river flows through several states in India before emptying into Bangladesh, playing a major role in sustaining the Bangladeshi agricultural system. What would happen to Bangladesh’s economy, largely fueled by agriculture, if India built a dam on the Ganges? Obviously, the flow of water to Bangladesh would decrease, negatively affecting its crop yields, which in turn would harm its economy. The Farakka Dam north of Kolkata already diverts a substantial amount of water from the Ganges which would otherwise flow into Bangladesh.

Further east, the Brahmaputra or Yarlung Tsangpo, as it is called in Tibet, is one of the widest rivers in the world. It enters India after originating from China and finally encounters the Bay of Bengal after crossing Bangladesh. The river accounts for 44% of India’s hydropower potential. Chinese plans for dams and other diversion projects have been another point of tension between the two clashing nations. A similar problem arises between India, China and Pakistan with the Indus River and its tributaries.

Often these resources are vital to the cultures, societies and economies of many countries. For example, the Ganges has enormous religious importance in India and Bangladesh, in addition to its economic and agricultural importance. Thus, the question does not remain simply environmental. Religious, political and social connotations further complicate matters.

Transboundary air pollution in the Indian context is minimal. The Himalayas block much of the pollution that passes through India and China. With the sea on three sides, the only notable air movement is across India and Pakistan. Stubble burning, as we will see later, is the main cause of transboundary air pollution.

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Putting transboundary environmental issues into context

The transboundary implications of national decisions regarding environmental resources can be very significant. The scarcity of environmental resources is already a major source of national and international conflict, and there is every indication that this will only increase. A stark example is Israel’s water wars – repeated and costly conflicts between Israel and its Arab neighbors over shared water resources.

Transboundary environmental issues need to be studied in the context of their ability to trigger conflicts and their potential to resolve tensions. Particularly in the context of South Asia, which is already a region plagued by political and historical tensions, cross-border environmental issues can trigger conflict. In the sharing of freshwater resources, such as those of the Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers, these river-sharing agreements could serve as confidence-building measures, facilitating negotiation, progress and the resolution of other contentious issues.

This does not mean, however, that cooperation in the use of shared environmental resources should be viewed solely as a means of preventing and mitigating conflict. Such cooperation and agreement have the added benefit of addressing the issues of degradation and depletion of environmental resources. In other words, the study of transboundary environmental issues is not only an exercise in preventing countries from competing for environmental resources, but also in helping them better use and preserve shared resources.

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The Transboundary Environmental Issues Act

The law of cross-border international issues is well established. Its basic outlines have been traced in the Trail Foundry arbitration discussed in the following. As Oppenheim stated in 1905, it is now accepted in customary international law that a state is not permitted to alter the use of its territory in a way that disadvantages the territory of the neighboring state. This custom stems from the principle that all states are equal under international law, an idea also codified in the Charter of the United Nations.

Widespread state practice supports this obligation for states to treat other states equally and not to use their natural resources in a way that would adversely impact the other state. Court decisions also support this claim. Two decisions worth mentioning are the Trail Foundry cas7 and the Corfu Channel Case.

The Trail Foundry The case was a dispute between the United States and Canada in the 1920s and 1930s. It is also known to be one of the leading international arbitrations in environmental law. In this case, smoke and dust from a smelter in the town of Trail, British Columbia (Canada) crossed the border into the United States and affected forests and farms in Washington State. Arbitration ensued which led to the foundation of the “harm principle”. The principle suggests that no country should use its territory in a way that causes environmental damage to another country.

The corollary of this principle is that the polluting country must compensate the injured country. This principle, known as the “polluter pays principle”, is also extended at national level to compensate victims of environmental pollution. This decision supports the claim that any divergence or blockage of a river’s flow to the detriment of a state’s riparian neighbors is damage to their crops, forests and soils, and therefore prohibited by international law.

The second noteworthy decision is the Corfu Channel Case. This is a decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and is not directly related to environmental pollution, but the principle is relevant. The dispute was between the United Kingdom and Albania. During the Greek Civil War, tensions between Albania and the United Kingdom were high. A Royal Navy flotilla entered the Corfu Channel which separates Albania and Greece and was hit by sea mines. The UK has blamed Albania for planting sea mines without warning, a breach of international law. Albania denied installing mines and blamed it on Greece. The UK took Albania to the ICJ. The court admitted that it could not be conclusively proven that Albania had installed the mines. However, in deciding in favor of the UK, the court held that the mines were located on Albanian territory and therefore it should be held liable for using its territory in a way that caused harm to the UK. United. In a similar context, the use of the territorial sovereignty of a State to justify the diversion of substantial portions of a river to the detriment of the riparian neighbor is not permitted by international law because it causes harm to that neighbor.

This excerpt from “Environmental Law & Policy in India” by Shyam Divan and Armin Rosencranz is published with permission from Oxford University Press.

Arrest in connection with Martha’s Vineyard bank robbery


Investigators say three armed suspects raided a Rockland Trust bank branch in Martha’s Vineyard on Thursday morning, tied up its employees and fled with thousands of cash.

The FBI, Massachusetts State Police, Cape & Islands District Attorney’s Office and Tisbury Police are investigating the robbery, which sparked a massive law enforcement response. Several schools were locked down, heavily armed officers searched the island and a hotel in Falmouth for the suspects, and investigators asked the public for help in solving the case.

David Procopio, spokesman for the Massachusetts State Police, said Saturday morning that the investigation is active.

Both declined to issue any further updates in the case.

Members of the state police violent fugitive apprehension section were part of the investigation, Procopio said.

No one answered the phone Saturday morning at the Vineyard Haven branch where the theft took place. A voicemail message indicated that the office was currently closed. A request for comment was not immediately returned.

Rockland Trust said the branch was “temporarily closed” and no staff were injured.

The robbery suspects, who were wearing Halloween-like masks and dark, bulky clothing, took off in a stolen car belonging to a bank clerk that was found abandoned later in the day Thursday a few miles away near a state forest in Edgartown, officials said. .

Geoffrey Freeman, the airport manager at Martha’s Vineyard, said it was unlikely the suspects escaped by air. Passengers on Cape Air, the only commercial carrier, are screened by TSA agents. Passengers at private locations must undergo extensive background checks, he said.

Police checked the Steamship Authority ferries on Thursday and armed officers raided a Falmouth Holiday Inn after receiving reports the suspects were inside. But officials left the scene without apprehending any of the robbers, and Falmouth Police Chief Ed Dunne said no other locations in town were being searched in connection with the case.

On Friday evening, police stopped a car on Beach Road in Tisbury and State Police transported the vehicle to the back of a flatbed truck. Tisbury Police Sergeant Andrew Silvia said the car was stopped as investigators followed a lead in the case, and police will be interviewing one person.

Islanders appeared shaken by a brazen daytime bank robbery and puzzled that the suspects were picking a target located on an island.

“Deciding that Martha’s Vineyard was a great place to rob a bank is a bit, well, silly,” resident Doug Cabral said. “Why would anyone do that?” »

John R. Ellement, Mike Damiano and Brittany Bowker of Globe staff contributed to this report.

John Hilliard can be contacted at [email protected]

‘Not just islands’: Greece urges tourists to explore beyond islands to avoid overtourism


Can you even claim you’ve been to Greece if you haven’t posted a perfectly posed photo of yourself in front of Santorini’s white and blue houses and deep blue sea?

While in recent years the Greek island in the South Aegean has become a very popular and must-visit tourist destination for influencers, the country’s tourism officials say there is so much more to discover in Greece beyond Santorini – Plus, you’ll be able to avoid the crowds while also being a more sustainable tourist.

Greece has a long-standing commitment to promoting sustainable development tourism on its territory and tackle the environmental impact of contemporary travel. But for the country, sustainability means more than just preserving its world-famous landscapes.

“We are not just talking about preserving natural resources or protecting the environment. For us, sustainability is also something else,” says Dimitris Fragakis, Secretary General of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO).

“It’s about how local communities engage with tourism, because we want people to be close to tourism, not against tourism.

“There are bad cases here in Europe of countries facing overtourism, where people are being kicked out of their homes or neighborhoods. We don’t want that.”

GreeceThe strategy to avoid overtourism is to expand the destinations that people would like to visit across the country and to encourage tourists to explore Greece not only in summer, but also in winter.

“Greece is not just sun and beach, and it’s not just islands. The beaches are also beautiful in the north and west of Greece. No one knows about these kind of places. So we want to promote them. We want to show people that you can go to a lot of places to have a quality holiday.”

Where should I go to avoid influencers?

There is plenty of beauty to discover in Greece no matter where you are in the country.

The small village of Gialova, in the southwest of the Peloponnese peninsula, is a perfect place to live the Greek dream of sun, beach, nature and delicious food while staying away from the crowds . The village is a short walk from the lagoon and nature reserve of Gialova and close to the ancient archaeological site of Pylos, a palace from the Mycenaean period. Nearby, there is also Voidokoilia beach, one of the most beautiful in the country.

You can get there from the city of Kalamata, an hour’s drive from the island and less than a three-hour drive from Athens.

While Santorini, Mykonos and Corfu are high on the tourist radar, there are also Greek islands that stay off the beaten track.

The tiny Aegean island of Ikaria is largely overlooked by tourists, meaning you’ll just have to share its peaceful sandy beaches with the locals (and we’re only talking about 8,500 people, leading the traditional Greek way of life). You can get there by taking a ferry from the port of Piraeus, Athens.

The islands of Leros in the Dodecanese of eastern Greece are a paradise for those looking to relax by the beach or sweat it out climbing their rocky mountains. Each island is unique and different from the next, from the gentle green hills of Leros to the neoclassical houses of Lakki, but they all offer beautiful unspoilt beaches and mouth-watering seafood. You can get to Leros by ferry from Athens.

What is the most eco-friendly place to visit in Greece?

If you are worried about the environmental impact of your vacation, you should explore Chalki and Tilos, Greecethe most environmentally friendly islands.

The small island of Tilos, with its 500 inhabitants, became the first 100% “green island” in Greece and the entire Mediterranean in 2019, when the island, powered only by renewable energy, declared itself completely self-sufficient .

Just two hours by ferry from RhodesTilos is synonymous with slow tourism, sun, beach and sustainability.

Halki is another sustainable choice. Inaugurated by GreecePrime Minister on November 5, Halki is the first of several small islands in the Aegean that the Greek government intends to make completely independent of the national grid and fully powered by renewable energy sources as part of the national GR project. -eco.

The island has a power plant – which powers solar phone chargers across the country – and all vehicles on the island are electric.

A popular destination for a day trip from Rhodes, Chalki is well worth a longer stay to learn about living more sustainably.

Workshop on Greek luxury tourism and gastronomy in New York: a great success


NEW YORK – The important two-day meeting for the promotion of Greek tourism and gastronomy in the United States, held at the famous Greek restaurant Kellari in Manhattan, on November 14 and 15, concluded with a unprecedented success.

Entitled ‘Luxury Tourism & Gastronomy Workshop’, the Greek company Tourism Media & Events, in collaboration with the agency Kohas, and under the auspices of the Embassy of Greece in the United States, the Hellenic Ministry of Tourism and the Union of the Hellenic Chambers of Commerce, organized the highly successful event, promoting Greek destinations and Greek businesses with direct contacts and B2B meetings with US tourism representatives, influencers, gatekeepers and journalists in order to create best business result.

The director of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO), Konstantinos Charokopos, told the National Herald: “The Tourism Media & Event company organized a trade mission on culinary tourism to the United States in order to put interested American companies in contact with Greek companies, with hoteliers and travel agencies. We support all these actions and contribute to their promotion.

Teta Petroula, Senior Public Relations Specialist at Athens International Airport, and Maripola Kotsi, Market Research Manager. (Photo by Eleni Sakellis)
The Greek Workshop on Luxury Tourism and Gastronomy was held at Kellari in Manhattan. (Photo by Eleni Sakellis)

The contribution of the Office of Trade and Economic Affairs has also been important, as well as the Greek Press Office in New York, which supports such initiatives. The head of the Greek press office, Mary Vaxevanidou, stressed that their own actions always contribute in a communicative way to such actions, which aim to project the best possible face of Greece, with regard to the production of new products, the promotion of tourism and, of course, gastronomy, through the knowledge and relationships developed with journalists, seeking the best possible promotion of Greece.

Head of the Department of Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Consulate Nikolaos

Thomopoulos noted that “their efforts to find importers and distributors, so that the products could be introduced to the American market, were successful, after the culinary meetings of the Agribusiness Cooperative, Ariston Olive Oil, Kourellas SA and Naoumidis- Florinis Peppers have borne fruit.

Western Macedonia Regional Governor Georgios Kasapidis during his November 15 presentation at the Greek Luxury Tourism and Gastronomy Workshop at Kellari in New York. (Photo by Eleni Sakellis)

It is very important for Greece that, thanks to these direct events of Tourism Media & Events, new relations have been developed in European and Asian countries, which strengthen the position of our country abroad and promote not only tourism and conventional but alternative gastronomy. tourism as well, including medical and cultural tourism in the country, with targeted events, such as the MedTravel Expo. Thanks to the immediacy of this communication strategy of Tourism Media & Events, it is possible for Greek tourism companies and exporters to penetrate foreign markets, where there is a growing demand for Greek products and the alternative activities offered by the country. Harris Ntigrintakis, CEO of Tourism Media & Events, told TNH: “Each year we organize around 7-8 events with great success. We are investing in a market with very, very high costs, as a result of which each company that comes will have about 17 to 18 B2B meetings, of which about 7 to 8 deals will be closed. There are companies that can make 23 appointments. Some companies do better and others do worse. All of this is building slowly. A company or a producer who has invested means that he has sown, so he can harvest, at the right time.

Representing the gastronomy sector, from left to right: Spyros Kellidis, Governor of the Western Macedonia Region Georgios Kasapidis, and Irene Litsas. (Photo by Eleni Sakellis)
Pepi Birliraki, Deputy Mayor of Tourism of Rethymnon, during his presentation. (Photo by Eleni Sakellis)

“Our events, in general, are effective and our actions multidimensional,” Ntigrintakis continued. “We bring agents from abroad and journalists who visit our country and write about it, we are actively involved in the publishing industry, with the presence of print magazines and special tourist publications and we have created the tourismtoday.gr site, which is the most modern media for the tourism industry and provides real-time coverage of news, in terms of national and international tourism, economy, travel and real estate.

To promote the tourism of Rhodes, Dionissis Tsiligiris, marketing director of PROTOUR (Promotional Tourism Organization of Rhodes), was in New York, one of the representatives of the destinations, among which was the regional governor of the region of Western Macedonia Georgios Kasapidis , Deputy Governor of Halkidiki Regional Unit Giorgos Ioannis, Director of Tourism of Central Macedonia Region Miltiadis Nikolaou, Deputy Mayor of Tourism of Rethymno Pepi Birliraki, Market Research Supervisor of Athens International Airport Maripola Kotsi, luxury hotel representatives, Boheme Mykonos, Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki, Palace of Macedonia – Thessaloniki, Knossos Beach Bungalows Suites & Spa – Heraklion, Acrotel Hotel & Villas – Halkidiki, Villa 1870 – Corfu, Apeiron Blue Santorini Luxury Suites and Desiterra Luxury Villas in Santorini.

Also present were representatives from Celestyal Cruises, DNA Travel, Greek Breakfast, Med Professionals – Medical Communication Group, Palladion Rehabilitation Centre, Salty Rides Private Powerboat Cruises – Milos Island, Vrahos Boutique Hotel, Yaloou – Yachting, Private Jetting & Hospitality, Agrofood Cooperative Western Macedonia Region, Aggelos Doukas – Margaret Douka from Ariston Olive Oil, Kourellas and Naoumidis – Florina Peppers.

Miltiadis Nikolaou, director of tourism for the region of Central Macedonia. (Photo by Eleni Sakellis)

In the Food section, Irene Litsas shared samples of Kourellas products including feta, kasseri and vegan cheese, as well as their new Kourellas Kids organic drinkable yogurt made with fruit from Greece and no added sugar. Kourellas products are available at Whole Foods.

Tsiligiris arrived with the optimism and ambition to attract tourists from the United States and he succeeded: “Due to the strong increase in tourist arrivals on the island over the past three years, even during the COVID period, Rhodes was considered the top destination in Greece. for arrivals. We introduced Rhodes to the American tourist market and showed that there is a bright and beautiful Greece waiting for Americans to visit.

Among the official guests were representatives of the Greek government, Secretary General of Interior and Organization of the Hellenic Republic Michalis Stavrianoudakis, Director of Cabinet of Interior Minister Theodosis Athanasas and MP Makis Voridis.

The event continued on November 15 with three hours of B2B meetings and presentations by Regional Governor of Western Macedonia Kasapidis, Spyros Kellidis, Miltiadis Nikolaou, Maripola Kotsi and Pepi Birliraki, with videos offering insight into the beauty that awaits visitors to Greece. A raffle of 15 prizes including stays at participating hotels in Greece concluded the event.

More information is available online: https://bit.ly/3GrkptF.

@kohasagency #kohasagency.

Royal Caribbean unveils 2024 European cruise itineraries, Oasis and Anthem returning to Europe


You can book a Royal Caribbean cruise for summer 2024 today!

The new crossings can be booked through Royal Caribbean’s website, offering a variety of ships and itineraries during the summer months when Royal Caribbean rolls out its cruise ships to the region.

There are crossings between May and October 2024 to be booked on 6 different ships.

Here is a breakdown of where the ships will depart from:

Anthem of the seas will depart from Southampton, UK, and offer cruises of various durations to destinations in Spain, Portugal, Norway and the Canary Islands.

explorer of the seas will sail from Barcelona and Venice to mainly offer cruises on the Adriatic and the Greek islands.

jewel of the seas will depart from Amsterdam and offer 11, 12 and 13 night cruises around the British Isles and Iceland. Jewel will also offer crossings of the Arctic Circle, including a 17-night cruise to Iceland and Greenland.

Oasis of the seas will sail from Barcelona and Rome and offer cruises to Spain, France and Italy in the Western Mediterranean.

Odyssey of the seas will depart from Rome to offer cruises to the Greek Islands and the Holy Land to Israel.

sea ​​traveler will be part of European Summer 2024, but currently has no sailings listed at this time.

See the full routes here:

This is the second 2024 deployment released to date, as Royal Caribbean launched Alaska 2024 cruises last week.

Year-round and summer Caribbean cruises are set to launch the week of December 12, 2022, with the rest of the 2024 sailings to be released “soon”. Historically, this means the rest will be released in early spring, around March or April.

Booking early can save you money

Thinking about booking a cruise a year and a half from now might seem like overkill, but it’s one of the best ways to get the best price on a cruise.

Generally speaking, the lowest prices for cruises are available when new itineraries are released, such as these Europe 2024 sailings. Over time, prices will increase as more cabins are booked.

If you’re interested in a suite, the importance of booking early is even more apparent, as these cabins typically go up in price quickly after they’re released.

Whatever the price today, you can always enjoy a lower price later with the Best Price Guarantee program, which allows cruises to be repriced if the price drops until the final payment date. This is available to residents of the United States and Canada, as well as certain other countries.

Apart from the cost savings, booking early also ensures you get the exact cabin you want. Many cruise-goers gobble up the most sought-after cabins when new cruises hit the market, such as suites, extra-large balcony rooms, and other unique cabins.

Best months for a Mediterranean cruise

From sunny beaches in Spain to historic ruins in Greece, there’s something for everyone in the Mediterranean. But when is the best time to go on a cruise in the Mediterranean?

In general, the best months for sailing in the Mediterranean are May, June, September and October. The weather is warm but not too hot, and the seas are generally calm.

April and May are ideal months for sailing in the Mediterranean. The weather is comfortable and the crowds are thin, making this the perfect time to explore all the area has to offer.

All in all, these months offer the ideal combination of weather and conditions for a relaxing and enjoyable cruise.

Planning to book a cruise in 2024? These stories will help:

New Zealand wins ‘Fossil of the Day’ award from climate activists


Climate activists have awarded New Zealand the ‘fossil of the day’, designed to shame countries that obstruct progress in global climate negotiations.

The growing repair bill for damage from extreme weather fueled by climate change is a hot topic at this year’s talks, COP27.

Developing countries, which have contributed little to the emissions problem, say rich countries should help pay for the cleanup. Their negotiators want to establish a central “loss and damage” fund, to take payments from rich countries and distribute them to nations in need.

While the government promised $20 million for loss and damage, he also supported a call by other developed countries for negotiations on the creation of a central fund for loss and damage to continue for another two years. Activists from the Climate Action Network describe this as an “about-face”.

* Countries could promise to peak their emissions in 2025. Is New Zealand already there?
* New Zealand becomes third country to offer money to climate-affected countries
* Ko Aotearoa te tuatoru kia whakaherea te pūtea ki ngā whenua e pāngia ana e te āhuarangi

The Climate Action Network typically announces its Fossil price daily at annual COP summits. New Zealand is not the only recipient: the United States was rewarded two of them at this year’s event.

One award goes to US climate envoy John Kerry comment on loss and damage negotiations: “The United States and many other countries will not establish some sort of legal structure related to…compensation or liability.”

Compensation and liability are key sticking points for the United States and others. The US and EU – and, per capita, New Zealand – have relatively large historical emissions. Developed countries could face huge remediation bills if they accept that historical emitters are responsible for current and future climate damage.

But if liability wasn’t in the equation, players could consider a central fund – or series of funding tools – where money for loss and damage could be provided to climate-affected communities.

Denmark, Belgium and Germany have already pledged money for loss and damage, in recognition of the economic, health and cultural impacts already caused by global warming.


Overflowing rivers, flash floods and more intense cyclones – how climate change is making flooding more extreme.

The EU bloc, representing 27 European nations, said it’s open to “launch[ing] a process” on the financing of losses and damages. But it’s not in a hurry, considering that the process will take until 2024.

The US, EU, China and India wield enormous power over global climate negotiations and often create deals behind the scenes. Each of these countries can essentially enter into a global agreement.

If one of these superpowers does not budge, the parties often suggest compromises to keep negotiations on track.

Great Britain echo the call for two more years of discussions on the financing of loss and damage, with the final decision to be taken at COP29, which will be held in 2024. This decision “would definitely lead to an improvement in the financing arrangements”, said the British negotiators. in a published statement.

In a similar statement released late Saturday evening (Egyptian time), New Zealand backed the British suggestion. Government negotiators areattracted by the order of decisions established by the United Kingdom”.

This statement has become a focal point of the debate.

New Zealand said it sympathized with countries wanting to see a central fund established this year, with details to be worked out in the future.

But, wrote the negotiators, “to establish [a] funding without certainty as to what that means would require a high level of trust that we have a common understanding of what we are working on and how… We don’t seem to have that.

Last week the government announcement $20 million for unavoidable climate losses. At the time, Climate Change Minister James Shaw said the damage was “already happening”.

In theory, the $20 million could go into the central fund, if it were created.

Climate Action Network said the payment made Aotearoa “a true climate leader”. But the government’s backing for two more years of talks was ‘a shameful about-face exposing their true allegiances’, the advocacy group said in the digital award ceremony.

Shaw supported a variety of options to provide cash for loss and damage. “Small countries like those in the Pacific can find it difficult and frustrating to work with large global funds. We want to ensure that regional and bilateral agreements are also encouraged.

Even with recent commitments from New Zealand and others, there was relatively little money to distribute.

“Our goal now should be to get more wealthy countries to make financial commitments,” Shaw said in a statement.

The Minister for Climate Change has announced funds for loss and damage as well as for adaptation.  (File photo)


The Minister for Climate Change has announced funds for loss and damage as well as for adaptation. (File photo)

Nick Henry of Oxfam said the award was “deserved”. New Zealand “is one of many wealthy countries that are hampering” progress on loss and damage.

Groups of countries – including a bloc of Pacific nations – have drafted ideas for how a central fund could work. “A global fund is about fairness and justice, and getting the money needed where it’s needed – fast.”

At this summit, countries should agree to establish the fund, as well as determine its criteria and an operating framework “and then work urgently to make it operational,” Henry said. “It’s really needed now.”

Other notable developments at COP27 include:

  • India offers a global agreement for a phase-out of all fossil fuels. At last year’s summit, the parties pledged to “phase out…relentless coal power”. Indian negotiators want this commitment to extend to oil and gas as well. India is heavily dependent on coal, so the change could distract the Asian nation. But island nations – plus the weight of EU and UK negotiations – supported The idea of ​​India. In particular, the EU called for using the term “phasing out” rather than “phasing out” (referring to a last minute compromise last yearwhere India asked for a watered down wording in the final hours of the UN summit).
  • Mexico has unveiled a tougher carbon reduction commitment through 2030, one of the few countries to do so. This is a positive step, because Mexico slightly weakened his promise before making the announcement. Now, the North American country will reduce its emissions by 35% by 2030, compared to 22% previously.
  • Indonesia received an increase of US$15 billion (NZ$25 billion) to its efforts to get rid of coal. The United States, Japan and others will provide at least as much to support the Southeast Asian nation, which has pledged not to build new fossil fuel power plants and to invest heavily in the renewable energy production.
  • New Zealand will invest $15 million in the Global Adaptation Fund, from an already established fund $1.3 billion in climate aid. The money will help communities adapt to climate change and minimize damage. This is a fivefold increase over the government’s previous commitment to the global funding tool (although Aotearoa contributes more through direct aid, mainly in the Pacific). Last year, developed countries agreed to double the amount of funding for adaptation.

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Rishi and Emmanuel go from flirting to engaging – in a week! | Jean Crace


Owho knew? Being kind to people sometimes pays dividends. Since becoming prime minister, Rishi Sunak has done his best to hit on other world leaders. So much so that his relationship with Emmanuel Macron went from a flirtatious bromance to a long-term engagement in a week.

Clearly Rish! calling the French president every night begging him to be his friend – “I love you, I love you. Be my friend. PLEASE. PLEASE. Just tell me what you I’m not like the others Boris and Truss may have laughed at you But I’m looking at you Literally I love you I love you Just tell me what I have to do to be your friend” – this is the way to Manu’s heart.

As Macron and Sunak prepare to hang out in Bali for the G20 – I love sneakers, man! – the United Kingdom and France have signed a deal try to limit the number of small boats crossing the English Channel. We’re handing over £62m and some police to watch on the beaches. And the French agree to increase the number of their gendarmes and try to persuade them to keep their eyes open. What could go wrong?

Entente Cordiale has also spread along the food chain to Suella Braverman. Well, up to a point. Leaky Sue wasn’t so thrilled with the new deal that she would go so far as to give it full parliamentary honors with her own ministerial statement, but she wasn’t really going to actively spoil it during Home Office questions. Instead, she just damned him with faint praise.

Again, Suella was the most generous. Deep down, the Home Secretary thinks every asylum seeker is just a foreigner trying to get a free holiday in a five-star British hotel. Hell, Brits don’t try to sneak into Albania in small boats from Corfu and expect free accommodation. So why should we be so welcoming to Albanians who come here?

“The new deal is a step forward,” insisted Leaky Sue, as several Tory backbenchers stressed he was unlikely to do much to stop people coming to the UK. As in, it wasn’t actively stepping back. She wasn’t going to put a figure on how many fewer refugees would now make the crossing, because that was the wrong measure. It was more about establishing new background music. To make people feel even less welcome than they already were.

Speaking of which, Tory MP Luke Evans was troubled by reports that people had been staying at a hotel in his constituency which had been deemed a fire hazard. Braverman just looked confused. What was the problem? The place could therefore catch fire. Big deal. Before you know it, the refugees will be waiting for their own rooms with hot and cold running water.

Shadow Interior Secretary Yvette Cooper stirred things up with some home truths. Cooperation with the French has always been a good idea – too bad it took the Tories 12 years to find this one – but the deal didn’t go far enough. In any event, the government’s own Nationality and Borders Bill made it more difficult to prosecute anyone. And as for the Rwandan scheme… At that, Leaky Sue momentarily lost her bearings and the compassionate and conciliatory veneer broke away. Labor just wanted unlimited immigration, she sneered. Uh, that’s not the case.

The rest of home office the questions were relatively uneventful. Deputy Minister Chris Philp – never knowingly unhelpful – tried to persuade everyone that police numbers were really increasing. At least they were if you counted the imaginary 20,000 additional officers who were recruited next year.

Even some of his own backbenchers seemed taken aback by this and tried to put him down. But Philp was in a world of his own, where the imaginary and the real were indistinguishable. Labor’s Charlotte Nichols wondered if now was the time to do psilocybin a schedule two drug. Not that it would make much of a difference to Philp’s consumption. He’s the kind of minister who can only exist in a hallucinatory, psychedelic world. At least that’s the only thing that explains what he does in government.

There was also a brief appearance by Boris Johnson. Briefly passing from his last holiday, The Convict had briefly recalled that he was supposed to represent Uxbridge and was about to lose his seat in the upcoming election. So he showed his face for 10 minutes asking about Uxbridge Police Station but didn’t seem bothered by the lack of response. He had done his part. He is all heart.

As for Leaky Sue, she walked away, happy enough to have avoided further scrutiny. Not so long ago, her job was on the line. She had been fired for violating the departmental code, with countless other offenses waiting to be considered. But she seems to have weathered the storm. For the moment. No one questions his temper. Or his ability. Everyone just accepts that she’s the wrong person at the wrong job, but everyone’s lost the will to point it out. They just sit and wait for her to fail. It probably won’t be long.

Things have evolved. First we had Gavin Williamson. The ex-minister. Three times removed. We now move on to Dominic “Psycho” Raab. The man whose vein of anger lights up the Commons. Pretty much the only person who doesn’t know there’s something wrong with Dom is Rish!.

“Dom is a lovely man,” Sunak squealed in bali. “He never did anything to me.” Except forcing him to give her a job. But hi! It’s anti-bullying week, so maybe we should all stop bullying Dom. Even bullies deserve an equal break. From the government of the Bullingdon Club to the government of a club of bullies.

Libya would have lost 40,000 km² if it had signed memorandums of understanding with Greece, says former Turkish navy chief


Former Chief of Staff of Turkish Naval Forces Admiral Cihat Yaycı says every country has sovereign right to sign any agreement, and there is misinformation regarding Turkey-Libya border , which would conflict with the interests of certain Greek islands.

Cihat Yaycı, who is known to be the architect of the maritime border demarcation agreement between Libya and Turkey, explained in an interview with the Greek newspaper “Katherini”, that it was he who drew this line which connects the coasts of the two countries, and crosses an area 40 miles from the island of Crete, emphasizing that Turkey does not intervene in the territorial waters of any country.

He added that the Memorandum of Understanding signed with Libya is not subject by law to the approval of the Libyan House of Representatives, saying that there is no elected parliament in Libya at the moment. current one, adding that it collapsed 8 years ago and no election has been held since then.

Yaycı added that he had met with members of the House of Representatives four months ago, and they had expressed concerns due to Greek propaganda saying that Libya had lost a maritime zone and was forced to sign. a deal with Turkey seizing its maritime rights.

Meanwhile, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said interim governments in Libya are not obliged to approve memoranda signed with other countries by parliament. Cavusoglu added, in his defense of the recent memorandum of understanding signed between his country’s government and the Libyan government of national unity, that Egypt had also signed memorandums of understanding with Libya, and that the president of the House of Representatives, Aqila Saleh, was not very concerned about them.

Cavusoglu was responding to a question from opposition MP and former ambassador Unal Cevikoz before the Turkish Parliament’s Planning and Budget Committee, according to the Nordic Monitor website, which specializes in Turkish affairs.

World Cup 2022: Who is Rebecca Cooke and is she still with Phil Foden?

Everything you need to know about Rebecca Cooke (Picture: TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED)

The world Cup will begin this month in Qatar and in addition to the England team, we’re also delighted to see all the glamorous wives and girlfriends cheering from the stands.

They were reportedly hit with a strict set of rules that include no drinking in public, displays of affection or revealing outfits. But they will live the life of luxury on a billion pound yacht. Not such a hard life is it?

One of the girlfriends leaving to support her man is Rebecca Cooke, who is in a relationship with Phil Foden.

But who is Rebecca? Here’s everything you need to know about Phil’s girlfriend.

Who is Rebecca dating?

She is childhood friends with Phil Foden after meeting when they were both at school. The couple suffered a huge public meltdown while vacationing in Corfu this summer. Phil allegedly lost his temper with Rebecca after looking at his phone as he swam in the sea.

The footballer was previously accused of cheating in 2020 when he allegedly brought two girls into his hotel room while playing in Iceland.

Phil Foden, Rebecca Cooke
Phil and Rebecca are childhood sweethearts (Picture: Instagram)

How old is Rebecca?

One of the Wags babies, Rebecca is only 22 years old.

Does Rebecca have children?

Rebecca welcomed the couple’s son, Ronnie, when she was just 18. They revealed in 2021 that they were expecting a girl but have yet to confirm her name or share photos of her online.

Where does Rebecca live?

The pair live together in a £2.85million five-bedroom mansion in Prestbury, Cheshire – a stone’s throw from Wayne and Coleen Rooney. They previously lived in the Bramhall area of ​​Manchester with Phil’s parents as the footballer wanted to make sure he kept the family close.

(RESTRICTION: For editorial purposes only. Images must appear as still images and must not emulate match action video footage. Photographs published in online publications must have an interval of at least 20 seconds between posting.) Mandatory Credit: Photo by Carl Recine/POOL/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock (12164508es) England's Phil Foden with son Ronnie and girlfriend Rebecca Cooke after the preliminary round football match of the UEFA EURO 2020 Group D between Czech Republic and England in London, Great Britain on June 22, 2021. Group D Czech Republic vs England, London, UK - June 22, 2021
The couple are young parents (Photo: Carl Recine/POOL/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)

What is Rebecca’s job?

She’s been quiet about her career on social media, but it’s likely that with two young children, she could focus on being a stay-at-home mom.

What is Rebecca’s net worth?

Again, not much is known about his own financial situation, but Foden has reportedly seen his salary rise to £200,000-a-week this year, making him one of the highest-paid players.

Is Rebecca on social media?

No, she only seems to have fan pages on Instagram.

You have a story?

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NYC withdrew $533 million in federal funds from Department of Correction


More than $533 million in federal pandemic relief funds earmarked for the city’s Department of Corrections has been quietly withdrawn from the agency’s beleaguered prisons this year, the Daily News has learned – and it’s unclear to what the funds will be spent instead.

The funding was originally allocated to the Department of Correction as part of the US federal bailout, which funneled billions of dollars to city government agencies to help support their budgets during a time of fiscal uncertainty.

But city budget data shows Mayor Adams’ administration withdrew the DOC cash injection at some point this year amid staff dysfunction and a collapse of basic services in Rikers. Island and other prisons across the city – conditions partly responsible for the deaths of 18 inmates so far this year.

“What the data says is that four months ago when the city released its budget, the city planned to claim $533 million in federal stimulus funds to cover DOC costs. And at the end of the day, they ended up not claiming those funds for the DOC,” said Logan Clark, deputy director of the city’s Independent Budget Office for Budget Review.

“It’s a massive change in a short period of time. The question is why?”

Almost every other city agency that received U.S. bailout money used some or all of it, according to an online budget tracker run by the Independent Budget Office.

The NYPD, for example, received $566 million and spent every penny, according to the tracker.

But the Independent Budget Office tracker shows no stimulus money has been spent by the Corrections Department. DOC spokeswoman Latima Johnson asked Adams’ office about why the money was reallocated.

A spokeswoman for Adams confirmed that the DOC money was transferred from the agency, but did not specify what specifically prompted the move.

“The federal stimulus program was designed so that states and localities have the flexibility to use and reallocate funds. In this case, funding has been reallocated and will be reflected in a future financial plan,” the spokesperson said.

The spokeswoman also suggested that some of the funds originally intended for the DOC remain unspent, but did not say how much or whether the corrections agency might end up getting some of it.

“We are evaluating how to apply the funding strategically,” she said before emphasizing that the funding reshuffle was not a budget reduction for the agency: “This reallocation has no impact on the budget. or DOC operations”.

News of the funding shake-up was met with less enthusiasm by the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association, the DOC’s largest union.

“The fact that approximately half a billion dollars allocated to our agency, thanks to funds provided by the American bailout, has been reallocated to other agencies is nothing short of budgetary malpractice,” said COBA President Benny Boscio. “Whoever made this reckless decision has a lot to explain.”

Boscio noted that the money could have been used for everything from repairing broken cell doors to heating and air conditioning systems to training each officer on suicide prevention.

“(It) would have immediately improved conditions in our prisons for our officers and the inmates in our custody,” he added. “This money should be returned to the DOC immediately!”

The DOC funding revelations come as the Adams administration faces the looming prospect that a Manhattan judge could place the city’s ailing prison system under the control of a federal comptroller.

Rep. Nydia Velazquez (DN.Y.), who supports the permanent closure of Rikers and has for years been critical of the city’s handling of the prison, did not approve of a federal receivership when questioned at this subject last month.

“Unfortunately, there is no global solution to this problem,” she said. “As we have seen when city jails have entered into federal surveillance contracts in the past, this is not necessarily the end of the inmate abuse crisis.”

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Greek scientist contradicts Turkish geologist’s claim that ‘Greece and Turkey are getting closer’


The statement by Turkish geological engineer Burhan Das, chairman of the Chamber of Geological Engineers in Elazig in eastern Turkey, that “Each year, Turkey and Greece are getting closer by 30 cm” was countered by the president of the Hellenic Geological Society, Dr. Athanasios Gana.

“Based on satellite geodetic data derived from GNSS measurements of geodetic reference stations, it appears that the average annual distance between Greece and Turkey increases by 12 millimeters, as shown by the combined resolution of all GNSS stations in the Mediterranean East and Middle East-Africa (study by Reilinger et al. 2006, Journal of Geophysical Research, 1133 citations in Scientific Citation Index),” Dr. Gana told Proto Thema.

A more recent study by Briole, Ganas, Elias, Dimitrov, (2021, Geophysical Journal International) based on the resolutions of 329 GNSS stations confirmed the increase in plate velocity from Anatolia (Anatolia-Asia Minor) to Dysmas ( central and southern Greece) considering north-central Europe as constant, so yes Anatolia’s motion is westward, but the Aegean plate’s motion is southwestward at a higher speed high, i.e. the relative average distance increases steadily by 1.5 (one and a half) centimeters per year.”

Recall that the Turkish geologist said in his country’s newspaper that in the last ten months there have been 17,000 small and large earthquakes in Turkey and that due to the mobility of the Arabian plate, the Anatolian plate, to which Turkey belongs, is constantly compressing, moving 20 to 30 cm towards the west and towards Greece.

“After hundreds of thousands of years, Smyrna, Mugla and our provinces in this region will be land neighbors of Greece, while the size of the Aegean islands will change, but new islands will also emerge,” he said. -he declares.

The president of the Chamber of Geological Engineers of Elazig estimated that there will be an earthquake in a part of the Celihan fault which will reach up to 7.2 degrees Richter and will affect parts of the east of the Turkey.

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Lively mid-term getaway to London Luton Airport


A busy mid-term holiday period (Friday 21st October to Sunday 30th October) saw over 450,000 passengers transit through London Luton Airport (LLA) in search of sunnier autumnal climes.

In total, more than 1.3 million passengers passed through the airport in October, bringing the annual total to more than 11.1 million, an increase of almost 240% year-on-year.

As Wizz Air and easyJet continue to expand their route networks, the mid-term getaway offered a choice of 142 destinations across Europe and North Africa.

This included recent additions to the LLA, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo and Skiathos starting boards.

Popular destinations for city breaks included Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon and Paris, while Corfu, Malaga and Palma de Mallorca were among favorite destinations for those seeking warmer autumn temperatures.

London Luton Airport was recently voted runner-up in the ‘Best Airport’ category at the 2022 Condé Nast Readers’ Choice Awards and the airport continued to deliver a smooth and user-friendly airport experience throughout the week at mid-week. route, with 90% of passengers passing through security in 8 minutes or less.

Clare Armstrong, Customer Experience Manager at London Luton Airport, said: “Our teams work hard to deliver a simple and friendly passenger experience, which is reflected in the overwhelmingly positive customer satisfaction results we continue to see, with four out of five passengers rating their experience as very good or excellent.

“We look forward to providing the same level of excellent customer service throughout the winter and what should be our busiest Christmas since 2019.”

Foodstuffs will deploy several social supermarkets on the motu by 2024


In a statement released by Foodstuffs, it hopes to offer individuals and Kiwi whānau finding the cost of living difficult a supermarket-style environment where food is free or paid for by koha.

“A contemporary take on the traditional food bank approach, social supermarkets provide food support with more choice and dignity.”

Foodstuffs said allowing Kiwis to choose their own food rather than pre-filled food parcels allows more flexibility when families are in dire need of kai.

North Island general manager Chris Quin said that with the cost of living crisis pushing Kiwis’ budgets, Foodstuffs hopes to provide “access to the groceries they need with dignity.”

Willa Hand, head of member experience at Foodstuffs North Island, said the social supermarkets will be run in partnership with local community organizations.

“Strengthening relationships and helping local communities thrive. Each social supermarket will be unique because it is designed, owned and operated by the community partner who tailors it to meet the needs of the local community.”

Foodstuffs added that it plans to work with a local community organization to connect and find a local store owner and operator.

“The local store owner works closely with the community partner to provide items such as shelving, fridges and freezers. They also provide training, advice and mentorship on how to run a successful supermarket.”

Greek museum exhibits first batch of art recovered in US


ATHENS, Greece (AP) — This is a symbolic first step in a homecoming that will long last the 10-year odyssey of ancient myth.

For decades, an important part of Greece’s cultural heritage shone only for the few in the private collection of an American billionaire, until a groundbreaking agreement for its gradual return to Athens. Today, 15 of the prehistoric masterpieces went on public display for the first time in a temporary exhibition in Athens, before their final return, along with the remaining 146 works, by 2048.

But Greek opposition politicians and some archaeologists say it’s too long. They say the government should have fought in court to get the entire collection back faster, arguing it was looted from ancient sites on Greek islands and smuggled.

Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said the August deal – which also involved New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art – was the best it could be.

“A legal proceeding is a very difficult matter that requires very solid documentation which in most cases we lack,” she said on Tuesday during a presentation of the exhibition, which opened last week. and will take place for a year at the Cyclades Museum in Athens. Art – itself based on a private Greek collection.

“It is an unfortunate fact that finds from illegal excavations exist all over the world,” she added. “So whoever belongs to Greece, our policy is to bring them back.”

Dating from 5300 to 2200 BC. AD, the artifacts were acquired by Leonard N. Stern, an 84-year-old businessman specializing in pet supplies and real estate. Most belong to the Cycladic civilization which flourished in the Cycladic islands between 3,200 and 2,000 BC. AD, whose elegantly abstract yet enigmatic white marble figurines inspired leading artists of the 20th century.

The 15 works exhibited in Athens are striking. An 86 centimeter (34 in) female figurine retains the eyes and eyebrows in low relief. A small female figure standing on the head of a larger one is one of only three known. A marble head bears traces of painted red dots on its cheeks and neck because – like later ancient Greek sculpture – many Cycladic figurines were originally coloured.

Little is known of their original function, largely because so many surviving Cycladic artifacts were hastily unearthed by looters. This deprives archaeologists of the clues that a proper dig could provide.

“When an artifact, from a broken piece of pottery to a statue, is removed from its context, from the environment in which it stands, it ceases to be historical evidence and simply becomes a work of art” , Mendoni said. “The loss is immense.”

“If we accept that our past is part of our identity, the objects that come from illegal excavations deprive us of a greater or lesser part of this identity,” she added.

Mendoni said Greece had stepped up its efforts – in collaboration with other countries – to discourage the trade in looted antiquities and had seen a drop in antiquities collecting.

The 15 works will be sent to the Met, to be exhibited with the rest from 2023 to 2048. Returns to Greece will begin in 2033 and continue through 2048.

Northern Rail under fire as Freedom of Information figures reveal 285 abandoned services to Knottingley station


Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that services to or from Knottingley were canceled 285 times over a two-and-a-half-year period.

Northern was forced to release the information to a passenger who regularly uses the station to commute to work in Leeds.

He submitted the Freedom of Information request to the operator after being appalled at the number of times Knottingley’s services were canceled or if he found himself stranded on his return journey when the service was interrupted at Pontefract Monkhill station.

Councilor Tom Gordon said the service cancellations were causing “absolute havoc” for people who rely on trains at Knottingley.

Knottingley, six minutes from Monkhill, is the last stop on the Pontefract Line service from Leeds.

Tom Gordon, Lib Dem adviser for Knottingley, said the situation was causing “absolute havoc” for people who rely on trains in Knottingley.

Read more

Rail commuters in Yorkshire are still facing travel disruption, despite the cancellation of…

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority also accused Northern of ‘letting down’ passengers at Knottingley.

Councilor Tom Gordon said he was calling on Northern Rail and West Yorkshire Mayor Tracy Brabin to find a solution to ensure Knottingley passengers have a timetable they can trust.

Earl Gordon said: “In two years more than 200 journeys have not arrived here to end in Knottingley.

“This happened after a resident saw people complaining online and had himself struggled to get home after a day’s work, and he filed an access request. information.

“We don’t know why these services end at Pontefact and don’t make it here to bring people home from work or see friends and family.

“But what we do know is that a significant number of trips don’t make it here.”

Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that services to or from Knottingley were canceled 285 times over a two-and-a-half-year period.

Earl Gordon said he was calling on Tracy Brabin, Mayor of Northern Rail and West Yorkshire, who is responsible for transport, to look into the issue and find a solution to ensure passengers have a timetable they can trust.

Councilor Gordon added: ‘We know people arrive unaware that trains are canceled or end early and it is causing absolute havoc

“We already have a problem with buses and we want people to use public transport.

“We need a rail network that works for people.

“I demand actions, not words, from the Mayor of West Yorkshire and Northern Rail to solve this problem for the people of Knottingley.”

A spokesperson for the West Yorkshire Combined Authority said: “Passengers at Knottingley are disappointed with Northern Rail’s current level of service.

“It is not enough and it is one of the reasons why the mayor took recent action to urge the Transport Secretary and Prime Minister to hold rail operators to account.

“We have also raised this issue with Northern because last minute cancellations are making life miserable in the North and causing long term damage to our economy.”

Northern Regional Manager Tony Baxter said: “We operate thousands of services every day, with the vast majority being completed on schedule.

“Unfortunately, there are times when certain services have to be canceled in whole or for part of their intended journey.

“Cancellations can occur for a large number of reasons, many of which are beyond Northern’s control and may include, for example, bad weather, faulty infrastructure (signalling and track, etc.), line blockages (this is i.e. fallen trees), safety incidents, staff illness, other train operator issues and train breakdowns.

“We continue to work closely with Network Rail colleagues and other operators, to keep these disruptions and our customers on the move to a minimum.”

Pontefract animal lover appeals for help after rescuing injured pup from streets of Corfu


Beauford Ferguson, from Pontefract, took pity on the young dog after spotting him trying to take shelter during a rainstorm on the Greek island.

The dog was severely malnourished and had been hit by a car, as well as cut from sleeping rough.

Mr Ferguson and his family immediately made it their mission to help the creature, took her to a vet and arranged to welcome the dog, which they named Paleo, to their hotel.

Beau Ferguson (pictured with his daughter Elsie and another dog Bella) rescued a dog called Paleo from Corfu Photo Scott Merrylee

“As a dog lover and owner, I couldn’t go and leave Paleo on the street – the vet said he would be dead within a week if we hadn’t acted,” Mr Ferguson said.

“I spent the rest of his vacation getting him the treatment he desperately needed and contacted rescue centers all week to see how he could help. They all refused for lack of funding.

In the first few days after the family’s rescue, X-rays were taken of Paleo’s injuries, which vets said were so severe that one of the dog’s legs might have to be amputated – something the family didn’t want let it happen.

“I wanted to get him treatment in the UK, but Paleo was so malnourished he couldn’t travel. I was desperately trying to get him help until he was fit to come to the UK. United to get the help he needed,” Mr Ferguson said.

Paleo, who started his recovery here in the UK

He eventually found a woman willing to care for Paleo and was advised to wait a few weeks for the dog’s wounds to heal somewhat before the animal could be airlifted to Yorkshire.

Paleo was handed over to her as the new owner and the paperwork was obtained from the vets. The dog was finally allowed to leave Corfu last week.

“I booked a return flight and picked up Paleo on October 21,” Mr. Ferguson said.

“He handled the flight very well and settled in brilliantly – he loves the rain and acts like a happy pup, a far cry from the sad soul I met in Corfu a month ago.”

Paleo was severely malnourished and injured when Beauford and his family found him in Corfu, and have since been working to help him recover.

Although Paleo is adjusting to life in Pontefract, the arrangement cannot be permanent because the family already has a dog, Bella.

Mr Ferguson said they would keep Paleo, a large breed dog, while he continued to receive care.

“Then the search for his forever home will begin – ideally somewhere with a good sized garden and with someone who can devote time to his needs once he recovers,” he added.

Mr Ferguson spent around £5,500 to bring Paleo to the UK and for his treatment, but he needs more to ensure the dog receives the best possible care.

Beau Ferguson (pictured with his daughter Elsie and another dog Bella) rescued a dog called Paleo from Corfu Photo Scott Merrylee

A Go Fund Me page was created and he appealed for public support.

“Every pound helps and contributes to the treatment of Paleo. We have so far raised £790 of our £5,000 goal,” he said.

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RSPCA urgently needs more foster families as shocking new statistics reveal 700…

Obituary: Dr Brian Dicks, scholar whose masterful mastery of detail is reflected in his books on Greece


One of the most annoying things about aging is the discovery that, to your surprise, so are your friends. Then if and when they play their trump…well, you become a very bad loser.

Such a seemingly irreverent start to a heartfelt homage to Dr. Brian Dicks wouldn’t have seemed out of place about him, whose gift of self-deprecating joking lasted, almost literally, until the end.

Brian, a graduate of Aberystwyth University, came to Glasgow from the University of Sheffield in 1964 as a lecturer in geography at the University of Strathclyde.

Over the next few years, he built up a strong following among undergraduate and postgraduate students. Known for his accessibility to all who studied with him, he was particularly interested in helping foreign students.

Many of these students (not confined to his own department) were highly praised for his advice on, among other things, editorial requirements when submitting their theses. His subsequent promotion to lecturer was well deserved.

During his nearly 20 years at the University of Strathclyde, he published an impressive number of books on Greece: among them, The Greeks: How They Live And Work; Rhodes; Corfu; The Greek Islands; Portrait Of Southern Greece; Greece: A Traveler’s Guide to History and Mythology.

They are not light books or light travel guides. The books in David and Charles’ Islands Series have, as the publishers rightly claim, “a stronger reference value than previously published books on the islands”.

Certain things stand out in them: for example, if we take the example of Corfu, they are extremely well researched, they are well written – as befits a very articulate Welshman – and they show masterful mastery over such pleasingly diverse material as literature, archaeology, maritime history, iconography and myth. The list, which goes on and on, includes zoology – who knew, for example, that Corfu is one of the few places in Europe where you could find a jackal?

Controlling and bringing order to this diversity and organizing it into a compelling narrative is a huge challenge that Brian Dicks masterfully tackles again and again throughout his writing.

As well-known BBC broadcaster and philhellene, John Ebden writes in his foreword to Brian’s The Greek Islands: “Brian Dicks states that his primary aim is to ‘wette the readers’ appetite for the Greek islands’.

“I am sure,” Ebden continued, “that he will succeed, for in the pages of this beautifully documented book with its attractive little vignettes, sound advice and potted history of the country they intend to visit , they will find the philosophy of Greece.”

Dr. Brian Dicks concluded his teaching career as a senior lecturer at King Alfred’s College, Winchester (as he was then).

He did, however, have a very wide circle of friends in Glasgow, a number of whom shared with him many jovial evenings at that famous inn, The Curlers, on Byres Road.

He died on August 29, 2022, in Bournemouth, at the age of 83, cared for until the end by his devoted friend, the illustrator Lothar Wuttke.


Professor of English at the University of Strathclyde, 1974-1982.

AP Trending SummaryBrief at 9:13 a.m. EDT | National


The number of alcohol-related deaths is increasing, according to US government reports

NEW YORK (AP) — The death rate directly attributable to alcohol rose nearly 30% in the United States in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is according to new government data. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention previously said the total number of such deaths increased in 2020 and 2021. Two CDC reports this week provided more details. A report released Friday focused on more than a dozen types of “alcohol-induced” deaths that have been blamed entirely on alcohol. The rate of these had increased by 7% or less each year. In 2020, they increased by 26%. This is the highest rate recorded for at least 40 years.

In the 5 states without lotteries, a case of Powerball envy

WEST POINT, Ga. (AP) — The third-largest lottery prize in U.S. history has people across the country clamoring for a chance to win a mega jackpot. But in the five lottery-free states, envious passersby cross state lines or send money for tickets to friends and family across borders, hoping to get in on the action. Five states _ Utah, Nevada, Hawaii, Alaska and Alabama _ have no lottery. A mix of reasons has pushed the games away, including objections from conservatives, concerns about a lottery’s impact on low-income families, or a desire not to compete with existing casinos.

Nets suspend Kyrie Irving for at least 5 games without pay

NEW YORK (AP) — The Brooklyn Nets have suspended Kyrie Irving for at least five games without pay, saying they are appalled at his failure to “state unequivocally that he has no anti-Semitic beliefs.” Hours after Irving refused to issue an apology requested by NBA commissioner Adam Silver for posting a link to an anti-Semitic work on his Twitter feed, the Nets said Irving was “currently unfit to be associated with the Brooklyn Nets”. The Nets added in a statement that they were “appalled today, when given the opportunity at a media briefing, that Kyrie refused to state unequivocally that he held no anti-Semitic beliefs. , nor to recognize specific hateful elements in the film”. Irving later posted an apology on Instagram.

US Court of Appeals: Beauty pageant may ban trans contestants

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A federal appeals court has ruled that a national beauty pageant has the First Amendment right to exclude a transgender woman from the competition because her inclusion could interfere with the message. which the pageant said it wanted to send on “what it means to be a woman.” Wednesday’s 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed by Anita Green, who said the Miss United States of America pageant violated an Oregon state anti-discrimination law by barring her from competing in 2019. Green is transgender and has competed in multiple pageants, including Miss Montana USA and Ms. World Universal.

US Embassy officials visit Brittney Griner in Russian prison

WASHINGTON (AP) — Officials from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow have visited jailed WNBA star Brittney Griner, more than a week after a Russian court denied her appeal of her nine-year sentence. years for drug possession. A State Department spokesperson tweets that US officials ‘saw firsthand his tenacity and perseverance despite his current predicament’ and says the US is pushing for the immediate release of Griner and his fellow American Paul Whelan. He was sentenced in 2020 to 16 years in prison in Russia on espionage-related charges that he and his family say are bogus. The White House says the US made “a significant offer” to resolve the cases, but says there was “a lack of good faith negotiation by the Russians”.

In 1 class, 4 teachers manage 135 children and love it

MESA, Ariz. (AP) — Schools in Mesa, Ariz., have piloted a team-teaching model to combat declining enrollment and teacher shortages. The approach is designed to give teachers more control over what they teach and how they teach and to help them learn from each other. This year, the district – the largest in Arizona – has extended the concept to a third of its 82 schools. Now, the team-teaching strategy is attracting interest from school leaders across the United States. They are eager for new approaches at a time when the effects of the pandemic have undermined teacher morale and worsened staffing shortages.

CNBC ends Shepard Smith’s nightly newscast after two years

NEW YORK (AP) — CNBC announced it was shutting down Shepard Smith’s weekday mainstream news program, saying it wanted to focus on the network’s core strength in business news. Smith launched “The News” on CNBC in September 2020, a year after leaving Fox News Channel. CNBC said Smith’s show drew the most affluent viewers of any cable evening news program, but there clearly weren’t enough of them. The Nielsen Company says Smith’s show averaged 222,000 viewers this year, and that’s been down since he started. CNBC chief KC Sullivan said a business-focused news show would take over the timeslot next year, but offered no further details.

Embattled actor Spacey to receive excellence award in Italy

ROME (AP) — A film museum in the Italian city of Turin said Kevin Spacey will receive a lifetime achievement award and teach a masterclass there early next year. The president of the National Motion Picture Museum said on Thursday that the class and award honoring the actor’s contributions to the growth of cinema would take place on January 16, 2023. He said, “We are honored that such a prestigious guest as Kevin Spacey has chosen Turin and our museum for this long-awaited return to an event with an audience.” Two weeks ago, a federal jury in New York sided with Spacey in a sexual abuse trial that helped derail his career.

Dreaming of a $1.5 billion Powerball prize? Remember not to take cash

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Lottery players hoping to win this week’s massive Powerball jackpot might be smart to dream of an annuity rather than a truckload of cash. Wednesday night’s $1.2 billion Powerball jackpot was left without a winner. But now an even bigger $1.5 billion prize is up for grabs on Saturday night. An annuity paid out over 29 years isn’t as sexy as cash, but would pay the advertised price of $1.5 billion. Winners who opt for cash would receive just under $746 million. It’s less than half. Winners of giant jackpots almost always take the money, and financial advisers say that could be a mistake.

Christian monastery possibly from before Islam discovered in UAE

SINIYAH ISLAND, United Arab Emirates (AP) — An ancient Christian monastery dating possibly as far back as the years before the spread of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula has been discovered on an island off the United Arab Emirates. That’s according to officials who announced the discovery on Thursday. Siniyah Island Monastery, part of the sheikh sand dunes of Umm al-Quwain, sheds new light on the history of early Christianity along the shores of the Persian Gulf. It is the second ancient Christian monastery discovered in the Emirates. Their existence was unknown until their discovery, the first in the early 1990s, the second last week. Scholars believe this is because Christians slowly converted to Islam as this faith became more widespread in the region.

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Flydubai introduces flights to Corfu, Sardinia, Milan, Krabi and Pattaya


After weathering the storm of the global pandemic, flydubai expands its network to its largest capacity yet. The low-cost airline has announced that it will introduce flights from Dubai to several new cities in 2023.

Among the five new destinations are Milan, the second largest city in Italy and Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. Travelers will also soon be able to fly with the low-cost airline directly to the Greek island of Corfu.

Flights to Milan are set to start in March, with fares starting at Dh2,000, while flights to Sardinia and Corfu will begin in June, just in time for the summer season. Round-trip air fares start from Dh2,600.

Popular Thai holiday hotspots Krabi and Pattaya are also new additions to the flydubai network. The former offers stunning beaches backed by limestone cliffs while the latter is known for its lively atmosphere. Daily flights to both destinations in Thailand will launch on January 20, and economy fares start from Dh3,800 and Dh3,600 respectively.

The network expansion means flydubai will operate in 113 locations around the world, most of the destinations the airline has flown to.

“I am very proud to see our network grow more than ever. Dubai’s aviation industry has recovered quickly, and our agility combined with our strong business model has enabled us to grow our operations and achieve this important milestone,” said Ghaith Al Ghaith, Managing Director of flydubai.

“With 113 destinations now available to book, we look forward to offering our passengers more travel options across our ever-expanding network.”

Flydubai is also resuming flights to Hofuf in Saudi Arabia, with services taking off later this month and fares starting at Dh1,400.

The oasis town of Al-Ahsa in the eastern region of the kingdom is full of historical monuments and is a good destination for those wishing to visit the largest palm oasis in the world. Flights will resume on November 24, with two services per week.

Emirates will share code on the airline’s new routes, giving passengers more options for connections through Dubai International Airport. Resumed flights to Saudi Arabia will depart from Terminal 2, while all flights to the airline’s new destinations will depart from Emirates Terminal 3.

Flydubai is the first airline from the United Arab Emirates to serve Gan International Airport in the Maldives.  Photo: Gan International Airport / Facebook

Flydubai recently became the first airline in the United Arab Emirates to launch flights to Gan International Airport in the Maldivesideal for vacationers traveling to the southern atolls of the Indian Ocean vacation hotspot.

Last week, the airline announced a Profit of 841 million dirhams ($229 million) in 2021against a Dh712.6m loss in 2020, when the travel industry was hit hard by the pandemic.

Updated: November 04, 2022, 11:21 a.m.

This 12-day private jet tour of Europe will take you to London, the Greek Islands, Italy and Croatia in style


Luxury travel operator Red Savannah will host its first departure next fall, for 15 lucky guests.

<p>Karl Hab/Courtesy of Red Savannah</p>
<p>” data-src=”https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/dFahYDIstNRjrXj_DKDU4Q–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTY0MA–/https://media.zenfs.com/en/travel.travelleisure.com/ 8815e42e38cd5575ca6ee37c5e3aa09f”/><noscript><img alt=Karl Hab/Courtesy of Red Savannah

” src=”https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/dFahYDIstNRjrXj_DKDU4Q–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTY0MA–/https://media.zenfs.com/en/travel.travelleisure.com/8815e42e38cd5575ca6ee37c95e”3aa095e” class=”caas-img”/>

Karl Hab / Courtesy of Red Savannah

Europe’s most lavish sights are being wrapped up in a glamorous tour, as luxury tour operator Red Savannah has just announced its first Grand Tour of Europe by private jet with visits to London; Sicily; Santorini, Greece; Dubrovnik, Croatia; and Venice, all aboard a first-class Embraer Legacy ER 135.

Whether in the air or on the ground, every moment of this 12-day journey is embellished with the finest touches – and it’s reserved for just 15 travelers on its first departure, scheduled for September 12, 2023.

The journey begins in London with dinner at Wellington Arch, which was the original entrance to Buckingham Palace, with music performed by the band of His Majesty Regiments of Foot Guards and a speech by Nicolas Coleridge CBE, President of the Victoria & Albert Museum and Co-Chair of Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Competition.

<p>Tryfon N. Georgopoulos/Courtesy of Red Savannah</p>
<p>” data-src=”https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/B4Ii4xl4ZsarUp2GsRdvpA–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTY0MQ–/https://media.zenfs.com/en/travel.travelleisure.com/ a1475478e8ae727f853aacde96ea41d8″/><noscript><img alt=Tryfon N. Georgopoulos/Courtesy of Red Savannah

” src=”https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/B4Ii4xl4ZsarUp2GsRdvpA–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTY0MQ–/https://media.zenfs.com/en/travel.travelleisure.com/a1475478e8ae727f8653″ class=”caas-img”/>

Tryfon N. Georgopoulos / Courtesy of Red Savannah

The exclusive experiences continue in Sicily with a private cocktail-concert at Chiesa del Santissimo Salvatore, a famous church, and an evening at Palazzo Francavilla. Then in Santorini there are tours to the islands of Sikinos and Ios. In Dubrovnik, relax in the huts on the island of Šipan and dine directly on the medieval ramparts. Finally, in Venice, a historian-led tour takes place in secret historic gardens and it all ends with a masked farewell dinner at Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection.

And every step in between, the custom-configured jet will serve meals from favorite royal dining club Mosimann’s London, from chef Anton Mosimann, who hosted Prince Willam and Kate Middleton’s wedding banquet and runs the two-star Michelin restaurant at the Dorchester.

The trip director is Julie Montagu, star of “American Viscountess” on YouTube, married to Luke Montagu, Viscount Hinchingbrooke‚ member of the British aristocracy.

“Travel has the power to inspire, delight, empower and educate,” Montagu said in a statement shared with Travel + Leisure. “But most importantly to me, it gives us the opportunity to connect – with new cultures, new people and new friends.

The opulent voyage starts at $139,500 per person based on two-person occupancy, if booked by January 31, 2023, after which the price will increase to $145,000 per person. The price includes a contribution to the Rainforest Trust to try to offset the carbon emissions of the trip. There is a single room supplement of $23,000. For the first four travelers to book, Red Savannah will also include complimentary first class round-trip airfare.

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Gordon Arthur MacRae | Island deaths


8 of our favorite Greek islands to visit for travelers seeking luxury


There’s nothing more luxurious than taking time out for yourself to relax, and it makes perfect sense that the more time you take and the more resplendent your surroundings, the more relaxed you’ll end up feeling. No matter how much you enjoy your daily life; everyone needs a break so they can come back more rested and happier than ever.

What is our favorite form of relaxation? A vacation, of course! And one of the countries that offers so much to its visitors, whatever type of stay they are looking for, is Greece. Bursting with culture, history, great food and stunning scenery, among many other attractive features, this southern European gem has it all. And when you need to get away from it all and settle in somewhere that does its best to make your time there as magical as possible, visiting one or two of the many Greek islands is always a good choice.

Of Corfu in Crete, Santorini in Sifnos and Lefkada in Leros, let us guide you through eight of our favorite Greek islands that offer an enchanting stay.


This elegant and popular island is a must visit for those looking for a luxurious stay full of beaches, bars, clubs and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Luxurious hotels litter the shoreline and gourmet restaurants can be found everywhere, while historical sites are ready to be explored, as are other islands thanks to its location and wide range of Greek Islands Cruises available to ride.



Rhodes is a well-known island in the Dodecanese and for good reason. As well as its luxurious resorts, delicious cuisine and ancient wine tradition, history buffs will be amazed by the island’s selection of ancient ruins, the old town, including the medieval Knights’ Street and the palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes.


Famous blue domed churches in Oia (Santorini, Greece) in the morning

Sitting in the Aegean Sea, Santorini has become a hit with travelers in recent years, seeking to capture Instagram-worthy images of the whitewashed, blue-roofed houses of Fira and Oia resting along the cliffs. Wine lovers will enjoy the vineyards here while learning about the fine varietals and how they are made, while the scenery and romance of this island is something for everyone.


Crete Greece, Balos lagoon on the island of Crete, Greece

There is a lot going on in Crete so this has to be on our list. From Venetian ports to bustling cities and lush lagoons to some of the most delicious food served in restaurants and cafes across this vast island, it’s safe to say there’s something for everyone. The best hotels and villas meet ancient ruins and beautiful natural landscapes to create a destination that everyone will fall in love with.


Aerial view of road and sea at night in Lefkada island, Greece

Anyone looking to visit Greece will likely be inundated with options on where to go and although the island of Lefkada may not be the most popular, it is certainly worth visiting for its stunning scenery, namely its mesmerizing beaches with turquoise and clear. Traditional villages, glorious Greek cuisine and a more relaxed way of life lure travelers here seeking serenity.


beautiful island of Leros in Dodekanes.  picturesque port of Agia Marina

The perfect island to visit on a cruise, Leros lies between Patmos and Kalymnos and is an attractive option for those looking for a more authentic experience. Couples or individuals looking to relax will be well catered for here with traditional tavernas inviting to pass the time along crystal clear, deep bays and coves and pine forests to explore.


Corfu, Greece.  View of Paleokastritsa beach, Corfu, Greece.

Like many Greek islands, Corfu is one with a rich history having been under the rule of various empires and repelling many attacks over the centuries. Explore fortresses, temples, palaces and churches and discover what makes this island so important. And on calmer days, the beautiful beaches will provide an inviting place to relax, while the bars, taverns and nightclubs come alive for fun evenings.


Kastro and its small port, waves during a sunny day, Sifnos, Greece

To be honest, foodies should be happy with any Greek island, as the fresh, flavorful dishes that define this country’s cuisine are a hit everywhere, however, Sifnos has a culinary scene that needs to be experienced. On top of that, travelers will find welcoming hotels, sandy beaches, and pottery workshops showcasing the island’s traditional pottery heritage.

The butterfly and the bear



This article is part of the Our CQ fall edition. You can read the edition online by clicking here.

Our QC is a Coleraine Business Improvement District project.

Fairleys Wines and The Butterfly & The Bear have collaborated to take guests on a culinary journey around the world with their hugely popular Wine and Dine Banquet evenings at Fairleys Wines and Bar in Railway Road, Coleraine.

Marc Fairley, owner of Fairleys Wines, explained how this heavenly pairing came about.

“I contacted Daniel, the head chef of The Butterfly and The Bear, during lockdown after seeing he was doing his weekly banquets which were packaged and delivered ready to heat and plate at home,” he said. he declares.

“We then decided to partner up and when Daniel put together the menu I paired the wines to match that menu and that was done on a weekly basis.

“Once the lockdown ended we continued for a considerable time, but now we host the banquet evenings at our bar in Coleraine once a month.”

Wine & Dine evenings are a foodie’s delight with authentic regional dishes from all cultures – North and Southeast Asian dishes with incredible spices across the oceans to the Caribbean, Italy, Italy Spain, Greece, Lebanon, Georgia, India, Korea with some traditional French classics are also added – and it’s no surprise that tickets are snapping up as soon as they come out.

Chef Daniel Lewis brings a wealth of experience having worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in England, traveled the world on superyachts as personal chef to celebrities and billionaires to become head chef at the US Embassy in Moscow.

Daniel’s passion for cooking began at the age of 17 after his brother, also a chef, cooked him a particular dish which sparked his love for food.

Since then he has traveled the world from Monaco to Moscow, from Barbados to the Greek islands and the extraordinary number of countries he has visited means he is an expert in an astonishing number of different cuisines, which many guests of the Previous Wine & Dine nights can attest to this.

When the Covid pandemic quarantined most of the world, Daniel was working as a private chef on a superyacht in Guadeloupe – and once he got home he knew he wanted to ditch the nomadic lifestyle and start his own business. .

With the help of some of its siblings, Papillon et l’Ours and its very popular home delivery service were born.

“I spent almost all my money on packaging and creating a website and started doing a delivery service with food from all over the world,” Daniel explained. “Every week is a different country and we’ve gone through over 100 menus from around the world now.

“People really embraced what we were offering and as people were posting on social media about the meals we were delivering, the demand for our banquets went crazy which was great. We were bringing restaurant-quality food to people’s homes during the pandemic, which was a pleasure for us to be able to serve our community like this. »

As Covid restrictions eased the need for home deliveries diminished and Daniel and the team branched out further to include Wine & Dine nights with Fairleys Wines.

“Marc and I have been talking about doing these evenings for a while and it’s really nice to collaborate like that. It’s again a community involvement, it allows us to offer local diners a really special evening with great delicious dishes from all over the world accompanied by Marc’s perfect wines.”

In addition to monthly banquets, The Butterfly & The Bear also hosts private events, weddings and parties.

“It’s great to be able to do that and I think that’s what sets us apart from the rest. We can provide a dining experience, with dishes from all cultures, whether it’s at our monthly parties at Fairleys, private dinners at home, or weddings and other functions.

“I’m so interested and passionate about food, I want as many people as possible to be able to share the experience of enjoying an evening with good food, making it as personal as possible, and that’s what we want to keep doing. ”

For more information visit: https://butterflybear.co.uk/ and https://www.fairleys-wines.co.uk/

Lockdown love blossomed for a couple who got married at Villa in Levens


THE COVID-19 pandemic failed to deter a stricken pair who met online just before the nationwide lockdown.

Hannah Katrina Potter, 25, a rental negotiator from Whitehaven, married Calvin William Sowerby, 26, a vehicle recovery driver from Penrith.

The couple first met online just before the national Covid-19 lockdown.

Hannah said: “We chatted for a few days, I was actually on vacation at the time and we said to each other when I come back on Saturday we’ll see each other again.

“But unfortunately it was the first day we entered detention, so we didn’t meet until a few months later. It was actually quite special for us, as we spent every day talking, doing video calls etc until we met, so when we did we almost felt like we had built this friendship.

“Our first meeting was actually in mid-May when you could take a social distance walk with another person from your household. We took the opportunity to walk around the Penrith beacon and it was amazing It felt so natural, but we were both so nervous! After that, we took a few more walks while we could.”

The couple got engaged on Christmas Eve last year on a relaxing evening at home.

Hannah said: “It was a surprise to me, I felt like he was planning something for Christmas but I had no idea it was! He was very traditional and asked my parents for permission before which I loved!

“Of course I said yes and I was absolutely thrilled!”

The couple in love said “yes” on August 15 at Villa de Levens and held a ceremony at Grayrigg Church.

They were joined by around 65 daytime guests and 90 evening guests.

“The whole day, from start to finish, was amazing! Hannah said.

“Our whole wedding day was a highlight for both of us. But if we have to pick 1 thing, we had an amazing singing waiter as entertainment. We didn’t really know he was booked so it was a total surprise to everyone.

“He was fantastic and completely lifted the wedding, everyone was in on it and we absolutely loved him!

“Another standout thing for us is that we did the famous dirty dancing lift with Calvin and his top men.

“At the time I thought it was fantastic, but looking back I jumped at the wrong time.

“Everyone seemed to like it!

“Fortunately the weather was sunny, but it was quite warm at some stages which wasn’t great – you can never predict the weather!

“Overall, what was really special for both of us was seeing all of our friends and family together celebrating and having a great time. With everything that’s happened in the past two years, it meant a lot. for us.”

The newlyweds enjoyed two honeymoons in Palma and Corfu after getting married.

All photos shown are by Kolette Cartmel Photography.

Are Duluthians excluded from the local housing market?


DULUTH — A few years ago, Amber Johnson would have been an ideal candidate for buying a home in Duluth: she could put down a 25% down payment and bid above asking for a home in her price range.

But after 10 rejected offers this year, including even money for a valuation discrepancy, the St. Luke’s Physician’s Assistant gave up trying.

“The listing price was like a suggestion,” Johnson said. “I was coming in with what looked like a solid offer and someone was coming in with a cash offer. I had no ability to compete with that.”

Johnson is among many Duluthians struggling to buy a first home or upgrade to a better one in the kind of bargain-basement market some realtors say they’ve never seen in the Twin Ports. Even like mortgage interest rate jump at the highest level in two decades, most homes continue to sell quickly and at list price or higher in certain ranges.

In a city with a limited supply of single-family homes, local residents are competing with investors, Twin Town buyers who have found during the pandemic that they can work from anywhere, and workers in growing sectors. growth like health care. They also compete with West Coast residents who escape the dangers of wildfires and water shortages to live beside the world’s largest freshwater lake. Duluth is often quoted as a climatic paradise, shelter as people flee the effects of global warming, coming for its wild, rugged beauty and relative absence of catastrophic weather and natural disasters.

And many of those buyers come with cash.

Between September 2021 and August, cash sales made up more than 20% of Duluth-area home purchases, up from 14.7% in the summer before the pandemic began. According to the National Association of Realtors, Duluth ranked eighth in the nation for its annual increase in cash home sales in the first quarter of 2022.

In this market, some sellers won’t accept a financed offer, said Jenna Galegher, former president of Lake Superior Area Realtors (LSAR).

While the association doesn’t know where the buyers are coming from, “invisible” offers, many from cash buyers, have been plentiful in Duluth, she said.

But not all of them come from outside. Some first-time buyers borrow money from older relatives, who turn their home equity into cash, said Karen Pagel Guerndt, president of LSAR.

“Once they have the property, they refinance it and pay mom and dad back,” she said.

More expensive, no surprises

Homes in Duluth also sell for more. The average sale price of a home in Duluth has jumped 45% to $300,674 over the past five years. That’s a similar increase to the Twin Cities, where the average price in September was $365,000, up 47.8% from five years ago.

And at the time, homes were selling in Duluth for about $3,000 less than list price. Now they are selling for $9,000 above asking price, or about 3%.

The upper end of the market was more intense last spring, said Brok Hansmeyer, a Duluth real estate agent. He recalled two Island Lake homes worth $500,000, both of which sold for $111,000 more than requested. The city’s low-end market is now where buyers compete the most — the $100,000 to $300,000 range.

“People are living paycheck to paycheck,” Hansmeyer said. “If you need a salesperson to pay closing costs, it’s next to impossible.”

This week, only 15 single-family homes in Duluth were listed for less than $200,000.

This is the most demanded market, as higher interest rates force buyers to spend less. Many have been shut out over the past two years and are still trying to buy, but can’t afford to forgo an inspection or pay thousands of dollars more than the listed price.

Local buyers who need to sell a home are also struggling, said Deanna Bennett, realtor at Messina and Associates.

“You can’t be contingent,” she said. “You have to sell your house first, move in with your family or find something to rent. That’s where the locals are hurting the most.”

Taylor Bjork received 23 offers on her $169,900 Duluth Heights home last spring. He sold for another $35,000 and was thrilled, thinking his family of four could buy their “forever home” with nearly $100,000 to deposit.

“The timing couldn’t have been worse,” he said. “Leaving an infallible security blanket – a roof over your kids – without a backup was really stressful.”

They arranged a short-term rental option with the new owners of their home and also lived with their family before finding something at the end of the summer that was suitable, ultimately paying $100,000 more than expected.

City leaders are working to increase the housing stock on several fronts, including creating a Housing Trust Fund and the allocation of millions of American Rescue Plan Act funds for affordable housing. Several apartment buildings across Duluth are planned or under construction, but the city is running out of space for new single-family homes and condos.

Single-story housing for people of retirement age and purpose-built homes are the most in demand, Bennett said.

“They think it’s a good deal”

Even as winter approaches, real estate agents expect the market to remain competitive. They also expect more buyers from the West Coast and Colorado, choosing the region for its resilience to climate change.

California desert resident and Wisconsin native Jeremy Christensen is one such hopeful climate buyer, planning to finance a home in Duluth next summer.

“Compared to California, the market is incredibly cheap,” he said, for much nicer homes for the price. “But I know I’m not the only one who thinks (of the area as a climate paradise). I have friends who know nothing about the Midwest and are looking for climate-safe properties along the Great Lakes. .”

Duluth real estate agent Casey Carbert said she gets weekly calls from people living outside the area.

“They think it’s a good deal – we’ve had several offers for properties on Lake Superior,” Carbert said. “A million dollars to live on the lake? That’s a bargain if you’re from California.”

Not blackmailing, but whitewashing Britain, by Owei Lakemfa

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of the United Kingdom. photo credit: Reuters

…the narrative of the new British Prime Minister should not be primarily his ancestry, but his ideology and what he stands for. The fact that the Conservative Party is in disarray and turning to Sunak is not due to his pedigree, nor to blackmail by the British establishment at one of its lowest points. This whitewash was not planned.

Rishi Sunak, 42, entered 10 Downing Street in London on Tuesday (October 25) as former Britain’s youngest prime minister. He is the third occupant of this residence in 51 days. But perhaps what is said most about his rise is not his ability or his abilities, his education or his skills, his vision or his ideas.

Rather, he is the first man of color to take up residence in this famous address. It’s quite a slippery road to take. This may mean that Sunak is not, at least originally, an Englishman. They say he is Indian, of Asian descent. Not really.

Yes, his ancestors were from Punjab, but his father, Yashvir, was a Kenyan born under colonialism. His mother, Usha, was Tangayikan, before that country merged with Zanzibar to become present-day Tanzania. Thus, his parents were African and they met neither in Africa nor in Asia, but in England where the new Prime Minister was born British.

What can be said of Sunak is that unlike one of his predecessors, Boris Johnson, he does not seek to be more English than the English. Johnson was the grandson of a Turk, Ali Kemal Bey, of Kalfat and his father, Stanley Kemal, adopted the name of their maternal grandmother, Margaret Johnson.

One man who, unlike Johnson, need not strive to be more English than the English is King Charles III. He is the monarch who, in his first two months on the British throne, had two prime ministers. As I watched the sympathetic monarch and Sunak smile, and, in the context of peoples origins, I thought that King Charles is from Normandy, northern France, by ancestry.

…his conservative ideology… if anything, would be detrimental to people of color. For example, he pledged to advance the reunification program for illegal migrants and asylum seekers in detention in Rwanda. It’s an inhumane policy billed as the ‘Migration and Economic Development Partnership’ under which asylum seekers arriving in Britain are sent on a one-way ticket to be ‘processed’ in the African country , either to seek asylum there or to seek asylum in a third country. country.

His late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was a descendant of William of Normandy, who was Duke of Normandy from 1035 to 1087. In 1066 he crushed the English led by King Harold II at the Battle of Hastings and, after defeating conquered the English, became known as William the Conqueror or William the Bastard. After his victory, he settled on the throne of England, taking the title of King William I. To this day, his descendants, including Charles III, sit on the British throne. But, wait a minute, did you know that William the Norman was not French? No, he was a Viking, of Scandinavian descent.

Before I forget, while Sunak’s father was Kenyan of Indian descent, King Charles III’s father, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was Greek. He was from Corfu, Greece. Her father, Prince Andrew, was the younger brother of King Constantine of Greece. Prince Philip’s mother was German. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, whose love moved Britain’s Prince Harry, has just revealed that she is 43% Nigerian. What does this change? For me, nothing. It is as if President Barack Obama, of African descent, did not change American policy towards our continent and did not prevent his presidency from deliberately destroying Libya, transforming it from a very rich nation into a desperate case.

The destruction by his administration of this beautiful African state has released the waters of the immense dam of terrorists and their weapons, which have flooded the Sahel. This is mainly responsible for terrorists flooding countries like Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria. It’s not that the terrorism showers weren’t present in these places, but I’m referring to the huge volume of terrorism rain and subsequent flooding.

I went this route to argue that we all have our origins. As such, the narrative of the new British Prime Minister should not be primarily his ancestry, but his ideology and what he stands for. The fact that the Conservative Party is in disarray and turning to Sunak is not due to his pedigree, nor to blackmail by the British establishment at one of its lowest points. This whitewash was not planned.

Announcement TEXEM

Rather, it is his conservative ideology that, if at all, would be detrimental to people of color. For example, he pledged to advance the reunification program for illegal migrants and asylum seekers in detention in Rwanda. It’s an inhumane policy billed as the ‘Migration and Economic Development Partnership’ under which asylum seekers arriving in Britain are sent on a one-way ticket to be ‘processed’ in the African country , either to seek asylum there or to seek asylum in a third country. country. For this, Rwanda must be paid £120m, in addition to the processing fee. Yet the largest group to be affected is from India.

Who knows if Sunak will be lucky enough to drive the Conservative Party bus into the next election without it breaking down. But these days, Britain needs leaders who are full of ideas, vision, decisive and pro-people. I miss Jeremy Corbyn.

This scheme reminds me of Australia’s infamous system of sending asylum seekers trying to reach the country by boat to detention in Papua New Guinea. This is not called detention but ‘treatment’ and it can take up to seven years, after which victims are ready to sign any agreement thrown in their face. The war in Ukraine has led to high inflation in some European countries and triggered mass protests in some countries including the United Kingdom (UK). But Sunak promises to increase defense spending, double spending on Ukraine and “reinforce our policy of total support for Ukraine which Boris has so skillfully pursued”.

However, Sunak’s international problem is not Russia. The new poster child for an integrated, multinational and culturally assimilated Britain sees China as the obstacle to universal peace and prosperity. He said: “China and the Chinese Communist Party pose the greatest threat to Britain and the security and prosperity of the world in this century.” Did Brexit cause some of the current economic crises in the UK? Sunak, who backed Brexit in the 2016 referendum believing it will grow the economy, doesn’t think so. Therefore, he would favor the fracture and hopes to make the divorce with the European Union irreversible.

If a country is going through the severe shocks that the UK has suffered and the Conservative Party, which is like the bus carrying the country to its destination, is faulty, it makes sense to stop and make the necessary repairs to avoid further breakdowns; but the party prefers to change drivers. Two months ago he went from Boris Johnson to Elizabeth Truss, and now to Rishi Sunak.

His determination is to lead the country until January 2025, when new legislative elections would take place. British democracy is so beautiful that when the people make a choice by voting for a political party in power, even if that party becomes an albatross, they are expected to just grumble and wait for the general election, which are held every five years.

Who knows if Sunak will be lucky enough to drive the Conservative Party bus into the next election without it breaking down. But these days, Britain needs leaders who are full of ideas, vision, decisive and pro-people. I miss Jeremy Corbyn.

Owei Lakemfa, former General Secretary of African Workers, is a human rights activist, journalist and author.

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Costa Cruises will offer Taranto as a new port of call in 2023


Taranto, a coastal town in southern Italy, will now become a new port of call for Costa Cruises, with 19 ports of call scheduled on Saturday from From June 3 to October 7, 2023, accessible via the “flight+cruise” package option.

From June 2023, the cruise line’s 3,780 passengers Costa Pacifica will be in Taranto each week as part of an itinerary that visits the Greek islands.

Taranto becomes a new port of call for Costa Cruises

3,780 Costa Cruises passengers Costa Pacifica will add a new port to its selection of routes, Taranto, with weekly calls on Saturday June 3, 2023.

Of June 3 to October 7, 2023, Concordia class Costa Pacifica will sail a week-long cruise with 19 scheduled stops in Taranto, southern Italy, on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Within this period, Taranto will become both a port of embarkation and disembarkation for Costa Pacifica Summer 2023 itinerary of the Greek islands, which can be accessed via the “flight + cruise” package.

Costa Cruises President Mario Zanetti said, “Costa Cruises includes Taranto on the map of valuable cruise tourism. It is a novelty that will make an additional contribution to the process of tourism development in the city, allowing our customers to discover a destination that is new to many, but which really has a lot to offer.

Costa Pacifica cruise ship (Photo credit: Alberto Masnovo / Shutterstock)

Carnival-owned Costa Cruises announced its new port of call Oct. 27 during a press conference at the Palazzo di Città in Taranto.

Taranto Mayor Rinaldo Melucci said: “The arrival of Costa Cruises, in addition to being great news for the entire hotel system in the city, confirms what we have been advocating for some time: Taranto is growing as a tourist destination, consolidating its appeal.

“The turnover of operators is a symptom of the market’s attention to a destination that still has room to express its potential. We will always offer maximum cooperation to all who believe in the rebirth of our city, and we have found the same harmony with Costa that we have already found with other players in the sector”, Mayor Melucci added.

Other Pacific Coast calls

In addition to 114,500 gross tons Pacific Coaststopping in Taranto, this summer itinerary will also take guests to Catania, Valletta, Mykonos and Santorini in Greece, allowing guests to explore two destinations in Puglia and Sicily.

The cruise company will offer a wide range of organized excursions, focusing on visits to the historic center, the cathedral, the Aragonese castle and the MarTa archaeological museum.

With the support of local institutions and operators, additional shore excursions will include planned visits to the main provincial and regional destinations, as well as a catamaran excursion in the Gulf of Taranto.

Costa Cruises
Photo credit: StudioPortoSabbia / Shutterstock

Global Ports Holding Italian Cruise Ports General Manager Del Prete said: “It’s been a really positive year for the cruise port of Taranto. Costa’s decision to include Taranto in its itineraries is a further and very welcome confirmation that comes just a few months after winning the prestigious ‘Seatrade Med Cruise’ in Malaga. Award 2022” as emerging destination of the year, obtained with the Port Authority.

“In addition, with Costa Cruises for the first time, Taranto is the home port; therefore, we will process a volume of embarkations and disembarkations never before operated in Taranto,” added Del Prete.

Also read: Carnival Cruise Line is preparing for two additional Costa ships

Can accommodate up to 3,780 guests, Costa Pacifica includes 521 staterooms with balconies, nine pools and whirlpools, six restaurants and food outlets, and 11 onboard bars and lounges.

In addition, the Concordia-class ship includes a water slide, a multi-sports court, an arcade games room, the Amarillo gelateria and the salty beach, with tasty street food proposals.

Costa Pacifica cruise ship

Help me, LP! Is Tahiti suitable for an independent traveler?


In this series, Lonely Planet’s team of writers and editors answer your travel woes and provide tips and tricks to help you plan a hassle-free trip. This week, Lonely Planet editor-in-chief Melissa Yeager shares some tips for visiting Tahiti for the unmarried.

Question: I want to visit Tahiti, but it’s not a honeymoon, and I don’t like hotels or vacation packages. Is there a way to explore the islands more independently?

Melissa Yeager: My colleagues here at LP gave me this one this week as I’m planning a trip to Tahiti and French Polynesia. It’s not my honeymoon either, but I’m counting down the days until I can walk, swim and soak up the sun in these idyllic waters.

But I understand where you’re coming from. With his dream over water bungalows and tranquil lagoons with crystal clear waters, the islands of Tahiti have become so synonymous with honeymoons on Instagram that just mentioning you are visiting these islands to a friend can immediately conjure up visions of lovebirds fresh out of the stress of planning. of a marriage.

And if the luxury hotels and the celebrities of Bora Bora aren’t your vibe (or budget) – you might wonder if this is a place to visit.

Tahiti and French Polynesia on a budget

View of Mount Otemanu beach in Tahiti © Maridav / Shutterstock

The many ways to travel to Tahiti

There are over 118 islands that make up the country of Tahiti – so the good news is that there are plenty of options that aren’t Bora Bora and there are plenty of ways to make it an independent island-hopping adventure. .

For example, you can get between Pape’ete and the island of Moorea by ferry. To get to some of the more remote islands, Air Tahiti (note: this is different from the carrier Air Tahiti Nui which flies internationally) offers inter-island air passes. You can choose one of their routes with prearranged passes or you can chart your own path.

Nuku Hiva Island, French Polynesia © age fotostock / Getty Images

A variety of accommodation options for all budgets

In terms of accommodation, there’s also a lot more to French Polynesia than the chic mega resorts that pop up on social media – places that, if you’re willing to venture to some of the lesser-visited places, can offer a unique connection with this. country and its natural beauty while supporting small family businesses.

For this, choose a Tahitian guest house called retreats (Tahiti Tourisme says it’s pronounced pone-see-owns.) Often family-owned, these places will not only give you a chance to connect with the locals and their culture, but also allow you to meet like-minded travelers. ideas. You will find a range of boarding options from luxurious to rustic. Consider what some lack in plush bedding and air conditioning that they could make up for by giving you the chance to experience a little-visited spot while providing a memorable cultural experience.

Rendezvous with the ocean in Mo’orea, French Polynesia

Get trusted advice on the world’s most breathtaking experiences delivered to your inbox every week with our E-mail.
500px Photo ID: 43717172 - Pacific Paradise
Cabins on stilts © Peter Wade / 500px

Many treat you like family and yes, some of them have overwater bungalows that will allow you to live that (candle) dream on a budget and in a way that might feel more authentic to you.

Before booking a boarding house, check the amenities on offer to ensure that the accommodation meets your accommodation expectations and that you are ready when you arrive. Do they have towels? Air conditioner? Do they require you to pay cash (most will). Some may require you to purchase a half board or full board package which will include your meals. (Which, honestly, can be useful in some more remote locations.)

If a boarding house doesn’t sound like your vision for a Tahitian trip and you have a bigger budget, you might consider renting a boat for a sailing vacation to visit multiple islands.

Presentation of Tahiti and French Polynesia

The many activities in Tahiti

Once you arrive in French Polynesia, there are plenty of activities to choose from beyond reading a book at the beach. If you like being in the water, you have the choice between surfing, snorkeling, diving or paddle boarding. If you prefer to be on dry land, you can go on a 4×4 adventure or hike the trails for the perfect view of the waterfall and the lagoon. You can visit pineapple farms, go horseback riding or spot wildlife like whales.

So in short, yes. While there are a ton of renowned resorts and this is an iconic honeymoon destination, there are certainly plenty of other options to plan a different adventure if you so choose.

Check-in: Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea, relax and unwind in the luxurious overwater bungalows

Jet2 has over 15million seats on sale for summer 2024 and beach holidays from £62 pp night


JET2 has announced its summer 2024 schedule, featuring nine new routes to Britain’s favorite sunny destinations.

To celebrate, Jet2 published offers to 46 sunny destinations and more than 15million seats on sale, with fares from £60 each way.


Jet2 has announced its summer 2024 schedule, featuring nine new routes to Britain’s favorite sunny destinationsCredit: Alamy

During the peak summer 2024 period, Jet2 and Jet2holidays will operate over 1,500 weekly flights from 10 UK airports.

Airports include Belfast, birmingham, Bristol, East Midlands, Edinburgh, GlasgowLondon Stansted, Leeds, Manchesterand Newcastle.

This includes more than 200 trips per week to the the Canary Islands200 trips to the Balearic Islands300 trips to 14 sites in Greeceand 200 trips to Turkey.

Here are the new courses announced for the summer of 2024:

The new routes for Summer 24 are:

Jet2 and Jet2holidays CEO Steve Heapy said: “We know customers are looking to book ahead so they can get the best choice of dates, rooms and resorts, as well as lock in their price now and to split the cost. In response to this demand, we released a huge Summer 24 Sun program early on.”

Here are some of the best deals we found on flight fares in 2024:

Most read in Beach Vacations

All flights are covered by Jet2 travel insurance.

Alternatively, you can even book a package holidays with Jet2holidays.

Here are some of the best deals we found in 2024:

Holiday packages include 22 kg of checked baggage and 10 kg of hand luggage per person and shared resort transfers.

Your trip is also protected by ATOL and ABTA, meaning you won’t have to worry about cancellations or changes.

You can secure your holiday with a deposit of £60 per person and set up an interest-free monthly payment plan for your outstanding balance.

To escape the gloomy weather of the moment, discover our overview of the best beach holiday from £37.60 pp in November.

The Coronation Street legend returns to the cobbles in spectacular fashion after 12 years
I hated having big boobs, so I started a clothing business for busty women.

We also found the cheapest flights to top holiday destinations from £12 returnincluding Italy, Spain and the United States.

Or for seaside holidays in the UK this autumn and winterwe found deals from £7 pp per night.

During the summer 2024 peak season, Jet2 and Jet2holidays will operate over 1,500 weekly flights from 10 UK airports


During the summer 2024 peak season, Jet2 and Jet2holidays will operate over 1,500 weekly flights from 10 UK airportsCredit: Alamy

Foreign tourism to Greece up but below pre-pandemic peak

The number of foreign tourists visiting Greece has risen sharply so far in 2022 despite soaring inflation and war in Ukraine, official statistics showed on Monday.

But the numbers remained below record highs before the 2019 pandemic that helped revive the country’s tourism-dependent economy after years of crisis.

From January to the end of August, 19.12 million foreign tourists flocked to the sun-drenched southern European nation to explore attractions such as the Acropolis in Athens or the Aegean islands, the Bank of Greece said. .

This represented a 121% increase compared to the same period in 2021, when COVID-19 travel and social restrictions weighed heavily on the tourism sector.

In August alone, traditionally the peak of the Mediterranean tourist season, more than 5.8 million foreign visitors came to Greece, a 44% increase on 2021 figures.

However, the number of tourists in the first eight months of 2022 fell by 12.4% over the same period in 2019.

Inflation, high for decades, is eating into the budgets of many European households, while Russian tourists – frequent visitors to the beaches of Crete or Corfu – are in sharp decline due to the war in Ukraine.

Tourism accounts for a quarter of Greece’s annual economic output, but questions remain about the sector’s future.

Some islands are becoming saturated with tourists, while others have become so expensive that many Greeks cannot afford to live there.

Books to inspire your inner environmentalist


As cold weather creeps into Berkeley, there’s nothing nicer than snuggling up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. Are you looking for the perfect book that will be the ideal combination of both uplifting and enjoyable? This fall, reading is a great way to introduce yourself or deepen your understanding of the global climate crisis. Below are five books, both fiction and non-fiction, to ignite your thoughts on environmental activism.

“Arctic Dreams” by Barry Lopez

“Arctic Dreams” is a non-fictional description of the natural beauty of the Arctic Circle in Canada and Alaska. Author Barry Lopez has spent time in the Arctic and dives into in-depth accounts of the plants, animals, and scenes of such a perilous and inaccessible landscape. I read this book while spending time in arctic Alaska 35 years after it was published, and the fear of such a remote land was still fresh. However, the commentary also made me aware of how much has changed over the past few decades, as well as how close this fragile ecosystem is to the brink of catastrophic environmental collapse.

“Saving the Bones” by Jesmyn Ward

This novel is one of the best literary representations of the importance of intersectionality in climate justice. Taking place over two weeks, “Salvage the Bones” follows a middle-class African-American family through the preparation and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. At a time when catastrophic natural disasters are occurring with alarming frequency, it is essential to understand that minority communities bear the brunt of the consequences of climate change. Ward describes the disparities observed in environmental racism and highlights the unignorable fact that the voices of oppressed communities must be centralized in environmentalism.

“My Family and Other Animals” by Gerald Durrell

My Family and Other Animals” is a hilarious and entertaining tale by author, Gerald Durrell, as a young boy with his family and their vast array of animals on the Greek island of Corfu in the 1930s. While this book does not directly address the issue of environmentalism, the close relationships Durrell and his family establish with the animals and environment of Corfu demonstrate the importance of living in harmony with your ecosystem. Bonus points for also watching ‘The Durrells in Corfu’ TV show, for its jaw-dropping shoot of the Greek island’s natural beauty.

“It Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. Climate” by Naomi Klein

In “It Changes Everything”, Naomi Klein clearly explains why capitalism is driving climate change. This is the most analytical book on the list. I believe that every person should read this book to fully understand how capitalist economies manipulate our perception of global warming to deflect blame from industries. Klein calls for the sweeping global changes needed to prevent civilization, literally, from igniting.

“Desert Solitaire” by Edward Abbey

Although I haven’t read this book, “Desert Solitaire” comes highly recommended by my father, who seems to read it constantly. Edward Abbey writes in autobiographical form of his experiences as a ranger and wilderness lover in Arches National Park, Utah in the 1950s. Abbey is well known for his book “The Monkey Wrench Gang”, which calls openly to climate protest through sabotage. efforts to protect the world’s natural beauty.

Understanding the intricacies of environmental justice may seem like a daunting task, but it’s as easy as reading an entertaining book. Choose one for your next read and who knows, it might inspire you to fight climate change.

‘We’re creating the best art on this continent’: Meet the Indigenous artists who are winning big in the Sidney Myer Creative Fellowships


The Sidney Myer Creative Fellowships are not as well known as other art grants or awards, which is special because they are incredibly lucrative.

Artists and practitioners who receive the scholarship receive $160,000 to spend over two years, with the only caveat being that they spend most of those two years practicing in Australia.

Scholars are selected on two criteria, exceptional talent and exceptional courage, and the money is not tied to any specific outcome.

In effect, they receive free money.

This year marks a decade of scholarships, which have seen 100 artists receive $16 million between them – no mean feat of philanthropy.

It’s an unusual model, giving money to artists in the hope that they’ll continue to produce good work, but Sidney Myer Fund director Andrew Myer says it’s a success.

“There are so many programs that are dedicated to justifications,” he says. AWAYE from ABC RN!.

“When we created these awards, we determined that it was best to allow artists to make choices around their own art and their lives, as adults.

“It sounds cliche, but when you’re onto a good thing, you stick with it.”

Embrace diverse talents

And on a good thing, they are.

Past recipients include Merindah Donnelly, SJ Norman, Jonathan Jones, Alexis Wright, Ellen Van Neervan, Eric Avery and Vernon Ah Kee, to name a few.

Not only are they respected artists, but they are all aboriginal.

This year, five of the 10 recipients are First Nations: Alethea Beetson, Fred Leone, Carly Sheppard, Ghenoa Gela and Vincent Namatjira.

Alethea Beetson’s work focuses on the advancement of First Nations artists and performers.(Supplied: SMCF)

Myer says that while there is certainly considerable interest in scholarships within the Indigenous arts community, the frequency of Indigenous winners speaks to a broader cultural shift.

“Indigenous Practitioners [are] totally dedicated to their work, and [are] often not recognized for their outstanding results,” he says.

“[Recently] there is growing recognition of the absolutely extraordinary caliber of Aboriginal artists in all art forms. »

Beetson, who received the Cultural Leadership Fellowship, has her own opinion on why so many First Nations people are withdrawing these awards.

“[As an Indigenous creative] you can tap into a richness and vibrancy, something that is much more timeless than maybe some of the other artistic methodologies and frameworks you might use,” she says.

“We are so murderous… Mob is excellent – we make the best art on this continent.”

Do “bigger and better” work

Working in the remote Aboriginal community of Indulkana in South Australia, Vincent Namatjira believes living remotely shouldn’t be a barrier to success.

He says the scholarship money will allow him to continue working in remote Australia and give him the opportunity to be “explosive, bigger and better”.

In the next two years he wants to be more experimental with his art, do more residencies and have more exhibitions abroad.

He plans to spend his time between the remote communities of Indulkana and Hermannsburg while he works.

a man with crossed arms standing next to a square frame with pictures of two men holding hands
Vincent Namatjira’s bold and eye-catching work, Stand Strong for Who You Are, won the 2020 Archibald Prize.(AAP Image: Iwantja Arts, Art Gallery of NSW)

Beetson, based in Brisbane, says the money will allow her to “think more critically about the work I will take on in the future”.

She will also invest her money in BlakSocial, an arts management company she started.

Over time, she wants it to become “self-sufficient for the community, and potentially even grow to a point where it reinvests in the ethical models that I know a lot of crowds develop.”

For dancer and choreographer Carly Sheppard, scholarship money offers something simple: security.

She says it will be life changing for her and her son, allowing her to start projects she had to “put aside in exchange for the roof over our heads”.

“I’m excited,” she said.

“I feel like I’m about to get shot by a cannon.”

A young woman with long black hair looks seriously at the camera.
Carly Sheppard is a dancer and choreographer from the Wallangamma and Takalaka tribes of North Queensland. (Provided by: Jody Haines Photography)

“A nod to liberation”

For Butchulla singer Fred Leone, his earnings will be split into three musical projects, two sung entirely in the Butchulla language, and the third a contemporary soul album that focuses on black deaths in custody.

He says the money has given him “the ability to focus on the most important things and have more time to do them.”

A dark-skinned man in a white t-shirt holds a boomerang in front of him.
Fred Leone is a language keeper and community leader with strong Aboriginal, Tongan and South Sea Islander heritage.(Provided: Mark Crannich)

Ghenoa Gela, awarded for storytelling, dance and theater, will perform next year touring internationally with her show, My Urrwai.

“It means that as a blackfella and specifically as a black woman who is constantly navigating various difficult, sometimes horrific spaces…I’m actually going to experience a twinkle of liberation,” she says.

“And I will proudly take this nod and celebrate the heck out of it.”

A dark-skinned person with braids stands on a street with his arms outstretched.
Ghenoa Gela has a background in Torres Strait Island dance and performs in dance, circus, television and stage.(Provided: Ben Brooks)

For some, the scholarship money will help them recover from the effects of COVID-19 on the arts community.

Namatjira says her art was integral to her well-being during the pandemic.

“It was tough for me as an artist, but when I was actually painting…it was like the pandemic never happened,” the Archibald-winning artist said.

“That’s what kept me going, I was just painting, painting, painting.”

“You can feel it there, you can see it in the great outdoors, the negative impact of this pandemic,” Beetson said.

His earnings will give him space and time to create.

“It feels like there’s a breath you can take, that you haven’t been able to take in a very long time.”

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Sophia Loren chooses her favorite MSC Cruises destinations


Before the baptism ceremony MSC Seascape in New York, Sophia Loren, an iconic and beloved actress, shares her favorite destinations to visit aboard an MSC Cruises ship.

Sophia Loren has been named Patron of the MSC Cruises fleet thanks to a nearly 20-year relationship with the company. The renowned actress embodies the essence of the MSC Cruises brand with her unique European style and glamour. Loren is one of the most popular female stars of classic Hollywood cinema, an avid traveler and has explored some of the world’s most luxurious destinations over the years. Before the launch of MSC Seascape In December, Loren shares a list of her favorite places she has visited with MSC Cruises over the years.

Sophia Loren commented: “Throughout my life, I have had the privilege of visiting some of the most beautiful places in the world, so it was hard to pick just a few at the top of my list. What makes these destinations so special are the unique experiences I’ve had in each, whether it’s naming a glamorous cruise ship or creating special memories with my family.To me, travel is about meeting new people and new places and, in turn, discovering yourself anew.Each of these destinations offers a chic atmosphere in which to relax, unwind and truly immerse yourself in a new place and its unique culture.

MSC Cruises offers passengers a global and immersive experience on all their expeditions. This winter, MSC Cruises will offer 21 contemporary ships sailing to nearly 200 of the world’s most popular destinations in 85 different countries. Some of these trips include Loren’s must-see destinations.

Here are Sophia Loren’s main destinations for an MSC cruise:

New York City: The city that never sleeps filled with bright lights and historical landmarks; New York City is full of things to do for all types of travelers. On December 7, 2022, Loren will appoint MSC Seascape while docked in Manhattan, which marks the first ship in the fleet to be launched in New York. The nomination ceremony will showcase MSC Cruises’ commitment to the North American cruise market. In April next year, MSC Meraviglia will even have its home port at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

Barcelona, ​​Spain: In 2009, this popular destination was the scene of the christening ceremony of MSC Splendida, in addition to being a regularly visited vacation spot for Sophia Loren. This city has a lively urban atmosphere, historic museums and cuisine to die for. Guests can visit this hotspot on one of MSC Cruises’ popular Mediterranean expeditions.

The Caribbean: One of Loren’s favorite tropical destinations, home to white sandy beaches and MSC Cruises’ own private island, the Caribbean is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a relaxing getaway. Loren named MSC Seashore to Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, the company’s private island, and marked the official opening of the island. The unique private island location was designed as part of MSC Cruises’ commitment to preserving the environment. Loren loves the Caribbean for its natural beauty and sandy beaches. From December 2022, MSC Cruises will offer sailings to Ocean Cay and the Caribbean on board their new ship, MSC Seascape.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Home to some of the world’s finest architecture and breathtakingly elaborate palaces, Dubai is a breathtaking destination filled with tons of immersive experiences for guests of all ages. Dubai was the venue for the naming ceremony of MSC Virtuosowhere the godmother, Sophia Loren, cut the ribbon to welcome guests aboard the new ship.

The Greek Islands: The Greek islands are full of history, cultural heritage, landscapes and breathtaking beaches. Sophia Loren contributed to the popularity of the Greek island of Hydra in the 1950s when she fell in love with the island while working on a film there.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Another popular filming location for Loren, Copenhagen has both a city atmosphere and relaxing beaches. Guests can learn about the city’s unique art and history while visiting its must-see sites. Some excursions included by MSC Cruises in Copenhagen include visits to landscaped gardens, castles and outdoor concerts. Guests can visit Copenhagen with a variety of Northern Europe cruises offered by MSC Cruises.

Naples, Italy: Sophia Loren actually grew up in Naples, Italy, so it’s obvious that this tourist hotspot would be on her bucket list! Italian culture can be found in every corner of this city and has something for the whole family. MSC Cruises’ Mediterranean voyages even offer passengers excursions to Pompeii, the site of the historic eruption of Vesuvius.

What route would you take? Let us know in the comments!

GardaWorld armed guards on strike in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island – New Brunswick


Armed guards employed by the Montreal company GardaWorld are on strike in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Protesters have been picketing the GardaWorld offices in Moncton since Tuesday afternoon.

They typically manage the safe transportation of cash to and from banks and other businesses. GardaWorld is currently recruiting trucks to do the work while the strike continues.

Derek Doiron, who is secretary and treasurer of Teamster Local 927, the union that represents them, told Global News on Tuesday that a major point of contention was over safety protocols.

“Crew levels (are an issue) for sure,” he said.

He said the company was moving toward an industry trend of having armed guards work alone, a practice the union considers dangerous.

The story continues under the ad

“They have to make sure all armed guards have a partner at all times,” he said.

Read more:

Community mourns UBC Okanagan security guard who recently became a permanent resident

GardaWorld employee Chris Michalik, who has been an armed guard for years, says no amount of firearms or other equipment makes the job alone safe.

“They push for us to work alone, solo. No one to watch your back, nothing! You have to pay attention to everything, which is impossible. It’s an imminent accident,” he said in an interview on Tuesday.

“We need two people! One is there to protect the other. We are not here to protect the money contrary to what people think, we are here to protect ourselves,” he said.

Michalik is also asking for higher salaries.

Read more:

Edmonton airport security screening officers accept new contract with 12% raise

In a statement sent to Global News on Wednesday, a GardaWorld representative said, “We negotiated in good faith with union representatives and made a compelling and competitive offer. Although we are disappointed that they have exercised their right to strike at this time, we are continuing negotiations…The safety and security of our employees, our customers and the general public are our top priorities (…).

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Doiron confirmed to Global News on Wednesday afternoon that talks between the union and GardaWorld were still ongoing.

© 2022 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.

Green was ‘ready’ to train comets in inaugural season


Ten seasons ago in the American Hockey League, Travis Green was ready to coach the Utica Comets.

“I was ready,” Green recalled when he was named the Comets’ first head coach for the 2013-14 season. “We (Comets) didn’t get the start we were hoping for, but in the second half of the season the team were dominant.”

Green, is on the coaching sidelines these days; after more than a dozen hockey seasons. After coaching at Utica for the club’s first four seasons, Green was promoted by the Vancouver Canucks to lead their National Hockey League troops for the next five campaigns. During a recent trip that took the former NHL center away from flights departing, first, from British Columbia, which would eventually take him to the final leg of his trip to Orange County. , Calif. — where his home is, Green recalled his first season training in Utica.

No longer under contract with Vancouver, taking time off from hockey is uncharted territory for the lifelong hockey player.

“I have to be patient. But I’m hungry to come back,” says Green, who began his NHL skating days as the second-round pick of the New York Islanders in 1989. I have been fired.”

Coming to the Comets was a process that remains a very clear and pleasant memory for Green. In total, Green recalls four separate interviews, before receiving an offer to pilot the then-AHL Canucks affiliate in central New York. As the NHL Draft unfolded at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, Green’s coaching resume was also on the line.

“They (the Canucks) were very thorough,” said Green of the Vancouver management team looking for a coach. “I originally met Loren (Loren Henning – Assistant General Manager/Director of Player Personnel). Then I met Laurence (Laurence Gilman – Assistant General Manager/Vice President of Hockey Operations). had a follow-up visit to Vancouver. I believe there were four applicants for the position, then up to two.”

Before being named the Comets’ first coach the previous season (2012-13), Green took over midway through the Western Hockey League season to guide the Portland Winterhawks. As interim bench boss, being elevated from assistant manager with 47 games left on the regular schedule, Green led his club to a 37-8-0-2 record. Portland won the WHL championship.

A few months later, with improvements underway at the Adirondack Bank Center in the Utica Memorial Auditorium, Green, like Mohawk Valley hockey fans, was excited about the many changes underway. However, before talking about one of the 45 skaters and three goalkeepers who made up the Greens-led Comets first team, the coach directs the conversation to who is most responsible for bringing professional hockey back to the city. of Utica.

“I can’t say enough about the amazing job that Rob (Team Chairman Robert Esche) has done in bringing everything together for the team.”

As Green recalls, being in a new city and all the excitement that came with players who had mostly never played side-by-side before coming to Utica, also slowed the start of the game. season.

Although the Comets had 79 points in 76 games played in 2013-14 (the Comets missed the playoffs), it wasn’t until their eleventh game of the season that they earned their first victory. It was November 8, 2013 in Cleveland, the Comets came away with a 3-2 win over the Lake Erie Monsters to break a 10-game winless streak.

As for Green’s assistant coaches in the Comets’ first year, Nolan Baumgartner and Paul Jerrard, much like the players, it took time for the staff to gel.

“The three of us only met and spoke briefly before coming to Utica. But, we all became good friends.”

Travel, whether by bus or plane, was nothing new to Green when he signed up for a job in the AHL. The great distances covered in the WHL, and his past experiences in the NHL, what was offered in the AHL did not “bother” Green. However, the time separating Green, based in Western Canada, from his family back in Southern California has been difficult.

Before arriving in Utica to coach, Green skated in the Islanders system for their AHL affiliate in Troy, New York (Capital District Islanders) for three seasons. His memories of skating in L’Aud remain hazy. He remembers being at The Aud several times.

As Green makes his way through the airport, his usual calm, monotonous voice kicks up a notch as he reviews the list he guided.

“Alex Biega had a pretty good career. Cal O’Reilly turned out to be a good captain. Henrik Tommernes is another career that I continue to follow which started for me at Utica,” Green said.

Since parting ways with the Canucks nearly a year ago, Green remains confident that a second opportunity to coach an NHL club is in sight for him. Part of his upbeat attitude comes from remembering one of his former coaches – Hockey Hall of Famer Al Arbour. As Green is quick to point out, the late coaching giant who steered the Islanders to four straight Stanley Cup championships in the 1980s only made it on his second try.

It was after Arbor’s failures to lead the St. Louis Blues from the bench, and an opportunity opened up with the Islanders to coach, and then things started to turn in the right direction for the great coach. . Green thinks he’s learned so much during his career with the Canucks that a second hire for him as an NHL coach would be more fruitful.

Getting through the tough times, as the green tags lose, is something he believes will be better handled with the next job he is offered. He came close to landing another NHL coaching job since leaving Vancouver.

So many personal successes, as Green has seen his coaching career skyrocket since his Utica debut, are credited to Utica hockey fans. The incredible sold-out crowds, the transformation of the ADK center, the total buy-in from the community with the Comets hockey sticks with Green with all the duct tape stubbornness.

With all of his NHL success as a skater and coach, before and after the Comets’ first season, for Green to be so passionate and detailed about his arrival in Utica is nothing short of amazing.

Don Laible is a freelance sportswriter from the Mohawk Valley, now living in Florida. He has reported on professional baseball and hockey for print, radio and the web since the 1980s. His columns are featured weekly on WIBX950.com. Don can be contacted by email at [email protected]

All Enchanted Forest Water Safari Water Slides Ranked From Best To Worst

Remember: we use the term “worse” very loosely, because when you love water rides and slides, is there ever REALLY a worst? No. No way.

We asked you: and here is the compiled ranking of water slides from best to worst.

Take a peek at Legoland’s water playground before it opens

Here’s a look at what the all-new Water Playground at LEGOLAND New York. You can build and pilot their very own LEGO boat, ride down the waterslide and dunk under the giant bucket of water.

Inside the largest indoor water park in the Poconos

21 adventures you need to add to your summer bucket list

18 Kid-Friendly Day Trips to Beat Boredom This Summer in Central and Upstate New York

Now that school is out for the year, the children will soon be bored. Here are 18 kid-friendly day trips to keep them entertained this summer.

Dozens of tourism-related projects | eKathimerini.com


As a banner year for tourism draws to a close, local communities wonder if their infrastructure will be able to withstand another such test. In this context, the government is promoting a new generation of small and medium projects across the country, mainly related to the promotion of sustainability. They are essential to preserve the quality of life, the natural environment, the attractiveness of visitors and ultimately the very character of destinations.

Coordinated by Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias, in collaboration with the private sector, a major exercise began a few months ago to identify and register projects to be given immediate priority and shape their bidding framework. Funding will come from European funds and the public investment programme.

An invaluable tool in this effort has been an in-depth study carried out by the Institute of the Greek Tourism Confederation (INSETE) and presenting a set of some 700 projects that will allow tourism to continue to develop. It is not so much about heavy infrastructure, such as the expansion of airports, ports, marinas or major highways, as these are anyway carried out by other public or governmental bodies. Rather, they are projects that have not been adopted by any specific agency or organization.

The Ministry then proceeded to prioritize them according to specific criteria such as the volume of visitors by destination and the capacity of its infrastructure in terms of beds and number of overnight stays. This resulted in the emergence of 26 destinations, including Rhodes, Kos, Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, Hania, Zakynthos, Paros, the Saronic Islands, Halkidiki, Kefalonia, Iraklio, Rethymno, Lefkada and Ancient Olympia, as well as less touristy places such as Lesbos, Katerini, Halkida, Kalamata, Thassos, Lasithi, Ioannina, Samos, Trikala, plus Thessaloniki and Athens. Then, specific projects were identified that address chronic issues or will have the greatest and fastest positive impact on daily life.

The result was 39 projects whose immediate priority will improve the character and viability of specific destinations and protect them from the effects of large-scale tourism development, but will also improve the visitor experience. A lot has to do with water and waste management and electricity.

Top 10 marketing actions in September 2022


Distribution deals, brand revamps and a book launch were among our roundup of September’s top marketing campaigns.

Italicus has partnered with Stranger & Stranger to publish The Art of Italicus

From a book on Rosolio’s history to giving consumers the ability to design their winning rum bottles, spirits brands stepped up to the plate in September.

Mixer brand Three Cents and Ukrainian vodka Nemiroff tried to expand their presence with distribution deals at the start of this season, while VK set about revamping its range to attract a Gen Z audience.

Hard seltzer brand White Claw has followed a similar path to VK, teaming up with a number of music venues and clubs across the UK to double its nighttime footprint.

Keep scrolling for 10 highlights from the latest spirits advertising from the past month.

For more marketing moves, take a look at our top August marketing picks.


Bella Apertini has secured a national listing with UK supermarket Tesco and online distribution via Amazon.

The appetizer brand has also earned listings at wholesalers such as Molson Coors, HB Clark, Inverarity Morton and Dunns Food & Drinks.

It is produced by UK-based Intercontinental Brands.

Bottling is considered a “budget” version of popular Spritz options, such as Aperol.

The liquid comes in a 700ml bottle and boasts 11% ABV. Consumers can purchase Bella Apertini for £6.99 (US$8.09).

Made with bitter, sweet orange and herbal flavors, it is recommended to be mixed with soda and Prosecco to create a Spritz.


Ukrainian vodka brand Nemiroff has signed a distribution agreement with spirits importer Disaronno International.

Disaronno will represent the brand in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, with the aim of strengthening distribution and brand awareness in Europe.

“We are proud to add Nemiroff vodka to our growing portfolio of craft and luxury brands. Disaronno’s mission is to distribute and sell high-quality, hand-selected spirits around the world,” said Bert de Winter, Executive Director of Disaronno International.

“Nemiroff has a strong, unique brand image and award-winning taste. It’s a perfect match to expand our portfolio.

Disaronno distributes the Italian Disaronno liqueur, the Tia Maria coffee liqueur and the Busker Irish Whiskey.


The Lost Explorer Mezcal has teamed up with private London club Annabel’s to launch a bottle that will raise funds for the Amazon rainforest.

The collaboration sees the release of 1,000 limited edition bottles of The Explorer Mezcal, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Caring Family Foundation’s commitments to the protection of the rainforest.

CEO Tanya Clarke said, “We at The Lost Explorer Mezcal are proud to partner with Annabel’s to contribute to the Caring Family Foundation’s goal of planting one million trees in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest by March 2024. .

“Being part of this partnership is incredibly rewarding because of the awareness it inspires for this critical issue.”

Bottles are available at Selfridges, Hedonism Wines and The Whiskey Shop for RRP £120 (US$138.40).

Three hundred

Greek producer Three Cents has partnered with Cask Liquid Marketing to distribute its mixers in the UK.

Three Cents was founded in 2014 by a group of bartenders looking for the perfect cocktail mixer.

The brand’s mixers are carbonated at maximum pressure and a lower temperature to produce “more fizzy sodas”.

The distribution agreement went into effect in August.

Co-founder George Bagos said, “We are thrilled to be working with Cask Liquid Marketing, a company that shares the same passion and philosophy as Three Cents.

“We have experienced strong and continued growth in the UK for the past few years, and this new partnership will provide the brand with increased support to support its development and achieve our ambitions.

Italian brand Italicus has collaborated with packaging and design agency Stranger and Stranger to publish a book titled Art of Italicus.

The book is a “love letter” to Italicus’ first five years and is described as the “perfect gift” for lovers of cocktails, art and mixology.

It details the brand’s beginnings with Giuseppe Gallo, founder of Italicus, and his desire to revive the forgotten category of Rosolio.

“Art of Italicus captures the inspiration behind Giuseppe’s vision, the liquid brilliance and creative excellence behind the exceptional design,” said Rowan Miller, Creative Director at Stranger and Stranger.

“It encapsulates the true essence of the brand and the phenomenal journey it has traveled from its inception to the present day.”

For more cocktail books released this season, check out our roundup of reading material on all things spirits and service.

White Claw

White Claw planned to double their late-night commercial footprint with an upcoming UK club tour.

The hard seltzer brand has entered into a number of partnerships, which began in September, targeting concert halls and clubs in the UK.

Michael Dean, Head of Marketing at White Claw, said, “White Claw is not just a category that lives in the summer; increasingly we are seeing demand during the winter months, which is when UK clubbing culture comes into its own.

The partnership includes a branded bar that will be set up during the events, complete with a mural, as well as 360° menus and counter fridges.

The campaign kicked off with Manchester-based club series The Warehouse Project.

Greek brand Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin has collaborated with Greek-Polish designer Themis Zouganeli (pictured) to create a limited-edition bottle.

The partnership is meant to be the brand’s “first in a long series” with the designer, with Zouganeli having created a white, blue and gold bottle, with an exterior inspired by the heritage of Greek clothing.

It also features a “striking white” to resemble the Greek islands. Distilled and bottled in Greece, Mataroa Gin uses ingredients from Mediterranean countries.

It is made at the Melissandidi distillery using a secret recipe of 12 plants, herbs and spices. Raised in Athens and Mykonos, Zouganeli has collaborated with brands such as Dior and Swarovski.

Global Brands revamped VK’s packaging to appeal to its core Gen Z audience.

VK received a new look to align with the company’s “relevant, playful and cool” branding. An identity has been created for each flavored variant of VK, with colored labels.

Additionally, VK is launching its largest mass awareness campaign for new university students in the UK, which kicked off in August and continues this month.

The campaign aims to reach 27 million impressions over the next month, reaching drinkers in eight different consumer touchpoints.

The VK Glow Up Fresher Tour will take place over 50 dates, with UV effects and merchandise giveaways across UK cities.

Havana Club, owned by Pernod Ricard, has launched a digital platform to allow consumers to design their own rum bottles.

Havana Club Create has been described as a “digital solution” to give drinkers 81 possible combinations to design front and back labels of Havana Club 7, with the ability to add a personal message to the bottle.

Three distinct “visual universes” are available for the designs, which are inspired by the symbols of Cuban tradition.

These include ‘graphic scenes’, ‘neon waves’ and ‘flower walls’.

Once the digital work is complete, consumers can download the creation for free and share their creations on social media. In China, consumers will be able to exclusively purchase the bottle they designed through Wechat.

One dead and two missing after the Greek island of Crete was hit by a flash flood | Greece


A man was found dead and two people were missing on Saturday after torrential rains caused extensive flooding on the Greek island of Crete, rescue workers said.

A man in his 50s died while trapped inside his car as the rains began to fall on the southern Greek island, a popular holiday destination. Local media reported extensive damage to seaside villages, where the streets became rivers washing away everything in their path.

According to the emergency services, a woman was slightly injured when she too found herself trapped in a car. At least nine vehicles surrounded by water still had to be rescued on Saturday evening. The emergency services received more than 450 calls in less than an hour on Friday morning.

Eight tourists and a security guard were also stranded in the archaeological museum in the seaside resort of Sitia. All the gorges on the island, popular hiking spots for tourists, have been closed to the public until further notice.

The mayor of Sitia told TV channel Skai: “The situation was out of control and the [weather] phenomena in the region were exceptional.

Human-induced climate degradation is amplifying extreme weather events, including floods, heat waves and droughts, scientists say, with extreme events becoming more frequent and intense.

A senior official in the Heraklion region, Nikos Syrigonakis, has urged residents to limit their movements. “It’s a tough day,” he added.

The Civil Defense Department said it was mobilized and asked all citizens to be vigilant in Crete and the surrounding islands of Rhodes, Karpathos, Kastellorizo ​​and Kasos.

Greece has doubled its minimum investment to obtain a Golden Visa


Whether it’s a temporary stay in a remote cabin or a permanent change to live on a farm in Portugal, workers are taking advantage of their newfound ability to stay away from the office.

As always, the extra-rich go one step further. They are increasingly turning to Golden Visa programs through which a real estate investment or purchase can give individuals residency and a pathway to citizenship.

Some people aren’t so excited about the herd of digital nomads or wealthy people who choose to live part-time or full-time in another country: the residents of those countries. In early September, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis doubled the price of minimum investments in order to obtain a Golden Visa in the country, raising the price from €250,000 to €500,000, according to the international adviser.

Many seek to obtain a Golden Visa due to the inflated cost of living expenses and housing in the United States; the firm Get Golden Visa found in its survey of 320 applicants that 29% were motivated by the rising cost of living. But there is a ripple effect, and this new influx of wealthy people looking for cheaper real estate is likely pushing Greek citizens out of their own housing market.

“In order to increase the affordability of real estate for Greeks, we are now increasing the minimum amount of investment required for the issuance of a golden visa from €250,000 to €500,000 (£434,000, $500,000 ),” Mitsotakis reportedly said in early September. , according to the international adviser.

Mitsotakis is not alone.

Europe is cracking down

In June, Turkey’s minimum investment for its citizenship-by-investment program increased from $250,000 to $400,000. And in March, the European Commission pushed EU governments to end their citizenship through investment schemes, specifically pointing out that wealthy Russians who support or are involved in the invasion of Ukraine could benefit from these programs.

At the end of September, the EC continued its efforts, announcing that it was taking Malta to court because the scheme broke the rules by not requiring investors to live in the country.

Portugal’s current visa system or program has also been heavily contested. The Left Bloc in Portugal and the Portuguese Communist Party’s plan to overthrow the local Golden Visa was rejected in May.

The Left Bloc commented on Twitter, “Golden visas only serve oligarchs who want to launder their wealth. They do not serve the people in any part of the country, they only harm them. The Portuguese Communist Party added that these new residents did not contribute to boosting the local economy, arguing that “there was almost no productive investment or job creation”, just a “clear contribution to the ‘real estate’ that is disrupting the affordable housing market, Portugal.com reported.

Part of the price increase in Greece comes from a projection of increased interest in applicants for a Golden Visa. “We expect a strong resurgence of interest from abroad in buying and renting real estate in Greece, especially with regard to luxury holiday homes in popular tourist destinations and on the islands of the Cyclades, Crete and Corfu,” Kyriakos Xydis, Managing Partner, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Athens Properties, said per SchegenVisa.

Raising the price from €250,000 is not shocking, as Spain, another hot ticket for Golden Visas, already had its minimum investment at the price. But Greece’s choice to monitor rather than simply monetize this increased interest in residency through investment stands in contrast to Portugal’s recent visa policies. At the beginning of October, Portugal announced in Free time that it unveils a digital nomad program for workers who wish to reside in the country for up to a year. Portugal is not alone: ​​countries like Thailand and Bali have implemented visas for remote workers.

Although this policy does not require investment, it is a sign that some countries are looking to take advantage of travel-hungry teleworkers at all costs, while others are seeking to curb the new trend.

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Tornos news | The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York exhibits treasures from the Cyclades


In an unusual deal, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will exhibit 161 pieces of Cycladic art donated by businessman Leonard Stern – which will last for at least 10 years – but agrees they belong to the Greek State.

The collection, which was built up over some forty years by Stern, who will not say how she acquired the collection of mostly marble figures and vessels created thousands of years ago in the island group of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea.

As part of the arrangement, 15 of the most esteemed objects accumulated will first be displayed in early November at the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens and then returned to the Met for a decade, starting in early 2024, the New York said. Times.

This could be extended even longer, meaning they could be kept outside of Greece, even though they are owned by the state as part of a deal to win state support which is trying to recover the stolen treasures after failing for generations to move the British Museum back. the Parthenon marbles.

Stern donated his collection to the Hellenic Ancient Culture Institute, a Delaware nonprofit that will protect antiquities and make them available for display, according to the report.

The institute is governed by a board of trustees whose president and majority of members are appointed by the Cyclades Museum, a private institution founded in 1986 to house the collection of Nikolaos and Aikaterini (Dolly) Goulandris, overseen by the Ministry Greek Culture.

“This agreement builds on decades of a successful partnership between the Greek government and the Met, and we are delighted to be able to play a part in an arrangement that will delight and educate visitors and scholars now and for generations to come. “, said the museum. said director Max Hollein.

Most have already been transported to the museum, displaying valuable works considered by some art experts to be the pinnacle of Western artists and inspiring Modigliani and Picasso who called them “magical objects”, the report notes.

“Beautiful stone carvings.


He began his collection in 1981, gradually assembling a group of artifacts kept in his townhouse on Fifth Avenue, displayed in a room that served as a library office, the Times noted.

The collection includes objects from the Late Neolithic period to the end of the Early Bronze Age, ranging in size from tiny figurines to a reclining female figure over four feet long, designated by the Met as “among the great works of Cycladic art”. .”

Greece’s Culture Minister Lina Mendoni earlier said the government had no proof the items were stolen without explaining why it would then take possession of them if they legally belonged to Stern.

Stern said he understood it would be inconvenient to donate the collection to the Met and said that “none of the great museums want to confront the honor of countries by accepting their heritage unless they have the blessing of these countries”.

The deal was struck when the ruling New Democracy-controlled Greek parliament, despite some objections, approved it in a pact which, according to the Times, included the following wording: that “Greek heritage law provides that the Greek State is the sole owner of the collection,” while allowing possession of the collection by the Hellenic Institute of Ancient Culture.

The full collection will be on display exclusively at the Met for 10 years and over the next 15 years will gradually move to Greece for display at the Cycladic Museum and other museums, but Greek museums will loan other Cycladic works to the Met.

“We are all very proud to have participated in this effort to create new modes of collaboration between museums” and to play a role in the “consensual return of antiquities”, wrote the president and director general of the Cyclades Museum, Kassandra Marinopoulou.

In 2049, the Greek state could agree to loan the collection back to the Met for another period of up to 25 years, meaning it would remain in New York until 2074 but belong to Greece.

If an agreement cannot be reached, the part of the collection still at the Met will revert to the Hellenic Institute of Ancient Culture and be sent to Greece for display.

Stern is also in the process of staffing an archive room in the Onassis Library of the Greek and Roman Department of Hellenic and Roman Art, and a post to facilitate archival custody and scholarly visits, both named after him.

RELATED TOPICS: Greece, Greek tourism news, Tourism in Greece, The Greek Islands, Hotels in Greece, Trip to Greece, Greek destinations, Greek travel market, Greek tourism statistics, Greek tourism report

Image source: Wikimedia Commons License: CC-BY-SA Copyright : Fcb981

CBK stresses the need to tackle growing malnutrition – The Island


By Shamindra Ferdinando

Foreign Minister Ali Sabry reiterated that a handful of people who advised President Gotabaya Rajapaksa caused the unprecedented economic collapse.

Sabry alleged that politicians, civil servants, the public sector as well as trade unions are responsible for the crisis.

The minister said this in response to ‘Hiru’ anchor Chamuditha Samarawickrema, who was demanding an explanation regarding the fact that the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is addressing the controversial issue of economic crimes in Sri Lanka.

In an extensive interview on ‘Salakuna‘ On Monday (10), Sabry repeated accusations he made in June as finance minister following talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington.

However, Minister Sabry refused to call these officials “economic murderers” or categorize their actions as “economic crimes.” But he acknowledged that as a member of the Cabinet of Ministers he had also been named as a defendant in court cases in this regard.

Sabry stressed that he did not believe that those who had been blamed for the crisis did so on purpose, although the then President, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, acted recklessly, on the advice received, without taking any sufficient guarantees.

The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) is among the parties to move the Supreme Court over the unprecedented financial meltdown.

The panel of investigators, made up of Chamuditha Samarawickrema, Madushan de Silva and Kalindu Vithanage, repeatedly stressed that the denial of basic requirements could be considered a violation of human rights.

When the panel noted that Minister Sabry essentially agreed with the views expressed by the international community and other interested parties regarding economic crimes, the legislator stated that despite the worsening crisis, officials continued to make promises, to the detriment of economic stability. Minister Sabry cited the recent declaration of free lunch as an example. Such promises were made without making the required financial arrangements, the minister added.

Minister Sabry said he would not defend the indefensible under any circumstances and alleged that the country would not have been in this mess had it not been for the arrogant conduct of the decision makers.

Sabry compared how Dr. Indrajith Coomaraswamy, in his capacity as Governor of the Central Bank (June 2016-Dec 2019), successfully handled a looming crisis due to the leadership response following the last election. presidential, in November 2019. before it turns into a disaster.

The minister said that as a former finance minister, he took responsibility for the declaration of default by the Central Bank Governor, Dr. Nandalal Weerasinghe, in the second week of April this year. Emphasizing that there was absolutely no uncertainty with this decision being made, Minister Sabry said that in addition to Finance Secretary Mahinda Siriwardana and Dr Weerasinghe, the government had consulted a three-member committee of economic and tax experts from the Presidential Advisory Group. , Dr Indrajith Coomaraswamy, Prof Shanta Devarajan and Dr Shamini Cooray.

Minister Sabry cited the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) as one of the companies that contributed to the deterioration of the national economy. He explained how CEB engineers brazenly thwarted attempts to increase renewable energy capacity under various pretexts. Calling them a mafia organization, Minister Sabry pointed out how those who had blocked renewable energy projects had approved emergency purchases of electricity, at exorbitant rates. Chamuditha Samarawickrema stressed that it was pointless to make such allegations. Hiru’s team stressed the government’s responsibility to address the issue in question.

Commenting on Sri Lanka’s latest defeat at the UNHRC, Minister Sabry said the country was paying a heavy price for failing to deliver on the promises made by successive governments to the international community.

Stating that Sri Lanka could not accept hybrid tribunals to examine liability issues, Minister Sabry denounced the co-sponsorship of the Geneva resolution in October 2015 during the Yahapalana administration. Responding to criticism that only seven countries voted against the proposed resolution against Sri Lanka, Minister Sabry said that of the 20 countries that voted against Sri Lanka, many represented the EU. Minister Sabry said supporters of the resolution thought they might get more than 24 votes, but ended up with 20.

Sabry reiterated his commitment to scrapping the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) possibly before the end of this year to pave the way for a new law, in line with international standards.

Minister Sabry stressed that contentious issues of reconciliation and accountability should be addressed with appropriate mechanisms. The success of such projects largely depends on functional mechanisms, not individuals.

American Interest in Greece’s Golden Visa Program Grows Significantly


American interest in Greece’s Golden Visa program has recently increased significantly, according to the latest report from real estate experts Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

The same source revealed that the Hellenic Republic is among the top countries for international buyers, reports SchengenVisaInfo.com.

“We expect a strong resurgence of interest from abroad in buying and renting real estate in Greece, especially with regard to luxury holiday homes in popular tourist destinations and on the islands of the Cyclades, Crete and Corfu”, Kyriakos Xydis, managing partner of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Athens Properties, pointed to this.

The report pointed out that Greece has many factors that encourage US citizens to invest in the country, such as quality of life, friendlier taxation and a temperate climate, as well as the cost of living.

Recently, the Greek Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, introduced new changes to the Hellenic Republic’s Golden Visa program. Among the new changes was the increase of the minimum amount of investment required for the issuance of such a visa to a total of €500,000.

The minister confirmed the new changes to the country’s residency-by-investment program, while emphasizing that the decision to increase the minimum investment amount was intended to increase the accessibility of real estate for the Greek Republic.

Through the Residency by Investment scheme, internationals are eligible to acquire a residence in the Hellenic Republic, provided they meet specific conditions and make a financial contribution of at least €500,000 to this country.

Previously, foreign nationals could acquire residence in this country by only making an investment of at least €250,000; however, wealthy internationals are now subject to new rules after the Greek authorities decided to increase the minimum investment amount.

“In order to increase the affordability of real estate for Greeks, we are now increasing the minimum investment amount required for the issuance of a golden visa from €250,000 to a total of €500,000 (£434,000, $500,000)”, The Greek Prime Minister emphasized in this regard, according to a report provided earlier by International Adviser.

A recent report provided by Traino real estate brokers showed that Greece is among the top five residency-by-investment programs that attract international investors the most.

However, despite the fact that the Golden Visa program of the Hellenic Republic contributes significantly to the economic sector of the country, it has often been criticized for being an open door to many illegal businesses, such as corruption and money laundering. .

Economou: Turkey must stop contesting the sovereignty of the Greek islands


Government spokesman Yiannis Economou, in a press briefing on Friday, referred to statements by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the dinner of leaders attending the European Political Community summit in Prague.

As he said, the Prime Minister responded directly to Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan’s accusations saying that “Turkey should stop questioning the sovereignty of the Greek islands and instead of causing tension, it should achieve an understanding and a dialogue without provocations or extreme rhetoric, because the leaders of the responsible countries do it.

The government spokesperson also referred to Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ intervention on energy and climate change and Greece’s proposal to impose a price cap. “At the Prague summit, two things stand out: first, Greece is part of the solutions to the problems that afflict Europe and European citizens. Secondly, Greece is determined and able to forcefully defend its sovereignty, sovereign rights as well as international legitimacy,” Economou stressed.


These articles are copyrighted by Hellenic News of America. They cannot be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

Kern Center will host Flavors of Fall


Kern Center will host Flavors of Fall

FREMONT — The Kern Center at Terra State Community College will host Flavors of Fall from 5:30-8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 13 at the Neeley Center on the college’s campus.

This event is hosted by the Life Scholars program at the Kern Center and will include a farm-to-table dinner, wine, and cash bar.

“Life Scholars is a peer-led group serving adult learners, 50+, who share a common desire to learn through expanding intellectual interests, physical activity and social interaction,” said Emily Riehle, Director of Food and Events Services and Acting Community Education Coordinator. Fall Flavors is $50 per person or $80 per couple.

For a reservation, call 419-559-2255 or email [email protected]

The Ottawa County Board of Elections will meet on Thursday

OAK HARBOR — The Ottawa County Board of Elections will meet at 3 p.m. on Thursday, October 13 for a regular meeting of council and to deal with any other business that comes before council. The meeting will be held at the Board of Elections office at 8444 W. Ohio 163 in the Veterans Memorial Building.

Blood drive planned in Gibsonburg

GIBSONBURG — Zion Lutheran Church, 500 S. Bentwood Drive, will host a Bloodmobile from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on October 15. To make an appointment to donate blood, call 1-800-RED-CROSS.

McPherson Cemetery visit scheduled for Tuesday

CLYDE – The annual visit to McPherson Cemetery will take place at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 11. The tour will cover people from the McPherson Cemetery book 2022 by Larry Michaels. The tour will be led by Michaels, a trustee of the Clyde Heritage League; and Gene Smith, curator of the Clyde Museum. Participants should meet at the McPherson monument in the cemetery to begin the tour.

The cemetery is at the corner of McPherson Highway and Ohio 101.

Young will speak about Johnson’s role in the island’s Civil War

PORT CLINTON — Don Young, president of the Johnson’s Island Preservation Society, will speak at 6 p.m. Oct. 17 as part of the Catawba Island Historical Society’s Culture Lecture Series. It will discuss the island’s role during the American Civil War, as well as its subsequent tourism and other commercial activities.

The hour-long presentation will take place at Catawba Island Community Hall, 3307 NW Catawba Road. There is no admission fee

The establishment and administration of the POW Depot, Johnson’s Island, Sandusky Bay, is the historically most significant part of the island’s colorful past. In the 40 months of the prison’s existence, approximately 10,000 men were processed in its stockade. Most were Confederate officers. Twenty-six were either generals or officers who became generals during or after their incarceration.

Old Fort School Board to meet

OLD FORT — The Old Fort Local Schools School Board will meet at 6 p.m. Oct. 10 at the board office, 7635 N. CR 51.

How immigrants could help us tackle the climate crisis

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Kiki’s father in his housing estate. Photo Kiki Rees-Stavros

Kiki Rees – Stavros

As you approach Tan y Fron, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve stumbled upon a Greek mountain village. Santorini blue window frames peek out from under a vine that reaches to the second floor of the small miner’s house.

Beneath a patchwork of scrap wood and glass, mismatched pots growing beans, figs and fresh herbs spill into the apothiki, where years of bits and pieces that might one day be useful bide their time. Nothing is thrown away, nothing is wasted.

In the kitchen, bread becomes rusks, bones become broth, and aluminum foil is folded and reused. Impossible to enter without leaving with a pot of yuvetsi or moussaka, homemade jam or a bag of muddy potatoes.

My father, who will be 70 next year, moved to Blaenau Ffestiniog in the early 90s after sweeping my mother away while on vacation in Corfu.

Although that is the short story, there was a mostly unspoken shadow over my father’s migration, as he would not be able to return to Greece for over 20 years.


Hearing nostalgia-tinged stories of Greece growing up, I imagined Corfu as a kind of Garden of Eden. Almost everything that came to the family table came from the garden, from olive oil to wine, and if it didn’t, there was a good chance it had been exchanged for something that didn’t. had.

Now, in a North Wales housing estate, dwarfed by slate spikes, growing his own food helps my father stay connected to his culture and cultivate friendships.

One of the people he most admires in the housing estate is Cindy. Cindy left Vietnam as a teenager, having grown up in a rural village of Lang Son.

Working in the estate brings back childhood memories for her and she enjoys the sense of community, sharing skills, knowledge and even plants with other growers.

As rice, corn and pumpkins grew abundantly in her old village of Blaenau, she had to ask her neighbors what would grow best in this climate.

She explains that her two plots in the housing estate require almost as much work as hectares of rice, due to the wet weather and the abundance of weeds and pests.

That didn’t stop her though, as her field is full of different berries, flowers, and vegetables. She points to the Jerusalem artichokes my father used to share with her and tells me how she learned to take cuttings of his blackberries to share with others.

Cindy’s daughter picks raspberries behind us as we chat, and her mother explains the importance for her children to see how things grow rather than thinking they come from a box at the supermarket, and her wish that they learn the importance of patience, hard work and commitment.

Cindy almost echoes my dad when she talks about sustainability and explains that without bins in her mountain village, you had to be careful about litter.

She recalls that they were almost entirely self-sufficient, buying only scarce commodities like salt, which were wrapped in newspaper rather than plastic.

“Each culture has a different wisdom they can bring to the table, and we can all learn from each other.” – Cindy. Photo Kiki Rees-Stavros

Talking to Cindy and my dad, I’m struck by two things. Although I’ve heard of programs across the UK using stipends to help immigrants integrate and share skills with locals, it’s wonderful to see this happening organically here in our small Welsh town.

I also think it’s ironic that so much mainstream discourse focuses on the need for immigrants to assimilate, to become more like ‘us’ – when in reality we should be asking ourselves what we can learn from ‘them.

Looking at the slate points, I wonder how Blaenau would have developed without the massive migration that fueled the quarries in the 19th century.

Would these slate boards be there if people hadn’t come a long way to work?

Would the industrial revolution have been possible without migrants from all over the world?


What if, instead of portraying immigrants as burdens on society, we could welcome them as valuable human beings bringing with them valuable knowledge and experience that could help us all weather the crises looming?

In Mauritania, a country on the front line of the climate crisis, this is already the case. With more than 85,000 refugees from Mali arriving in the country since 2012, there is potential for even more conflict over scarce resources.

However, there are reports of refugees and locals sharing of knowledge and skillsparticularly around water conservation and cultivation techniques.

While most Blaenau residents may think my dad is crazy for swapping the warm waters of the Ionian Sea for the cold mountains of Snowdonia, he has traveled to over 50 countries and found no better climate. than in North Wales.

Although we find it hard not to laugh about it, he calls it Ipia – sweet. The summers are not too hot and the winters are not too cold. The perfect growing climate.

This will be the power of Blaenau in the future, with many parts of the globe becoming uninhabitable for humans due to climate change.

Estimates of the number of climate refugees by 2050, they could reach 1.2 billion, according to the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), with some of them potentially less than 20 miles away.

Although we can’t always rely on my dad’s assertion that “there are no extreme weather conditions here”, we are certainly geographically well positioned to deal with it.

One thing we can count on is that growing our own food, reducing waste and consuming less will be essential to our survival as a species.

For many of us, this will mean big adjustments to our lifestyle. For others, like my dad and Cindy, it didn’t take a climate crisis to teach them the importance of living sustainably.

Our willingness and ability to learn from each other, to share our knowledge, skills and resources will be as vital to our survival as water and arable land.

Kiki Rees-Stavros is one of the participants in GALWAD’s popular newsroom.

GALWAD is part of UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK, co-commissioned with Creative Wales with funding from the Welsh Government and the UK Government galwad.cymru

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Celestyal Cruises review: Experience the idyllic Aegean route through the Greek islands


The thought of planning a trip to the Greek islands, especially if you’ve never been there, can seem daunting. What are the must-see islands? How do you travel between them? What time should you be in Oia for the perfect Santorini sunset photo?

Luckily, there are options to make the planning process a little easier and one of them is a cruise.

If you have to take a ferry between the islands anyway, why not make it a big boat where you only have to unpack once?

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Celestyal Cruises’ Crystal ship. (Celestial Cruises)

Celestyal Cruises is a company specializing in showcasing the best of the Greek Islands and Greek hospitality, with stops in Athens, Rhodes, Mykonos and Santorini. Although it’s destination-focused, there’s also a lot to enjoy about your time on board.

The boat

The Crystal, which is the ship we sailed on, can accommodate up to 1,200 guests. As a mid-sized ship, it’s actually perfect for your own maiden voyage as it’s not that big and it doesn’t take long to get your bearings.

There are 10 decks, but mainly decks 4-10 are accessible to guests (crew usually sleeps on the lower decks). Most official business takes place on deck five – the reception, shore excursion office, duty-free shop – and several decks are dedicated to guest cabins.

Celestial Cruises
Although not as large as other cruise ships, the Crystal still looks quite majestic. (Provided)

The higher you go, the more fun it becomes. The restaurants are located on decks eight and nine. There are also several lounges and bars (indoor and outdoor) on these decks, so you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to where to grab a cocktail.

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Deck eight is home to the Muses Lounge, where all the main stage shows take place, and the casino. The new deck is where the beauty/wellness center and gym are located (obviously you have to book yourself for a massage, as being on a cruise isn’t relaxing enough), as well as a small swimming pool. Then, at the very top, on deck 10, is the solarium and the dance floor, for all those who wish to prolong their evening as long as possible.

Celestial Cruises
The open-air Thalassa bar on deck five was a favorite for sunset drinks. (Celestial Cruises)

The cabin

As with all hotels and cruises, there are a variety of different cabin options available on the Crystal – suites, inside cabins and outside cabins. The suites are more expensive and have a balcony or several windows. Outside cabins have windows; inside cabins do not.

I stayed in an outside cabin, and while I don’t know of a difference, I would say having a window made a big difference. It was nice to see the water outside my window and I opened the curtains a bit before falling asleep to wake up to the natural light.

Celestial Cruises
An example of an exterior cabin. (Celestial Cruises)

I was also impressed with the economical use of space in the bathroom. It was quite small but I didn’t feel cramped at all.

The crew

Every crew member we encountered was extremely polite, professional and friendly. On the second day, they could recognize us (even with our masks on) and remember some of our meal preferences. There was one day towards the end of the cruise where I didn’t feel well, and many of them asked how I felt the next day (the word has to travel fast on an average sized ship).

The food

Here’s one thing I quickly learned about life on a cruise: you’ll never go hungry. Every meal is like a three-course extravaganza that makes you want a bigger stomach.

For breakfast, most restaurants are open with generous buffets, although some also offer a la carte options. If you fancy starting each day with an omelet, there’s even an omelet-making station, which I consider a big indulgence.

Lunch and dinner are also three-course affairs, but there’s at least one restaurant with a buffet for those who just want a quick bite.

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Celestial Cruises
Most of the dinner options looked like gourmet meals. (Celestial Cruises)

What amazed me was the variety of dishes on the menu – it changed with each meal. There would be about four or five starters, three or four main courses to choose from, about three desserts and even some authentic Greek dishes. At least you know that chefs will never get bored cooking the same dishes…

Here’s one thing I quickly learned about life on a cruise: you’ll never go hungry.

At the moment, Celestyal Cruises has a partnership with Greek-American chef Diane Cochilas (also the host, creator and co-producer of My Greek Table), so one of their restaurants has been renovated to be a specialty restaurant , where guests can enjoy Diane’s authentic cuisine. Six-course Greek meal. It is not part of the package and costs an additional €40 per person. Dishes include Cretan octopus carpaccio, Aegean fisherman’s soup, Kalogeros terrine and a dessert known as ‘Greek island floating in a dark winey sea’.

Dinner with Celestyal Cruises
The final course was “Greek Island Floating in a Dark Winey Sea.” (Provided)

Onboard activities/entertainment

Oh, the entertainment. It’s become one of our evening rituals to make sure we spoil ourselves at dinner with delicious food and wine and then head to the performance space to get decent seats for the show – not too much close and not blocked by poles. The same troupe put on a different show every night, including a circus-themed show, a retelling of Greek mythology through dance and acrobatics, and the ABBA night.

Celestial Cruises
We had a front row seat for the “Mythologia” show. (Provided)

During the day, there were activities to help enhance the experience of cruising through the Greek islands, such as a beginner’s Greek lesson and a cooking class. And if you need to make sure your loved ones back home can see what an amazing time you’re having, you can purchase an internet plan to get Wi-Fi access.

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Port/land stops

Undoubtedly, the highlight of Celestyal Cruises’ Idyllic Aegean offering is the land stops.

For a seven-night cruise, we had eight land stops. These were Athens (where we embarked and disembarked), Thessaloniki, Kuşadası (which is in Turkey), Rhodes, Crete (specifically the city of Heraklion), Santorini, Mykonos and Milos. Most of them were one day stops, but Crete and Santorini were the same day.

Celestial Cruises
Rhodes has ruins, a castle and a dichotomy between the new and the old town. (Celestial Cruises)

(Note: We were supposed to stop in Milos, but the conditions on the day were not safe to board tender boats to reach the island. The cruise rotated to stop in Syros instead, which was gorgeous – so it’s good to know there are back-up options in case Mother Nature thwarts the original plan.)

There are several shore excursion options available for each port, but most will incur an additional cost to your cruise package. For the idyllic Aegean cruise, two half-day shore excursions are included in the package – on our trip these were the ruins of Rhodes and a visit from Ephesus to Kuşadası.

The Greek Islands
Left to right: Santorini just before sunset; The Library of Celsus at Ephesus; Syros. (Provided)

Of course, you don’t have to do the shore excursions and you can make your own plans for each stop. But shore excursions will take the stress out of planning your vacation – your guide and transport will be arranged for you. Another plus: passengers who book shore excursions have priority with disembarkation, which means more time to explore the city.

What about COVID-19?

At the time of my trip (I boarded at the end of June), we were asked to take a supervised RAT test within 24 hours of boarding (or just before my flight to Athens) and provide proof with a certificate. The RAT test is also available just before boarding. It is required that reminders have been received within the last nine months to maintain the validity of vaccination certificates.

Once on board, all the usual COVID-19 measures were in place. Hand sanitizer stations were everywhere – and we had to sanitize before entering any of the restaurants, and a crew member stood at the entrance to check – and all the crew wore masks. It was also mandatory for guests to wear masks inside except when eating and drinking, but they weren’t required on decks unless it was busy.

The company has just announced a relaxation of restrictions for all crossings from August 26, 2022 – for example, instead of requiring a certified negative COVID antigen test within 24 hours of boarding, the time window extended to 48 hours.

Capping the number of guests on board at around two-thirds of its total capacity is also a way for Celestyal Cruises to keep passengers safe, but they estimate that by the end of 2023 they will return to the number and at 2019 cruising capacity.

The writer was the guest of Celestial Cruises.

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navigate through the years

A look back at cruising over the years

Celestyal launches new pricing model and choice-driven routes for 2023-24


ATHENS – Celestyal, the award-winning number one choice for travelers to the Greek Islands and the Eastern Mediterranean, is introducing a new pricing model and 2023-24 itineraries that go further and stay longer in the destinations it visits.

Following feedback from customers and its valued travel advisor partners, Celestyal will offer customers more choice and a new two-tier pricing model. Entry-level “inclusive” rate offers complimentary meals and select beverages with meals, entertainment, daily activities, port charges and gratuities. This entry-level fare also comes with an $80 per person discount on pre-bookable shore excursions.

For those who want to upgrade their experience, Celestyal offers an “enhanced” tier with an unlimited premium beverage package, one daily hour of free Wi-Fi, a 25% discount on specialty restaurants, and a $160 per person discount. on pre-bookable shore excursions. There are also several additional opportunities to earn commissions for travel advisors and discounts for customers pre-booking various beverage and shore excursion packages. “Inclusive” experiences will start from $339 and “enhanced” vacations at $479.

Celestyal extends its time ashore in Santorini and Mykonos; Introduces new “legendary” trips to Montenegro, Turkey and Corfu, Kos, Chios and Samos in Greece

In response to guests’ desire to spend more time in the Marquesas Islands of Santorini and Mykonos, Celestyal is pleased to announce that on its popular seven-night itinerary in the idyllic Aegean Sea, it will now arrive early morning in Santorini. for an extended full-day opportunity to explore this unique destination, plus late departures from both Mykonos and Santorini. Additionally, this itinerary will visit Thessaloniki, Crete (Heraklion), Milos in Greece and Kusadasi (Ephesus) in Turkey. To further position itself as an immersive, multi-destination company, Celestyal will continue its tradition of introducing travelers to unknown destinations not visited by other cruise lines.

Chania, Crete, is one of Celestyal cruises’ stops. (Photo: Celeste)

In 2024, Celestyal will launch its new five-night “Legendary Aegean” itinerary visiting Santorini, Rhodes and reintroducing Samos in Greece and Constantinople in Turkey. Samos is an island steeped in legend and natural beauty, home to the father of mathematics, Pythagoras, the astronomer, Aristarchus and the philosopher, Epicurus, and is also known for its sweet Muscat wine. Prices start at $549. The four “Legendary Aegean” nights appeal to Chios, Kos and Mykonos as well as Istanbul. New destinations on this itinerary include Chios and Kos. Chios is a hidden treasure in the Aegean, best known for its Masticha trees, which produce the famous mastic spice, used in the production of liqueurs and desserts. The spice has been cultivated on Chios since the 7th century AD, and the island has thus received a special “denomination of origin”. Kos is known for its pristine sandy beaches and rich Greek and Roman history and monuments. Each of the legendary new Aegean itineraries can also be enjoyed for the first time as “open-mouthed” cruises between Istanbul and Athens, allowing guests to enjoy extensive and affordable air connections to Turkey from America. North. This new route starts at $459.

The five-night “Legendary Ionian” visits Kotor in Montenegro along with Corfu and Crete (Chania Souda). Kotor is a fortified city on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. It is characterized by winding streets and a medieval old town with Romanesque churches and charming squares. Corfu is one of the most cosmopolitan Mediterranean destinations, with a multicultural heritage, historical monuments, stunning natural scenery and crystal clear waters. Chania is the second largest city in Crete and has a historic Venetian walled town. Prices for the new five-night Ionian itinerary start at $549. For guests who wish to stay longer and explore more, Celestyal will offer various combinations ranging from nine to 14 nights, such as the “Legendary Aegean and Ionian” itinerary visiting Santorini, Rhodes, Samos, Chios, Kos, Corfu, Crete (Chania Souda) and Mykonos in Greece, Constantinople in Turkey and Kotor in Montenegro. Prices start at $1799 for 14 nights.

“We are in constant communication with our customers and valued travel advisor partners, and they have shared with us a desire for more flexibility and customization. We also know that our main guest is more of an explorer and a true traveler,” Celestyal Chief Commercial Officer Leslie Peden said. “In response to this feedback, we are charting a new course for Celestyal next year with a flexible pricing model that gives customers more choice and freedom to create a truly personalized vacation experience. We are also reimagining our positioning, our itineraries and our shore excursion experiences to be in tune with the expectations of our customers, which is none other than immersing themselves in the destinations we serve.Being a local expert underlines our in-depth knowledge of the destinations and itineraries which take travelers to the hidden gems of the Eastern Mediterranean and stay longer in these wonderful places so that guests visiting our part of the world can truly enjoy them to the full.

Celestyal also returns to Egypt and Israel with the “Three Continents” itinerary; Includes “Steps of Paul” itinerary and special holiday trips

In 2023, Celestyal returns with its seven-night “Three Continents” itinerary through Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt and Cyprus. Prices start at $679. The seven-night “Steps of Paul” itinerary also returns in fall 2023 and visits Thessaloniki, Kavala and Patmos in Greece as well as Constantinople, Dikili and Kusadasi in Turkey. Prices start at $1289. This will be followed by an exclusive holiday sailing in 2023, the special 19-night Christmas sailing calling at Thessaloniki, Volos, Rhodes and Crete (Greece), Smyrna, Kusadasi, Antalya, Constantinople (Turkey), Limassol (Cyprus) , Alexandria (Egypt) and a night in Haifa (Israel) to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the “Holy Land”. Pricing for this route starts at $2,259. This can also be split into eight or 11 night itineraries.

In fall 2024, we will also see the return of the seven-night “Eclectic Aegean” itinerary, which calls on Istanbul, Kavala, Thessaloniki, Volos and Santorini, and this itinerary starts at $679. A special 14-night holiday trip will also be offered with stops in Egypt, Haifa (Israel), Limassol (Cyprus), Rhodes (Greece), Volos (Greece), Thessaloniki (Greece), Constantinople (Turkey), Kavala (Greece ) and Syros in Greece. Prices start at $1799. This trip can be broken down into a seven-night itinerary.

For more information, visit https://celestyal.com/us/contact your travel agent or call +1-877-222-7405.

What you need to know to sell your home in Rhode Island

  • While the peak may have passed, prices are still up 37% from 2020
  • Low supply means it is still a seller’s market

While homebuyers normally draw all the attention to real estate with news about mortgage rates and low supply, the market has changed for sellers and real estate agents say there is advice for buyers potentials.

Bidders ignore overpriced homes

Rising mortgage rates are pinching the budgets of potential buyers and buyers are ignoring overpriced homes, waiting for prices to drop, said several real estate agents interviewed for this article.

Many sellers want to price their homes as if they were earlier this year, with interest rates at half the current level.

Listing agent is Anne McCrann speaks to a family at Johnston House where she recently held an open house.

“People hire us as advisers to sell their biggest asset, their home, but often they don’t want to hear our advice,” said Sotheby’s International estate agent Robert Rutley. “A lot of times I ask people, ‘What is your expected price,’ and then I really show them the facts.”

The start of 2022 and all of 2021 have been unique times in the real estate market, and while there is still growth, it is much less than before. While “ambitious pricing” worked when mortgage rates were half of what they are today, that is no longer the case.

“I always say that if it’s not within 10% of the actual value, you won’t get deals and people will wait for price reductions, and we don’t see that expectation continuing in the future” , Rutley said.

An overview of our properties:The RI housing market is still hot, but is it starting to cool down?

Prime Real Estate Broker/owner Chris Whitten said often a seller will see a comparable home that sold in the spring for $500,000 and try to list for $530,000, which gets no offers.

“We’re trying to hold our salespeople at bay and say yes, that’s sold out, but that’s a different market,” Whitten said.

Before the pandemic, everyone was “playing the cold game,” Whitten said. Homes would cost $20,000 more than the true perceived value, a buyer would offset $15,000 less and the seller would walk away with $5,000 more, and both buyer and seller felt like they had won.

“It’s not like that anymore,” Whitten said. “You just have to set the price where it needs to be to find fair market value, and that price will make you ask a little too much.”

Real estate agent Constance Stowers says she tries to tell her clients where to price the houses, but some are adamant for a higher price.

“They say, ‘This is what my house is worth,’ but at the end of the day, it’s worth what someone pays for it,” she said.

“Make your home perfect”

When mortgage rates were low, bidding wars were the norm, buyers routinely forfeited inspections, and home prices saw double-digit month-over-month increases, it was a seller’s market” extreme,” Rutley said.

Now that the market is cooling, it is still a seller’s market, but sellers have to work harder to make sure a home sells.

Is this the future? :The housing crisis cripples Block Island. Is this the future for the rest of RI?

“You have to make your home perfect,” Rutley said. “People are buying houses that are priced right and turnkey.”

Whitten said sellers must have professional photos taken and make floor plans available.

“You have to market this property,” Whitten said. “You just have fewer buyers in the pool, so you have to make your home more attractive.”

“Sell it ASAP”

Stowers said the peak of the market may be over, but prices are still up 37% over the past two years. With mortgage rates that have doubled since January and low supply, it’s still time to sell.

“Sell it ASAP,” Stowers said. “Buy it in the market.”

For those worried about where to move if they sell their home, Whitten said now is the best time. In 2021 and 2020, those trying to buy a house with a contingency they needed to also sell the one they were currently in, went to the bottom of the offer pile.

With fewer offers as the market calms down, those offers are accepted.

Bridging loans are available

One of the biggest concerns for sellers is where to move after selling a home. Many buyers are willing to honor emergency clauses that allow sellers to line up their next home before leaving, a trend that began in 2021.

For some sellers looking to buy a larger home or in a more expensive area, a bridging loan can be an effective way to settle into a new home, Stowers said.

Bridging loans are offered as a short-term solution to “bridge” the gap between buying a new home and selling an old one, according to the JP Morgan Chase website.

It allows a seller to access the equity in their home to secure the purchase of a new home, without having on hand the money from the sale of their old home.

“They got a few of my clients out of sticky situations,” Stowers said.

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[WATCH] Clyde Caruana admits the economic recipe must change ‘otherwise we’re stuck in traffic for two hours’

[WATCH] Clyde Caruana admits the economic recipe must change ‘otherwise we’re stuck in traffic for two hours’

Clyde Caruana has recognized that the economic recipe based on the importation of labor of which he was a “cheerleader” is unsuitable for the next decade.

The finance minister said a new economic model was needed as the National Statistics Office launched a workforce skills survey.

Caruana said the survey will provide the data on which the government’s economic policy for the next 10 years will be based.

“I was a leader in government policy that promoted a growth in human resources to allow this country to increase its productivity,” Caruana said, adding that it encouraged more people to work and helped reduce dependency. to social benefits.

However, he also admitted that the same recipe adopted over the past 10 years is not suitable for the kind of economic development the country should aim for in the next decade.

“People expect from the government not only economic growth, but economic development; it’s not just about having more money in your pocket, but about having a better quality of life as a whole,” Caruana said.

The Minister said that to achieve this leap in quality of life, the model of economic development must change from that adopted in the two previous legislatures.

He said people are now clamoring for a better quality of life.

“If we adopt the same recipe; in the morning, rather than being stuck in traffic for an hour, we will be stuck for an hour and a half or two hours; the tourism sector will invest in hotels that will remain empty and this will apply to other sectors eventually,” he reiterated.

Caruana said no government can guarantee prosperity if it is not based on research.

A skills census was promised in the last budget but Caruana explained that since this was the first exercise of its kind, the ONS recommended a survey.

It aims to assess the skills of the workforce and provide data on the gaps in the country.

Caruana spoke of the need to focus on quality jobs last year when announcing a consultation exercise on a new employment policy for the country. Malta needs a more skilled workforce to ensure better incomes, he said, but added that the country still needed foreign labour.

After 2013, the Labor government revived the economy by adopting policies that encouraged people to work, while opening the floodgates to foreign labor to boost the workforce.

The country experienced record growth and public finances also deteriorated, but rapid population growth and subsequent development had social, environmental and infrastructural consequences.

READ ALSO: Employment policy seeks more skilled labor but warns foreign labor still needed

Heat warning issued for half-term holidays in Greece and Turkey after temperatures hit 40C


Britons with holidays booked in Greece and Turkey this semester are warned that the countries will experience record temperatures in October this month.

Last weekend, Antalya’s beach break area saw 41C, Turkish weather stations reported, two degrees warmer than any day in October.

Turkish meteorologist Yaser Turker commented on the phenomenon, saying the country had its hottest October day since 1930.

“Antalya had a historic day in terms of temperature,” he wrote.

“Antalya Airport experienced the hottest October day since 1930 with 41.2C (Central 40.4C) due to drying hot air from Africa and descending towards the bay from the N and South. NW 41.2C is also Turkey’s October record.

However, the weather in Turkey has cooled over the past two days, dropping to over 30C.

Greece also experienced unprecedented high temperatures in early October, with Athalassa National Park in Cyprus recording 40C and Potamoi in Greece hitting 39.2C, both on the first of the month.

The hottest temperatures occurred between October 3 and 6, with the Athens National Observatory Weather Service announcing: “Temperatures in the lower atmosphere, over all of Greece, on Sunday and Monday will be 7 to 13 degrees Celsius higher than the average value for the years 1979-2010.

Athens, Crete, Corfu and Rhodes are all experiencing cooler temperatures in the mid-20s Celsius this week.

Experts say the toasty temperatures are due to a phenomenon known as the Foehn Wind, a warm, gusty breeze that naturally heats up as it descends on the leeward side of the mountain ranges.

Portugal also experienced temperatures of around 35C in the first week of October, amid the return of a Saharan dust cloud, which previously lingered over Europe in the spring of 2022.

“The temperatures are quite high compared to what is normal for the month of October,” meteorologist Patrícia Marques told Portuguese news agency Lusa.

“The maximum is eight to nine degrees above normal for the month of October. This situation of high temperature values ​​is expected, at least, until Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October.

The Sani Ikos group sells a large stake to a Singaporean investor


Singaporean investor GIC has taken the largest joint stake in Mediterranean resort company Sani/Ikos Group (SIG) alongside SIG’s management team.

The strategic partnership transaction valued the luxury hotel operator at €2.3 billion and is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2022, subject to regulatory approval.

Founder’s involvement

Under the guidance of its founders, Stavros Andreadis, Andreas Andreadis and Mathieu Guilleminwho remain significant shareholders, SIG has grown from family-owned Sani Resort in Greece to a fast-growing owner-operator of luxury resorts in the Mediterranean.

Since its inception in 2015, SIG has quadrupled its asset base and scale with the backing of blue-chip investors, including funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Moonstone, Florac and Hermes GPE which will sell their interests to GIC as part of this transaction.

Andreas Andreadis and Mathieu Guillemin will continue to lead SIG as CEOs and co-managers, while Stavros Andreadis will become honorary chairman of the group.

Investment plan boost

The new partnership with GIC aims to further strengthen the means available to the group to carry out its five-year investment plan of more than 900 million euros, contributing to the support of local economies and the creation of new jobs in the Mediterranean.

Andreadis and Guillemin said: “We are delighted to welcome GIC on board and look forward to bringing the magic of the Sani/Ikos Group to guests across the Mediterranean and beyond. Over the past few years, Sani/Ikos Group has blazed a remarkable trail, with significant investment, international expansion and strong financial performance. This has been achieved despite the pandemic and thanks to the support of our shareholders, who have been exceptional partners, as well as our management and employees whose dedication and talent are unmatched in our industry. We can now consolidate our leading position across the Mediterranean, for the benefit of our shareholders, our employees and the communities where we operate.

Ikos Odisia, a 395-room resort that will move to Corfu, Greece in the second quarter of 2023, is currently under development, along with the 319-key Ikos Porto Petro, which will open in Mallorca, Spain, the next year.

Further European expansion

director of real estate investments of GIC, Lee Kok Sun, said: “We are delighted to partner with Sani/Ikos Group as it continues its efforts to strengthen its brand and expand its presence in Europe. The group’s assets are well located and the team is known for delivering excellent hospitality experiences. We believe this investment will generate resilient returns and demonstrates our confidence in the Greek and European tourism sector over the long term. »

The European regional manager, real estate, Tracy Stroh, added: “Given its strong brand, we believe the Sani/Ikos Group is well placed to capitalize on the growth of the resort market in Mediterranean Europe. We look forward to working with SIG’s management team to add value by enhancing existing assets and providing attractive resort accommodations in the area.

Small Island in British Columbia Launches New Model of Rural Education


A small island in British Columbia is charting a new course for rural education to prevent families from abandoning the community to ensure their children can attend high school.

This fall, the Island of Cortes community and School District 72 are piloting public semester high school programming shaped by student interests, community expertise and the surrounding environment, said Manda Aufochs Gillespie, the one of the project organizers.

Wedged between British Columbia’s remote central coast and Vancouver Island, Cortes Island has just over 1,000 inhabitants. The only school in the community typically has about 50 students and only goes up to 9th grade. The nearest high school in Campbell River on Vancouver Island is a long two-ferry ride away, which is not doable on a daily basis.

This prompted many families to leave the island and move closer to a high school. The alternative is to pay a minimum of $1,000 per month or more to house their children somewhere in Campbell River and only see them on weekends.

Having to shell out that kind of money to secure a so-called public education, and having your children living away from home to get it, raises social justice concerns and questions about equitable access to education, a said Aufochs Gillespie.

Rural and remote communities, like Cortes, often have lower average household incomes and a higher proportion of indigenous students, she noted.

“I find it shocking the lack of outrage people have at this lack of access to education,” Aufochs Gillespie said.

Students escape ‘lonely’ classrooms

But young people who attend the new high school program especially appreciate being in a learning community made up of their peers.

“I find it shocking the lack of outrage people have at this lack of access to education,” Cortes Island resident Manda Aufochs Gillespie says of the barriers students and families in rural areas face. face to obtain a secondary education in their communities of origin.

Rose Goulet would have been one of the few teenage girls and the only 9th grader to attend school on the island without the academy.

“There is no one in Cortes who is my age at school in the winter,” the 14-year-old said. “Being in this class is a bit lonely.”

A total of 20 young people from Cortes and other outer islands and even a few international students attend the new Cortes Island Academy – which, despite its name, is a free public school program.

Seren Anderson, 14, also lives in Cortes but has been home schooled. She is also happy to gain “high school experience” and learn in groups or in the classroom.

“I thought it would be really different, but it feels normal to me,” Anderson said.

“It’s pretty cool to have more kids my age here, and I hope more will come and participate in the program.”

Gaps Persist for Rural and Indigenous Students in British Columbia

Nearly one-third of public-school students in British Columbia attend schools outside of the urban centers of Greater Victoria, the Lower Mainland and Kelowna, a Government of British Columbia Rural Education Report show.

But on average, rural students’ high school graduation rates six years after starting grade 8 were 7.7% lower than their urban peers as of the 2015-16 school year. , according to this report.

High school graduation rates for Indigenous students have improved by 6.3% in five years, but significant gaps remain relative to their non-Indigenous peers.

Only 72% of Indigenous students have completed high school last year compared to 90% of all students in British Columbia.

The program reflects the strengths of Cortes

Teacher Jeff Lontayao and Cortes Island resident Manda Aufochs Gillespie team up with community knowledge holders to deliver an innovative high school curriculum to students in their home community. Photo by Rochelle Baker.

The Cortes program approaches rural education by harnessing community strengths and place-based learningsaid Jeff Lontayao, the school district teacher involved in the project.

The program draws on Cortes’ natural environment, local indigenous knowledge and individual student curiosity, while respecting the provincial curriculum, he said.

Many urban public school districts offer “academies” that reflect student interests, but they usually focus on unique extracurricular subjects, such as art, robotics, or a particular sport. And it costs to attend, sometimes in the thousands of dollars for elite sports academies.

But students taking the Cortes program can earn a number of different credits, including for core subjects such as English or science, Aufochs Gillespie said.

“It’s really out of the box,” she said.

This fall, high school students in Cortes will study marine conservation and outdoor adventure leadership through kayaking expeditions and field science studies, Lontayao said.

In the second half of the program, students will produce films and podcasts with island professionals and members of the Klahoose First Nation to hone communication, storytelling, and technical skills while earning new media credits and in English.

But Cortes Academy, while free to school district students, isn’t cheap, Aufochs Gillespie said.

Over $200,000 was raised from the community of Cortes and beyond for additional operating and programming costs not covered by the school district.

Along with strong support from residents wanting to stem the island’s “brain drain,” building the program with the school district was key, she added.

“We have a district superintendent who is deeply committed to the possibilities of rural education,” she said.

Diverse rural communities require unique solutions

Each rural community has individual strengths and challenges that require tailored education solutions, said Leyton Schnellertprofessor in the department of education at the University of British Columbia and co-chair of the BC Rural Education Advisory.

The best results typically depend on partnerships between school districts and affected communities, Schnellert said.

“Then we can get creative…and deliver something quite powerful, but it’s really beyond the norm and the understanding of what secondary education is.”

The pandemic – which has demanded experiments with a mix of hybrid, online and in-class learning – has upended notions of what standard education should look like and where it takes place, he said.

A place-based education program in a rural community such as Cortes is successful, he said.

The sustainability of innovative programs can be a challenge, but they can also transform and adapt to last, he said.

Once communities and districts start developing imaginative strategies for rural education, it is often impossible to put the genie back in the bottle, he said.

Rochelle Baker / Local Journalism Initiative / National Observer of Canada

Greece can defend its islands despite threats from Turkey


NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — Greece has the right to take “all defensive measures” to protect its easternmost islands from threats from neighboring Turkey that challenge Greek sovereignty rights and raise the specter of war, the Greek Defense Minister said on Saturday.

Speaking after Cyprus’ Independence Day military parade, Minister Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos said Turkey’s “revisionist and destabilizing behaviour” was also undermining security in the wider eastern Mediterranean region.

Panagiotopoulos dismissed Turkey’s demands to demilitarize the islands “as if they were not threatened and as if we had no right to take all defensive measures for them” as “baseless and unacceptable”.

Earlier this week, Turkey summoned the Greek ambassador to protest the alleged deployment of dozens of American-made armored vehicles to the Aegean islands of Samos and Lesbos, which Ankara says should remain demilitarized in accordance with international treaties.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has also warned that his country will not hesitate to defend its rights and interests against NATO ally Greece, further heightening tensions between the historic rivals.

Instigated by a coup aimed at union with Greece, Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus in 1974 divided the eastern Mediterranean island along ethnic lines. Many UN-mediated reunification efforts have failed. Turkey is now calling for recognition of the breakaway Turkish Cypriot northern third of the island, which the European Union and others see as contrary to the parameters set by the UN for a peace deal.

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades said that even if the island’s National Guard was reinforced with new equipment, he said the government would not be dragged into actions to provide Turkey with an excuse to further strengthen its 40 000 soldiers in the north.

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Here’s How Much DA Candidates and Supervisors Have Raised So Far


San Francisco got a clearer picture this week of the amount of money that has been raised by the various candidates and ballot metrics in the upcoming November election.

Jenkins, who was appointed district attorney by Mayor London Breed after the successful recall in June of progressive Chesa Boudin, raised around $126,500 through September 24 and ended the tenure with around 61,700 $ in bank after accounting for expenses. Its notable donors include Breed, Association of Police Officers President Tracy McCray, and some attorneys in the District Attorney’s Office.

Hamasaki, who this week received an endorsement from the San Francisco Democratic Party, raised nearly $87,000 and had about $54,800 in the bank at the end of the same period, campaign finance records show. Its contributors include Supervisor Dean Preston, former State Senator Mark Leno, and some attorneys from the Public Defender’s Office.

Another candidate, Joe Alioto Veronese, raised $56,472 to support his 2022 campaign and had about $45,600 in the bank at the end of the September reporting period. His donors include his mother, former supervisor Angela Alioto, as well as philanthropist Dede Wilsey and the Teamsters Union Local 665. Alioto Veronese has tried to portray himself as someone who doesn’t quite fit any of the city’s political camps.

Alioto Vernoese kicked off his campaign for the 2023 district attorney race in the spring, before starting to run for the same position in the upcoming November election. In his 2023 campaign account, he said he raised $183,225 and had $62,044 in cash on September 24.

Alioto Vernoese can spend some of the funds from his 2023 campaign account on the 2022 race, although there are restrictions, San Francisco election attorney Jim Sutton said. He can transfer the money he raised for the 2023 election to his 2022 campaign, as long as the funds are allocated to individual donors – and none of them have reached their legal contribution limit $500 for his campaign this year.

“He has to make sure that the people whose money was transferred haven’t already paid out,” Sutton said.

Alioto Veronese said he transferred $10,000 from his 2023 committee to his 2022 committee.

“The campaign has been in constant contact with the city’s ethics commission to make sure we follow everything according to their guidelines,” said Cory Johnson, campaign manager for Alioto Veronese.

A fourth 2022 district attorney candidate, Maurice Chenier, did not appear to have campaign finance reports for the race available on the city’s ethics commission website as of Friday afternoon.

The district attorney contest isn’t the only high-stakes race that’s attracting major fundraisers. Here’s a look at some of the others.

Board of Supervisors, District Six

Incumbent Supervisor Matt Dorsey, who Breed was appointed to the District Six seat in May after Matt Haney was elected to the state Assembly, hopes voters will let him serve a full four-year term representing SoMa, Mission Bay and Treasure Island. It has raised approximately $153,400 from donors through September 24 and has received an additional $149,000 through the city.
public funding program
which is available for candidates for the positions of supervisor and mayor.

Dorsey’s fundraising now follows that of his main challenger, Honey Mahogany, Haney’s former chief of staff. Mahogany, who also chairs the San Francisco Democratic Party, raised $198,575 from donors and had received more than $191,000 in public funding by the end of September.

Public funding for oversight campaigns is capped at $252,000 for incumbents and $255,000 for non-incumbents.

Dorsey had approximately $177,500 in the bank at the end of the period. Mahogany had $233,900.

Another District Six contestant, Cherelle Jackson, reported contributions of just $345.79, all of which appeared to come from herself. The other candidate, Ms. Bille Cooper, did not post an updated campaign finance report on the city’s Ethics Commission website Friday afternoon. In an earlier filing, Cooper reported contributions of $1,450 and a cash balance of $949 at the end of June.

Board of Supervisors, District Four

Incumbent Supervisor Gordon Mar, seeking a second term representing the Outer Sunset, has raised about $91,700 from donors year-to-date. Mar also raised nearly $44,000 last year and received $123,180 in public funding this year. He ended the September reporting period with about $93,860 in the bank, and his campaign said Thursday it was preparing to seek another six figures in public funding.

Mar’s challenger, Joel Engardio, a public safety advocate who has run for supervisor three times before, has raised approximately $121,270 from donors through September 24 and received the maximum of $255,000 in funding audience. He had approximately $294,290 in cash at the end of the reporting period.

Another candidate, Leanna Louie, was struck off the ballot by San Francisco’s chief electoral officer after an investigation by city attorneys found she did not meet the residency requirements. Louie sued to try to get himself reinstated on the ballot, but a Superior Court judge refused to overturn the decision.

Proposals D and E

After supervisors rejected Breed’s attempts to put a measure on the ballot that would speed up housing development, his allies launched an expensive campaign to collect signatures that resulted in Proposal D. The measure, which would shorten the approval process for some housing projects, has drawn support from major technology donors, as well as housing advocates from the “yes in my backyard” or YIMBY movement, and the Nor Cal Carpenters Union.

Proponents of the proposal said they had raised more than $1.5 million through September 24 and had about $185,300 in the bank.

A competing measure, Proposal E, was put on the ballot by the Supervisory Board. Proposal E has a similar objective to Proposal D, but includes stricter affordability requirements and would allow city supervisors to monitor how public funds are used in eligible projects. Supporters of Prop. E said they raised $286,100 and had approximately $200,000 in cash at the end of the September reporting period.

Proposals I and J

These proposals affect the future of John F. Kennedy Drive in Golden Gate Park, which the Board of Supervisors voted 7-4 in April to be car-free in perpetuity. Proposal I would overturn the decision of the supervisors.

The campaign for Prop. I reported raising approximately $588,800 through September 24, of which over 80% was attributable to donations from Young Musuem and Wilsey, the
who is chairman emeritus of the museum’s board of trustees. The campaign had about $86,700 in cash at the end of the reporting period.

If the proposal passes and gets more votes than the competing measure, the 1.5 miles of JFK Drive in question would only be closed to cars on holidays and most of every weekend. The proposal would also require cars to be allowed back onto the major highway in either direction at any time – reversing the current arrangement in which the route is car-free on weekends but open to motorists on weekdays.

Proposition J, the rival measure, would uphold the supervisors’ vote on JFK Drive and stop cars from driving. Supporters of the measure have raised more than $294,200 since the start of the year and had about $162,600 in the bank as of September 24.

JD Morris (he/him) is a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @thejdmorris

NEWS & DEALS: Extra discount on BA Holidays, new Aer Lingus route and new Virgin uniform policy


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BA Holidays Extra Discount

The BA sale actually has reasonable rates. However, you might want to consider booking it as a holiday due to the BA Double Tier points offer. It also means you can just pay a deposit rather than the full cost.

British Airways Holidays has now announced further package discounts for the final days of the September BA sale, which runs until October 4.

British Airways Holidays is offering customers an additional saving of up to £300 on selected holidays, for a limited time. Those booking between September 29 and October 4, 2022 can book a flight + hotel or flight + car holiday and enjoy the following additional savings, on top of the September sale prices:

  • £300 extra off with a minimum purchase of £10,000 per booking (flight + hotel)
  • £200 extra off with a minimum purchase of £5,000 per booking (flight + hotel)
  • £100 extra off with a minimum purchase of £2,500 per booking (flight + hotel and flight + car)
  • £50 extra off with a minimum purchase of £1,250 per booking (flight + hotel and flight + car)
  • £25 extra discount with a minimum spend of £650 per booking (flight + car)

Further information on the sale of flights and holidays can be found at ba.com/sale

Here are some European plans to consider (includes additional discount):

Corfu – British Airways Holidays offers seven nights, at the 5* Ikos Odisia, from £1,999 per person, traveling on select dates between June 1 and June 30, 2023 inclusive. Includes return economy class (Euro Traveller) flights from London Heathrow Airport, 23kg baggage allowance and all-inclusive board accommodation. Book before October 4, 2022 at ba.com/sales

Majorca – British Airways Holidays offers seven nights, at the 5* Zafiro Palmanova Palace, from £879 pp, traveling on select dates between April 1 and April 30, 2023 inclusive. Includes return economy class (Euro Traveller) flights from London Heathrow Airport, 23kg baggage allowance and accommodation with breakfast. Book before October 4, 2022 at ba.com/sales

Virgin Atlantic changes uniform code and gender options

I don’t normally write about airline staff and inclusive policies, but given that you might see changes in how the crew are dressed on your next flight, I thought it was worth a look. worth being covered. They also offer customer pronoun badges.

Virgin Atlantic has launched its updated gender identity policy, giving its crew, pilots and ground crew the ability to choose which of their uniforms, designed by Vivienne Westwood, best represents them, regardless of their sex, gender identity or gender expression.

Reflecting the diversity of its workforce, Virgin Atlantic will offer its staff a flexible approach to its red and burgundy uniforms, meaning that staff will be able to choose the red or burgundy uniform, whichever is more reflective.

The announcement is part of an ongoing campaign to uphold the individuality of its employees and customers and is complemented by the rollout of optional pronoun badges for all its employees and those who travel with the airline. Badges will be available to teams and customers from today and customers need only request their preferred badge at the check-in counter or at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse.

Virgin Atlantic has also updated its ticketing systems to allow those holding passports with gender-neutral markers to select the ‘U’ or ‘X’ gender codes on their booking as well as the gender-neutral title, ‘Mx “. Currently, citizens of a small number of countries, including the United States, India and Pakistan, can hold these passports and travelers must travel with the codes corresponding to their passport. Instead of passports with gender-neutral markers available to all, Virgin Atlantic is implementing a longer-term plan to change communication preferences to ensure customers are addressed by their preferred pronouns.

Mandatory inclusivity training will also be rolled out for its employees at all levels of Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Atlantic Holidays, as well as a series of inclusivity trainings for tourism partners and hotels in destinations such as the Caribbean. to ensure that all of our customers feel welcome.

Michelle Visage, Tanya Compas, Talulah-Eve and Tyreece Nye have teamed up with Virgin Atlantic to showcase the new policy in a stylized fashion shoot which was released today.

Michelle Visage commented, “As a mother of a non-binary child and an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, these efforts by Virgin Atlantic to foster inclusion for its people are extremely important and personal to me. People feel empowered when they wear what best represents them, and this gender identity policy empowers people to accept who they are and give their all to work.

Aer Lingus launches new route

Aer Lingus is sometimes overlooked when it comes to redeeming Avios, but it’s actually one of the best value redemptions for long-haul flights with significantly cheaper taxes than booking an Aer Lingus. flight with British Airways. The number of Avios may also be lower.

Aer Lingus will launch a new transatlantic route for summer 2023 from Dublin to Cleveland, Ohio, with connections from nine UK airports.

Starting May 19, 2023, the new North American service will operate four times a week. It will be the 15th of Aer Linguse transatlantic route from Ireland and the only direct European service to Cleveland.

UK customers will be able to connect to Aer Lingus’ Cleveland service via Dublin from nine UK airports, including Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol, Southampton and Leeds Bradford.

Through its Dublin hub, you can also benefit from US Immigration Pre-clearance, which allows you to arrive in the United States as a domestic passenger, avoiding immigration queues.

Next summer, Aer Lingus will offer customers a choice of 15 transatlantic routes between Ireland and North America, as well as three long-haul services from its base in Manchester.

You can check prices and availability on Aer Lingus here.

‘I’m here for the people’: City of Miami administrative assistant is Never Quit winner


Photo provided by member.

Ray Custodio, administrative assistant for the City of Miami’s human resources department, is not one to stay at home.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, he was the only one among his colleagues who regularly (twice a week) came to the office. One of his duties was to collect everyone’s office mail, scan it, and send it electronically to each recipient. As an IT Liaison, another was getting laptops and assigning them to staff working remotely.

Now that things are (mostly) back to normal, Custodio seems determined to get out. When he’s not working in the office, he volunteers at job fairs or travels for fun.

“I am here for the people,” says Custodio. “When I’m really able to help people, it makes me smile. And because I can help them, they are happy when they leave me. I just love my job. I’m very passionate about that.

Whether he’s answering the phone, providing advice to the public at job fairs, or making life easier for his colleagues by bringing Florida Licensing On Wheels to the office, Custodio says he’s a person who thrives on helping others.

For his service to his community, Custodio, a member of Local 1907 (AFSCME Florida) is the recipient of our union’s Never Quit Service Award, which recognizes public service workers who go above and beyond the call of duty. to improve their communities.

“Ray is always looking for employees and voters,” said Judith Perez Almeida, a colleague who nominated him for the award. “He always goes above and beyond to help us and make us smile. He is a major asset to our department and we are lucky to have him on our team.

Custodio got his start in the United States Navy, where he was stationed in San Diego. After that he worked with Manatee County, Florida. All in all, he has served his country or worked in the government for most of his working life.

“I love working in government,” he says. “It has so many benefits.”

One of the perks of her current job is being part of a strong union.

“Our union really makes government work better,” says Custodio. “It is through AFSCME that we can improve public services and fight for what we deserve.”

In his free time, Custodio likes to travel. This summer he visited friends in Scotland and then traveled to Mykonos, one of the Greek islands.

“Every chance I get, I travel,” he says. “If you see my office, I have two signs hanging with postcards from everywhere.”

Job: Cash Officer at Konga Online Shopping Limited


Pitches: (Ikorodu, Festac, Victoria Island) Lagos and (Sango-Ota) Ogun

Professional skills and qualifications required

  • Minimum OND diploma.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to think on the go and with minimal supervision
  • Experience in a similar role applied for or in general logistics will be an added advantage.
  • Willingness to learn and work with relevant software to facilitate work
  • Can work under pressure and solve complex problems
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • New graduates (male and female) who are exceptionally intelligent can also apply.

Why work with Konga?

  • A unique opportunity to work in a dynamic, structured and technology-driven environment
  • The opportunity to be part of a highly professional and dynamic team growing the e-commerce space in Nigeria
  • Unprecedented personal and professional growth, as our longer-term goal is to nurture the next generation of leaders for our fast-growing businesses.
  • This role will be adequately remunerated.

Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: [email protected] using the job title and location as the subject of the email.

To note: New graduates (male and female) who are exceptionally intelligent can also apply

Click here to apply

Tornos news | Jet2 and Jet2holidays are increasing their capacity to Greece by adding three new routes until 2023


Jet2.com and Jet2holidays have continued to strengthen their position as the leading airline and tour operator from the UK to Greece by expanding their 2023 schedule even further – through the addition of new routes and extended seasons.

After a hugely successful Summer 22 – which saw the companies operate their biggest-ever schedule to Greece without making a single cancellation – Jet2.com and Jet2holidays have released an even bigger Summer 23 schedule.

This huge program includes:

15 destinations available including three new routes (Bristol-Chania, East Midlands-Santorini and London Stansted-Athens)
Summer 23 capacity increase with 1.3 million arrival seats on sale
Athens becomes a year-round destination
Extended seasons including Easter flights added to Rhodes and Halkidiki. The company will start flying to Rhodes from April 2 until November, as well as flights to Halkidiki from April 1, 2023.
Increased frequency to destinations such as Corfu, Rhodes and Skiathos.
Steve Heapy, CEO of Jet2.com and Jet2holidays, is in Greece this week to meet with hoteliers, industry representatives and government to detail these growth plans, as well as Jet2’s continued commitment to Greece. He will travel to Corfu, Zante, Chania, Heraklion, Rhodes and Kos to highlight how Jet2.com and Jet2holidays continue to develop long-term partnerships with hoteliers and the industry in Greece.

It will highlight Jet2.com and Jet2holidays’ award-winning customer service, which has seen companies win numerous awards including Which? Travel Brand of the Year, as well as a partnership approach that sees Jet2 invest in marketing both its own brand and hoteliers’ brands.

He will also talk about Jet2’s Net Zero strategy, which sees the company putting sustainability at every stage of the journey – on the ground, in the resort and in the air.

Steve Heapy, CEO of Jet2.com and Jet2holidays, said: “As the UK’s leading airline and tour operator to Greece, we have responded to the continued demand for Greek holidays from UK holidaymakers by giving them the holiday choices they want and by developing our program. to Greece even further. We have continued to invest heavily in Greece, and the fantastic partnerships we have built are central to our continued success. I look forward to meeting current and future partners and telling them about our award-winning business, how we have grown tremendously in Greece and how we are here to stay, building long-term partnerships in as we succeed.

Eleni Skarveli, Director of GNTO UK & Ireland, said: “After a successful 2022 summer period, we are very pleased that demand for Greek holidays from UK holidaymakers continues to increase. It is with incredible momentum that Jet2.com and Jet2holidays kick off their summer 2023 season from April to sunny Halkidiki and cosmopolitan Rhodes. Travelers will now have a wider range of choices for Greek offerings.

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The countries where your book is going the furthest this fall | Travel


IIn recent days, the pound has plunged to its lowest level against the US dollar since decimalisation in 1971. Before the pandemic, buying $100 worth of currency would have cost you around 76 pounds; this week tourist rates have left the cost close to parity, at around £98. And it’s not just the dollar that weighs on the pound – over the past year it has shrunk against dozens of currencies, with shopping, sightseeing, food and drink now costlier in holiday favorites from Mexico to Australia.

A weak currency is not the only limit to holiday valuation. The UK’s negative wage growth rate has left it 29th out of 38 nations in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. As wages have risen abroad, prices increased in the UK, widening the accessibility gap for UK travelers and forcing tour operators to seek value in destinations such as Albania, Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

The decline, however, is not universal. Over the past 12 months, the pound has strengthened in several favorite tourist destinations. At the top of the list is Turkey, where the purchasing power of the pound has increased by 80% compared to the same period last year (at the time of writing). Sri Lanka, Argentina and Hungary are among the others.

It is important to remember, however, that a favorable exchange rate does not necessarily make these destinations cheaper. First, greedy UK money changers will trick you, as the retail rate for travelers is less favorable than the interbank exchange rate that banks charge each other. Second, some countries just can’t compete – in the case of Argentina, the collision of 78% inflation, high flight prices and hotel prices in US dollars prohibits hunters for the time being. good deals ; while in Sweden the cost of drinks, groceries and meals is about the same as in the UK.

However, there is also real added value, and here’s where to find it.
*All holidays include flights

Tui Blue Sensatori in Fethiye

1. Turkey

The collapse of the Turkish currency has left the pound healthy, with the pound worth around 21 lira today, compared to 12 last September. This does not mean, however, that we are almost twice as full in Fethiye: the 80% increase in the purchasing power of the British is accompanied by a similar rate of inflation in Turkey. Despite this, the country still offers the best value for money in the Mediterranean. According to the Post Office’s Family Holiday Beach Barometer, a typical shopping basket that was £186 in Ibiza, £154 in Croatia and £133 in Corfu costs just £86 in Marmaris.

The best deals for next fall and summer are with the two major tour operators. The pick for this semester is seven nights all-inclusive at Tui Blue Sensatori in Fethiye from £899 pp (tui.co.uk); This June, the best value in Bodrum is seven nights all-inclusive at the five-star Voyage Bodrum from £1,165 pp (jet2holidays.com).

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic Kandy, central Sri Lanka

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic Kandy, central Sri Lanka


2.Sri Lanka

“Holiday prices will be higher now than they were in 2019,” says Sam Clark of Sri Lanka specialist Experience Travel Group. “Flight prices are up and hotel prices are in dollars, but once there the cost of living is cheaper.” The trick is to keep your hotel expenses to a bare minimum and spread the love by eating out (no sacrifice in Sri Lanka), booking excursions with tour operators happy to get paid in rupees, and avoiding the souvenir shop on site. Lunch costs around £2; dinner for two in a good restaurant £12. A five-mile taxi ride costs £2 including tip, while a day trip with one of the island’s superb driver-guides costs from £30, or around 35 pence per mile ( bluelankatours.com). The cheapest accommodation deal we found was a seven-night B&B from £995 pp next April at the Goldi Sands Hotel on Negombo beach (tui.co.uk). Alternatively, try a slow-paced two-week family tour from £2,850 pp B&B, covering culture, wildlife and the beach (experiencetravelgroup.com).

downtown tokyo

downtown tokyo


3. Japan

Japan has announced the lifting of pandemic-related border controls from October 11, allowing visa-free travel for tourists and an end to the group travel requirement. Pre-arrival testing has already been abolished and tourism businesses in Japan are hoping the ease of entry combined with the weak yen will trigger a surge in arrivals. Trailfinders’ Classic Japan Itinerary is a value-for-money ten-night self-guided tour from £3,185 pp B&B, aimed at those happy to mix independent travel with the odd excursion tour, visiting Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Hiroshima, Kyoto and Osaka (trailfinders.com). Prefer to be guided through the islands? Book a 16-day room-only guided group tour of ancient and modern Japan from £5,799 pp, visiting Kyoto, Tokyo and all points in between, including snow monkeys at Jigokudani onsen (exodus .co.uk).

The Kempinski Soma Bay on the Red Sea, Egypt

The Kempinski Soma Bay on the Red Sea, Egypt

4. Egypt

Egypt is one of the few destinations where the price of package holidays has fallen. October semester week at Grand Waterworld Makadi in Hurghada was £935 pp last October; this year it is available from £903 pp – evidence, perhaps, of a temporary price easing prompted by the absence of many Russian and Ukrainian tourists, who accounted for 40% of Egypt’s tourism GDP. However, you have to shop around: a week’s half-board at the five-star Kempinski Soma Bay from Luton on January 17 came to £772 with On the Beach; £714 pp with Love Holidays; and £655 with Broadway Travel. Cruise deals are harder to find. The Nile is all the rage, especially with big-spending American tourists, and the launch of Viking’s Osiris in August – the first of four pharaonic luxury floating hotels – is a sign of confidence in the future. That, coupled with the publicity generated by the UN Climate Change Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh in November, can only drive prices up, so book now – 12-night all-inclusive cruises from £6,065 per person are selling out fast, with only 11 departures remaining between now and next May (viking.com).

Christmas market in Old Town Square, Warsaw, Poland

Christmas market in Old Town Square, Warsaw, Poland


5. Poland

The strength of the euro means that Germany may not offer the best value for money for Christmas markets this winter. This is not the case in Poland, where the pound bought around five zlotys last week – a dinner for two in a local pub costs around £15; tickets for Gisele at the Polish National Opera in Warsaw from £6; and a dry martini in a bar in Krakow costs less than £5. The Warsaw Christmas Market opens on November 25, when just three nights at nearby Mamaison Le Regina hotel in the former Mokrowski Palace is from £225 pp (britishairways.com). The Krakow market starts the same day; the Armon Residence is a cozy spot in the Kazimierz district on the Vistula River, with three nights’ B&B from £212 pp (easyjet.com).

The Hungarian Parliament building on the Danube, Budapest

The Hungarian Parliament building on the Danube, Budapest


6. Hungary

If you think we’re in trouble, consider this: In 2001, Hungary had about 1 trillion forints in circulation. Today, inflation has pushed that figure up to around $8.4 trillion, with prices rising so rapidly that the Hungarian National Bank is considering issuing a 50,000 forint note. Soaring energy prices are forcing hotels and restaurants across the country to close, either permanently or until the end of winter; Budapest’s Cukraszda, one of the city’s oldest patisseries, is among the earliest. “It’s war,” said a hotelier. “We do not receive any guests from Russia or Ukraine, and our proximity to the conflict keeps visitors from other countries away. We are a city whose economy is based on tourism, and it is collapsing. Whether you want to visit a city in decline a la Weimar is up to you, but Budapest has a knack for survival, and it could use custom. Holiday costs of living are on par with Poland, but hotel prices are self-defeating – a night at the five-star Marriott in Warsaw costs £122, according to booking.com, but the same night at the Budapest Marriott is £234 £. The best boutiquey deal we could find was a three-night B&B stay next month at the Roombach Hotel near the Opera House from £310 pp (easyjet.co.uk).

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Tom Daley’s Husband Says He Suffered Head Injury, Recovery Takes Him To Greece


Spirit Halloween shares NJ’s best Halloween costumes for 2022


EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP — Even its own employees know it’s the “most memorable” company.

Photoshopped images of Halloween spirit stores popping up in the most unlikely places dominate the internet this time of year as a recent placement at the Majestic Theater in New York after “The Phantom of the Opera” announced its closure.

The channel’s “superfans” bonded even more, with a film starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Christopher Lloyd to be published next month.

Nikki Balles, director of public relations and communications, said about 2,000 people camped outside, some for three days, before the flagship Spirit Halloween site opened this season in Egg Harbor Township.

And when they weren’t ripping Spirit-branded gear off the shelves, Balles said Garden State costume seekers are looking for the classics this year, inspired by time-tested movie franchises like “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Friday the 13” and “Scream”.

Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees (Halloween Spirit)

“New Jersey shoppers have been really, really excited about the Freddys and the Jasons and the Ghostface merchandise that we have, but get into stores ASAP,” she said.

Balls and the team at Spirit Halloween looked at some state-specific trends exclusively for New Jersey 101.5.

Along with general tips for Halloween shopping as early as possible to ease the stress, costume preferences have been broken down into categories for babies, kids, and adults.

For younger trick-or-treaters, characters from the Australian animated series “Bluey” are the big winners in 2022, with Balls even claiming that Bluey could be the new Baby Shark.

“There are some really great costumes for Bluey this year, and those have been very, very popular,” she said.


Bluey (Halloween Spirit)

Get a few more years, and it’s a mix of new and old – well, old as in reboots.

“The kids’ costumes were really inspired by big-screen favorites, so Encanto, Sonic, Buzz Lightyear,” Balles said.

Buzz Lightning

Buzz Lightyear (Halloween Spirit)

And the big ones? Bruce Springsteen impersonators? How about Governor Phil Murphy?

Not quite, according to Balles.

“New Jersey is very consistent with the rest of the nation in terms of Halloween trends,” she said. “We’ve seen a lot of witch buying, horror costume buying.”

Spirit Halloween is operating about 40 stores in New Jersey this year, but Balles said the company has already started planning for 2023.

Patrick Lavery is a reporter and anchor for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at [email protected]

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These NJ Cities Have The Highest Rates Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Looking at data compiled by the Ministry of Health in 2019, the most recent year for which reports are available, we determined the rate of STDs per 1,000 people in each municipality. The data combine reports of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. For a different look, you can check out this article for a list of cities in New Jersey that have seen the highest increase in STD/STI cases in recent years.

Say you’re from Jersey without saying you’re from Jersey

These are everyday expressions that only someone from New Jersey would understand. What else should be on this list?

States with the most registered hunters

Stacker analyzed data from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to determine which states have the most registered hunters. Read on to see how your state ranks on Stacker’s list.

The best time to sail the Mediterranean


You might think the best time to sail the Mediterranean would be summer, as that’s when most ships sail to Europe. But I would say other times of the year are better.

You’ll find ships sailing the Mediterranean all year round, so there’s never a time when you can’t sail at all. You will find the most choice of ships and itineraries in the summer during the high season and the least during the winter low season. Spring and autumn are considered the shoulder season, when the Mediterranean cruise season is preparing or ending.

Considering price, weather and crowds, as well as ship and port choices, I think the best time to sail the Mediterranean is during the shoulder season. Specifically, I prefer April. Since your decision may be based on entirely different factors, let’s dive into the variables to determine the best time to head to the area and board a cruise ship.

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Introduction to Mediterranean Geography

The Aegean coast of Turkey. (Photo by Anton Petrus/Getty Images)

The Mediterranean Sea consists of 11 smaller seas. Shopping for Mediterranean cruises can be confusing as some cruise lines like to label their itineraries by smaller sea names.

You might find cruises to the Adriatic, between the east coast of Italy and the central European countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania; these will take you to ports such as Venice, Italy, and Dubrovnik, Croatia. Aegean cruises cross the wide open sea between Greece and Turkey and go as far south as Crete, with stops in Athens and Santorini in Greece and Istanbul in Turkey. Crossings of the Ionian Sea, located between the sole of the Italian boot and western Greece, bring you to the Italian island of Sicily and the Greek island of Corfu.

All of these cruise destinations are considered Mediterranean, along with Monaco, the southern coasts of France and Spain, and even Israel. Ports in Portugal are also included in Mediterranean cruise itineraries. Even though it has no coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, Portugal is considered part of the Mediterranean region.

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The best time to sail the Mediterranean based on ship and itinerary choices

View of the town of Positano on the Amalfi coast in Italy. (Photo by Kirk Fisher/Getty Images)

Cruise lines that sail the region year-round include Viking, MSC Cruises, Costa, Celestyal and Norwegian Cruise Line. But although you can cruise the Mediterranean in winter, your choice of ports is somewhat limited. We couldn’t find any sailings to the popular ports of Corfu, Dubrovnik or Koper, Slovenia in December or January.

Most winter tenders sail to ports in western Italy, plus France, and west to Barcelona. There are a handful of longer crossings that depart from Athens or include Istanbul, western Turkey, Israel and even Alexandria, Egypt. Of the popular cruise lines, only Viking offers stops in Santorini in winter, and only Costa offers cruises that include Venice in winter. Norwegian’s winter Mediterranean itineraries focus on Spain and Portugal.

Spring and early summer bring more ships and more port choices. From March we found dozens of ships scheduled to visit Venice, Corfu and Santorini. Holland America, Princess, Seabourn, Oceania and Regent Seven Seas Cruises all have ships ready to sail the Mediterranean in March. In April, the list of mainstream, premium and luxury lines sailing Mediterranean waters grows to include Windstar, Royal Caribbean, Silversea and Celebrity Cruises.

In June, the choice of cruise lines and itineraries is at its peak. Among the major lines, only Carnival Cruise Line is still absent in June, opting instead for a short cruise season of 10 and 11 nights in September and October.

Most ships stay in Europe all summer before beginning a worldwide dispersal between October and November. Disney Cruise Line is the first to go, with its last Mediterranean summer sailing usually falling in July. Celebrity is among the last to go, often continuing its Mediterranean cruises through December and even January, integrating the holiday season.

If your dream is to see Venice or Santorini, or take a cruise with one of the major lines, you can rule out winter, but you should find plenty of choices between March and October. At the end of November, the number of ships calling at Mediterranean ports fell to winter levels.

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The best time for sailing in the Mediterranean according to prices and crowds

If your ideal Mediterranean cruise doesn’t include crowds, winter is a good choice, apart from the December holiday weeks. But most travelers will prefer a bit more warmth and a wider choice of ports while favoring a good price and lighter crowds.

Across the board, from mainstream to luxury, Mediterranean cruise fares peak in June, July and August. Prices for large-ship cruises ranged up to $60 per person per night between spring and summer departures. On luxury lines like Silversea, spring cruise fares were hundreds of dollars cheaper per person per night than summer fares. March sees a rate hike due to spring break travel. The best deals we found outside of winter fell in April and November.

To decide what the crowds would be like in different months, we looked at two popular ports where the effect of multiple ships is felt the most – Santorini and Venice. Visit Santorini in June or July and you’ll find yourself fighting for your breath among no less than 15,000 other cruise ship passengers.

Contrast that with an April or November stopover there, where daily cruise passenger numbers reach around 3,000 passengers. We have found days in April when only one or two mid-size ships needed to be in port.

A crowded Santorini. (Photo by George Pachantouris/Getty Images)

I went to Santorini when four medium-sized ships (around 5,000 passengers) were in port and found it difficult to walk through the tight maze of shops, restaurants and hotels. There were enough people that I was worried about getting back to the ship in time because the lines of the cable car that takes cruise passengers over the cliffs to the tender dock were so long. With 15,000 people in the port, I have no idea how you would be able to walk across town. Santorini is a good-sized island, but most of the things cruisers want to see are perched on the narrow edge of the cliffs.

Venice has recently reduced its cruise tourism capacity, in part by forcing some ships to dock at alternative ports and bring guests into town by bus. We included passenger numbers from Trieste, Ravenna and Venice and found June numbers of up to 6,000 passengers arriving, but as low as 4,000. April cruise arrivals are typically below 3,000 per day . The numbers are lower than Santorini – but then Venice has a much more complicated crowd control scenario.

If avoiding high prices and crowd congestion is your priority, rule out the summer months and stick to the winter or shoulder seasons of spring and fall.

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The best time to sail in the Mediterranean depending on the weather

Temperatures remain moderate across most of the Mediterranean all year round, but even Istanbul can be chilly, with an average high of 48 degrees in January. Athens, Rome, Barcelona and most of the Greek islands experience temperatures in the mid to high 50s in December and January, warming up slightly in February.

Summer temperatures can be brutal in major cities. Athens reaches 90 degrees and higher regularly in July and August. Rome and Barcelona are on average about 2 degrees cooler than in summer.

Rain is more common across the Mediterranean in October and November than most other months, but the average monthly rainfall, even in the fall, is three inches or less. Ports in the northern Adriatic receive slightly more rain than most of the Mediterranean. Don’t forget the famous Acqua Alta, or Venice’s mega-tides, which will have you crossing St. Mark’s Square in rubber boots. Although a truly rare occurrence, high tides are more likely to occur in November and December, making this a concern when booking a cruise on one of the few ships with stopovers in November in Venice.

If cold, hot or humid weather are deciding factors for your Mediterranean cruise, rule out January, February and December for cold, July and August for heat, and October, November and December for rain and tides. That leaves March, April, May, June and September as the best weather months for a Mediterranean cruise.

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At the end of the line

Everyone has their own reasoning for when to cruise. Yours can include traveling while school is closed or maximizing time at the beach. Maybe you are loyal to a particular cruise line or have your heart set on sailing on a newly launched ship.

Whatever your reasons, there’s no bad time to take a Mediterranean cruise. My favorite is April for the confluence of reasonable fares, pleasant weather, manageable crowds and an abundance of routes and ship choices, but I’ve loved the sailings in the other months as well.

My advice is simple: while I think the off-season months are the best time to sail the Mediterranean, go when it suits you and your travel partners best. Because a dream cruise in Europe, even with less than ideal weather or annoying crowds, is better than no cruise at all.

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The Fiji Times » Sovereignty and Money – The Marshall Islands Mini-State Conspiracy


News last week of a Chinese couple’s audacious plot to create a mini-state in the Republic of the Marshall Islands by allegedly bribing members of parliament and government officials was deeply disturbing.

The duo, Cary Yand and Gina Zhou, now face corruption charges in the United States.

If successful, their plan could have seen the creation of a “semi-autonomous region” on remote Rongelap Atoll to expand foreign access to the Marshall Islands, according to reports.

Even more absurd than the scheme itself was how capable the pair was

e to get before they are busted. As reported by the BBC, a bill supporting the plan was actually introduced in parliament in 2018, where it was rejected by President Hilda Heine’s government. Heine went so far as to accuse the bill’s sponsors of working for China to make the Marshalls a “country within a country.”

However, after Heine’s defeat in the 2019 election, the new Parliament approved the concept in 2020, paving the way for its creation. As is often rightly said, the sovereignty of island countries and their right to do business with whomever they choose must be respected.

However, this case demonstrates that sovereignty can be endangered by the very people charged with protecting it, which is why such transactions should not be above the question, and their consideration should not be considered or presented. as a violation of sovereignty.

According to the indictment, Cary Yan and Gina Zhou bribed several Marshall Islands lawmakers between US$7,000 (F$15,896) and US$22,000 (F$49,959) to support the scheme.

Yan also invested in a private business venture on behalf of a government official, who then appointed Yan as a “special adviser” on Rongelap. Yan and Zhou became naturalized citizens of the Marshall Islands.

Despite the seriousness of the case, the Marshall Islands government has ignored opposition calls for clarification, which is puzzling; in such situations, a quick and unequivocal response can help clear the air and dispel undue suspicion.

On the other hand, an attitude of non-responsiveness creates distrust and public concern – especially when it comes to threats to territorial integrity by a potentially corrupt and treacherous company.

Contrary to President Heine’s claims in 2018, there is no clear indication of direct Chinese involvement, although the indictment indicates a typical Chinese strategy of doing business by building personal relationships, sometimes with elements of checkbook diplomacy.

In addition to cash bribes, the accused paid for travel, accommodation and entertainment for Marshallese lawmakers in Hong Kong for a conference to establish the ‘Rongelap Atoll Special Administration Region’ .

A manager gave a speech praising the concept. This tactic is reminiscent of “elite capture,” often associated with the Chinese state and Chinese companies, with the two elements acting in concert.

Some Pacific commentators argue that the ambitions of Chinese companies are often intertwined with the ambitions of the Chinese state.

Although the involvement of Chinese state officials is unclear at this stage, there is no denying that the Marshall Islands would be a prime target and a major prize for them.

The country is one of only 13 to have diplomatic relations with Taiwan and for China it would be a major scoop to persuade the Marshall Islands to defect, especially after persuading the Solomon Islands and Kiribati to switch sides these past last years.

On top of that, the Marshall Islands’ Pact of Free Association with the United States is due to expire next year, and Washington has made it a priority to renew the long-standing treaty.

Among other things, the pact guarantees the United States free and open military access to the Marshalls, while denying others the same rights. Given the stakes, it is not inconceivable that China is trying to gain influence in the Marshall Islands, especially in the context of recent developments in the region, such as Kiribati’s decision to abandon Taiwan, rewarded with $ 66 million. ($149.8 million). Chinese subsidy, followed by its shock decision to lift the moratorium on commercial fishing in the Phoenix Islands.

When Kiribati pulled out of the Pacific Islands Forum in July, its former president Anote Tong joked that something was “brewing” between Beijing and Tarawa, while opposition leader Tessie Lambourne was adamant on the fact that China had influenced the decision.

Similarly, in the Solomon Islands, claims in an ABC Four Corners report that a Chinese state-owned company was negotiating to buy a deep-sea port and airstrip during World War II raised deep suspicion. .

As in the Marshall Islands case, there have been allegations of bribery and influence buying, with Four Corners claiming to show documents from a Chinese slush fund that distributed nearly US$365,000 ($828,869 F) directly to MPs loyal to Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

The head of the Solomon Islands’ international transparency organization, Ruth Liloqula, said: “China keeps this government together. We all assume that China controls the government and affairs of the Solomon Islands from afar. »

While China has denied the allegations and an angry Sogavare has threatened to nationally ban foreign journalists, the Four Corners claims are not easily dismissed given China’s involvement in checkbook diplomacy in the region.

That said, the subject of China in the Pacific is tricky and not helped by speculation. The media isn’t always entirely right, such as reports of alleged Chinese attempts to develop a deep-sea port in Vanuatu.

However, downplaying Chinese actions in the Pacific and underestimating Beijing’s ambitions and power is also quite risky.

The evidence of the impact of China’s activities in other parts of the world is clear and it would be naïve to believe that the Pacific is somehow different and immune to the trends prevalent in other countries where China is activated.

On the contrary, the case of the Marshall Islands indicates that while national sovereignty is sacrosanct, it should not be used as a shield to deflect legitimate issues – especially by those who might be willing to trade national sovereignty for personal.

In other words, national sovereignty cannot be divorced from the reality that crucial decisions in a country are often the prerogative of a few elite, potentially bribed leaders who operate in secrecy, can circumvent the wishes of the people and do not always act in the national interest.

• SHAILENDRA SINGH is Director of the School of Journalism at the University of the South Pacific. The opinions expressed in this article are not necessarily those of the USP or the Fiji Times. This article first appeared in The Strategist magazine.

Jet2 will launch the largest ever flight schedule for Greece in 2023


Steve HeapyCEO of Jet2, plans to travel to Greece on Monday September 26 to discuss the British leisure travel group’s strategy and 2023 flight schedule, which includes significant additions for the market.

A leading British airline and tour operator to Greece, Jet2 has significantly expanded its business in the country this year, including launching Athens as a new destination.

Following Jet2’s 2022 summer program which included flights to 15 Greek destinations (more than any other UK airline) without any cancellation in July or August (according to data from travel intelligence company OAG) and 1.2 million arrival seats – an increase in capacity of almost 90%, Heapy plans to announce an even “larger” program for the summer of 2023.

2023 flight schedule: new routes and plans for Athens

According to a source, Heapy will present for sale the largest program ever made by Jet2 in Greece, which will include three new courses (Bristol-Chania, East Midlands-Santorini and London Stansted-Athens); Athens become a year-round destination; Easter Flights added to Rhodes; and increased frequency to destinations such as Corfu, Rhodes and Skiathos.

Jet2.com and Jet2holidays CEO Steve Heapy.  Photo © GTP

Jet2.com and Jet2holidays CEO Steve Heapy at a media event in Athens in March. Photo © GTP

Heapy’s agenda for next week includes visits to Corfu, Zakynthos, Crete (Chania and Heraklion) Rhodes and Kos. During his stay on each island, he will present the company’s strategy for 2023 and meet with hoteliers and representatives of local communities.

During these meetings, he will talk about Jet2 confidence in the Greek market and how committed the company is to creating and developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships strategic relationships with hotel partners.

It is recalled that Jet2 recently announced that it will increase the number of flights in 2023 to the South Aegean islands it flies to, which include favorites like Rhodes, Mykonos and Santorini.

Jet2 offers leisure flights through Jet2.com and vacation packages through its tour operator Jet2holidays.

Follow GTP headlines on Google News to keep up to date with all the latest news on tourism and travel in Greece.

British woman drowns on diving trip, boyfriend claims equipment was broken


The boyfriend of a woman who tragically drowned while on a diving holiday says the instructor ‘didn’t pay much attention’ to the ‘broken’ equipment she was using.

Rebecca Gannon, 29, from Stone, Staffordshire, UK, was diving off the coast of Albania on Monday afternoon when she ran into difficulty, The sun reports.

Her boyfriend of four years, Robert Kerans, said there were three instructors for the 12 divers on the trip to Saranda, a resort on the south coast not far from the Greek island of Corfu.

Mr Kerans claimed one of the instructors, Gerta Brozi, did not seem to ‘pay much attention’ to pre-dive checks – and alleged there had been a problem with Ms Gannon’s equipment .

“She checked the equipment but she didn’t seem to be paying much attention,” he told the Daily mail. “I know there was a problem with Rebecca’s regulator but Gerta said it was resolved. We went in the water but I don’t know if the problem was solved.

“We had gone quite deep and one of the group members had pressure issues and came to the surface. I couldn’t see Rebecca when I was in the water because the visibility wasn’t great.

“I must have been in the water for about 25 minutes and when I surfaced I saw a police boat close to us and that’s when I realized something serious had happened. .”

Ms Gannon’s older sister, Sam, said the family still accepted her death.

“It’s devastating. We’re heartbroken. She’s my little sister. I can’t believe it,” she said.

Sam shared a photo of the couple together in happier times on Tuesday, prompting an outpouring of support from friends.

“Gorgeous. Beautiful sisters with a heart of gold. Love you both so much,” one person wrote.

“There are just no words, I’m thinking of you all,” said another.

One of the diving instructors, Saimir Kushova, 45, has since been arrested.

He reportedly tried to save her and managed to bring her to the surface before others frantically tried to help her.

Footage shared by an Albanian news site showed a body being removed from a red and white dive boat by seven people and carried to a beach.

Mr Kushova was reportedly arrested on suspicion of breaking health and safety rules and illegally employing a diving instructor who was not fully qualified.

An employee of the diving company Spiranca Diving told the British newspaper The telegraph“We don’t know what happened, maybe she had a health problem.

“We are awaiting the autopsy. We are all very shocked. She was a qualified open water diver, she had a PADI certificate.

“She was diving on a wreck but was only seven or eight meters deep. She rose to the surface but then came back down.

“Saimir was arrested but he was the one who tried to save her, he gave her CPR.”

The group is said to have dived on the wreckage of an Italian freighter sunk during World War II.

Ms Brozi, the instructor who was on the boat when Ms Gannon struggled, said: ‘It was a very traumatic experience and the boyfriend was very upset about it, like everyone else on the boat.

“We just don’t know what happened.”

Saranda is a popular spot for divers due to its underwater visibility – which ranges from 15 meters to 30 meters.

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: ‘We are supporting the family of a British woman who died in Albania and are in contact with the local authorities.

This article originally appeared on The sun and has been reproduced with permission

37,000 pounds of meat missing in York leaves investigators hungry for answers


LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – York County Crime Stoppers says anyone who helps them solve a major meat mystery may be eligible for a cash reward.

A Great Dane refrigerated trailer was stolen from the 3500 block of South Lincoln Avenue on Saturday, according to the York Police Department.

They say the suspects then transferred the 37,000 pounds of meat he was carrying to another trailer at the Waco exit of I-80, before disappearing.

It happened around the same time that more than $750,000 worth of meat was stolen from three trailers on Grand Island.

These thefts occurred in the 200 block of Roberts Street between Friday and Sunday.

The trailers taken from Grand Island are still untraceable, but York police say the trailer targeted in their case has since been found.

This crime spree comes just months after nearly $400,000 worth of beef was stolen in our area.

So far, no arrests have been reported in these cases.

Two new hotels return to the roots of the island


In 2022, Mykonos is of course known for its nightlife, outsized luxury and shameless excess. It was said that Elon Musk was on the island this summer at the same time as me. I haven’t seen it, but I did see Salt Bae posing for selfies with guests at his hugely expensive Nusr-Et restaurant, and I was asked to slap one of the two men wearing a banana slingshot Borat celebrating the end of their celibacy.

So it was a relief to retreat to the quiet luxury of a caring hotel. Luckily, Mykonos still has its share of these, including the oldest five-star hotel (recently refurbished) on the island and one of the newest.

Built in 1960 on the Kato Mili (those famous windmills in Mykonos Town), Mykonos Theoxenia quickly became a landmark that attracted Brigitte Bardot. Aristotle Onassis brought Jackie. The jet set followed, enjoying the island sun and the sophisticated simplicity of Greece.

The hotel reopened in July after an extensive transformation by VOIS Architects who paid homage and updated the original design by postmodern architect Aris Konstantinids. It was a building ahead of its time. This is now a welcome return to minimalism.

Because this is an iconic area protected by the Greek Ministry of Culture, the new architects had to use the same traditional Cycladic building techniques used in 1960. The exterior is made of the same stone which makes up the existing dikes. The harmony with nature – and nostalgia – is clear.

Inside, the 49 rooms have just the right amount of simplicity, contemporary elements and comfort. Finding a power outlet isn’t difficult, but in larger rooms the entire work and entertaining area can be tucked away behind a soft linen curtain.

A few of them have private pools, but the main pool, not to mention the clear Aegean Sea right next to it, is inviting, and service at the Kou Kou bar is friendly and prompt. The same goes for the star-studded poolside dinner service, in which a leisurely meal of well-prepared Mediterranean dishes (grilled fish and Greek salad, of course) is served to guests who aren’t in the mood for dinner. crowd. Nobody cares if you dress up.

A few kilometers away, in Ornos, another refined and nostalgic luxury hotel opened in June. Once in Mykonos is a little more upscale than Theoxenia, reflecting the property’s past as a luxurious, cosmopolitan villa frequented by artists and intellectuals.

It’s quite large for a 59-room hotel, with the reception, large swimming pool, and main restaurant on top of a hill overlooking Ornos beach. The accommodations, designed by architect Fivos Stavrides of F Studio Designers, are laid out on the hillside in the style of an (enormous) ancient Greek amphitheater. Some rooms have “relaxation pools” in front of them, with a path above the water to enter the room. It is an impressive infrastructure.

But inside, rooms have a postmodern sensibility and boho-chic design, with whitewashed walls and natural materials like copper and stone. Some of them have real trees inside. Everything is spacious and bright. The Jo Malone amenities are a nice touch.

The spa, however, goes a bit more local, using organic ingredients from the Aegean Sea and Mykonian land, which is said to be rich in nourishing nutrients. It’s small but fully equipped, and my massage hit all the right places.

The same goes for the poolside restaurant, where chef Nikos Skordakis (under the direction of the hotel group’s executive chef, Kyriakos Sotiriou, who has extensive experience in five-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants) has composed a menu of Greek classics and beyond. At dinner that means grilled octopus, calamari and red mullet, or perhaps beef tartare or crayfish risotto, while during the day there are salads, galettes and pasta. They plan to create an international luxury restaurant brand for the fine dining restaurant soon.

Both hotels have one final detail that offers an escape from the madness of Mykonos. They have partnered with a local yacht company to offer private cruises along the island’s coastline and to nearby islands such as Delos and Rhenia, as well as with dive centers that take guests to explore the ruins beneath -Greek and Roman navies, Mykonos as such. really used to be.

Ryanair wants to invest in Greece but with reduced airport fees


In what appears to be a change from a previously announced decision to close its base at Athens International Airport for the winter and its operations in Chania (Crete), Eddie Wilsonthe CEO of low-cost airline Ryanair, told Naftemporiki TV on Wednesday that the company wants to invest in Greece.

According to Wilson, Greece is “underserved” by Ryanair.

“We serve 50 million passengers in Italy, almost 50 million in Spain and only 6 million in Greece,” he said, calling for the extension of the tourist season in Greece and more investment.

Ryanair CEO says Greece’s extensive island network needs connectivity, but airport fees are too high for companies like Ryanair to invest. The biggest problem, he said, was winter season fee.

Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson on Naftemporiki TV.

Wilson said regional airports and Athens airport must adjust costs so that “when you bring more passengers, we have a lower cost per passenger” which would increase traffic all year round.

“We want to invest in Greece for the long term, not only for this winter but also for all winters. This way we can bring passengers not only to Athens, but also to Chania, Corfu, Rhodes, Ionian Islands, Volos and other places,” he said.

Chania, Crete

Referring to Chania, Wilson said there were no plans to close the base there, however adding that “it is a summer base and it has never been scheduled to open for the winter.

Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson during an event at the Chania Chamber on Tuesday.  Wilson presented the airline's development plan to strengthen Chania's tourist offer.

Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson during an event at the Chania Chamber on Tuesday. Wilson presented the airline’s development plan to strengthen Chania’s tourist offer.

The Ryanair CEO visited Chania on Tuesday and met with tourism stakeholders, who he said are spearheading efforts to maintain tourist flows.

Wilson said he told professionals in Chania that Ryanair had the plane and would invest more in Chania, as well as other regional Greek airports, as long as the airports “adjust their costs”.

Ryanair has been flying to Chania since 2011, having already carried 3.5 million passengers and supporting around 700 jobs, according to data provided by the Chamber of Chania.

Earlier this month the low-cost carrier announced it would close its Athens base on October 29 for the winter season, saying the move was the result of a ‘dysfunctional’ airport pricing system .

“Athens Airport is a prime example of how the Greek government and high-cost German ownership fail to meet the needs of the Greek people and economy,” Wilson said.

The problem has persisted since 2013, when Ryanair claimed it could bring millions of tourists to Greece as long as Athens International Airport (AIA) reduced air passenger rights for new routes to and from Athens. Athens.

Wilson also met with Greek Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias on Tuesday, who informed him that the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) will announce incentives for airlines during the winter period in the coming days.

“I will wait to see these (incentives). Hopefully they are meaningful and give us the confidence to grow in the long term,” he told Naftemporiki TV.

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CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews last night’s TV: Mrs. Durrell turns Rambo into vacation hell


CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews last night’s TV: Mrs. Durrell turns Rambo into all-inclusive vacation from hell



Cunk on earth


We last saw Keeley Hawes at the beach as mum Louisa in pre-war Corfu, looking after her four children and harboring a crush on the village taxi driver at The Durrells.

Crossfire (BBC1) is not The Durrells. Keeley’s character, Jo, is with her kids by the sea, yes, and she has a crush on a taxi driver (well, almost…he runs a limo rental business). But instead of romantic entanglements and amateur zoos, she’s embroiled in a terrorist attack on a tourist resort.

The corpses accumulate at the edge of the swimming pool. The secret boyfriend gets shot in the chest by a psychopathic teenager. Then Jo turns out to be an ex-cop who goes hunting for murderous fanatics with her shotgun.

Crossfire might as well be called My Family And Other Massacres. It’s a weird and goofy thriller, an action-adventure bolted on to a domestic civil war.

Writer Louise Doughty is best known for Apple Tree Yard, the 2017 political drama with a sordid undercurrent. Obviously, his instinct is to portray irregular relationships.

When we first see Jo and her husband Jason (Lee Ingleby), they seem relaxed and affectionate, vacationing in the Canary Islands with two other families.

One minute Jo (pictured) is posing like Rambo with a double-barreled gun, the next she's dealing with conflicted emotions over the sexy texts she sent to Chinar

One minute Jo (pictured) is posing like Rambo with a double-barreled gun, the next she’s dealing with conflicted emotions over the sexy texts she sent to Chinar

But a boozy meal on the first night ends in a vicious argument, with Jason humiliating his wife in front of their friends, calling her “fundamentally dishonest and cowardly”.

The next morning, they are cold but still talking to each other, vying for their children’s attention. It is obvious that the argument was nothing out of the ordinary for them.

And if that’s not enough, we soon guess that Jo’s lover Chinar is also on vacation – with his wife Abhi and their three children.

Chinar and Abhi (Vikash Bhai and Anneika Rose) like to pose as Mr and Mrs Perfect. Chinar’s hypocrisy is bound to be exposed. In addition to the buffet breakfast and water aerobics classes, this all-inclusive hotel may need to provide free marriage counseling.

The information is largely revealed in fragmented flashbacks, often inserted at bizarre moments, as vacationers dodge terrorists with automatic handguns.

One minute Jo is posing as Rambo with a double-barreled gun, the next she’s struggling with conflicting emotions over the sexy texts she sent to Chinar.

Keeley’s judgmental voiceover is even more shocking, offering a philosophical commentary on how the smallest choices can have catastrophic consequences. The result: as if Vanessa Redgrave read her Call The Midwife musings on scenes from Mission: Impossible.

Philomena Cunk, the meaningless TV presenter played by actress Diane Morgan, specializes in moralizing voice-overs. His grandiose, meaningless proclamations, bellowed at the camera from mountaintops and glaciers in Cunk On Earth (BBC2), are wickedly funny send-offs of a certain kind of TV egomaniac.

Philomena Cunk, the empty TV presenter played by actress Diane Morgan, (pictured) specializes in moralizing voice-overs

Philomena Cunk, the empty TV presenter played by actress Diane Morgan, (pictured) specializes in moralizing voice-overs

When Cunk first appeared on Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe, some of her interviewees took her stupidity seriously, which made her even funnier. Now everyone is in on the joke, and instead we have the joy of watching Oxbridge historians try to suppress the giggles as they answer his beautifully silly questions.

In this story of human civilization there is a delicious skill in some of its idiocies. She described ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs as the first emojis and pointed out how incompetent humans have become, thanks to evolution.

“Early humans were pioneer inventors,” she said. ‘The first men to use tools, which most men have forgotten to do today. That’s why they have to let someone in. Ouch.


What is it and how can NJ businesses stop it?


This takes shoplifting to a new level: organized retail crime, where bad actors take items from stores or from shipments delivered to them with the intention of generating a profit for a gang or other group, is causing US retailers to lose valuable inventory.

Retail demand remains strong as Americans continue to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, which initially forced factories to shut down production and consumers to focus more on what they could order at home rather than the in-person experience.

Mark Mathews, vice president of research development and industry analysis for the National Retail Federation, said organized activity is contributing to what’s been called the “retail shrinkage,” which accounted for $94.5 billion in losses for sellers in 2021. according to an NRF survey.

The shift in shopping trends caused by the pandemic has caused an “unprecedented” increase in numbers, according to Mathews.

“The 10 years before the pandemic, average retail sales growth was around 3.7% per year,” he said. “Then in 2020 it went up 7%. Then in 2021 it went up 14%.”

The Dangers of Organized Crime in Retail

Not only is there an obvious pullback effect for consumers, as retailers have to charge more to cover their losses, but Mathews said there are also inherent elements of danger and violence, which are ever increasing.

So when buyers see certain goods locked in cases where only an employee can allow access, they need to know the reason why.

“It’s in everyone’s interest that this happens because the more these items are stolen, the more you have to pay for them, the higher the price goes,” Mathews said. “A lot of this smash-and-grab activity doesn’t come from your everyday shoplifter, but from these organized criminals.”

What do these bad actors want?

Often the items curated by shoplifters – which also include online bots hijacking shipments – are not luxury items, although they can be.

Take for example thin but expensive dental strips, to use an example provided by Mathews.

“They also want things that they know they can move around, and things that aren’t necessarily so bulky,” Mathews said.

Nothing is safe: clothing, electronics, home furnishings, office supplies, toys, and even food and drink.

What can businesses do?

Mathews said retailers needed the government to step in to help fix the problem because employees might understandably be reluctant to put themselves in the middle of a violent operation.

But that doesn’t just mean at the state level; many gangs operate across state lines, so Mathews said federal authorities need to pay attention to the issue.

Patrick Lavery is a reporter and anchor for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at [email protected]

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These NJ Cities Have The Highest Rates Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Looking at data compiled by the Ministry of Health in 2019, the most recent year for which reports are available, we determined the rate of STDs per 1,000 people in each municipality. The data combine reports of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. For a different look, you can check out this article for a list of cities in New Jersey that have seen the highest increase in STD/STI cases in recent years.

Say you’re from Jersey without saying you’re from Jersey

These are everyday expressions that only someone from New Jersey would understand. What else should be on this list?

States with the most registered hunters

Stacker analyzed data from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to determine which states have the most registered hunters. Read on to see how your state ranks on Stacker’s list.

Euboea a year after the fires, a “Venetian restart” – Culture


(ANSAmed) – ROVIES, 20 SET – (by Patrizio Nissirio) The skeletons of charred trees line the road and sprawl across the hills and valleys of the northern Greek island of Euboea – a dire reminder of the fires that in August 2021 devastated these regions, burning thousands of hectares of woods and olive trees for 10 days, destroying homes and economic activities, forcing thousands of people to flee by sea.

But at a crossroads near the village of Rovies, a sign left by an undetermined group of “friends of Rovies” indicates the presence of three small pines “planted in 2022”. A tiny but important sign of rebirth.

And the desire for a fresh start is also symbolized by Venetian illustrator Lucio Schianon’s exhibition ‘Levante’, housed in a medieval Venetian tower in downtown Rovies. The exhibition is organized by Myth Euromed and, in the field, by the researcher Dimitris Georgiou, under the patronage of the Greek tourist agency and with the support of the Italian Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute in Athens , whose director Francesco Neri attended the inauguration. His welcome speech, as well as many other speeches during the inauguration, recalled the deep link of these places with the Serenissima, the Republic of Venice, as well as with contemporary Italy.

Schiavon’s portraits of historical Venetian figures with his contemporary style focus on how the two cultures continue to interact and how the “Venetian” contribution today is symbolically relevant to leaving the wildfires behind. of 2021. The traveling show, which adds a new image every step of the way, made its debut in June in Corfu: in Rovies, the medieval tower of the local Papadopoulos family reopened after years.

“Northern Evia encompasses an endless landscape of excellence and cultural heritage, ranging from antiquities to industrial archaeology,” Georgiou explained. It is a territory that must be discovered “slowly, in honor of sustainability, through experiences such as” from the sea to the table “and the tasting of local products. All these experiences can be savored “immersed in a unique cultural and natural landscape amid maritime towns, olive groves and mountain woods. Honey, pomegranates and olives from Rovies DOP (Protected Designation of Origin), as well as the fish of which the Gulf of Euboea is rich, are just some of the excellent offers from our territory,” added Georgiu.

The territory is thus investing in a varied offer, which remains to be discovered, as well as in cultural signals, particularly Italian, in this part of the large island to the east of Athens which has only 3% of foreign visitors, according to local economic operators.

Beneath the destroyed woods – with the fire also burning the so-called “Bride”, a 2,500-year-old olive tree, locals recall – greenery can again be spotted, in another good sign, along the coasts cliffs that encompass the small port village of Limni down to the sea, with small pebble beaches accessible only to wild goats. Opposite, sea bass and seaside farms and langoustine and shrimp traps dot the gulf, where it is not uncommon to see pods of dolphins. It is a Greece far from the “Cycladic” image which is also rich in wonders – and surprises. (ANSAmed)

Delta Vacations University returns after two years away


Just as travel demand has increased, so too has demand for a spot at Delta Vacations University (DVU) after a two-year absence due to the pandemic. The two-day educational event took place in Atlanta last weekend and, according to tour operator executives, sold out in 2.5 weeks with over a thousand travel advisors from across the country to meet at the Georgia World Congress Center.

The theme for DVU this year was: “Experience. Connections. Going beyond.” Kama Winters, who became the company’s president in June, said Experience referred to the company’s growing number of destinations, including several Greek islands, as well as many new travel options. activities. Connections revolved around the conference itself – how the operator connects with its advisor customers through new technologies and new ways of serving them. “It’s about being who it’s easy to doing business,” Winters said, “and that extends to customers looking to connect with friends and family and new places.”


trendy now

And Go Beyond refers to an extensive rebuilding of the company over the past year with more than 300 new hires, or 50% of staff. With the resources now in place, Winters said, the next step is to connect even more closely with parent company Delta Airlines to create seamless connections.

Delta Vacations offers products wherever the airline flies, so it recently added programs in Tahiti, Cape Town and Tel Aviv, as well as the Greek islands of Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes. Other destinations will be announced soon, Winters said.

In Tahiti, said Patricia Christensen, vice president of product development for the United States and Europe, the operator is offering limited products through a partnership with another carrier, but has now added more hotels on several islands. And the company has added many domestic “outdoor” destinations in the United States during the pandemic and many of them have proven popular – and remain so even if travelers can go elsewhere.

Europe will be the focus this winter, Winters said, after a summer of overwhelming demand. In response, many more Delta air services were added for the season.

And suppliers are getting a facelift, too, with Delta Vacations only adding four- and five-star hotels except when there’s no alternative to having a three-star property. Brian Canning, director of marketing, product and experience, said 90% of what advisors book is four-star and above and the company prioritizes quality over quantity. Winters added that there’s also a big upsell right now in high-end aircraft cabins and more expensive hotel categories.

Another trend, said Kristen Molloy, vice president of sales, is that travelers are going beyond the usual hubs to places they might not have visited in the past. “Everyone’s pandemic dream was different,” she said, “and now people are branching out and trying new things.”

Delta Vacations, Canning said, helps advisors guide customers who might be looking for something new — working with them to sell destinations they may not have traditionally sold. One important resource, he said, is SkyMiles Picks, which is based on data from SkyMiles members who complete post-trip surveys. With 25 million active members, Canning said, the data is massive, and reviewers’ top picks are refreshed monthly.

With this continuous feedback loop, Canning said, “we can see what advisors are doing.” If they don’t book a particular hotel or destination, he said, “we’ll stop offering it.” goes as well as possible.

In addition to premium products, said Eric Fandek, director of product development for Latin America and the Caribbean, customers demand private experiences and the company is constantly adding more. That could mean a nighttime swim in a phosphorescent bay in Jamaica, making your own wine in Nassau, a private tour of Chichen Itza, or a private surf lesson in Waikiki.

As for DVU itself, Winters said, there were new classes and more workshops this year, some just for owners and managers. All guests are Diamond Account Advisors, which means they meet both their revenue and growth goals.

Vacations in Kama Winters, Delta
Kama Winters, Delta Vacations (photo courtesy of Delta Vacations)

According to Winters, the operator is fully recovered when it comes to operations, and she’s ready to stop talking about 2019 as a benchmark, and instead set 2022 as a baseline for future comparisons. Still, she noted that the company has faced many challenges during the pandemic, losing 60% of reservations and service desk staff. Of the 300 new hires, 200 are in these areas. Rather than hiring locally, she said, a national campaign was launched to find the best people who were hired and trained virtually. Results have been strong, she said, with phone wait times now down to two minutes and new performers performing about as well as experienced employees.

Winters said summer operational issues were “behind us” and that was reflected in the very minimal number of cancellations over the Labor Day holiday despite demand increasing from 15 to 20% in some regions.

Another new option for advisors and their clients, Winters said, is a partnership with a company called Affirm that allows clients to buy now and pay later — a flexibility feature that she said was very helpful in upselling.

Regarding the uncertain economy, Winter said the Delta Vacations customer tends to be recession proof, so the impact of inflation and other issues has not been felt. yet felt. “Travel is almost a necessity for this audience,” she said.

Next year’s DVU has been set for September 29-30 in Minneapolis.

Spain dismantles an organization that transported minors arriving by boat from the Canary Islands to EU countries


Agents of the Spanish National Police have dismantled an organization that recruited minors, mainly of North African origin, and provided them with false papers to leave the Canary Islands. The same also transferred them to the peninsula and other European countries.

In a statement released on September 14, the Spanish Interior Ministry said the organization handled the travel process and provided false documents for an amount that cost nearly €1,000, reports SchengenVisaInfo.com.

During this operation, the police arrested seven people in the province of Alicante and two in the region of Murcia, where two of them were arrested and are currently in custody.

“In addition, the entry and registration of four properties in these provinces were carried out in which €1,000 in cash, three mobile phones, various electronic devices and various documents were seized”, read the statement.

The police opened the investigation in January of this year, which revealed the existence of this perfectly structured criminal organization which profited from the transfer of immigrant minors from the Canary Islands to the peninsula and which had a clear distribution of recruitment tasks, obtaining false passports and travel management.

“The profile of the person trafficked by the organization was that of a minor male migrant of North African origin, who, at the time of contracting their services, received documentation from third parties to be able to travel, as well as the acquisition of flights and accompaniment in airports, all for amounts close to 1,000″, the statement also noted.

According to the ministry, in this operation, the national police cooperated with 150 participating officers.

In addition, officers also managed to seize 100 boxes of clothing worth €270,000 and 26 unlabeled bottles of oil, which may have come from other property crimes committed by the organization.

In August, thanks to a joint operation by the Spanish Civil Guard and the National Police, another criminal organization that facilitates irregular migration to Spain was dismantled.

As the ministry explains, the organization was based in Gran Canaria and provided migrants with false documents to enable them to travel from the island to mainland Spain and other EU countries.

During the operation, the police arrested six people in Gran Canaria and one in Ciudad Real, most of North African origin. In addition, the same were charged with alleged crimes of membership in a criminal organization and falsification of documents with the aim of facilitating irregular migration.

Astronaut captures ‘Sunglint’ moment turns sea surface into silver mirror off Greek islands


A reflection of the sun has turned the waters of the Greek islands into a silver mirror, based on a photograph taken by an astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS).

The image reportedly shows sunlight reflecting off the waters surrounding Greece with oceanographic effects only visible when a person is viewing from space.

Silver mirror from the Greek islands

(Photo: Photo by NASA/Terry Virts via Wikimedia Commons)

An unidentified ISS Expedition 67 crew member captured the image on June 25 using only a digital camera aimed from an ISS window, according to Live Science.

Sunglint’s location lies between the Greek volcanic island of Milos and its sister Greek island Antimilos.

The so-called Silver Sea due to the color change phenomenon includes the Myrto Sea located northwest of Milos and the Cretan Sea to the southwest, both of which are part of the larger Mediterranean Sea.

Read also : Natural sunlight could increase oil spill toxicity to wildlife

What is a Sunglint?

Sunglare is an optical phenomenon that occurs when sunlight reflects off the surface of water at the same angle relative to the satellite sensor looking at it.

This event results in a mirror-like reflection of sunlight off the water returning to the satellite or astronaut, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The phenomenon can frequently be noticed by looking at satellite images or photographs of astronauts, which contain bright patches of light, NASA added.

These particles of sunlight can visually transform some bodies of water by glowing an unusual color similar to silver mirror.

aquatic phenomenon

Similar incidents in the past have occurred in several places, including on the waters around Cape Cod and the Lesser Antilles, as well as in rivers in Brazil.

The US space agency has also reported the appearance of the water phenomenon off Crete and the Aegean islands before.

In addition to sunlight itself, various factors promote the manifestation of the phenomenon, including wind patterns and atmospheric conditions.

Environmental implications

Solar glare apparently has no ecological effect on marine species and their habitats.

Instead, it highlights only the physical features of the water and atmosphere above from the perspective of the astronaut or satellite capturing it.

Other reported environmental implications of the phenomenon lie in the aspect of supporting scientific opportunities.

Specifically, it helps detect oil on the water’s surface, whether natural oil seeps or man-made oil spills, NASA reports.

Deep Water Horizon Disaster

Following the Deepwater Horizon disaster in April 2010, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in May of the same year reported that NASA’s Aqua satellite had observed solar flare on the Gulf oil slick.

That’s according to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, which said NOAA’s May 18 update showed most of the oil spill was tens of kilometers from the loop current, as quoted by Phys.org.

The spill was captured by satellite imagery on May 17, producing visual data that would have helped maritime authorities contain the worst man-made oil spill in recorded history.

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Annabel Langbein’s Recipes: Skordalia, Grilled Greens with Feta and Freekeh, Roasted Cauliflower with Peas and Almonds


Skordalia. Photo / Annabel Langbein Media

I was lucky enough to spend some time in Crete this year, staying with New Zealand friends who have a house in the hills near Chania, on the northwestern tip of the island.

Eat outside

Greece: Passenger traffic increased by 9.4% at 14 regional airports in August, compared to 2019


Passenger traffic at Greece’s 14 regional airports increased in August, marking a 9.4% increase compared to the same month of 2019 for both domestic and international flights.

“As an indication, only in Santorini we had the record performance with an increase of +39.8% this year in August compared to August 2019, in Aktion +22.9%, in Corfu airport +20 .2% and in Skiathos +18.4%”, also revealed the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias, reports SchengenVisaInfo.com.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Tourism, Minister Kikilias referred to the latest Eurostat data for Greek airports in August, adding that a 5% increase was seen in commercial flights compared to August 2019.

“Greece follows with a positive sign (+ two percent) only in Luxembourg, while all other European countries show a negative sign”, he pointed out in this regard.

According to Kikilias, based on the data provided by Eurostat, it can be seen that from reservations and ticket purchases for the months of September and October, the tourist flow not only continues but also strengthens.

He also added that the tourist flow will be much more enhanced after the latest announcements made last Sunday by the Prime Minister, who spoke of the further support of the tourist product through the new co-advertising program of the EOT in cooperation with the round. operators and airlines.

In addition, Minister Kikilias underlined that the tourist flow is expected to increase due to the ambitious project that Greece has set in motion to attract northern Europeans, mainly pensioners during the months of November, December, February and March.

In addition, the Ministry of Tourism also mentioned the added value of the tourism product, reiterating that the figures so far from the Bank of Greece confirm the fact that this year’s income is expected to exceed 2019’s income.

In this regard, he said that this includes income that ends up directly in the budget of the average Greek family, in Greek small and medium-sized enterprises, Greek hoteliers, workers in professions directly or indirectly related to the tourism industry , primary production, and Greek farmers.

At the same time, he pointed out that these revenues bring investments, create new jobs, strengthen the Greek economy and allow the country to support Greek men and women.

North Island-Powell River MP Comments on Dental Plan Rollout


Rachel Blaney is delighted that the program offers benefits for children under 12

North Island-Powell River MP Rachel Blaney is pleased with the federal financial allocations that will be given to dental care and other Canadian government benefits.

According to a press release from Blaney, after years of fighting the Liberal government to recognize the high cost of living in Canada, the NDP is happy to provide dental care for children.

Blaney said that thanks to the efforts of New Democrats, families with children under 12 will receive up to $650 per year per child to pay for vital dental care. In addition, low-income families will receive an increase in their shelter allowance, and nearly 12 million Canadians will receive double the federal GST rebate over the next six months, Blaney added.

“Without the New Democrats, the Liberals were never going to move forward on dental care,” Blaney said. “I am frustrated that it has taken the government this long, but I am proud that the NDP is making gains for cash-strapped Canadians who need support.

In the past year, the Liberals and Conservatives have each voted twice against dental care, including a private member’s bill passed through the NDP, the statement said. The delay has prevented Canadians from getting the dental care they desperately need, the statement said, and despite rising costs, the Conservatives are not interested in the fights that bring help.

“I’ve had constituents tell me that their household budgets are stretched to the limit with the rising cost of living and the lack of affordable housing,” Blaney said. “That’s why New Democrats have urged the government to pass these measures that will put money back in your pockets and help you move forward.

As NDP Seniors Critic, Blaney has advocated for a comprehensive dental program that includes seniors, many of whom are on fixed incomes and don’t have dental care included in their benefits.

“We’ve been pushing for years for the government to address the affordability crisis,” Blaney said. “While these are steps in the right direction, I will not stop fighting until a comprehensive dental program that includes care for all Canadians is in place.

To let voters know if they and their families are eligible for any of these accessibility supports, they can contact Blaney’s office at 1.800.667.8404 or email [email protected]and they will be kept informed of the timing and deployment of these programs.

Canadian amputee Allison Lang wants you to live your best life


Canadian amputee Allison Lang shared a motivational video on Instagram. (Photo via @allisonelang on Instagram)

Allison Lang is back with another motivational message.

Earlier this week, Canada’s amputee and disability advocate instagram post a video of herself sunbathing while on vacation in Corfu, Greece.

In the clip, Lang, who was born without the lower half of her left leg, stood on a stone path in the European country. Behind her, deep blue water lapped against the shore of a beach as bright sunshine and clear skies filled the background.

The athlete and speaker rocked a gray and white snakeskin swimsuit, a white blanket and a pair of oversized round sunglasses. She pulled her long brown hair out of her eyes as she smiled and twirled to show off her beachy look.

The video was accompanied by a motivational audio that said: “You are the director, creator and author of your story. You can literally do whatever you want. And it’s just for you to sit down and navigate where you want to go.”

In the legendLang asked his fans to reflect on their lives and their future.

“So where are you going? she wrote alongside the twinkling star emoji.

In the comments, fans praised the social media star for her inspirational post.

“I love it so much, it looks really beautiful,” commented a follower with a red heart emoji.

“You are the girl of my dreams!” share someone else.

“Such a great message, Allison! writing a fan.

Another follower simply used three emojis to express his thoughts: a bionic leg, a red heart, and bent arm symbols.

Canadian amputee Allison Lang encourages her supporters to love their bodies.  (Photo via @allisonelang on Instagram)

Canadian amputee Allison Lang encourages her supporters to love their bodies. (Photo via @allisonelang on Instagram)

Earlier this month, Lang spoke to Yahoo Canada about modeling, fitness and self-confidence.

At the end of the interview, the speaker shared her advice for women trying to love themselves and become more confident.

“We all have insecurities, whether we can see them or not. And I think if we really start to appreciate who we authentically are, we can learn not to judge ourselves so harshly,” Lang said after reflecting on his journey of self-love. . “My advice would be to connect with others who celebrate your differences instead of hiding them. Embrace the change. Accept the fact that there are people who love you for you, and no matter what you look like or what what you are capable of doing, trust that you have it in you to be strong and make a difference.”

“I think if we really start to appreciate who we authentically are, we can learn not to judge ourselves so harshly,” she concluded.

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Katikies Hotels showcases its award-winning restaurants through a new video campaign


Greek hotel group Katikies Hotels has once again teamed up with travel content experts Beautiful Destinations for the launch of a video campaign, this time giving foodies around the world a glimpse of its award-winning restaurants and culinary projects in Santorini. .

Katikies is a superb collection of seven authentic Greek properties located on the islands of Mykonos and Santorini. The new video campaign follows the group’s collaboration with Beautiful Destinations in February for a series of videos showcasing the breathtaking locations and facilities of iconic Katikies hotels on the two popular Greek islands.

On the island of Santorini, Katikies Hotels Group consists of five luxury hotels, each with its own character and personality, and of course its own gourmet restaurant, promising to delight globe-trotting guests every time with their eye. . – captivating dishes, impressive settings, incredible views and impeccable services.

Curated by Michelin-starred chef Ettore Botrini and his talented team, all of Katikies’ restaurants provide top-notch culinary journeys for his guests and are frequently praised by local and international media, as well as the foodies from around the world who frequent them. . all season.

Through this new campaign, the restaurants of Katikies Hotels have become the creative “playground” for the talented Beautiful Destinations film and production team, giving the world a virtual tour of Katikies’ breathtaking dining venues.


Botrini Restaurant in the iconic Katikies Santorini:

Selene Restaurant in the imposing Katikies Garden:

Chroma Restaurant in the amazing Katikies Chromata:

Therasia restaurant in the graceful Katikies Kirini:

“And we promise you, nothing will be left to chance…the creative minds at Beautiful Destinations are poised to deliver the ultimate culinary journey to the world,” Katikies Hotels management said in a statement.

Beautiful Destinations is an award-winning, full-service creative technology agency that helps tourist boards and travel brands navigate the new world of travel by creating ‘social first’ content using smartphone, drone and mobile technology. 360 video.

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Harsens Island Fall Party to benefit Browne’s Field – The Voice


The Harsens Island St. Clair Flats Association will host its seventh annual Campfire and BBQ on September 17.

The Fall Feast Bonfire and BBQ will be held at Browne’s Field and will include food, live music, a cash bar and bonfire. All proceeds will go to Browne’s Field Improvement Fund.

“The event originated in 2015 as a late summer pig roast/bonfire for our island residents to celebrate the close of another season of fun and relaxation on our beautiful island,” said HISCFA Treasurer Harold Stieber. “It was not intended to be a major fundraiser, but has since become a major source of funding for field improvements and restrooms at Browne’s Field, the designated venue for the evening.”

“Over the past few years the event has evolved from a pork roast to a BBQ with a fabulous pulled pork, chicken and brisket dinner prepared and served by our local island based BBQ ‘Better’ Brad’s “, he added. “In conjunction with the (Music in the Park – Island Style) series from the Clay Township Parks and Recreation Department, the event is now marketed to mainlanders, as well as island residents, and now features a concert live from Dude and the Abiders sponsored by another islander.

Dude and the Abiders will play from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. There is no charge to enjoy live music.

BBQ dinner will be served at 7pm and there will be a cash bar for beer and White Claw. The cost is $25 per person and tickets are limited to 125.

Dinner will be provided by “Better” Brad’s Barbecue. (Courtesy of Harsens Island St. Clair Flats Association/Facebook)

“The only additional cost for a non-islander would be the $15 return ferry toll,” Stieber said. “We’ve always limited attendance to around 125 guests for dinner, but the concert is open to as many corps on the ground as possible.”

A bonfire will be provided for those wishing to stay after dinner and the concert and “sit back and relax in the evening air,” Stieber said.

“The greatest pleasure for our association is the opportunity to share our beautiful island with mainlanders who may never have come here to see what our island has to offer in terms of beauty and nature and, in this case, entertainment,” he said.

Dinner tickets are available at Sans Souci Market or the Waterfront Shoppe on the island. They’ll also be available at the event on the night of the party, but there’s no guarantee there will be tickets left as they sell out quickly, Stieber said.

For more information, visit hiscfa.org or facebook.com/hiscfa.

Highlights on Prince Philip – KTVZ


CNN Editorial Research

Here is an overview of the life of Prince Philip of Great Britain, husband of Queen Elizabeth II.


Date of Birth: June 10, 1921

Date of death: April 09, 2021

Place of birth: Corfu, Greece

Birth name: Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark

Dad: Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark

Mother: Princess Alice of Battenberg

Wedding: Queen Elizabeth II (20 November 1947 – 09 April 2021, her death)

Children: Edward, Earl of Wessex (10 March 1964); Andrew, Duke of York (19 February 1960); Anne, Princess Royal (15 September 1950); King Charles III (November 14, 1948)

Military: British Royal Navy, 1939-1953

Other facts

Full Title: HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and Baron of Greenwich, Knight of the Garter, Knight of the Thistle, Order of Merit, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire, Companion of the Order of Australia, Companion of the Order of the Queen’s Service, Privy Councillor.

His ancestry is not Greek by blood, but English, Russian, German/Prussian and Danish.

The youngest of five children and the only son.

Third cousin of his wife, the Queen, and like her, he is a great-great-grandchild of Queen Victoria.

His interests were painting, environmental conservation, horses, flying and sailing. He has written books on birds, the environment, team driving and other subjects.

After getting his wings from the RAF in 1953, Philip logged over 5,900 hours in 59 different aircraft types over the next 44 years.


1922 – The overthrow of his brother, King Constantine I of Greece, forces Prince Andrew, Princess Alice and their five children to leave Greece and settle in Paris.

1930 – After his parents separated in 1930, Philip was sent to England and raised there by his maternal grandmother and uncle.

1940 – Served as a midshipman, his first posting, on HMS Ramillies of the Mediterranean Fleet.

1942 – Becomes a second lieutenant in the British Royal Navy.

July 1942 – Was promoted to first lieutenant and senior officer aboard HMS Wallace, a destroyer, and participated in the Allied landings in Sicily during The Second World War.

February 1947 – Becomes a naturalized British citizen and commoner, using the surname Mountbatten, an English translation of his mother’s maiden name. Before taking the oath of British citizenship, being sixth in line to the Greek throne, he renounced all claims to titles in Greece and Denmark.

July 10, 1947 – King George VI and Queen Elizabeth announce Elizabeth’s engagement to Philip.

November 19, 1947 – Invested as a Knight of the Order of the Garter and given the titles of Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and Baron Greenwich.

November 20, 1947 – Married Princess Elizabeth at Westminster Abbey. His name changes from Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten to His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

1948 – Is appointed personal aide-de-camp to his father-in-law, King George VI.

1950 – Is promoted to lieutenant commander.

June 1952 – Is promoted to commander, but his naval career ended with the death of King George VI and his wife’s accession to the throne on 6 February.

1953 – Was appointed Admiral of the Fleet, Marshal of the Army and Marshal of the Royal Air Force. Is appointed presumptive regent by an act of parliament. In the event of the Queen’s death or incapacitation, Philip would reign as Prince Charles’ regent.

1956 – Launch it Duke of Edinburgh Award, which rewards children for their achievements in personal development and community involvement.

1956-1970 – He is President of the Royal Yachting Association.

1957 – By decree of the Queen, is “granted the titular style and dignity of a Prince of the United Kingdom”. He is invested as Grand Master and First or Principal Knight of the Order of the British Empire. This decree restores his birth title of prince.

1961-1981 – First Chairman of the World Wildlife Fund – United Kingdom.

1964-1986 – President of the International Equestrian Federation.

June 1968 Receives the Queen’s Order of Merit, an honor awarded to those who “have achieved great achievements in the arts, learning, literature and science”, and is limited to 24 members.

1975-1980 He is President of the Royal Yachting Association for the second time.

1981-1996 He is president of the World Wildlife Fund International.

1996-present – Chairman Emeritus of the World Wildlife Fund.

April 9, 2005 – Philip and the Queen are the only senior members of the Royal Family who are not dating Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles civil marriage ceremony. They attend the dedication service.

November 10, 2005 – His 58th wedding anniversary makes him the oldest british wife, surviving King George III’s wife, Queen Charlotte.

October 23, 2006 – Inspects British forces in the south Iraq.

May 3-8, 2007 – Philip and the Queen visit the United States for the 400th anniversary of the first British settlement at Jamestown in 1607. They are attending the kentucky derby on May 5 and a State Dinner at the White House on May 7.

April 1, 2009 – With the queen, meeting US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at Buckingham Palace.

June 10, 2011 – His 90th birthday makes him the oldest royal consort.

December 23-27, 2011 Undergoing treatment for a blocked coronary artery at Papworth Hospital.

June 4-9, 2012 – Is hospitalized with a bladder infection at King Edward VII Hospital in London. It is missing part of the Jubilee celebrations commemorating the Queen’s 60th anniversary on the throne.

August 15-20, 2012 – Is being treated at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for a bladder infection.

June 7-17, 2013 – Is a patient at the London clinic, admitted for abdominal pain, he underwent exploratory surgery the following day and was discharged after recovery.

January 26, 2015 – Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott bestows that nation’s highest honor, Knight of the Order of Australia, to Philip for his life of service throughout the Queen’s reign.

May 4, 2017 – Buckingham Palace announces that Philip will leave public life after August 2017.

August 2, 2017 – Attends a parade of Royal Marines at Buckingham Palace, performing the last of his thousands of public appearances before retiring from public life.

April 3, 2018 – Philip is admitted to a London hospital for planned hip surgery.

January 17, 2019 – Is involved in a traffic accident when his car collides with another vehicle carrying two women, aged 28 and 45, and a nine-month-old baby boy. In a statement the following day, a spokesman said the Duke of Edinburgh had undergone a ‘precautionary check’ on the advice of a doctor who confirmed Philip ‘had no injuries of concern’. It is later announced that he will not face any charges for the accident.

February 9, 2019 – Buckingham Palace announcement that Philip surrendered his driver’s license following his traffic accident in January which injured a female driver.

December 20, 2019 – Philippe is admitted to the hospital on a “pre-existing” condition, according to a statement from Buckingham Palace. He left the hospital on December 24.

April 20, 2020 – Philip makes a rare public statement thanking those working across the UK to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

February 16, 2021 – Philip is taken to a London hospital after feeling unwell, according to a statement from Buckingham Palace. On March 3, he undergoes medical intervention for heart disease.

March 16, 2021 – Philip leaves King Edward VII Hospital where he was recovering and return to Windsor Castle, according to a statement from Buckingham Palace.

April 9, 2021 – Died at the age of 99.

September 8, 2022 – Queen Elizabeth II dies and Charles ascends the throne.

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10 Croatian islands to visit for your next vacation


The Greek islands get all the attention from international tourists, but they can get crowded, especially during high season. Why not spend time in the Adriatic Sea on the charming and picturesque islands of Croatia instead? Located off mainland Croatia on the Adriatic Sea, many of these islands are seriously underrated and ready to welcome travelers with open arms. These are 10 of the best Croatian islands to explore for a relaxing getaway in Europe.

ten Hvar

Hvar is the most popular Croatian island and has become a resort town. This means that it has the necessary infrastructure to support tourism and meet the needs and interests of international visitors. The island has a magnificent Spanish fortress on the top of a hill to explore, a baroque cathedral and many idyllic beaches. Travelers can visit the Franciscan Monastery or simply wander the historic streets of the picturesque town of Hvar.

9 brac

Brač is the perfect island paradise for travelers who want to relax on the beach rather than soak up Croatian cultural heritage. This island destination on the Adriatic Sea has two main towns where travelers can choose to stay, Supetar and Bol. Supetar is the largest town and is where the ferry arrives from Split, so for convenience this is the perfect place to book accommodation. While in Brač, travelers should spend a day at Zlatni Rat Beach (Golden Horn Beach) and watch the sunset or sunrise from Vidova Gora, the iconic rocky viewpoint.

8 Screw

Vis is a Croatian island off the Dalmatian coast that has retained its ancient city walls and traditional public bath. It is the furthest inhabited Croatian island from the mainland and remains one of the best preserved in terms of natural flora, fauna and fauna. While it was once mainly supported by its fishing industry, Vis now depends mainly on agriculture and tourism to support its economy.

seven Rab

Rab is an island in the Adriatic Sea with an old town of the same name. The city remains surrounded by ancient walls and the island has 30 sandy beaches where travelers can relax. The island is 22 km long and 11 km wide, stretching from northwest to southeast. Nicknamed the Happy Island, Rab sits in the Kvarner Gulf and enjoys around 2,600 hours of sunshine per year.

6 Mljet

Mljet is the ideal Croatian destination for nature lovers. This island is considered the greenest in Croatia and the most beautiful. Mljet is home to the Mljet National Park, which visitors can access from the small villages of Pomena and Polače. There is no official entrance to the park, but it takes about 40 minutes on foot from Polače and 20 minutes from Pomena. Admission to the park can be purchased at kiosks in either city.

There is only one hotel on the island, Hotel Odisej. However, there are many other accommodation options available to travelers in the form of private rooms and bed and breakfasts.

5 Korcula

Korčula is the ideal island to visit in Croatia for travelers who appreciate fine wines and magnificent sea views. The island is located off the Dalmatian coast and has pristine beaches and a historic old town, without the host of more popular islands like Hvar. Take a wine tour during your visit or simply sample some of the island’s best wines at wineries like Vitis Winery or Grošić Winery.

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4 Page

Pag is a Croatian island with a unique moon rock landscape. It’s quite barren, especially in contrast to the greenery of Mljet. As one of Croatia’s largest islands, Pag is well worth exploring, and while visitors come for the scenic views, they stay for the parties. Pag has a party scene comparable to Ibiza or Mykonos, so it’s a great place for solo backpackers to connect with like-minded travellers.

3 Krk

Krk is located in the Gulf of Kvarner and is one of the most sought-after Croatian islands by travelers. It has an old town of the same name and is home to the 5th century Krk Cathedral. Old Town Krk features the same charming architecture as iconic Dubrovnik with fewer tourists. Travelers looking to reach Krk from other islands or Split can use the Jadrolinija ferry service.

2 Losinj

This beautiful Croatian island has superb lush vegetation and offers an impressive view of the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. The main town on the island is called Mali Lošinj and has a large port area. The island’s slogan is “The Island of Vitality” and offers a chance to see incredible marine wildlife in the Lošinj Historical Underwater Park or on a dolphin-watching excursion. Travelers interested in culture, history and architecture can visit the Apoxyomenos Museum, the Fritzi Gallery or the Blue World Institute.

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1 Susak

Susak is a small Croatian island located just west of Lošinj. The island’s permanent population is less than 200 people, and although it is a vibrant summer destination, the island is quiet throughout the winter months. Susak is unlike any other island in Croatia; a dialect spoken here is so different from Croatian that people from the mainland may not understand it. People wear traditional folk costumes and the terrain of the island is entirely sandy.

Corfu: The traditional Galaktoboureko that no one can resist


CORFU – It’s just “a pinch” of space – it does not exceed, with its two small surfaces, even ten square meters. And it is “hidden” in a small part of the old town – in Pinia – but it managed to please kings, country presidents, prime ministers, Greek party leaders, magnates, as well as all tourists who may not know it. of its long history. They have heard of its unique flavors, however, tastes that take them back to other times – grandma’s days.

This is the reason for the existence of a small artisanal dairy which began its history at the beginning of the 20th century.

“It was Onassis’ favourite. From there he used to get butter for Jackie to eat for breakfast,” some Corfu residents told ANA-MPA, while Kostas Alexis, the shop owner, will say that “he was also the favorite of the Greek statesman, Konstantinos”. Karamanlis and so many others…”

“I remember I was a little boy. Karamanlis used to come to Corfu almost every Easter. Dad knew that and made him yoghurt in a clay pot. That’s how he wanted it. He would make enough for him. him and bring it to the hotel. It happened every year when he came,” Alexis recalls wistfully, although, as he admits, the client he will never forget is the president of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin.

“I can’t forget how big he was, even though I was on the step – he was even bigger. Memories of this man stay with me. He was very tall. He ate the rizogalo and he was delighted,” Alexis said.

The traditional and famous small dairy of Corfu started its activities in 1926.

“At first it was my grandfather who ran it as a fruit store, but very soon my father turned it into a dairy. We also had our own animals at the time, so it was the best decision,” he said. “A traditional dairy – as it still operates today – without having changed anything, not even its recipes,” he added.

Alexis won’t reveal the secrets of fluffy, baked and richly creamy galaktoboureko, creams, rizogalo, homemade yogurt and pale yellow cow butter. He will only inform that “my father learned the art from a very good craftsman of the time and it continues today, literally”, by always betting, he underlines, on organic products, because his family still maintains a small unit of cows that produce the fresh milk he uses, the basic ingredient of his sweets.

“We raise around 25 cows, so all products are owned and controlled by us. The company is a family business, but we also have five other employees who help us. The work is hard, but it is also very pleasant.

His supporters in his “battles”, as he puts it, are his wife and three sons. The youngest, 25-year-old Panagiotis, after completing his studies at the Department of Economics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, decided to continue his studies at the dairy school in Ioannina. What prompted him to do so was that “tradition, to continue to exist, needs science”, as he says.

“Tradition goes hand in hand with science. Everyone must be the best in their field and understand what they are doing,” says Panagiotis, who feels particularly happy to have been following his grandfather’s profession for the fourth generation now.

The shop has not been modernized in its appearance, despite the passage of time. It retains its identity as it was nearly 100 years ago. There are two or three small iron tables outside of the same number in the small interior. The place smells of cinnamon and other sweet scents.

This small dairy in Corfu has been the subject of cultural tributes, and numerous television programs in Europe, but also in Asia.

On its walls are “pinned” many memorabilia: fantastic articles in world famous magazines, photos of presidents, prime ministers, ministers, party leaders, famous artists. Everyone seems happy – after all, they’ve just tasted the purest, most special treats that have rekindled their own childhood memories and ‘sweetened’ their moods.

Low prices appeal to luxury home buyers


The low prices of the Greek property market, compared to other countries in the wider Mediterranean region, are proving attractive to foreign buyers of luxury homes, according to a report by the real estate services company Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, which presents the insights from market leaders from Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK.

He said the Greek real estate market is still among the top choices for foreign investors, especially American buyers, mainly thanks to low real estate prices.

Other important lures include both the Golden Visa program, which provides for a minimum investment ceiling of 250,000 euros, and the suspension of VAT on the purchase of a newly built residence, which particularly favors foreign buyers. but also the Greeks already owners. The corresponding suspension is valid until the end of 2022; however, the market expected the said measure to be extended at least until the end of 2024.

Kyriakos Xydis, managing partner of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Athens Properties’ Greek office, said buyers are focusing on popular tourist destinations such as the Cyclades, Crete and Corfu.

‘Boarding refused by easyJet because there was less than six months on my passport’ | Travel


✉ We were to fly to Turkey with easyJet, so we checked in online and printed our boarding passes. When we arrived at the gate, we were denied boarding because my passport was five days less than the six month validity required to enter Turkey, but we had given the expiry dates of our passports with the rest of our contact details. We are retirees and can ill afford this loss, and easyJet won’t even give us credit for the flight home. I understand that it is my responsibility to have a valid passport, but the airline has issued the boarding pass. Can you help ?
Miles Bennet

It has already been difficult enough to hold airlines accountable when they mistakenly deny boarding to passengers whose passports are valid; there’s absolutely no way they’ll offer a refund to those who don’t meet a requirement. On its booking page, easyJet explains that it is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure the validity of the passport. I hope highlighting your experience will encourage others to double-check these details well in advance of travel.

✉ For a trip to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary in July, we booked a beautiful houseboat on a canal in Amsterdam via Vrbo. On our arrival, a note pinned on the door asks us to call France, then we are told that the owner of the boat “had an accident” and is hospitalized. I called Vrbo, but it was almost 5 p.m. and his number was busy. While I was waiting we decided to waste no more time and booked another place to stay. When we finally managed to contact Vrbo, we were told that the owner had just canceled the reservation, two hours after it had started. The company’s promise to help us find accommodation in an emergency was worthless as it had taken a long time to find an agent. Although we got our money back, the hotel we booked was over £500 more expensive than the boat. Can you help me get this refund?
Keith Saunders

Vrbo said that because the host canceled your reservation, you were eligible to rebook under their Book with Confidence guarantee. But there was no point if you couldn’t reach his call center. Fortunately, after my involvement, he recognized that the situation was stressful for you and your wife, contacted you to apologize and, as a gesture of goodwill, offered to refund you £512 – the difference between the canceled booking and the cost of your hotel.

✉ We would like to do a Greek island hopping cruise in the first two weeks of June. I had intended to travel with Riviera, but they are not offering this route next year. Can you suggest an alternative?
David White

The four-masted tall ship Star Flyer sets sail from Athens on June 10, with stops at Patmos, Amorgos, Mykonos and Spetses, and Kusadasi in Turkey (for the archaeological wonders of Ephesus). It starts at £1,630 per person (starclippers.co.uk; fly to athens).

If life on a traditional 12-cabin wooden-hulled motor sailer appeals to you, a fantastic seven-night Ionian Island cruise from Corfu visits Meganissi, Lefkas, Parga and Paxos. It starts at £991 half-board, plus £44 postage (seafarercruises.com; fly to Corfu).

If you prefer the big ship vibe, NCL’s seven-night ride from Athens around the Greek Isles on Norwegian Jade on June 11 includes Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes, and starts at £1,640 pp for a cabin domestic, flights included (ncl.com).

The famous sign of the Las Vegas Strip


✉ I am planning to travel to California in July for two to three weeks with my wife and children, ages 18 and 16. We plan to fly to Los Angeles or San Francisco and visit Yosemite, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Can you give me an idea of ​​the cost and how to book this trip?
Richard Crane

The easiest way to organize this epic road trip is through a specialist tour operator. American Sky, for example, can create bespoke itineraries and suggests you start with four nights of relaxation in Santa Monica, then head to Palm Springs, Flagstaff, Las Vegas, Mammoth Lakes (for Yosemite) and San Francisco, with two nights in each . You’ll stay at swanky hotels along the way, including the beachfront Viceroy Santa Monica, with its poolside cabanas, and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Fourteen nights room only next July starts at £2,149 pp including flights and SUV hire (americansky.co.uk).

The American Road Trip Company could put together a similar bespoke itinerary: Its 14-night Cali and Vegas coast trip begins in San Francisco and includes 17 miles of the Monterey Peninsula, Pacific Coast Highway, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park. It would cost around £2,700 per person, including flights and SUV hire (theamericanroadtrip company.co.uk). You can extend the trip to three weeks, but inflation and the exchange rate mean the US is now expensive, especially in tourist honeypots, and you might find two weeks is enough.

✉ When I made a reservation for a trip in January with Jet2holidays, the transfer arrangements to the resort seemed to have changed. Previously, if you didn’t need a regular station transfer – from which disabled people with mobility scooters are banned – you received a discount of around £40. Alternatively, upon production of a letter from your GP confirming your disability, Jet2 will provide an appropriate transfer. However, now it appears that they do not allow us to use the coach transfer or provide a suitable transfer. Therefore, we pay for a package trip in which we will be left at the destination airport to find our own way to the accommodation. Surely that can’t be true?
Margaret Chatterton

You say a Jet2 adviser told you it was no longer possible to arrange a suitable transfer, but Jet2 insists its policy for those requiring special assistance has not changed, although it now requires customers to complete an online form rather than emailing or calling the customer. services, and indicates that the forms are processed in the order of departure dates. Customers can book suitable transfers at no additional cost and seats are allocated free of charge near the front of the aircraft. “Although Ms Chatterton had not heard from us when she contacted The temperature, we can confirm that we have been in touch with her and are happy to say that everything has been fully arranged for her and her husband,” he said. “We look forward to welcoming them back with us and wish them both happy holidays.”

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Apple Stock: Perfectly Prepared for Christmas Shopping (AAPL)


justin sullivan

Wednesday, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) held its main product launch of 2022, the Distant Event. As it happens, Apple unveiled a number of new products, including:

  • An extreme sports watch (the Apple Watch Ultra).

  • The iPhone 14.

  • Some incremental AirPods upgrades.

The base iPhone 14 was a pretty incremental improvement over the iPhone 13, but the 14 Pro came with a genuinely new feature:

Dynamic Island.

Dynamic Island is a pill-shaped camera cutout that integrates with the iPhone UI, so the cutout becomes a UI feature rather than an empty one real estate screen. Compared to the previous notch, this feature seems like a big improvement. Apple has long been criticized for using notches when other manufacturers have moved to smaller, pill-shaped cutouts. Dynamic Island responds to those criticisms, and then to some. Not only is the camera now smaller, but it actually turns into a usable display that can show volume controls, incoming calls, directions, and more. As you can see in the image below, the camera stops being visible when any of these UI features are enabled.

dynamic island

dynamic island (Apple)

Dynamic Island was well received by critics in their first impressions videos. Marques Brownlee, for example, mentioned in a September 8 video that he found useful and friendly’. Although internet commentators made jokes about the feature’s name, tech reviewers who tried it out after the event found it a pleasure to use.

Dynamic Island could be a real catalyst for Apple stock. Apple has received a lot of praise lately for its success with M-series chips and services, but suffers from a perception that its pace of innovation has slowed. With the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple has taken a major step forward in UI/UX design, adapting its camera in a way that is not only intrusive, but actually a usability improvement. For this and a few other reasons, I upgraded my Apple rating to Strong Buy. Last time I covered it, I rated Apple as a buy, but not a strong buy, as I found it a little pricey. AAPL is much cheaper today than it was when I last covered it, and if the new features announced yesterday take off, they could collectively serve as a catalyst that drives strong revenue growth.

Recent successes of Apple products

Apple has had great success with products in recent years. Many of the company’s new launches have been wins, including some notable ones:

  • The AirPods line, which more income than many entire NASDAQ companies.

  • M-series chips, which improved the performance of Macs and iPads.

  • The Apple Watch, which quickly became the #1 smart watch in the world.

These are all successful products. However, these were not Steve Jobs-caliber innovations. The Apple Watch would probably be the closest thing Tim Cook has had to a Steve Jobs-era launch: it quickly swept most competitors under the rug after its launch. Other than that, however, we didn’t see much.

Dynamic Island is the biggest UI innovation on an iPhone since Face ID. It takes the cutout camera and uses it as the center of a black screen widget that displays useful information to the user. You can expand or collapse it by touching it and use it to control music and other similar functions. It’s an approach no other smartphone company has taken before, and it could make the iPhone 14 Pro the go-to phone this holiday season.

Perfectly prepared for Christmas shopping

You might be wondering why I spent so much time on a UI feature given that this is a stock analysis article rather than a product review. The answer has to do with the upcoming holiday season. The Christmas shopping season is fast approaching and number of Gen Z members owning iPhones is on the rise. According to Piper Sandler, 88% of Gen Zers (i.e. teenagers) want an iPhone for their next phone. New features such as Dynamic Island and satellite connectivity add in case they need to get one. The Far Out event didn’t contain any real game changers that would turn Android users into Apple users, but it might have been enough to make the iPhone 14 Pro the go-to Christmas gift. This gives reason to believe that Apple will meet or exceed expectations in the next two earnings releases (at least on the top line).

Apple’s finances

Speaking of revenue, now is the time to take a look at Apple’s finances. Apple is a very profitable company with decent historical growth. However, its last quarter saw only 2% revenue growth and -7.7% profit growth. We’ll need to see some acceleration from there for Apple’s stock to really start moving.

In his most recent quarterApple delivered:

  • $83 billion in revenue, up 2%.

  • $23 billion in operating profit, down 4.3%.

  • $19.4 billion in net profit, down 10.5%.

  • Diluted EPS of $1.20, down 7.7%.

It was a pretty good quarter. Obviously, the growth has been pretty slow, but that’s what you’d expect of a tech company during a period of economic contraction. Not only has the economy contracted this year, but Apple hasn’t made many big launches before the second quarter release. The biggest was the Mac Studio, a high-powered computer for creatives – it was popular with its user base but was not a mainstream device. We therefore expect Apple’s sales to have slowed in the second quarter.

We could potentially see them accelerate in the third quarter. The iPhone 14 features the biggest iPhone upgrades in years (Dynamic Island and Satellite), so we could see plenty of orders coming in. Potentially enough to boost revenue growth by a percent or two.

Then we can look at Apple’s balance sheet. This is one of the weak points of the title: Apple is much more indebted than Alphabet (GOOG) (GOOGL) or Metaplatforms (META), but it’s not in bad shape. Key balance sheet measures include:

  • $336 billion in assets.

  • $278 billion in liabilities.

  • $58 billion in book value.

  • $112 billion in current assets.

  • $129 billion in current liabilities.

  • $119.6 billion in debt.

To be quite frank, that’s not the best track record of big tech. Apple has a current ratio of 0.86 and a debt to equity ratio of 2. Normally we want to see a current ratio above one and a debt to equity ratio below one. Google and Meta have achieved both, so these are not unrealistic goals. On the positive side, Apple’s low book value (relatively speaking) means it has a very high return on equity of 33.4%, higher than Meta and Google. Still, the company seems more likely to have liquidity issues than its peers.


After looking at Apple’s financials, our final step is to look at its valuation. Below is a selection of valuation multiples that Seeking Alpha Quant has on file for AAPL:

Apple valuation multiples

Apple valuation multiples (alpha quant research)

As you can see, they are relatively high, but not stratospheric. The earnings multiple is lower than that of Microsoft (MSFT) and Amazon (AMZN), as was the cash flow multiple (21.2). On the other hand, most of the multipliers above are higher than for Google or Meta. Apple is therefore in the middle of the “FAANG” pack for valuation based on multiples.

To arrive at an accurate price target for Apple, we can do a discounted cash flow analysis on it. In a previous article, I arrived at a range of price targets ranging from $90 to $290 depending on the discount rate used. Since this article was written, the yield on 10-year Treasury bills has risen from 2.88% to 3.32%. Plugging this discount rate into my previous model and leaving everything else unchanged, I get a high-end intrinsic value estimate of $249. My low estimate of $90 doesn’t change because it uses Apple’s weighted average cost of capital instead of the Treasury yield.

Overall, the rise in Treasury yields has narrowed the range of value estimates provided by my old Apple model. However, this model assumed an annual growth of only 5%. Today, with the launch of Apple’s new iPhone, we have a catalyst in the picture that could accelerate growth. I think the growth acceleration has a bigger impact than a modest increase in treasury yields, and Apple’s stock price has fallen, so I’m moving AAPL from “buy” to “buy” strong “.

A big risk to watch out for

As we have seen in this article, Apple is a relatively expensive stock, but a very profitable company, with an economic moat. Overall, my analysis favors an investment in Apple. However, there is one big risk that investors will want to watch out for:

Ongoing macroeconomic weakness that affects the consumer. Apple is the most consumer-focused of all the big tech giants. Unlike Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, it doesn’t have a large cloud division that sells to enterprises. It sells computers to schools and creative businesses (eg advertising agencies), but these businesses account for a small percentage of Apple’s revenue. If we were to enter an environment of high unemployment, Apple sales would likely suffer. There is a perception that Apple customers are wealthy and can continue to buy technology during recessions. This would explain Apple sales increase during the 2008 recession, but today 87% of Gen Z are iPhone users. That many young Americans can’t be rich because they make up an overwhelming majority of their age cohort. So this time around, we might see Apple taking a hit.

The essential

The bottom line about Apple is that it’s a highly profitable tech company with an economic moat and modest but respectable growth. All in all, it’s a worthy tech name. Certainly, it is exposed to risks due to the fragile economic environment in which we find ourselves. But for long-term investors, these are risks worth taking.

Australian government says photos of engineer being held in Iraqi prison raise ‘serious health concerns’


NEW DELHI: Deep inequality remains a pressing problem across India, experts said this week, even as the former British colony overtook the UK to become the world’s fifth-largest economy.

India’s gross domestic product overtook Britain in the final three months of 2021 and extended its lead into the first quarter of this year, according to a Bloomberg report citing GDP figures from the International Monetary Fund. The size of India’s economy was $854.7 billion in March this year, compared to $816 billion in the UK, Bloomberg said.

The South Asian nation is also on track to leapfrog to become the third largest economy by 2029, the State Bank of India said in a report. India was ranked 11th among the largest economies just a decade ago, while the UK was fifth.

But other economic indicators, such as access to education and medical care, are still well below the norm for a developed economy, experts said, with inequality a persistent problem across the country. India.

“India is a deeply unequal society and becoming the fifth largest economy in the world is not a meaningful measure of public welfare,” Professor Sanjay Srivastva of the Delhi-based economic think tank Institute told Arab News. of Economic Growth.

“In India, total growth might have only led to greater inequality.”

Tens of millions of people have been pushed into poverty during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has also seen India’s economy shrink by 6.6% in 2020-21, roughly double that of the economy. world. The unemployment rate stood at 8.5% in August, according to data from the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy.

“What India is celebrating is the fact that Britain was our colonizer and now India’s GDP has overtaken Britain,” human development economist Santosh told Arab News. Kumar Mehrotra from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi.

“Look at the Human Development Index: India is 131 in the world. On per capita income, India’s ranking is 128. So I don’t know what to be proud of,” Mehrotra added.

Delhi-based economist and author Professor Arun Kumar has warned there could be inaccuracies in the government figures, from which the IMF compiled its data.

“If the government data is incorrect, then the IMF analysis will also be incorrect,” Kumar said.

“Overtaking the British economy does not mean that India has become prosperous,” he added.

“Ours may be the fifth largest economy, but you have to question the GDP and the comparison in terms of income per capita, in terms of prosperity between the two countries.”

India’s per capita income of around $2,300 is also significantly lower than the UK’s of $47,000, according to 2021 data from the World Bank.

India’s becoming the fifth-largest economy is the country’s “first step towards achieving more GDP and income,” Professor NR Bhanumurthy of the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy told Arab News. , an autonomous research institute under the Indian Ministry of Finance.

Although this achievement is “a cause for celebration”, Bhanumurthy said GDP is only an economic indicator, adding that there are other aspects of economy and society on which India ” really have to focus.”

Economist Rajiv Kumar, former vice chairman of state-funded public policy think tank Niti Aayog, also said India still has a long way to go despite the country’s latest achievement.

“There was a time when India’s share of global GDP was greater than its share of population. Right now, we represent 16% of the world’s population and less than 4% of the world’s GDP,” he said.

“It’s time to congratulate us,” Kumar said. “But we have a long way to go and we have to keep working harder.”

Cinema ticket distribution rules – silive.com


Movie Ticket Contest (the “Promotion”)



A purchase will not improve the odds of winning.


You haven’t won yet.


By participating in this promotion, entrants agree and agree to be bound by these Official Rules. Any violation of these rules may, at Sponsor’s discretion, result in disqualification. All decisions of the judges regarding this promotion are final and binding in all respects.

1. PROMOTIONAL PERIOD. Promotion begins September 6, 2022 at 12:00 a.m. ET and ends September 19, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. ET (“Promotional Period”). Online entries must be received before the end of the promotion period.

2. ELIGIBILITY. This promotion is open to legal residents of New York who are at least 18 years old on the date of entry. Officers, directors, members and employees of the Sponsor, the judging organization (if any) or any other party associated with the development or administration of this Promotion, and immediate family (i.e. parents, children, siblings, spouse), and people residing in the same household, as these people are not eligible. This promotion is void outside of New York and where prohibited.

3. HOW TO ENTER. Followers of SILive.com Enter by visiting www.silive.com/entertainment during the Promotion Period and following the instructions for completing and submitting the entry form.

4. SELECTION AND NOTIFICATION OF WINNERS. Selection of winners will be made by random drawing from among all eligible entries on or to September 20, 2022 (the “Draw Date”). Any potential winner will be notified by mail, email and/or telephone. If a potential winner: (i) cannot be contacted; (ii) does not respond within two (2) days of the date Sponsor first attempts to notify; (iii) fails to return the Affidavit and Release as specified in Rule 9; (iv) declines the prize; and/or (v) the prize or prize notification is returned as undeliverable, such potential winner forfeits all rights to win the Promotion or receive the prize, and an alternate potential winner may be selected. After contacting a potential winner and determining that he or she has satisfied all of the eligibility requirements of the promotion, including, without limitation, execution of the required waivers, publicity and liability releases and clauses disclaimer, and, at Sponsor’s discretion, successful completion of a background check, such person will be declared a “winner” of the Promotion.

5. PRIZE DESCRIPTION. There will be one (1) winner. The prize is two (2) movie tickets for the winner and one (1) guest, two (2) total pieces of gifts/apparel, and one (1) $200 gift card to the winner for any future purchases at Alamo Drafthouse, located at 2636 Hylan Boulevard, Suite 230, Staten Island, NY 10306 on Monday, September 26, 2022 (ARV $300). The total approximate retail value of the prize is $300.00. Alcohol not included. Transportation, accommodation and other costs not included.

6. TAXES. All federal, state and/or local and other taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the winner.

7. ODDS OF WINNING. The odds of winning this promotion depend on the number of eligible entries received.

8. NO PRIZE TRANSFER OR SUBSTITUTION. No prize or part thereof is transferable or redeemable for cash. No substitution of prize except by Sponsor, in which case a prize of equal or greater value will be substituted.

9. CONSENT AND WAIVER. By entering the Promotion, each entrant releases and releases the Sponsor, judging organization (if any) and any other parties associated with the development or administration of this Promotion, their parent, subsidiary and affiliate companies, and each of their respective officers, directors, members, shareholders, employees, independent contractors, agents, representatives, successors and assigns (collectively, the “Sponsoring Entities”), from any and all liability whatsoever in connection with this Promotion, including, without limitation, legal claims, costs, injuries, losses or damages, demands or actions of any kind (including, without limitation, bodily injury, death, damage, loss or destruction of property, rights of publicity or privacy, defamation or misrepresentation) (collectively, “Claims”). Unless prohibited: (i) participation in the Promotion constitutes entrant’s consent, without further compensation, to use of entrant’s name, likeness, biographical data and contact information for editorial, publicity, marketing, publicity and administrative purposes by Sponsor and/or other persons authorized by Sponsor; (ii) acceptance of a prize constitutes a release by any winner of the Sponsoring Entities from all Claims in connection with the administration of this Promotion and the use, misuse or possession of any prize; (iii) any potential winner may be required to sign an Affidavit of Eligibility (including Social Security Number) and Liability/Publicity Release; and (iv) if the prize involves travel or activities, any potential winner and his/her travel companion (if applicable) may be required to execute Sponsor’s releases from all liability with respect to participation in such trips/ activities and/or use of the Prize. Sworn affidavits and duly executed waivers must be received by Sponsor within two (2) days of the date Sponsor first attempts to notify potential winner. Sponsor may conduct background checks to confirm any potential winner’s eligibility and compliance with these Rules. By participating, you agree to reasonably cooperate with any such background check. If the prize includes participation in a public event or publicity, or if the Sponsoring Entities intend to publicize the winner in any way, and if a background check reveals that a potential winner has adopted conduct that could damage the reputation or business of any Sponsor Entity, as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion, the potential winner may be disqualified and the prize may be awarded to an alternate winner.

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13. SPONSORSHIP. This Promotion is sponsored by Advance Local Media LLC, One World Trade, New York, NY 10007 (the “Sponsor”).

“Air bridge” for German tourists


Germany’s high demand for trips to Greece, together with the severity of the energy crisis and the low winter temperatures in Northern Europe are creating the conditions for the formation of an “air bridge” between the two countries in the months to come: The plan foresees Greek hotels catering to northern Europeans, mainly retirees, motivated by much lower heating costs, thanks to the milder climate, and the lower cost of living in general.

The initiative began to take shape this week when Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias visited Berlin. The major airlines and tourist organizations are evaluating the increase in the number of seats and airline beds available respectively.

Senior executives from airline groups Lufthansa and Condor and tour operators Der Touristik and TUI met with the Greek minister on Monday to discuss the plans. The Greek initiative is expected to be backed by a package of incentives to be announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis this weekend at the Thessaloniki International Fair.

The common point was that the extension of the tourist season can be implemented both in large urban centers (Athens, Thessaloniki) and popular holiday islands (Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Kos). The Greek side wants airlines to boost their winter flight schedule as well. This is possible because tour operators can offer accommodation packages as long as the operation of hotel units and restaurants can be ensured and the Greek National Tourism Organization is campaigning to attract European retirees.

Kikilias first met with Lufthansa Group Vice President and Head of International Business Relations Kay Lindemann and Eurowings Head of Public Affairs Vladimir von Schnurbein. Both carriers plan to increase their flights for the winter and next summer.

Vassilis Kikilias also met with Soren Hartmann, CEO of Der Touristik, who will contact airlines for optimal flight planning.

The German airline Condor was particularly interested in the Greek projects during a working lunch with Kikilias and will extend its flights until the end of November. A meeting on the same subject also took place with the head of TUI AG, Sebastian Ebel, and his team.

Why Greece is escalating tensions with Turkey


Experts believe Greece’s growing violations of Turkish airspace are part of a Western-sponsored agenda to accuse Turkey of pursuing an independent foreign policy.

While Turkey and Greece are both NATO allies, they have had a series of differences over the Cyprus dispute, the status of the Aegean islands as well as the recently discovered rich gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean.

The two states also fought a bloody war a century ago, when Greece suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Turkish forces. Since then, on different occasions, the two states have come close to clashing on several occasions.

More recently, bilateral tensions erupted when Greece dangerously deployed a military tactic of repeatedly locking down Turkish fighter jets in international waters. In the first eight months of this year, Greece violated Turkey’s airspace and territorial waters 1,123 times, according to Turkey’s National Defense Ministry.

But why would a state much smaller than Turkey resort to reckless methods?

Abdullah Agar, a Turkish security analyst, believes that Greece is acting on behalf of a Western political agenda to block Ankara’s independent political path in the Eastern Mediterranean region and other hinterland regions. geopolitical country of the country.

“I don’t think this problem is just related to Athens. In the last century, Greece was used by Western powers to deepen a geopolitical death,” says Agar. World TRT, referring to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, which the Greeks attempted to exploit to gain more territory across present-day Türkiye. But under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Turkish War of Independence (1919-1922) put an end to Greek dreams for good.

“In the 21st century, this time the Greeks are being used to prevent or delay a geopolitical birth,” says Agar, referring to the reinvigorated rise of the Türkiye in the volatile Eastern Mediterranean regions of the Middle East under Recep’s leadership. Tayyip Erdogan.

The Turkish drillship Yavuz is escorted by the Turkish Navy frigate TCG Gemlik (F-492) in the eastern Mediterranean Sea off the island of Cyprus on August 6, 2019. (Reuters)

Western political agenda

Such macho posturing has increasingly exposed Greece’s inability to act responsibly towards its neighbour, according to Agar. “Greece was used by them (Western powers) as a proxy state against Turkey,” he says.

Last month, as Greece brazenly used the Russian S-300 air defense system by locking in on Turkish warplanes, Ankara-Athens relations hit a new low.

Greece activated Russian-made S-300 systems at a time when Turkish jets accompanied a flight of US B-52 bombers near Crete, a Greek island in the Mediterranean, according to Ankara.

Following the incident, Türkiye forwarded his complaints to Brussels, where the NATO command is located. But NATO and the alliance’s leading force, the United States, have yet to issue a statement condemning Greece’s use of the Russian air defense system against an ally during the joint reconnaissance mission of the covenant.

While the United States has been harshly critical of Türkiye’s purchase of S-400s, its silence is particularly notable in the face of recent incidents.

“While Greek S-300s are excluded from the CAATSA (Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act), the application of these sanctions to S400s in Turkey is in fact a double standard of the United States,” says Ulas Pehlivan, military analyst and former Turkish army officer.

“It means discrimination against Turkey,” Pehlivan said. TRT World. CAATSA is a US law targeting countries like North Korea, Russia and Iran.

Beyond the S-400 issue, Turkey has also had disagreements with the West over other issues, including the US invasion of Iraq, during which Ankara denied US troops any space. on its territory that could have been used to attack the Middle Eastern state in 2003, according to Agar.

The analyst believes that tensions have continued on different fronts, from the unjust membership of the Greek administration in southern Cyprus in the EU, excluding Turkish Cypriots from the north, to Western support for northern Syria. YPG, an offshoot of the PKK terrorist group. who waged a decades-long campaign of terror against Turkey.

Agar also strongly believes there is a direct link between Greek aggression and Türkiye’s efforts to access gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean, where Ankara has disagreements with the West.

How can Turkey respond?

All of this has produced a Turkish “backlash and mistrust” against the West in Ankara, Agar says, pushing Türkiye to develop a partnership with Russia to resolve the Syrian conflict. “From this perspective, Greece, seeing the differences between Ankara and the West, wanted to be used by the Western bloc against Turkey in exchange for gain.”

“They calculate that because they are under Western protection, Turkey will not respond to Greek provocations,” says Agar, referring to current political thinking in Athens. But in a recent speech, in Samsun, a city on the Black Sea, where the Turkish war of independence against Greece began in 1919, Erdogan spoke out directly and forcefully against Greek aggression.

“When the time comes, we will do what is necessary. As we say, we might suddenly drop a night,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, using a line from a popular Turkish song about how the Turkish response might be to Greece’s provocative actions against Ankara.

“Look at history, if you go any further, the price will be heavy,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, referring to a number of military defeats that Greece and its predecessor states suffered at the hands of Turkish forces over the last millennium.

Erdogan’s speech came at a technology festival, Technofest, which showcased Ankara’s Bayraktar drones, a product that has proven itself in different battlefields, from Azerbaijan to Libya.

At Technofest, Türkiye unveiled its first unmanned warplane, Kizilelma (Red Apple), a name inspired by a Turkish mythological metaphor to follow a goal that keeps moving forward as you go. approach it.

“Given that Greece is forming a coalition of the willing in the region against Turkey in order to expand its interests regardless of Turkey’s national security concerns, it’s a huge gamble,” says Mehmet Emin Koc, Colonel at retired Turkish special forces and a security analyst.

“The Greeks should avoid this gamble in the name of sensible bilateral efforts to contain the lingering tension between the two countries,” Koc said. TRT World.

Source: World TRT

Mallorca struggles to compete on price with major destinations


In the UK and most of Northern Europe, it will be a very hard winter with everyone watching their national budgets to meet increased energy bills which can mean that holidays in 2023 will not be at the top of the priority listnot to mention last-minute holidays to the tastes of Majorca this winter.

The price will go up more than ever and the Balearics must watch their prices because competing destinations give the islands are run for their moneyaccording to the latest report from the Post Office.

Turkey and Bulgaria emerge as best value for money in this year’s price survey for meals, drinks and other essential tourism products in 36 destinations around the world. The collapse of the Turkish lira helped Marmaris overtake Sunny Beach, Bulgaria to take the top spot for the first time.

Prices are falling in both destinations but a drop of nearly 37 percent year-on-year in Marmaris, versus 5% in Sunny Beach, means Turkey has become slightly cheaper for UK visitors – although pennies separate the two. They are one of nine 10 best value destinations where prices are down from 2021 levels.

Europe continues to dominate the top 10. In third position after a one percent price drop, the Portuguese Algarve is again the cheapest in the euro zone – with costs 25 percent lower than the Costa del Sol (6th). A 15.2% drop in costs for Cyprus means that Paphos has fallen from 11th to 5th place in the table, overtaking the Spanish favorite, where prices fell only 2.2%. Sliema, Malta (9th) also entered the top 10 after registering a fall of 5.8%.

In fourth place, Cape Town, South Africa, remains the best value for long-haul holidaymakers, with prices down 1.6%. It is joined in the top 10 by Kenya, where a 5.9% drop in barometer costs saw Mombasa move up five places to seventh in the ranking.

Orlando, Florida (10th) makes its first appearance in the top 10 after seeing prices drop 10.1% year-on-year to more than 22% in two years.

Madeira completes the top 10 in eighth position, but prices have increased by more than 3%.
At the other end of the spectrum, Reykjavik, Iceland remains the most expensive destination surveyed, followed by Barbados and Dubai. All three saw price increases of more than 20%, with Dubai seeing its costs soar by a third.

The strength of the pound sterling against many currencies has proven to be decisive in helping to control costs. Once the British pound exchange rate is applied to local currency prices, UK visitors will pay less in half of the destinations studied.

Besides Turkey and Cyprusprices have fallen considerably year-on-year in Greece (Corfu down 15.4%). They are also down 11.8% in Phuket, Thailand and 6.5% in Darwin, Australia, destinations just opened to international visitors after two years of closure. Sharp price cuts at both resorts have combined with a buoyant pound to slash prices for Brits.

On the other hand, there was significant increases in some destinations – especially those whose currencies have risen against the pound. Prices in Sri Lanka are up 26%, while visitors from Mexico can expect to pay about 22% more in Cancun than a year ago.
The level of price decline over two years is even more marked.

Compared to March 2020, when the first lockdown was announced and travel to most countries was banned, Post Office research found prices are lowest now in two-thirds of destinations – with the biggest drop of more than 50% in Costa Rica.

Nick Boden, Head of Post Office Travel Money, said: ‘It will pay off to invest time in holiday homework as many people will not have traveled overseas in the past couple of years. They should be aware that prices have risen sharply in some destinations and fallen significantly in others. We advise you to make a list of destinations and compare costs before booking a trip”.

Visit Corfu in the fall to get up close to the island’s enchanting history


Monday 05 September 2022 14:27

The flight from Heathrow to Corfu flies over central Europe, then follows the Adriatic coast along the Balkans. While waiting to land at the airport next to Corfu town, the plane circles the island and, looking out the window, you know you are closer to Albania than to mainland Greece.

The surrounding sea – a brilliant turquoise blue in all directions – is a not-so-subtle reminder that until the 20th century every colonizer, from the ancient Greeks to the Venetians, from the Ottomans to the British, had to visit Corfu. on a boat. .

The extraordinary human history of Corfu led me to visit the island when the hordes of tourists were gone

Today’s arrivals are mostly flying, and I guess they’re more likely to be vacationers than gods or warriors. For most British tourists, Corfu is synonymous with sun, sand and sea. If you’ve read the myths of ancient Greece, however, or spent a period of confinement watching The Durrells on TV, you know that the island also has an incredibly rich history and cultural heritage.

Serene views in Corfu

And the good news is that the high summer season is over, and the boiled Brits, drunk on sunstroke and cocktails with paper umbrellas, have returned home, leaving the popular island relatively empty for us explorers lucky enough to able to visit during school term times. You’ll find beaches pleasantly bubbling with the energy of the locals, and many open-air bars and restaurants are still open until October, as the weather remains stable until then.

But I had more in mind than just stealing and flopping, as Corfu has an amazing and alluring history, much of it with British ties and it’s well worth getting off the deck chair for a day or two to explore. Corfu Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with Classical, Baroque and Renaissance buildings, palaces, fortresses and Orthodox churches.

This extraordinary human story drew me to the island. There are, after all, very few destinations where you can find 3,300 years of history in one place, let alone where the physical evidence of that history is so well preserved. In Gouvia, 5 km north of the town, the ruins of the medieval Venetian shipyard are dominated by the yachts moored in the modern marina.

Historical landscapes in Corfu

A similar distance south of Corfu Town you will find even more ancient wonders: the 6th century BC Temple of Artemis. AD, the oldest known Doric temple built entirely of stone; and its rough contemporary, the Kardaki Temple, accidentally discovered by British engineers during a water survey. My hotel, the Kontokali Bay Resort and Spa, was within walking distance of the Venetian Shipyard and overlooked the bay of Corfu Town.

Kontokali is an ideal base for an early morning sea swim and then a full day of sightseeing. The hotel shuttle dropped me off at the entrance to Corfu’s Old Fortress, which dominates the town’s skyline and is visible from afar on the coast. The fort is complex, with successive layers of construction, a testament to Corfu’s complex past. Founded by the Byzantines in the mid-6th century, most of the surviving fortifications are Venetian and date from 800 years later.

The Venetians did a good job: a cleverly constructed sea ditch was able to withstand three Ottoman sieges between the 16th and 18th centuries. Thanks to the height of the fortress, it is a superb place to stand and watch the old town. You see how everything falls into the water, and that despite the urban density and the hot and dry climate, there are still patches of bright green trees. The impact of these trees on air and surface temperature is remarkable.

The pool at Kontokali Bay Resort and Spa

In the height of summer, Corfu sweats in mid-30s or low-40s heat, and in the early afternoon, the sun is brutal. But the trees in the Spianada (the park’s main square) and the nearby Bosketo Garden, both just outside the gates of the old fortress, cast a cooling shade, especially pleasant when accompanied by a light breeze blowing from the sea.

I decamped for an hour in a café in Spianada next to the Liston, the fashionable fashion show modeled on the rue de Rivoli in Paris. I refreshed myself with a bottle of Alfa, a very drinkable Greek lager. Finished with my beer, I ventured up the north side of Spianada to the impressive Palace of St. Michael and St. George. The palace dates from the early 19th century, when it was built as the official residence of the British Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands, which includes Corfu.

It is reassuring to know that even if the season is gloomy, Kontokali Bay will only be a two hour flight away

When the British returned Corfu to the Greeks in 1864, the palace continued to be used by the Greek royal family. Four of the ground floor rooms have been restored and are open to the public, so you can take a peek at their lavish interiors, but the unexpected treasures are upstairs. The palace is home to the recently refurbished Corfu Museum of Asian Art, and the scale and quality of the temporary exhibitions and permanent collections are frankly surprising.

The old town spreads west from the palace, first in clearly planned parallel streets, then in a more labyrinthine network. It’s not big enough to get lost in properly, so might as well give yourself an hour or two to wander around happily and aimlessly before picking up a map.

A few minutes walk away, the old town hall opens onto the pretty M. Theotoki square. Whether you think you’re thirsty or not, stop here for a drink: on holiday, life should be lived slowly, and this is the perfect place to savor the Corfu Town vibe and indulge in the people watching. To the side and south of the square is Guilford, a very pretty, sun-drenched pedestrianized shopping street of pale yellow buildings, where bougainvillea peeks out from the walls.

It’s hard to imagine a place less like Guildford, Surrey, but it’s the perfect reminder that there really are aspects of Corfu that are Little-Englandon-Med. As schools resume and nights begin to fall, it’s reassuring to know that even though the season is dark, Kontokali Bay will only be a two-hour flight away. Swap the school run and fall leaves for a float in the Kontokali Pool, a boat ride along the coast, and a puffed meal at the resort’s Parea by the Sea restaurant, watching the sun go down behind you on Corfu.

Visit Corfu yourself

British Airways Holidays is offering seven nights, at the 5* Kontokali Bay Resort and Spa from £859 pp, traveling on select dates between May 1 and May 31, 2023 inclusive. Includes return economy class (Euro Traveller) flights from London Heathrow Airport, 23kg baggage allowance and accommodation with breakfast. Book at www.britishairways.com/greece

Stephanie Swanston, serial fraudster from Gateshead, starts again after a six-year break


A serial fraudster who once robbed almost everyone in her immediate family has returned to form after staying out of trouble for more than six years.

Stephanie Swanston was a regular in the courts and at ChronicleLive until 2014 after repeatedly stealing, scamming people out of cash or fraudulently claiming thousands of pounds in benefits. As previously reported, the 34-year-old once shamelessly raided the bank account of her elderly grandfather George, 75 at the time, to fly to Turkey.

On another occasion, the scammer pawned his own mother’s watches to get his hands on cash and on another claimed over £7,000 in carer’s allowance, forging the signature of his grandfather. She also used her sister’s name to make separate requests for payment.

Read more: Gateshead serial fraudster Stephanie Swanston invented an attack

After spending time behind bars, Swanston, who has at least 39 offenses on her record for fraud alone, appeared to turn her life around and stayed out of trouble for six years. However, in July and October 2020, the mom seemed to have found her old tricks.

Newcastle Magistrates Court heard Swanston defrauded two families out of money by advertising non-existent caravans for holiday hire online. She was found and confronted by one of the victims but only returned £100 of her money, prompting him to call the police.

Now Swanston, formerly of Gateshead but now living in Jubilee Terrace, Byker, has had the chance to prove his latest offense was just a blow after he admitted two counts of fraud and received a 12-month community order .

Prosecuting Saba Shan said: “On July 16, 2020 and October 9, 2020, the defendant advertised on Gumtree about caravans and caravans for hire from her. The first plaintiff paid £350, a second plaintiff paid £190, which was paid into either the defendant’s account or an account linked to it.

“The two complainants quickly realized that the advertisements were fake and that there were no trailers. They made contact with the defendant on several occasions. The first complainant managed to find the defendant until her home and confronted her. She refunded £100 of the money. She then insisted he give her more time to get the rest of the money.”

The court heard that the first victim called the police soon after the second, who did not reimburse Swanston for anything. However, he had received money from the Bank of Scotland.

Defending Peter Thubron said Swanston was “apologetic, embarrassed and remorseful”. He added: “There was a drug problem, which is now being treated and she is on methadone. She is now getting a lot of support.”

Also ordering Swanston to pay a total of £250 in compensation and £150 in costs, District Judge Kate Meek said: “It’s been a long time since you’ve committed any offences. I’ve read that you are doing very well and have made significant progress since then. . That, however, does not make these offenses any less serious.”

Read more:

Greece looks to the future with confidence and optimism – The Irish Times


Sir, – Having read the contents of “Letter from Greece – Old-style Greece has no chance of becoming truly developed” by Richard Pine, published by your esteemed newspaper on August 1, I would like to come back to a few -some of his remarks.

Mr. Pine’s views on Greece, while particularly sharp at times, are always intriguing and thought-provoking. After all, Mr Pine, who has lived in Corfu since 2001, witnessed Greece’s financial crisis, which lasted more than a decade, as well as the country’s major efforts to overcome obstacles and restore growth.

Mr Pine argues that Greece is both overdeveloped and underdeveloped, unable to adapt to developed EU countries.

The truth is that the inherent characteristics of the country (position, geography, population, history) also determine to some extent its financial, social, etc. dynamics.

It is indisputable that the protracted financial crisis (and the recent health crisis) has led to serious social and economic consequences, such as rising unemployment, shrinking welfare state, cutting wages and pensions and services negatively impacted social. , health and education.

However, despite the repercussions, the Greek economy has recovered well since the Covid-19 pandemic, better than many other European states. The European Commission’s recent forecast for the Greek economy predicts GDP growth of 3.5% in 2022 and 3.1% in 2023.

Collecting taxes is a tough job for every state’s economy and Greece is certainly no exception.

In an effort to streamline the tax system, tax returns in Greece are now submitted through the Independent Revenue Authority’s online system.

This ongoing digitization of political tools and public functions aims to minimize the problems of outdated means of governance and proves useful in eliminating the injustices of the past.

As mentioned above, health, education and social services suffered a sharp downsizing during the 12-year crisis.

However, the country’s health system has managed to cope with the enormous needs created by the recent health emergency and the extraordinary efforts of widely recognized health system actors. Some incidents that go against the dedication and commitment of the majority of health workers, such as cases of corruption, tax evasion and mismanagement, are dealt with quickly by the authorities. In the field of education, Greek universities offer free tuition, as do Greek public schools. Furthermore, the high quality of education offered is evidenced by the fact that several Greek universities rank among the best educational institutions in the world.

It is therefore not surprising that the phenomenon of “brain drain” hit Greece hard during the crisis years.

Today, one of the main objectives of the Greek government is to achieve “brain gain”, opening the way back to Greece for young scientists and scholars.

Greek culture and tourism are two inseparable concepts. The tourism sector, in particular, has grown considerably in recent years and represents a significant share of Greek GDP.

According to official sources, 2022 is expected to be a record year for the country, surpassing that of 2019 (pre-pandemic) in terms of tourist arrivals and revenue.

A sustainable tourism model, respectful of the environment and the local population, is what all countries should aim for, and Greece is already working in this direction. The National Action Plan for Greek Tourism 2030 is a fine example of the state’s intention to regulate the field of tourism fairly.

Digital connectivity in Greece is a new reality. While trying to meet the needs that have arisen due to the pandemic, the country has found itself in the midst of a digital transformation.

Thanks to the implementation of innovative policies developed by the Ministry of Digital Governance, almost all transactions between the State and citizens are currently provided online (i.e. issuance of official documents, orders digital medical records, tax certification, online payments, digital ID cards and driver’s licenses, etc.).

Furthermore, to respond to the complexity of certain issues, such as connectivity throughout the territory, a roadmap for an extended digitization format has already been drawn up.

Despite certain “old-fashioned” attributes and difficult Western aspirations, the Greeks also have superior qualities, the “filotimia” as Richard Pine puts it, the sense of dignity, self-esteem and, above all, honor.

The word filotimia or colloquially filotimo, cannot be translated. It just doesn’t exist in other languages. It can only be described and shared by someone who has experienced its essence, someone like Richard Pine.

As for the old-fashioned values ​​deeply rooted in the Greek mentality, they serve as a beacon, sometimes filling the void and keeping society intact.

Greece remains a modern country, proud of its past and embracing the future with confidence and optimism, claiming its place among developed countries in an ever-changing global environment.

Any objective observer would have no difficulty in noticing and reporting all the positive developments and trends mentioned above. – Yours, etc.,



Ambassador of Greece

in Ireland,

Greek Embassy,

Dublin 2.

UAE keen to engage with international partners to address global energy challenges: official


LONDON: Foreigners are being ordered by the Israeli Defense Ministry to notify the government if they fall in love with a Palestinian in West Bank territory under a series of new immigration rules.

If a foreigner marries a Palestinian, immigration restrictions mean they will have to leave after 27 months and cannot return for at least six months.

The new rules are expected to become law on Monday, with updated regulations published in a document released by the Israeli government.

The regulations include a request that foreigners notify Israeli authorities within 30 days of beginning a relationship with a Palestinian ID card holder.

There are also updated restrictions on Palestinian education, with new quotas on student visas and foreign lecturers capped at 150 and 100, respectively, but there are no similar limits for academics. Israelis.

The European Commission has expressed concern over restrictions on foreign students and scholars at Palestinian universities, which the BBC said were shared with the “highest levels” of the Israeli authorities.

Visas and visa extensions are also facing new restrictions as aid organizations and business groups warn that people are being barred from working or volunteering in the West Bank for long periods.

Speaking to the BBC, Jessica Montell, executive director of Israeli NGO HaMoked, said: “This is about demographic engineering of Palestinian society and isolation of Palestinian society from the outside world.”

HaMoked filed a lawsuit in the Israeli High Court against the regulations. His petition was joined by 19 people.

“They make it much more difficult for people to come and work in Palestinian institutions, to volunteer, to invest, to teach and to study,” Montell said.

The new 97-page “Cogat” order – referring to the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, a group within the Ministry of Defense – is titled “Procedure for entry and stay of foreigners in the Judea and Samaria region “.

The pamphlet, referencing biblical terms for the West Bank, was first published in February, but its introduction has been delayed

The BBC contacted Cogat, but did not respond to the UK broadcaster.

Elsewhere, Israeli authorities have defended the tougher restrictions on the grounds that they would enhance security.

Campaign group Right to Enter said the relationship limits “discriminatory, cruel and arbitrary practices by Israeli authorities” that would cause “tremendous humanitarian hardship” for foreign spouses, adding that it would lead to the forced separation of families in West Bank.

Foreign spouses of Palestinians in the West Bank have long faced a travel ban, which has left thousands living in limbo, unsure when their legal status will be confirmed.

Right to Enter said the new proposals “will formalize and worsen many of the existing restrictions”, adding that it will “force many families to move or stay abroad to maintain their family unit”.

T Magazine picks of the week


Movie: Father Stu

It’s not often that we see athletes leave the sport of their choice to dedicate their lives to serving God, but it’s the unlikely journey of Father Stu. Stuart Long (Mark Wahlberg), an amateur boxer from Montana, moves to Los Angeles where he suffers a near-fatal motorcycle accident. Long, who doctors tell he has inclusion body myositis, has no choice but to give up boxing. Based on a true story, this film is a must-watch for any fan of Wahlberg in what is already being dubbed his Oscar-worthy performance.

TV Show: Indian Matchmaking

This reality show created quite a buzz when it first hit Netflix during the pandemic. Indian matchmaker Sima, along with some of her memorable clients, made quite an impression on viewers. Now back for its second season, this show brings back some of Sima’s clients from last season while introducing new ones. If you’ve been drawn to Sima’s matchmaking world and invested yourself in her clients’ love lives, this season offers answers on whether or not they were able to find love. Fan-favorite Nadia as well as the controversial Aparna are among the returning cast this season.

Song: Hold Me Closer

Collaborating with music legend Elton John, Britney Spears released her first song in six years this week. hold me closer is highly anticipated by Spears fans following the end of her 13-year conservatorship. The song is a catchy, dancefloor-friendly version of John’s 1971 classic, little dancer. Produced by Andrew Watt and Cirkut, the song has the same positive energy as John’s last year. Cold heart successful collaboration with Dua Lipa, which was built on the elements of The Rocket Man. Celebrating Spears’ return, hold me closer serves as a “good time” song, which is perhaps an indication of its post-conservative mood.

Book: A taste of the Greek summer

Looking for a light book to take with you on your vacation or something to relax on the weekend? A taste of the Greek summer by Many Baggot is perfect for anyone who needs a break from reality. Lydia Blook writes about food after her dreams of becoming a chef were shattered. While on a mission in Greece, she meets local leader Thanos and soon sparks fly between the two. This latest summer romance from Baggot combines romance and culinary delights on the Greek island of Corfu. What could serve as a better escape?

Do you have something to add to the story? Share it in the comments below.

Greece and Russia are one step away from seizing the Turkish Strait


Well, Ankara seems extremely annoyed with recent events, as the Turkish Air Force was recently forced to withdraw from Greek airspace because Athens was about to start a full-fledged war.

However, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Turkey through its new theatricality again tried to heckle Russia and Greece. He still believes he can bring Greece to its knees. However, times have changed.

Therefore, it is pertinent that Turkey is now on the verge of losing control of the Turkish Strait forever, which means the end of the Montreux Convention is in sight!!

After saving face in Greek airspace, Turkey are now eyeing a resounding revenge. So, in desperation, Erdogan planned to attack the Greek economy.

According to Business Standard, Turkey has increased crossing fees through the Turkish Strait, which connects the Mediterranean and Black Seas, fivefold.

According to officials from the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the new crossing toll will come into effect on October 7.

According to reports, the crossing price has risen from around $0.8 to $4 per ton, which is a huge increase considering the amount of cargo passing through the strait. With that, revenue is expected to increase to $200 million per year from the current $40 million.

These straits have been in the crosshairs of the global media as they are actively used to ship Ukrainian grain around the world.

Turkey’s Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits offer a more efficient way to ship large quantities of goods across the region, and given its strategic importance, this was indeed a very smart move by Ankara as it explicitly targeted Greece and Russia with this action.

Let’s explain how.

Misuse of the Montreux Convention?

Turkey has a clear advantage in increasing the tolls of its strait thanks to the Montreux Convention.

Turkey has the right to charge ships passing through the Turkish Straits, the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles for service fees, including lighthouses, emergency preparations and other medical services.

Originally signed between Turkey, Greece, the USSR and seven others, the convention was part of a series of agreements in the 19th and 20th centuries, which addressed the long-standing question of who should control the ties strategic areas between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

However, Turkey with this decision intentionally targeted the debt-ridden Greek economy and Athens knows that Ankara abused the Montreux Convention due to the recent failure of Greek airspace. The nation is now openly rebuking Ankara’s recent maneuver.

Greek shipowners have slammed the Turkish government for its “sudden and outrageous” decision to raise the cost of shipping through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits.

Greek authorities also blamed Ankara’s “unexpected and unprecedented decision” for affecting the smooth functioning of trade and, by extension, maritime transport.

But, this decision has a major flaw, and honestly, Turkey may have called for the demise of the Montreux convention.

Push Greece and Russia to unite

The Turkish Strait has played a crucial role in international trade. especially for Russia and Greece. The route is ideally used to transport three million barrels per day, mainly from Russia.

The road also transports significant quantities of wheat from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia to international markets. Greece, meanwhile, relies on the crucial trade routes of the Turkish Strait.

After Turkey removed its barriers on the Turkish Strait, Russia had just started using them after a long journey. But Turkey has again created a major thorn. So Russia and Greece now have one more excuse to hunt down Turkey.

At this point, Moscow is in no mood to burden its economy with the toll hike. While Athens, in the grip of the crisis, has already expressed its reluctance to bow to the new theatricality of Ankara.

So what will eventually happen is that the Montreux Convention will be abandoned. Turkey’s dictates will not be followed.

It has been said many times before that Greece will not hesitate to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to isolating Turkey. While Russia is already discerned by the recent behaviors of Turkey. Thus, nations certainly have no shortage of excuses to fire any wood against “Mr. Khalifa:”.

For users of the strait, the Montreux Convention is destined to become a bone of contention. Greece has already been discouraged by Ankara’s despicable behavior, and now Russia is about to join the chorus. The nations are just one step away from capturing the Turkish Strait.

Ansh Pandey is the associate editor of TFI Global.

Pacific Islands church pastor convicted of molesting girls for two decades


The man was sentenced in front of a crowded public gallery of Auckland District Court. Photo / Nick Roseau

For years, a Pacific Islander church leader and business owner paid his salary to a young relative by putting money in her bra and fondling her breasts.

She was one of at least seven girls the man went after, using his position as pastor, uncle or employer to silence them for more than 20 years.

Today grown women, three of his victims stood outside a crowded public gallery at Auckland District Court on Friday and spoke about the damage caused by the man.

“I still have nightmares about what he did to me,” said a woman who was 10 when the pastor – her uncle – touched her breasts.

“I inadvertently gave him the deletion of his name for 20 years, and what did he do during that time?” she asked. “He abused more young girls.”

The man, now in his late 50s and whose name has been temporarily suppressed by the court, sat unresponsive in a dark suit and face mask throughout the hearing.

Court documents show the victim’s then 10-year-old grandmother lived next door to the man. The girl was visiting her grandmother when he brushed her breasts while hugging her.

On another visit a few weeks later, she was told to go to the man’s house to say goodbye when they left. She didn’t want to, but did it out of respect for her elders.

He was lying on the sofa eating, and when she went to greet him and give him a little hug, he kissed her and stuck his tongue in her mouth.

She faced the trauma alone and in silence for decades, she said, fighting back tears as she read her victim impact statement in court.

“I used to think about my cousins, his kids. I thought if I told my truth it would break their hearts,” she said.

“If I spoke my truth, my mother would lose her sister. I would be the reason my family is hurt and torn apart.”

Another victim, related to one of her family members, was 16 when the man entered her bedroom and grabbed her breasts as she slept.

He continued the assault despite her protests, and continued to touch her breasts and suck on her nipple.

She also worked for him part-time in the business he owned. For about four years, almost daily, he paid her cash by depositing the money in her bra, taking the opportunity to caress her breasts.

As recently as 2020, he again put his hand on her top while they were alone in a car. He didn’t stop when she told him and continued to touch her leg and upper thighs.

“We trusted him so much and he betrayed us all,” said another woman, who was pregnant when he touched her belly before moving his hands to her breasts.

The women’s statements about the impact of victims had commonalities – they feared being alone with men, especially male pastors.

They left the church and isolated themselves from the people they loved.

“Twenty-one years ago I confronted you and you denied it,” said one woman, her voice shaking. “Twenty years ago I reported it to the church and nothing was done.”

They spoke of the profound impact that delinquency had on their own children.

“My son usually stays home when I go to family events. He is not allowed to go to church,” said one victim.

She worries whenever her children, nieces or nephews are out of earshot or sight.

“I fear a pedophile will groom them. It’s exhausting to be afraid,” she said.

The man pleaded guilty earlier this year and was found guilty of eight counts of indecent assault against women under the age of 12 and between the ages of 12 and 16.

Four of the charges were representative, meaning the offenses occurred more than once.

Most of them involved touching the breasts of young victims between 2001 and 2020, but also touching the legs and kissing.

“Some may think well, all he did was run his hands over the breasts, over the clothes. Why should we care?” said Judge John McDonald.

“Well, we do. The courts do it and society does it. It’s not just what you did, but who you were. A man they all looked up to,” he said. .

The man’s solicitor, Paul Borich QC, said his client had made significant contributions to his Pacific island community which should not be dismissed despite his offence.

He also offered to pay $35,000 in reparations to be divided among the victims.

The man was sorry and wanted to personally apologize to his victims, but they refused to meet with him, Borich said. “He is truly and deeply remorseful.”

The victims said they did not believe his remorse was genuine, and the judge agreed, saying his acts and words of remorse were committed and told him to avoid jail.

“You were given the chance to confess. The victims told your family and your wife what you were doing. You denied it. They were not believed,” Judge McDonald said.

“It was time for remorse.”

He sentenced the man to two years and three months in prison, which comes with a registration as a child molester.

The victims’ statements all underscored the pressure they were under to say nothing, Judge McDonald said.

“If that had happened, you would go to your grave as a prominent member of the [Pacific Island] community, as a pastor…but only your god knew what you really looked like,” he said.

“A predator of young women.”

A hearing to determine the continued removal of the man’s name has yet to be set.

Aegean is adding even more cities to its super flight passes!


The popular AEGEAN Pass has just been upgraded with more destinations! This is a great flight pass for visiting Greece or many places in Europe!

Earlier this year, Aegean Airlines (the Greek national airline) rolled out the Aegean Pass – flight passes that you could buy that would give you a number of included flights. I bought one and am 2/3 full and have really saved a lot of money so far. Now Aegean has added even more destinations to these passes!

Aegean extends its Aegean Pass

Link: AEGEAN Pass

Let’s go right now – Aegean Airlines will sell you an AEGEAN Pass which includes 6 flights or 10 flight options. These work for specific routes and you will still need to pay airport taxes when redeeming them for a particular flight.

The price varies depending on how far you are comfortable booking. For example, you can choose a 30 day option, a 7 day option or even a 0 day option! This means that with the 0 day option you can decide on that day that you want to fly somewhere with your Pass (the “where” depends on the pass you purchased) here we go ! In fact, the AEGEAN Pass comes with last seat functionality – meaning if there’s one economy seat left, it’s yours!

What are the AEGEAN pass options?

Here are the original Pass options you can purchase:

  • Athens – London, Paris, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt, Geneva, Zurich, Larnaka (select Athens and one of these cities for a single-ride pass)
  • Thessaloniki – Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt (select Thessaloniki and one of these cities for a single-route pass)
  • Athens and Thessaloniki – Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Munich and Frankfurt (fly from Athens or Thessaloniki to any of these cities with the AEGEAN Pass: Germany)
  • Athens – Geneva and Zurich (fly from Athens to both cities as part of the AEGEAN Pass: Switzerland)
  • Athens – Tirana, Sofia, Bucharest, Belgrade (fly from Athens to all these cities as part of the AEGEAN Pass: Balkans)
  • Athens – Thessaloniki, Santorini, Mykonos, Chania, Heraklion, Rhodes, Corfu, Alexandroupoli, Mitilini (fly from Athens to any of these for a Single Route pass or to all as part of AEGEAN Pass: Greece)

Now Aegean has added even more options. Below you will only see new cities or new multi-destination passes.

  • Athens – Milan, Rome, Brussels
  • Thessaloniki – Larnaca

Here are the domestic destinations from/to Athens or Thessaloniki:

  • Athens – Kavala, Samos, Ioannina, Kefalonia, Chios, Kos
  • Thessaloniki – Chania, Heraklion, Kos, Mytilene, Rhodes
  • Athens (Greek pass) – Mykonos, Santorini, Mytilene, Chania, Heraklion, Alexandroupolis, Corfu, Rhodes, Thessaloniki, Kavala, Samos, Ioannina, Kefalonia, Lemnos, Chios, Kos
  • Thessaloniki (Greek pass) – Chania, Heraklion, Kos, Mytilene, Rhodes, Athens

The cost of these passes will start at the lowest price for 6 tickets with 30 days advance booking and will be the most expensive for 10 days to 0 days advance booking. In addition to the cost of the pass, you will also be required to pay airport taxes/fees when redeeming flights with your pass.

Other benefits of the AEGEAN pass

In addition to the fact that you have no blackout dates for your flights, you also get other benefits with every flight. If you book the 6-flight AEGEAN Pass, you get free standard seat selection (what would normally cost, the price depends on the flight) or 50% off initial seat selection.

If you upgrade to the AEGEAN 10-flight pass, you get a free standard or initial seat and a 30% discount on extra baggage. This could be great if you plan this for several trips to or around Greece in a year.

In addition, each AEGEAN Pass includes 1 piece of hand luggage and 1 personal item.

Changes, expiry and miles

Thus, you have 12 months to use the pass from the day of your purchase (which is part of why it’s such a great deal – Aegean knows some of the passes will go unused). If you need to change a flight date after booking a flight with your pass, you can do so for free. You get unlimited edits for free. But, your change must coincide with your pre-selected advance purchase time. This means that if you purchased the 30-day advance purchase package, you cannot change a flight so that you depart 5 days from now.

As for miles, this could be a huge advantage for people who still have Aegean Gold or Silver, as it allows you to earn award and tier miles on every flight. Miles are awarded at the maximum level for Economy Class Flex treatments. So let’s say you buy London – Athens with 30 days notice and 6 flights. This will cost you €468 (plus any airport taxes). You will earn from 2,242 miles every flight. That would total over 12,000 miles and give you 6 Aegean flights, which is more than enough to keep Aegean Gold for another year. So you can do it just by buying and stealing a Pass!

Is the AEGEAN Pass a good deal?

For anyone who likes to travel to Greece AND if you live in Europe, I think the AEGEAN Pass is a great deal for you. The reason for this is that you don’t need to shop cheap, but instead you can buy something like a 6 flight pass and know that you will have 3 round trips to Greece in the next 12 months. Considering what flights can cost in the summer, this could be a big deal!

If you plan to spend time in Greece, for example Athens, having the Greek flight option could be a great way to base yourself in Athens and then bounce around all the different islands. Purchasing a 10-flight pass would allow you to take 5 separate trips to various locations on the island. Again, in the summer it could be very expensive, but you would be paying a flat rate at this time.

For all those wishing to renew Aegean Gold (which is half the miles needed if you can fly 4 Aegean flights), it’s an easy way to enter those flights now. Yes, you still have to fly them, but if you don’t know when you’ll be in Greece and prefer to prepay now, grab a 6-pack and then bounce when you’re in Greece.

But remember that airport fees are extra. Depending on the airports you use, this could be important So be sure to check when booking a mock reservation on Aegean to check the airport charges in advance. I checked on my pass and the airport taxes departing from Thessaloniki are €19 and departing from Athens are €31.

Also remember that the AEGEAN Pass only works for one person. If you are traveling as a couple, you will each have to buy a pass (or the other person could just buy their tickets and not have to buy a pass – they wouldn’t have to buy a pass just to fly with you).

I highly recommend that you consider purchasing an AEGEAN Pass: Greece if you are planning a trip to Greece in the summer. Tickets from Athens to the islands can be very expensive in the summer and this pass will get you around for a good price. delivery.

Plus, it gives you a great excuse to discover other islands you might not have considered before, with these new additions to the Aegean Pass. I’ll be buying another one soon, so I can’t wait to experience some of these islands for myself!

Some of the links on Running with Miles are affiliate links that pay a commission if a purchase is made. Running with Miles is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

Earthquakes hit the islands of Samos and Lefkada


Two earthquakes of magnitude 5.3 and 4.7 shook the eastern Aegean island of Samos on Wednesday (Greek time), but no injuries or damage to structures were reported, indicated the Greek authorities.

The largest quake struck at 1:10 p.m., about 14 minutes after the first, the Athens Geodynamic Institute said.

Both had their epicenters in the sea 22 kilometers (14 miles) southwest of Samos, ANA-MPA reported.

The Samos fire department and local authorities said they had received no reports of injuries or damage.

The Samos earthquakes are believed to have occurred hours after a magnitude 4.3 quake shook the island of Lefkada in the Ionian Sea early on Tuesday.

According to the National Observatory of Athens (NOA), the earthquake at 6:49 a.m. struck at a focal depth of 16.5 kilometers near the village of Vasiliki.

Earlier, the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC) reported that the earthquake struck at the same location at a very shallow depth of two kilometers and had a magnitude of 5.2 on the Richter scale.

In 2020, a stronger earthquake struck Samos and the nearby Turkish coast, killing two high school students on the island and at least 75 people in Turkey, where more than 1,000 were injured.

In 1999, a major earthquake that hit the Athens capital killed 143 people.

Best Greek Islands: 20 Greek Islands to Visit in 2022


When we say the words “best Greek islands”, you probably think of the big names in Greece that fill your Instagram feeds every summer with their flawless sunsets, sandy beaches and turquoise waters: Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Zakynthos (Zante). Yes, these are popular islands for a reason; namely, that they are incredibly beautiful. But what if we told you that they are just a snapshot of the wondrous, almost mythical beauty that the Greek islands – all over 200 – have to offer?

From Karpathos to Tonis, the islands of the Dodecanese, Cyclades, Ionians and Sporades are home to some of Greece’s best-kept secrets (and worst cough cough Mamma Mia), with pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, ancient ruins, coves and caves to explore, lively nightlife and mouth-watering local cuisine – minus the crowds.

So here’s our edit of the best Greek islands with some of the best beaches in Europe – and where to stay on each, whether you’re looking for a hotel or an Airbnb option. From a five-star luxury hotel that just opened in Santorini, to a traditional stone house with its own private pool in Euboea, to a rustic farm stay in Samos, here’s where you need to book for your next holidays…

Learn more about the GLAMOR Website Director Ali Pantonyfollow her on Instagram @alipantony.

Cocaine and Cash: Police Make Largest Drug Seizure in Detachment History in Quesnel

Five men were arrested in a commercial car park near Newman Road on Saturday August 27. (Photo Rebecca Dyok – Quesnel Observer)
Quesnel RCMP recently seized less than five kilograms of cocaine, $92,900 in cash and 15 firearms.  (RCMP Photo)Quesnel RCMP recently seized less than five kilograms of cocaine, $92,900 in cash and 15 firearms. (RCMP Photo)

A drug trafficking investigation resulted in the largest drug seizure to date for the Quesnel RCMP.

According to a press release, five men were arrested after the Quesnel Crime Reduction Unit (CRU) executed search warrants at three homes and seized a large amount of cocaine, cash and fire arms.

The suspects were arrested on Saturday August 27 in a commercial parking lot near Newman Road in Quesnel.

Following the arrest, three search warrants were executed at properties on Ash Street, Eagle Road and Pollard Road.

Police seized just under five kilograms of cocaine, $92,900 in cash and 15 firearms.

“The amount of cocaine and cash seized during this investigation speaks to the massive volume of illicit drugs this group was distributing in the area,” said CRU Cpl. Matt Isaac. “By confiscating 15 firearms from this criminal network, we were able to reduce the risk of violence, which is also associated with drug trafficking.”

During the investigation, UCR Quesnel received assistance from units based in Williams Lake and Prince George, including the Combined Forces Special Law Enforcement Unit (CFSEU), the National Weapons Enforcement Support Team (NWEST), Quesnel General Investigation Section, Cariboo Crime Reduction Unit and Dog Services (PDS).

“This investigation has resulted in the largest drug seizure for the Quesnel RCMP,” said Quesnel RCMP Detachment Commander Master Sgt. Richard Weseen, adding that partnering with other assisting police units was crucial to success.

“Quesnel’s Crime Reduction Unit remains committed to reducing community harm by targeting drug and property offenders who commit crimes for their own personal gain.”

The five men were released.

The RCMP has announced that it will recommend charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking, possession of proceeds of crime and firearms to the Public Prosecution Service.

Do you have anything to add to this story, or anything else we should report? E-mail: [email protected]

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Elon Musk loses 20 pounds via intermittent fasting, but research questions the benefits of the trend


After being shamed on Twitter when he was photographed shirtless in July, Elon Musk says he has lost 20 pounds after trying intermittent fasting.

In a tweet posted sunday, Musk said he started the practice on the “advice of a good friend” and felt healthier. Musk’s height focus began after he was photographed in the Greek islands. Even his father chimed in via Australian radio, saying he told his son to take a weight loss supplement.

Musk said he used a weight loss app called Zero to help him lose weight.

Intermittent fasting, which involves switching between fasting and eating on a regular schedule, has grown in popularity in recent years among people trying to lose weight, especially in Hollywood. One of the most common methods of intermittent fasting is to fast daily for 16 hours or fast for 24 hours, twice a week.

The strategy has helped some people lose weight, but a 2020 study found potential pitfalls with the practice. The study, led by Dr. Ethan Weiss, a cardiologist at the University of California, San Francisco, and published in JAMA Internal Medicine, found that fasting could be dangerous for people with a history of eating disorders and was more likely to cause muscle loss. .

In fact, 65% of the total weight loss of people who fasted in the study came from muscle mass. People who followed a more typical low-calorie diet saw muscle mass account for 20-30% of the weight loss.

Both groups lost a small amount of weight during the study. The fasted group lost slightly more, but the difference was not enough to be statistically significant.

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How to avoid Australia’s most common travel insurance mistake


The last thing you want is to shell out a hefty bill for lost luggage, canceled flights, or medical bills while on your trip.

If there’s anything Covid and the recent outbreak of travel chaos has taught us, it’s the importance of travel insurance.

There have been some pretty chaotic scenes at airports around the world in the past six months following the pandemic – with flight delays and cancellations and one of the most common issues, lost luggage.

However, according to Gary Hunter, travel insurance expert at Australian comparison site Finder, while very frustrating, it’s also something travel insurance can cover.

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But it’s not just that. He said anything can go wrong, such as accidents and health issues, where travel insurance can play an important role.

‘Healthcare costs abroad will be expensive, and certainly not something you want to worry about while on holiday,’ Mr Hunter told news.com.au.

“A basic insurance policy can cost between $10 and $20 a day,” Hunter said.

“You can get a cheaper rate by increasing your deductible, but you’ll end up paying more if you have to make a claim. For example, if you lose your luggage, you will have to pay the excess when claiming it.

Best time to buy travel insurance

Too often, one of the biggest mistakes Australians make is relying on buying cover at the last minute.

“You should get travel insurance as soon as possible after booking your trip,” Hunter advises. “That way, if something happens before you leave – for example, you get sick, you get injured or a close family member gets sick – you’ll be covered for cancellation costs.

“Additionally a few suppliers will not accept Covid related claims within 21 days of your trip.

One of the most common questions people ask is “what is the right coverage for me?” – to which Mr Hunter said: ‘A basic insurance policy can cost between $10 and $20 a day and will cover you for unlimited medical expenses if you travel abroad.’

But he warned “not much else”.

“For example, it usually doesn’t cover cancellation fees or lost luggage. You’ll need a more comprehensive policy if you want coverage for that,” he said.

“There are over 20 travel insurers that now include cover for Covid-related expenses. This may include payment of medical expenses, trip reorganization or cancellations, and additional accommodation.

He said as an example, it can cover you if you catch Covid while traveling and need to reschedule your flight home and pay for additional accommodation.

It comes as Australian Michelle Armenis has urged fellow Australians to take out travel insurance and check their policy “carefully” after her husband Babis suffered a stroke and a serious fall in Greece.

Babis was in the countryside visiting his elderly mother when he suddenly found himself in a hospital in Corfu to undergo brain surgery.

His son Nik said Sky News he managed to bring his father home to Australia, but at a ‘huge expense’ and the family now needs financial help as the bills ‘keep climbing’.

Hospital bed charges

The United States is known to have expensive healthcare and because of this it increases the cost for tourists who are not covered by an insurance plan and end up in the hospital.

Australians can shell out an average of $1,279 for a stay in a hospital bed in New York, 45 times the cost of an insurance policy, according to Finder.

The figures were based on people aged 30 with Finder analyzing the price of a hospital bed versus a travel insurance policy for a week-long trip in July.

He found a stark price difference between the two, revealing that staying in hospital costs on average 44 times more than a travel insurance policy in the top 10 travel destinations for Australians.

Love Island’s Davide Sanclimenti ‘shares a taxi with two blondes after partying all night’


Love Island’s Davide Sanclimenti ‘is seen getting into a taxi with two Icelandic beauties after a night of partying in London’ while his girlfriend Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu is out in Los Angeles

  • The Italian hunk, 27, was joined by a pal as they got into a taxi with the girls after watching the KSI fights at London’s O2 Arena.
  • The Love Island star was reportedly spotted chatting and laughing with the duo, who sat next to him during the fight, before driving off together in a cab.
  • Elsewhere, Ekin-Su, 28, is currently working on a ‘top secret’ project in America
  • Latest news and updates on all your favorite Love Island contestants

Davide Sanclimenti reportedly left a night out with two Icelandic beauties in London on Saturday, while his girlfriend Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu was away in Los Angeles.

The Italian hunk, 27, was joined by a pal as they got into a taxi with the girls after watching the KSI vs. Swarmz and KSI vs. Pineda fights at the O2 Arena.

Elsewhere, Ekin-Su, 28, is currently working on a “top secret” project in Beverly Hills after landing in America earlier this week.

Busy night: Davide Sanclimenti, 27, reportedly left a night out with two Icelandic beauties in London on Saturday, while his girlfriend Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu worked in Los Angeles

In images obtained by The sunthe Love Island star was joined by Anita Gunnarsdottir and Matthildur Ylfa Þorsteinsd – who sat next to him during the fight.

He was reportedly spotted chatting and laughing with the duo as they left the venue before sharing a cab together.

MailOnline has contacted representatives for Davide and Ekin-Su for comment.

Pals: In footage obtained by The Sun, the Love Island star was joined by Anita Gunnarsdottir (left) and Matthildur Ylfa Þorsteinsd (right) – who sat next to him during the fight

Pals: In footage obtained by The Sun, the Love Island star was joined by Anita Gunnarsdottir (left) and Matthildur Ylfa Þorsteinsd (right) – who sat next to him during the fight

Ekin-Su and her boyfriend Davide won Love Island earlier this month with 63.7% of the public vote.

Elsewhere, Ekin-Su took to Instagram to tease her 2.8 million followers about a secret project she’s been working on in Los Angeles.

The brunette beauty shared a photo of what her morning wake-up looked like and tagged her location saying she was in Beverly Hills, California.

Amusing: He was reportedly spotted chatting and laughing with the duo as they left the venue before the group shared a taxi

Amusing: He was reportedly spotted chatting and laughing with the duo as they left the venue before the group shared a taxi

The glamorous journey including sunbathing by a luxurious pool as she captioned the morning snap with ‘Hello LA’.

She said in the video “Super excited omg I look American now not cool but no yeah I’m excited to shoot now first location on the road.”

Later that evening, the beauty took to her Instagram Story for one last time to share a teaser video about the project for her fans.

Pretty in pink: Elsewhere, Ekin-Su took to Instagram to tease her 2.8million followers about a secret project she's been working on in Los Angeles

Pretty in pink: Elsewhere, Ekin-Su took to Instagram to tease her 2.8million followers about a secret project she’s been working on in Los Angeles

She can be spotted in her luxurious hotel room adorning the same pink dress and captioned the video with ‘What a day…I can’t wait to show you all very soon…’

It comes after Ekin-su signed the biggest clothing deal in the show’s history with brand Oh Polly, MailOnline can exclusively reveal.

The Love Island star was ‘inundated with offers’ from several retailers following her landslide victory with Davide, but wanted to ‘follow her heart’ by signing with a company that believes in her.

A source has told MailOnline that the ITV2 champion, who won the £50,000 cash prize after garnering 63.7% of the public vote, is ‘ecstatic’ and having ‘the week of her dreams’.

Los Angeles Time: She said in the video:

Los Angeles Time: She said in the video, “Super excited, I look American now, not cool, but no, I’m excited to shoot now, first location on the road”

The Curfew by TM Logan, The Siege by John Sutherland, The Summer Trip by Isabelle Broom, My Unapologetic Diaries by Joan Collins


Janet Gordon, who lives in Takeley, reviews bestsellers and early fiction for India…

I was so looking forward to this week for the whole family to decamp to the seaside – including Rollo the dog – for a week’s vacation.

And, of course, the first packing item I do is pick out my holiday books. Am I obsessed? I don’t think so, but since I never know exactly what I want to read, I tend to get overwhelmed (husband shouts “and that’s why I insisted on buying you a Kindle !”).

But since we’re just going to the seaside, I feel allowed to pack as many books as I can – and I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I often read two or three books at a time.

The Curfew by TM Logan (Zaffre £8.99)

Browsing Netflix the other night I came across the TV adaptation of The Holiday based on TM Logan’s novel which was released in 2019. If you haven’t seen it, it’s compulsive viewing and my husband and I had to stop staying up all night to binge watch it. (Don’t tell him, but I watched the last episode while he was busy in his man cave).

So when I was offered Logan’s latest, The Curfew, for review, I simply had to start it immediately. Logan is billed as the “master of the all-night thriller” and OMG, the blurb is telling the truth. I literally sat up all night to finish this.

Connor has a midnight curfew and texts his parents to say he’s home. Only he is not. He has been friends since birth with his cousin Zac, who lives nearby. And at the back of their houses are the woods – by day eminently nice, but at night…

The group – now five of them including two girls, one of whom is the object of Connor’s devotion – party in the woods until Connor’s curfew to celebrate the end of school, but only four come out.

Connor’s father is a GP, a pillar of the community, and when it’s discovered who hasn’t come home, Connor shuts up and makes “no comment”. Because for Connor, telling the truth just isn’t an option. And it wasn’t Connor who slept in that house.

The Curfew by TM Logan (Zaffre £8.99) (58752190)

Curfew is simply compulsive reading. You can’t let go, you have to keep turning the pages, but you don’t want it to end. This is quite simply one of the best thrillers I’ve read this year.

TM Logan’s other novels are Lies, 29 Seconds, The Holiday, The Catch, Trust Me and, coming in 2023, The Mother.

John Sutherland’s Seat (Orion £16.99)

This is the first novel (he has written non-fiction books before) by John Sutherland, who was a Met Police officer for over 27 years before becoming Borough Commander of Southwark. During this time, he was an experienced hostage and crisis negotiator.

Siege capitalizes on all of its experiences over those years with an insider’s perspective on how traumatic it can be to deal with a terrorist, with the ultimate goal of getting each of the hostages out – and, of course. , the author – safe.

John Sutherland's Seat (Orion £16.99) (58752188)
John Sutherland’s Seat (Orion £16.99) (58752188)

Terrorist Lee is convinced that a UK without illegal immigrants is the only way, so he plots, plots and takes hostages from a small church community. One of the hostages is a woman of color, Grace, the daughter of an “illegal immigrant”, which is the very antithesis of how Lee thinks of “immigrants”. This is a masterful first novel.

Having been caught in the Balcombe Street siege in 1975 when the IRA tried my locked door, I know exactly how scary a siege can be. A few things that are still stuck in my head hear the sound of running footsteps and my front door rattles (thank goodness it was locked) and looks out the window to see armed police officers pointing guns at my window (c was around 10 p.m.).

Later the next day, with all the blockages in place and dozens of journalists all standing behind the tape, the police came to me and ordered that we were not to stand in front of the tall Georgian windows because the cameras looked like machines . guns and we were in direct line with the hostages’ apartment. So we had to crawl everywhere!

The BBC had offered me money if they could use my flat, with its wonderful view, and to be honest my ex-husband was terminally ill in hospital and I just couldn’t refuse the amount of money they were offering.

And, because it was so scary to be alone with a toddler, it was kind of nice to have a very gracious BBC reporter to keep me company. Thus, all the images broadcast on television came from my living room.

But back to the books…

The Summer Journey by Isabelle Broom (Hodder £7.99)

Having not been abroad since lockdown and no longer wanting to leave Rollo in kennels, I am refueling ‘abroad’ by reading information about other people vacationing in foreign climes.

The summer trip takes place in Corfu where younger sister Mattie lives and eldest Ava spent the summer.

Mattie is married to Niko, whose family owns a terrific Greek restaurant in a sleepy hamlet and who owns a gorgeous villa high up in the hills overlooking the warm waters of the bay. The youngest sister Olivia lives in Thailand.

The Summer Journey by Isabelle Broom (Hodder £7.99) (58752186)
The Summer Journey by Isabelle Broom (Hodder £7.99) (58752186)

Ava had a summer romance and has since refused to set foot in Corfu. There’s also a set of scheming parents determined to end this family feud.

Can you see where the author is coming from? Yes, it’s kind of a familiar plot, but laced with humor, drama, lyrical descriptions, regrets and misunderstandings. Oh, and a stubborn teenager.

I absolutely loved it. I read it in the moonlight in a warm garden with purple gin and lemonade and pretended to be there.

My Unapologetic Diaries by Joan Collins (Weidenfeld & Nicolson £9.99)

And to someone renowned for her glamour, the wonderfully gorgeous Joan Collins.

Before he retired, my husband (not the terminally ill one!) was a black cab driver in London and often had this sensational woman in his cab.

Between 1989 and 2006, Ms. Collins’ diaries are full of gossipy anecdotes and insider stories about TV, movies and travel, and are full of names you’ll recognize (and only a few you won’t). ).

My Unapologetic Diaries by Joan Collins (Weidenfeld & Nicolson £9.99) (58752192)
My Unapologetic Diaries by Joan Collins (Weidenfeld & Nicolson £9.99) (58752192)

And, of course, she writes about meeting the love of her life, Percy.

This woman makes everything seem effortless – here she tells you it’s not.

The winner of the Awesomely Austen contest, in Janet’s July 27 column, was Natalie Hogg.

10 Best Dodecanese Islands


When travelers go to Greece to relax on the Greek islands, they often head to popular island chains like the Cyclades (Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, etc.) or the Ionian Islands (Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, etc.). However, there is a lesser-known group of Greek islands called the Dodecanese, off the coast of Turkey, with stunning blue waters, quaint towns, fewer crowds and lower prices. Consider these 10 Greek islands for your next vacation.

ten cos

Kos is a stunning island in the Dodecanese, with historic Roman and Greek monuments and a plethora of sandy beaches. The main attractions to visit in Kos include Neratzia Castle (built in the 15th century), the ruins of the Ancient Agora and the villa Casa Romana (built in the 3rd century). Visit the Hippocrates plane tree, which is linked to the father of medicine, and relax on popular beaches like Lambi and Psalidi Beach.

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9 Patmos

Patmos is one of the northernmost islands of the Dodecanese and has significance for those who believe in Christianity. The Cave of the Apocalypse on the island is rumored to be where the New Testament Book of Revelations was written by John of Patmos. Saint John is an important historical figure on the island, so visitors should also visit the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian during their stay. The former Greek Orthodox monastery is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Besides a long and interesting history, Patmos offers visitors beautiful beaches like Paralia Lampi, Psili Amos and Petra Beach to relax. Don’t miss the windmills of Patmos, which are stunning at sunset.

8 Leros

Located close to Patmos, Leros is a laid-back island in the Dodecanese known for its impressive medieval castle of the Knights of St. John. The castle is probably built on a Byzantine fortress. The main reason to visit Leros is that it is one of the last Greek islands that is largely untouched by tourism and outside influence. Here, travelers will experience authentic Greek culture and cuisine at its best.

seven astypalaia

Astypalaia is the westernmost island of the Dodecanese and is an idyllic destination with whitewashed houses and turquoise blue waters surrounding sandy beaches. The island is unique in that it has two distinct sections, Mesa Nisi (inner island) and Exo Nisi (outer island). Chora is the port city and capital of the island and is a charming hilltop town with stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Visit Astypalaia Castle and the Archaeological Museum to learn more about the island’s history. Afterwards, relax on Kaminakia or Livadi Beach – travelers might even have these beaches to themselves.

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6 Kalymnos

Kalymnos sits between Leros and Kos, so for travelers with a week-long window to island hop, these islands are the perfect trio. History buffs can visit the Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos to learn more about the island or check out the sponge factory, which is an important part of Kalymnos’ economy. Drive down Masouri Beach Road by rental car or quad for stunning views of the Aegean without any other tourists.

5 Symi

Symi is a bustling island known for its colorful neoclassical houses that line the coast. The island hosts an annual music festival every summer. It is one of Greece’s biggest art events every year and has taken place in July, August and September since 1995. The village’s pastel buildings aren’t Symi’s only impressive architecture; travelers can explore the Holy Monastery of Saint Archangel Michael the Panormitis, which is a well-preserved convent with an affordable entrance fee. Visit the Folklore Museum or swim at one of the many beaches, such as Sesklio or Agia Marina.

4 Karpathos

Karpathos is the second largest of the Dodecanese islands and is located in the southeast of the Aegean Sea. Surrounded by stunningly blue waters, Karpathos is perhaps one of the best Greek islands for a day at the beach. The beaches of Apella, Achata, Damatria, Lefkos and Amoopi are calm and accessible. Visit the town of Menetes, where the white houses perched on the cliffs overlook the sea below. It is also worth visiting the once isolated village of Olympos, which is more colorful than Menetes.

3 Halki

Halki is a small island in the Dodecanese with a hilly, hilly landscape and secluded beaches inaccessible by car. Travelers should walk to these shoreline areas and enjoy a dip away from the rest of the island. There’s a good mix of upmarket villas and open-air bars near the port town of Nimborio, where ferries arrive from Athens and other islands. Besides the beautiful beaches to explore, travelers will want to visit Monolithos Castle, which is a site of medieval ruins on a hilltop.

2 Rhodes

Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese and is located closer to mainland Turkey than mainland Greece. The highlight of Rhodes (besides its beaches) is the medieval old town which has charming cobbled streets and around 6,000 inhabitants. There are many historical sites to explore in Rhodes, including the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, the seaside Colossus of Rhodes, the Acropolis of Rhodes and the Street of the Knights of Rhodes.

1 Tilos

Tilos is growing in popularity but remains a hidden gem in the Aegean Sea. This small Greek island is located between Rhodes and Kos and has quiet beaches for swimming and sunbathing, including Despoti Nero and Skafi Beach. Travelers can visit Charkadio Cave, located south of the main town, Megalo Chorio. Megalo Chorio is the capital of the island. It has about 250 inhabitants and traditional style stone houses. The quaint village is the perfect place to stay while exploring the island for a few days.

Pacific.scoop.co.nz » Four cash grants awarded to support local writers


Press release – New Zealand Society of Authors

The 2022 Copyright Licensing New Zealand and New Zealand Society of Authors Te Puni Kaituhi O Aotearoa (PEN NZ Inc) Research Grants have been awarded to four Aotearoa writers. The $5,000 grants support local writers who wish to undertake research…

The 2022 Copyright Licensing New Zealand and New Zealand Society of Authors Te Puni Kaituhi O Aotearoa (PEN NZ Inc) Research Grants have been awarded to four Aotearoa writers.

The $5,000 grants support local writers who want to undertake research for a fiction or non-fiction writing project.

The selection board, Deborah Challinor, David Eggleton and Lana Lopezireceived 61 applications and declared “The quality of applications this year is very high. Overall, the candidates and their applications demonstrated enthusiasm, talent, skill and dedication to the art and craft of writing, which is a hugely encouraging testimony to the current vigor of Aotearoa’s creative sector in New Zealand.

The wide range of topics presented in the entries included: local history, geology, family history, sport, death, biography, impact of colonization, climate change, Maori history, colonial history, way of life, taxidermy, family dysfunction, flora and fauna, Pasifika in Aotearoa New Zealand and genomics. The task of selecting just four beneficiaries.. was decidedly difficult.

Join us in congratulating the following 2022 CLNZ NZSA Research Grant recipients!

Maria Samuela – with project novel, cana.

maria samuelathe project, cana, is a novel set in Aotearoa in the 1950s and explores the migration of young women from the Cook Islands to New Zealand between the 1930s and 1950s. Maria will use her research grant to travel to Rarotonga, where her mother grew up, in order to conduct research for the book. Earlier in 2022, Maria’s collection of stories, Beats of the Pa’u, was published by Te Herenga Waka University Press. Maria lives in Te Whanganui-a-Tara and is of Cook Islands descent.

The 2022 Selection Panel said “.. the story of young Cook Islands women (and men) who migrated to Aotearoa from the 1930s to the 1950s (is) an important and often overlooked period of migration from the Pacific to New Zealand. Maria Samuela is a refreshing voice and an excellent writer with a proven track record, industry backing and a flair for stories of national significance.” Photo by Ebony Lamb

Bonnie Etherington – with a book project, A fried egg in space.

Bonnie Etheringtonbook project, A fried egg in space, navigates her brain tumor diagnosis and recovery as she reflects on the environmental crisis amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This book is about coming to terms with the sometimes toxic and threatening landscape of one’s own body, because collectively we must also come to terms with living in and through growing environmental precariousness.

The selection board said this about Bonnie’s project, “The compelling, subtly written and artful tale travels from the hospital in Colorado to the SpaceX launch site on Biak Island to the dark sky sanctuaries of Aotearoa in New Zealand, and a sky cluttered with an ever-increasing number of satellites.”

Sylvan Thomson – with book project, The Third Kingdom.

Sylvan Thomson is a Nelson-based writer. His project, The Third Kingdom, is a book about the mushrooms of Aotearoa, focusing on the natural and cultural history of different species. It is not a purely scientific book, but rather a genre that mixes elements of memoir, reportage and nature writing. His work can be found in A Public Space (USA), the New Zealand Review of Books and Sport, among others. He is also working on a novel.

The 2022 Selection Panel said Sylvan’s work stood out in its exploration of “Traditional Māori use of mushrooms and consideration of the place of mushrooms in modern New Zealand society. He will also explore the concept that there are aspects of mycology (the study of fungi)…reflecting elements of his own life.

Emma Espiner (Ngāti Tukorehe, Ngāti Porou) – with project Practical skills for the zombie apocalypse (working title).

Doctor Emma Espiner (Ngāti Tukorehe, Ngāti Porou) is a junior physician at Middlemore Hospital, award-winning writer and podcast host. Emma’s writing appears in The Guardian, Newsroom, Stuff, The Spinoff and in scholarly and literary journals. She has a background in Maori politics, communications, media and public health. Emma’s project is a collection of essays, working title Practical skills for the zombie apocalypse. The essays are largely about the experience of training to become a doctor in Aotearoa.

Also shortlisted under the “Grant for a writer whose project addresses diverse and new topics, and current issues or topics in Aotearoa New Zealand”, the selection board said:Espiner’s completed project promises to be knowledgeable, lyrical and nuanced, but also visceral in its depiction of inequalities for Maori within existing health institutions.

CLNZ and NZSA would like to thank the 2022 Selection Panel – Deborah Challinor, David Eggleton and Lana Lopezi.

The New Zealand Society of Authors Te Puni Kaituhi O Aotearoa is proud to administer the awards in 2022.

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